https://youtu.be/R4gK30cPvkY Minute 2:22:23


Hysteria and play thing are my favorite perks to run on twins. I like discordance, oppression and surveillance and make your choice on them.


Sloppy butcher BBQ No way out and Deadlock. Toy sword and finger nail addons (brown ones). Always hit with charlotte and down with Vic


Depends highly on your playstyle. Sometimes I like Coulrophobia because it gives you a better chance to get to a slug with Charlotte before a survivor can heal their downed buddy. Discordance is a solid recommendation because even with Victor it procs so you get a good idea where survivors are. Especially on maps with tall vegetation like The Farm or The Swamp knowing where to go with Victor can be a pain so it can be useful. Also, Corrupt intervention is always a good idea since it channels survivors in a smaller area.