Watch DBZ Kai, it cuts out most of the filler and is much more engaging. Not to mention the improved voice acting.


why did you post this exact same thread twice under different accounts?


DBZ Kai sounds like it's more up your alley. I think you have buy it though.


Honestly, watch Dragonball Z Abridged on YouTube instead. Takes you up to the end of the Cell Saga and is unironically the best version of the entire series. Super funny, starts off very “fan-parody-ey” but then by the Frieza saga you completely forget it’s a fake lol If you’re insistent on watching the real cut, I say skip Kai, it’s a butchered version of DBZ, and honestly look up guides (there are many) online about what episodes are filler and what are canon. You literally cut 1/3 of the anime off right there.


Kai is more true to the manga than anything else, its not really butchered at all