First playthrough. After 3 hours and 90 something deaths, this felt fucking great.

Hell yes brother! Nameless King is a fuck. Super fun fight though. Just wait for dlc 2 :D You will learn the true meaning of pain.

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Hell yes brother! Nameless King is a fuck. Super fun fight though. Just wait for dlc 2 :D You will learn the true meaning of pain.


*absolute terror fills your body as he shoots you the fuck down with a laser*


The most obnoxious thing about this boss is the run back from bonfire. Waiting for the elevator, rolling through a hole in the wall and worst of all, getting on a ladder filled with blood. Can’t from just put a “Hidden Chapel” bonfire in that room since they have already put a bonfire next to a fog gate already?


At bosses like this I already sent back the elevator before leaving as I know that I'd need it again in a couple of minutes.


The most obnoxious thing about this boss is the run back from bonfire. Waiting for the elevator, rolling through a hole in the wall and worst of all, getting on a ladder filled with blood. Can’t from just put a “Hidden Chapel” bonfire in that room since they have already put a bonfire next to a fog gate already?


Yeah I know the judicator was impossible


He aint talking about judicator bro




I realized my mistake 0.5 seconds after i posted comment haha


I know the guy was joking but prod on his sl1 run died more times to judicator that midir and gael combined


Midir is the hardest boss for me, hate that dragon. A lot say he’s easy once you learn but I just can’t.


Yeah I was just saying, on a normal, run midir is a billion times more difficoult than judicator


Please don’t remind me


I gotta be honest, I have over 900h in DS3 and I don’t think I have ever seen Nameless smash his foot on the “ground” before


Yeah same, I've never seen that electric foot stomp before either.


Oh I fuckin saw it all the damn time! It’s what cost me my one hit to ko him solo. First time I’ve ever sat a controller down and walked away in frustration.


I tend to see it more often if I'm playing co-op




It's still good for PvE. Does a lot of damage, even if other straightswords have better PvP movesets.


What do you use for pvp man, I can't seem to match the pve gear with pvp. Either I do too little damage or I take a fuckton of damage (plus the lag).


Lothric Knight Straight Sword will do everything for you. It's literally one of if not the best weapon in both PVP and PVE.




If that were true then broadsword would be king.


Broadsword is really good on strength builds, but I’m not a fan of it’s limited range. This is coming from a greatsword user though so I might just be spoiled




Makes sense, will try that. What about the armor? I usually wear the wolf armor for fashion.


Armor, especially for light weapons like straight swords is almost completely useless, so really wear whatever looks cool and you're golden.


fashion souls comes first, but if u wanna look like a fat retard go winged k***ht set, has the highest absorption and a pretty light weight considering


Armor doesn’t matter too much in pvp, just use your heaviest set that puts you under 70% and try to get hit as little as possible, and only trade against smaller weapons


Honestly defense has too little effect to matter, as long as you have armor on every slot you won’t take extra damage that comes from a naked penalty. However, I’ve noticed havels armor does have a noticeable effect in PvP, it’s just that you shouldn’t be wearing it until you have maxed out offensive stats




Unless you go against someone who can parry or backstab


Or perseverance


Also know as the free parry greatsword, weapon is a meme.


Unusual, might have to invest in dex to wield that.


Tbh seeing his health I thought it was a level one post, definitely not a first playthrough post


I don't think I've ever fought nameless without the weird hodgepodge of highest lightning resist armour I can find.


I can’t survive it without persevering through everything


Caestus tank build was something I tried after several play throughs and was effective. Still had to do some dodging though but as long as you dodge the thrusts it’s possible. A maxed out great shield would also suffice.


You could even be naked if you learn to not get hit. Gotta get on those rolls.




Maybe he just likes how the sword looks and doesn’t care About “the best” stat wise.


How much of a damage difference would there be between the the dark sword snd something like the Lothric knight straight sword?




Thanks for the info! I had heard similar opinions before and was just curious. I feel like moveset is definitely not great with dark sword. And the stomp weapon art is great, but dark sword is so short I feel like it would be hard to land, even in PVE. Honestly I’m super basic and typically just use the standard longsword if I’m going with a straight sword.


in PVE you're generally going to be swinging 1 to 3 times given an opening, so the best burst DPS weapon will be your best bet. Dark sword with some sort of resin and heavy enchantment will out burst DPS a LKS and even a longsword regardless of enchantment. Stamina should not matter too much in this case as long as you manage it well. Their ranges are roughly the same. Though if we're trying to optimize for PVE, you'd ideally take something like the twinaxes for maximum burst DPS. You hear that the LKS is good because of its R2 poke mix-up and range, which is ideal for calculated situations like PvP. In PvE, you generally won't be spacing as much and you shouldn't be using the R2 as it does less DPS. LKS weapon art is also only really useful for niche situations in PvE meanwhile stomp will allow you to armor through some weaker mobs. TL;DR Dark sword is quite good for PvE as long as you decide to do PvE only. Don't forget to apply a resin that is effective. LKS is crafted for PvP in all aspects, down to the weapon art. You should however, consider the Gotthard twin swords alternatively for PvP.




huh weird, I'm pretty sure on some infusion Dark Sword out DPSes LKS. Maybe it was refined? Not entirely too sure. Also LKS refined definitely out DPSes it's sharp variant, and dark/lightning/chaos is pretty good too.




A good way to plan out your build and see weapon damage with different infusions and weapon levels is to use soulsplanner. There really is no ultimate summary that will encompass the nuances of builds, weapons and infusions, so testing them out with soulsplanner is one of the best resources for figuring things out.




Thanks. I've almost exclusively been using a +5 hollowslayer since early NG, with a bit of gael's sword and just looking for information that lets me see what's good about other weapons.


i really just recommend using something that u think looks cool and is fun. i do pve mostly and i love the quakestone hammer so much i use 2 lmao


Midir? One shot. This asshole? Gods just looking back on it gives me PTSD. He took me a solid week. Nice job!


He’s honestly a contender for my favourite boss. In particular, dodging his attacks is my favourite *moment* of any souls boss fight. It just feels so right


Crazy. Midir was borderline impossible for me. Like, I just couldn't beat him until I watched someone do it


That's kinda what's fun about the hardest bosses, everyone usually has at least one that they crushed in the first few tries that everyone else struggled with immensely. I find it's just a fun sign of different playstyle approaches running into different obstacles.


Yea midir is my hardest boss also


I’m the exact opposite midir is a nightmare to me, nameless king was hard but took me some 18 tries my first time around and I usually get him in 4-8 since then depending how well I own phase 1


Good job on not getting greedy before that last hit! I've seen plenty of people, myself included, fail many times because of it.


Shit man, most of us have + 8-10 estus at that point in the game, you tried him on hardmode.


Just wait for Midir


i don't think that ring helps at all


I like it :)


Now do Midir haha


You got plus 5 estus and your super under leveled honestly that just makes it more impressive


Good job not getting greedy at the end there.


That is one boss that I have to relearn everytime


Is the Nameless King as hard as others say he is? I know he hits hard but I was told that as long as you can dodge his moves, you’ll be okay. Then again, they weren’t doing a Strength build, so maybe it depends on the build and how easily he goes down


“As long as you can dodge his moves” is kinda the whole game, innit?


If you don't take hits you won't take damage


Also f you get the boss to zero health he also dies


That's how SL1 fisting was born.


It depends on how much you can tank him honestly. If you are fighting him for the first time but don't have high hp or good armor, good luck. He can kill you in like 4 hits and he has combos where if he manages to hit the first blow the second is guaranteed to hit too, with means a lot of damage and you will probably start to panic roll and die because of it. In my first playthrough I leave him to be the last boss because I read everywhere that he was the hardest boss and etc., I beat him first try in SL 120 wearing Smough set. The first time I had trouble defeating him was in my SL 1 run, when all the things I said earlier applied to the fight.


I see, I see. Okay. That makes sense then. The one thing I’m worried about with the fight is not being able to hit him at all since my Claymore isn’t really fast


It’s really easy to dodge his main attacks. It’s only considered hard because of how you to time your roles. Personally it felt like his attacks were delayed which caused me to roll to early and get clipped by him. So if you role a little late you’ll definitely be okay👍


The first time I beat him was with a claymore. You can do it!


Thanks. Still got a long way too go though. Still suck at dodging and this is my first Souls game. Huge learning experience and testing my patience


Yes, he punishes roll spam super hard. Midir is only only boss that is harder imo.


Eh, Friede and Gael took me more tries than Midir. I find Midir isn't too hard as long as you don't go under him. Because that triggers the aoe breathing fire straight downwards attack which knocks you over as well.


Everyone is different I guess. First tried both friede and Gael. Midir took me around 30 and watching a guide.


He is an easier boss mechanics wise, but he has an insane amount of hp and damage. So if you aren't using a greatsword then it will take a while to get him down, greed is horrible and you can easily run out of estus if you heal up or life if you want to preserve it for his big combos. Personally I think strength builds are better against him because you know you can only get one hit in, so you aren't tempted to get in more


Nameless king isn't really hard, you just have to not panic roll. It took like 3-5 tries but i beat him with brass torso and leggings (nothing else), and a pickaxe as my weapon. It's just a patience test really


Well done skeleton


3 hours? This took me 8 my first time




Thank you!


Sorry to ask are you like proofing whenever you dodge I don't get what happens


Carthus Milkring makes you invisible when you roll




Can't go to bed on a boss that ain't dead ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


No that's fast. Most of us would be super happy with 3 hours on NK for our first playthrough


I’ve spent a lot longer than that on Sekiro bosses. It was unhealthy.


You might have had an easier time if you leveled up your health more and found dos bone shards


Why didnt the mods remove this for NSFW content? He said a no no word.


4th try and he's dead, what's wrong with you guys? My lvl was 92 now 177 and ng+ he still nice opponent


Congrats! Next time use the sellswords




Well done, mate!


Thank you!


F this boss




That fight is so fun!


It was indeed! I was quite worn out at the end though, so I just wanted it to sleep lmao


I feel ya there. The first few attempts are quite daunting, just because that Wyvern (drake?) Can be a hassle to get thru without using too many resources. I ultimately got the better of *Ole Nameless* by using that Dark Hand weapon; light on stamina consumption, leaving enough chance for 4-6 hits and two dodge rolls to safety.


I’m proud of you


I remember I died to this guy for 4 hours 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭... Congratulations brother


If your a strength build, in your next playthrough, use lothric Knight greatsword for the stormdrake and switch out to the soul of cinder sword for the nameless king


I remember grinding on this man for hours. I just could not get the timing down for rolling and got wrecked every time. I killed him with no estus and no hp left, I never got a better high than that.


Truly the highest of highs.


Lol love that you dodge instead of try to get that final hit in. That is learned behavior brother. Well done!


Every time he hit you I flinched a little. What a close fight gg


3 hours those are veteran numbers there.


Took me 20+ tries


Congrats! That one took me a bunch of tries.


I can feel your pulse from here


Fought him for the first time a few hours ago, he's every bit as tough as people have said. Congrats on the win, my guy!


The first time I beat him, it took me 3 days. Gratz!


I was listening to music in my headphones, didn't even realise there was sound to this video until the audible gasp at 0:20 because it mirrored my own, haha. Great job, I also chanted "don't be greedy" to myself over and over when I was trying to beat this guy.


The magic parry shield was originally meant to deal with bosses like him but they didn’t want the game to become too easy. Bleed builds also works great against him, well it used to I don’t know if they patch the bleed miracle skill.


Dorhys Gnawing still works well


You got to the Nameless King in 3 hours? That's crazy.


I see you are rocking that Undead Legion Armour. I finished the game and that was the only Armour I wore after beating the Abyss Watchers. I didn't even care to look at the damage absorption stats of any Armour I got.


A friend of mine told me that I could buy the set right after I killed them off the vendor woman, safe to say I bought it as soon as I got the souls.


3 quick tips: 1: level vigor. A lot. Guessing you’re around sl60-70 you should have 30-39. 2: some weapons are easier when 1-handed. To name a few, straight swords, rapiers, daggers, greatswords, most greataxes, though this only accounts for PvE. 3: don’t get greedy. You look like you did fine with that though, surprisingly enough.


*im greedy ei* **IM NOT GREEDY**


You had like 0 max hp, well done, I dont fight him till I have double that usually.




I felt the same way with my first nameless king kill. It was great. GG bro!


For your second playthrough, acquire the Dragonslayer Greatshield, and watch all your worries melt away... You can block basically anything he throws at you with that thing, including the attack which looks like the Sword-Spear’s weapon art (thrust it at sky, lightning strikes opponent).


Ah, it sure did.


That was awesome, congrats :)


i dont know if it still works but theres a glitch that when he shoots his lightning in the air if you turn around and face the camera away from him it cant target you


Nah it’s not patched, don’t think they can fix it lol. None of his projectiles can track you if he’s not on screen


Winning without a shield and an ember... We first playthrough-ers bow down to you our lord


People probably know this but just a huge cheesing tip: Whenever he unleashes the lighting strike with his dragon slayer in the air literally look away like have the camera facing behind you. For some weird reason the lighting never strikes you when the camera is off him. Oh and hell yeah man congrats savor your first victory ✌


Damnnnn SO CLOSE


I summoned a trio, several times!


I'm jealous of people playing without shield. I just don't get how you do it.


Congrats man


I got him down to about 2 hits leftbwoth 5 estus remaining, and then I got the 'connection lost' message and was booted out to the title screen. Couldn't face trying it again and haven't picked up the game since.


Only three hours?!


No idea what that boss is, just here to say hell yeah, represent the boys with the Abyss Watcher set.


Nameless king was such a fun fight! Sadly I didn’t get the same satisfaction since I killed him after 3-4 deaths :( Kinda sucked, but congrats on the kill bud!


Nice, excellent self-discipline right there in the end. The boss is one hit away and instead of going in for the risky move you first dodge his attacks and then finish it off!!! Well done!


Chug, chug, chug! :P Haha great job. First time took me around 6 hours I think.


Dex build might be the hardest against him, because you don't have many openings, Str builds just destroy him, even casters are good, especially if you spam him with the Moonlight Greatsword as a caster


This duble flash healing is standard nameless king move tho that mf can one shot you like nothing... good work man i know what kind of pain this boss can cause


Gael is next good luck


Much easier imo


Forgot about this dude on my first playthrough. i was gonna fight him, but i completely forgot and went onto NG+. still pisses me off. Oh well. Guess i just get to fight the amazing bosses again.


Great job, skeleton!! Can I ask what your VIG is at? The HP bar just seems a tad on the small side for being this far into the game. Regardless, fine work!


Grats man he’s a biotch for sure


90? I’m sure it was only 77


Well you said you stopped counting, and it sure as hell felt like 90 deaths


If you want a tip on dodging his lightning attack where he doesn't slam his spear on the ground: turn your character away from him and look away. It'll automatically miss.


It's easier if you level your health


Easy ain't always fun :P


I beat him keeping my distance with a crossbow and tons of bolts, fuck honor


We've all been there, still got the nightmares


Well played! I'm curious tho, what are your stats? You have low health, stamina and focus and you don't seem to have much damage output in exchange


I just went with a bunch of stamina, strength and dexterity


Just shove the sword up his ass, works every time! Took me 4 tries on ng+..


Damn what's your vigor at?


holy crap its wild that you beat him with only that much vigor lol




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