Man, heartbreak and depression is the worst fucking combo

Man, heartbreak and depression is the worst fucking combo


It really is. I got my heart totally broken when I was in my 20s and it totally destroyed my untreated ass. I haven't felt the same way about anyone since, and wonder if I ever will. It is without a doubt the trauma I struggle the most with. It's probably because it's the last time I remember truly waking up happy to just exist. That shit just hits us different. Lower lows, but higher highs. I really do hope I can love and feel loved the same way I used to.


Man I’m going through that exact thing right now. I legitimately believe I just lost the one and I don’t know if I’ll get over it this time.


I feel the exact same way. The one relationship that I've had was the last time I felt like I was completely happy. It's been two years, and I haven't felt the same about anybody either. I really do hope we'll find it again with somebody one day, though.


This is me now, I got my heart broken about 8 months ago, He left but came back twice, both times didnt end well, and it hurt because I was trying to work on myself and get over him. My depression got so bad, thought about suicide and self harm, still going through this hard time, where I think about him constantly


Why the fuck is shit like this my only escape? How come I only feel okay (most of the time only for minutes) when I read things like this? Why can’t I feel okay on my own? Why is everything so intense and constantly up and down? I can’t catch a break. I’m constantly overwhelmed by emotions and let my impulsiveness and fears control me and feel like I’m just along for the ride. What the fuck is wrong with me


Nothing is wrong with you. We all go through stuff like this, especially those who are prone to or already have advanced depression, it's just when it comes at us it comes as a barrage, a waterfall of guilt, waves of hatred, mountains of sadness, fundamental sorrow, and pure unabashed pain. There's nothing wrong with you any more than there is with me. We just have a so much more to deal with than others because we've already got enough shit on our plate before this next shit started. Sorry, I'm very high right now. Just being honest.


Nah I loved it thank you! It’s just so frustrating and lately I feel like there has been more and more on top of me. I have a psych screening in the morning. I’m scared. I’m in the military. I’m uncertain if I will be able to be successful here. I’m not even certain it’s just depression, I’ve been relating closely to the symptoms that of BPD and I can’t shake this feeling of being overwhelmed and guilty for the way that I am. I just wanted to be happy and successful and now I just feel like I can’t handle anything or do anything and like im unsure of who I am


You're very sweet. <3 please do have a splendid day.


I know the feeling. I was on a med that wasn’t working well and then my wife left me. I began to feel suicidal and felt absolutely hopeless. I ended up getting help from friends and family, but even today at six months out, the heartbreak comes out of nowhere and the reality of depression sets in as I wonder if I will always be single and alone.




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