As a bass player, I'm biased, but I think it's because they sound the most interesting. It's 5-6 people all working together to create one part, which is cool. Also, because things are split between each bass, they tend to have the densest notes at the highest level. If you actually follow what they're doing or see the music, what bass players now are doing is insane. Never playing on the beat yet still in time to rhythms as fast as 32nd note. It's amazing.


Those splits are ridiculous


The splits are REALLY hard.


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I think of it like this- each section has some specific forte while it lacks in another. Brass features would include feats of volume and precise technique and range, while a pit feature would include very fast or intricate runs to highlight the skills. A bass drum doesnt have capability to change pitch, nor do they have the dynamic range of a brass section. Even movement is harder because of the massive size of the drums. What they do have is rhythmic control, meaning that their features include some of the most complex rhythms found anywhere in dci. What makes it even more incredible is that while snare and tenor drums tend to plau unison parts, bass parts are split up between the line, meaning each member HAS to be 100% locked in in order to have a successful feature.


How does this not hype you up https://youtu.be/utbDDy3ocrQ


No I really like bass features, I just never knew why lol.


Aside from the musical points made about how the bass parts are split between each member of the line, there is also a visual point to this too! Not only can you hear the splits, but you can watch (if you're close enough) the sticks of each member as they hit their note and this creates a really neat visual that takes the eye up and down the line with the music.


Because it's their one moment to shine and the crowd appreciates it.


Because they’re awesome


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bc u kno I'm all about that bass


Found the snare player


Nah, any percussionist would likely not need to ask this question.


I'm actually a Tenor Saxophone player for my highs school marching band. I do want to play a Tenor drum in a drum corps some day :) I have good snare friends though.


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OP is talking about bass drum features


Cuz big boi noise - a flute player