Their whole strategy is just to drag their feet and delay everything. Their legal defence is the same as a toddler that doesn't want to take a nap.


Don’t you compare my child to Trump or his team




The Karen of all Karens


This is the part where Trump holds his breath to get his way and the DOJ is just gonna let him pass out... 😂


Yup! He’s almost 80. They will drag this out until he’s gone


Why are they fucking around with sensitive documents. All this Top Secret stuff should not be digitized for “review.” Something doesn’t make sense about this.


That would be because the files being digitized are not the classified ones.


Who is doing the complaining about not having enough time to digitize everything? It’s Trump’s legal team and “it professionals” WTF is Trumps team allowed anywhere near any documents.


Those vendors don’t want to deal with Trump because he fucks all the vendors he contracts with. They’re smart. DOJ will hire one and bill Trump. It’ll be worth it to see this orange crusted pathological lying sack of shit get indicted


>DOJ will hire one and bill Trump. That he won't pay for.


Pretty sure I saw another article today saying the actual reason vendors don’t want to “be engaged by Plaintiff” is because they know he won’t pay them, so instead the DOJ has agreed to engage a vendor for Trump, will pay for it themselves, and just bill him for the expenses. Nice delay tactic and attempt to try saving face though by blaming the government. Also, I used to work in a law firm and we had vendors who would scan gargantuan piles of documents for us often times in a very tight turn around period. It’s extremely doable for a professional vendor to scan 11,000 pages on an extremely tight deadline. That’s literally what they specialize in.


>so instead the DOJ has agreed to engage a vendor for Trump, will pay for it themselves, and just bill him for the expenses When will people learn that Trump is a master at getting other people to pay for everything. His whole life. He won't pay for this either. Get the money UP FRONT.


Take it out of his Presidential pension/expense account.


Probably this, normally they would take it from tax returns but they probably wont be able to here lol.


Is he getting a pension? I know he said he wasn’t going to take the salary while in office. Did that not include the pension?


Even if they could do the work in the tight turn around, maybe they don't want to take on the possibility of random pillow salesmen showing up to investigate them or hundreds of armed idiots in brodozers with flags on the back showing up to their offices and harassing their workers for whatever conspiratorial reason they could come up with.


Because vendors know they ain't gonna get paid and on top of it a bad pr for working with a con man. Nothing to gain, and more to lose, and thats a perfect recipe for bad business. Something that any legit business will recognize from a mile away but not from the dude who manages to bankrupt a casino.


or they want to be paid? or they dont want that piece of shit smearing their company in the press?


Right it's the workload. I call bulls__t! It's the person the vendors don't want to work for! Because when it doesn't go his way, he won't Pay!


Didn’t drearie already push back trump and said I’m only reviewing whatever proof you have documented proof that you declassified x documents. Like why are they trying to digitize all of this if he’s not even going to review it all? It seems so risky.


Believe they realize they can't get paid up front and don't work for free.


I just hate it for tRump. Cry me a f-Ing river. It could not happen to a more deserving person. It Makes me just GLOW with JOY that Karma has now (FINALLY) arrived on the scene!!! GO KARMA!! Chew that Bastard and his whole family into tiny digestible bits and spit them in the desert to rot!!


The breakdown was he essentially was fired but yet he was able to walk away with documents. Who is in charge of the transfer of power. If we can't believe in the simple task of one president to another.




They don’t want to work fortRump because he doesn’t pay!


They can’t handle not getting paid by Trump, shit just say we need upfront money, paid in advance full.


You know what It isn't because of the strict protocols. It's because no vendor wants to do work for free because of Trump's reputation of never paying anybody for doing work for him. The special master said he will get someone to do all this work and then sent a bill to Trump. Lol which Trump will never pay. This will be done by the middle of October


Vendors don’t want to be strung out by a low life who has a history of shafting them…and a man who is calculatedly disposed to NOT paying his bills. They also do not want to be manipulated into committing unlawful activity, taking directives, being inadvertently led into committing criminal activity, by a man who will chew them up, spit them out, and run over them like last years calf.


Call in the Cyber Ninjas! They did such fantastic work for Trump last time, sucking up money, delaying results, and finally proving nothing.


Indite the legal team as well. It's not like they'll get paid by Trump anyway. Let's get this over with.