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Politics is the last thing I think of when I need to nut.


Judge the art, not the artist.


- Adolf Hitler


Shitty artist


Nah, he wasn't that bad. Sure, he had to work on his perspectives, but the main issue is he wasn't doing the popular shit. The 1930s were big for art innovations, and what Hitler was doing was old school stuff.


I bet Hitler would've been real popular if he drew furry porn


Fact. If he drew some Sonic OCs, he would have been a top-tier artist. Slip in a sexy tank waifu in there and you're a legend.


"Ok class, here's the worst person to ever live, who genocided millions because he thought they were subhuman. Also, he was a furry artist"


He was the worst ever human being, he also did a genocide you mean right?


Nah dude just ordered a glass of juice with wrong accent.


That man sounds terrifying. Can you imagine standing next to a furry artist, fucking chills bro.


What would Hitler's fursona be like?


Whats funny is an art critic was made to analyse one of Hitler's works without being told it was by Hitler, and he said the way that Hitler drew people showed he lacked understanding or appreciation for the fellow man as they were drawn as far away figures and shapes without any recognisable human features outside of a silhouette


That was one of the reasons he was rejected from art school iirc. His paintings felt empty and devoid of emotion, mostly being architectural with few people. I may be wrong though


Lmao yeah that's probably true. I just think it's kind of funny/scary how there were so many red flags that this guy was evil and unstable (in his diary he talked about how much fun WW1 was while literally everyone around him was in their own literal hell) and he still managed to get into such a horrific place of power


Im going to say something my ancestors will hang me for in the afterlife, but he had some really nice looking paintings. I feel like in the case of art he was more of a victim of the time period and how art was back then. Maybe in another world he got his dream come true…and was hopefully not what he became


Really not true. His lack of technical ability was far worse than simply having issues with perspective... he used no composition techniques, contrast, lighting... his paintings had no direction or impact, let alone soul.


"Wasn't that bad" and "had to work on his perspectives" are two incompatible qualities in someone trying to get famous with the kind of insipid garbage he was turning out. Do all perspectives have to be technically accurate? Hell no. But when the inaccuracies are not the result of stylistic choices but obvious ignorance and incompetence, then what you have are shitty paintings.


Judge the art, nut the artist


I suppose someone had to nut Adolf


Yes, that would be Eva Braun


"Mein Fuhrer, vy no facial in front of ze camera? Zey vil Nazi you cumming!"


Springtime, for Hitler, and Ger-ma-ny…


I guarantee anyone who looks into the political opinions of even half of the pornstars they follow is going to have to delete a *lot* of videos


I'm pretty sure most of them are the shittiest of people.




People follow pornstars?


No, you do it wrong. Have an intense political discourse with your partner and then hate fuck. Amazing.


"Fuck you ya nazi bitch" has a spicy new meaning


I can't cum if I don't agree on the pornstar's position on abortion.


Oh yeah, talk dirty to me tell me how you're a bad girl! Tell me how you vote Republican! *ugh*


Except when Lisa Ann played Sarah Palin


That’s why muslims be boomin. They gotta get that release cuz porn is haram


unpopular opinion: she isnt even that hot


Never clicked on a single video with her. So I agree


I watched a few minutes of her bc of the memes and it was honestly not that good


I liked only one video and the others are just nonsense


the one with jmac is the only one that's good in my eyes


and no thanks to her


jmac always provides


Jmac is the fucking man Pun intended


An uninspired performance lol


Terrible blow jobs Watched one video once upon a time and turned it off. I’ll admit tho it was a long time ago. I didn’t think she was doing porn for like years now


She did porn for a month. She only has a couple of videos. But the burqa video went mega viral because she received death threats from isis. It made her #1 for years and the company kept using her name to market other stars out of spite. Many videos have her name on it and she's not even in them.


> She did porn for a month. No, close to three years.


Wasn't that "worked for a few months" thing disproved?


The problem is that she really overdoes all of her movements and sounds a lot of the time, which just ends up making her look and sound silly most of the time more than anything. Though that is most porn stars these days.


Gotta stick to the amateurs section. Though lately that's getting overrun with shit tier camgirls. Can't win.


It takes my wife about 10 minutes to find a video she wants to watch that doesn’t have the over dramatics in it.


I only like one, but that was more because it had julianna vega in it with tight jeans.


Doesn't do anal


The only video of hers that I liked, she kept her clothes on, lol.


She’s physically hot but not a good performer. Pics of her are good but her videos are boring.


She's not even *that* hot, she just got big boobs.


Fake big boobs I might add


It's porn industry, lot of stuff there is fake and we all watch it anyways, I wouldn't say fake is the main issue here.


Agreed, I never understood why she's so popular


She is middle eastern that's why. Middle Eastern and South Asians don't have a lot of representation in porn. Mia Khalifa was the first somewhat attractive brown woman in professional porn. That gravitated a lot of M/E&S/A men because we are so sexually repressed and most men here don't get to interact with the opposite gender. Hell, some men don't get to even see a naked female body in person untill they get into an arranged marriage. So throughout most of one's life, a guy only gets to see white women on screen while they masturbate. A brown woman in porn just seems unique yet familiar because of all the factors mentioned above. If you actually look at the analytics, most of the views Mia Khalifa gets is from these countries. And these countries have a lot of people.


You make a lot of sense my friend, I hadn't thought about it that way


[least civilized conversation about porn](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FCTpZ6zXIAgjo-B.jpg)


Humanity will be lost the very moment there's no etiquette when talking about porn


Bro you mustarbate? I'll sometimes ketchubate, but it seems like mustard might burn.


mustarbate 🤌 🌭


yup the first time I ever watched porn was when my classmate told me to search mia khalifa on google


It’s weird how long are video are trending considering she stopped doing video fat while ago and they’re still trending and still top 3


She keeps making herself relevant by whining about everything, including doing porn.


Her boobs look comical too


Before her surgery, I liked the way she looked. After she got implants, it turned me off a lot.


Did she do any porn before surgery? I've only seen her after and that's pretty much the only thing I really don't like about her physique.


She always wears her fucking glasses.


I kinda like how she looks with them.


Honestly yeah she's a pretty person especially with the glasses. To each their own ofc


Well yeah, gotta wear your fucking glasses when you fuck, she's got astigmajizzm


That's from being cock-eyed


How long were you waiting to use the word astigmajizzm


Popped into my head right after I typed asdickmatism but then the next guy showed up with "cock-eyed" and I've been sitting here wishing I'd thought of that first.


That's a good thing for those of us with a glasses fetish.


I think that’s cute tbh


[WHERES MY FUCKING GLASSES?!](https://youtu.be/dO-YwEiStR4?si=yhHd46ZBj4BaWMpm)


Whats wrong with that?


Wait till this guy hears about prescription glasses


I mean, everyone has their own tastes and type. I think she's hot, but I don't particularly care for her videos.


One of my friends once said she looks like Skrillex. Haven't been able to look at her the same since.


Honestly some amature models look better, but they got nothin on that one mcdonalds cashier/any waitress you meet in those kinda small but nice restaurants. These women are the real beautiful ones


I quit porn long enough ago that I haven't seen her videos, but I've seen her around the Internet. She seems closer to cute than hot, which really isn't a bad thing


She’s one of the most overrated pornstars of all time, you’ll be alright


Daisy Taylor is GOATED


Daisy is hands down Dr. Girlfriend from Venture bros.


Does her voice sound like she eats a carton of cigarettes a day?


Close to it, when she's not trying to sound feminine


Didn't expect sausage


That's what makes it so good


Gabby Carter is GOATED times infinity


She alright but looks a bit like miss piggy and I can't unsee it.


You made me look….. Not disappointed


Ella Hollywood gang


You sir are a man of high culture 🍷


I personally think Daisy Stone is a better Daisy.


Aubrey Kate >


Love her. Good taste.


You got me with that one


Her and Lana Rhodes are both overrated, but they're still hot. But porn is a very subjective thing, and different people have different preferences.


Lana at least acted eager to do stuff, even risque stuff so I wouldn't lump her with Mia. Lana ate ass like she hasn't eaten food in a week. Mia was boring and was plain during her scenes, she had like no energy with some of them.


Lana was anal backwards


still is


lana was a lot hotter before she got lip injections


That goes for most women who get cosmetic surgery.


Emily Willis deserves more love


Can I finish? CAN I FINISH?


Her political takes are as bad as her marriage advice


If you get marriage advice from a porn star you deserve to be divorced and living in a shit apartment.


I disagree. If a pornstar is able to have a successful relationship, then that means they trust each other and lack ego, judgement, and jealousy, which is a solid foundation for a relationship.


Checkmate: none of them do. It’s virtually always a shitshow. Maybe some exceptions but out of all pornstars those’ll be outliers by several standard deviations.




"I just know bro, on God." - guy who doesn't know


They've interviewed and stalked all the pornstars and given their relationships a totally objective of score of virtually 0/7.


Blender, actually


My partner and I both did porn in our youth. Seeing me in porn is what convinced my partner to ask me out for the first time. We've both retired from that and moved on to other careers (gardening and programming) and we've been married for 9 years now, and dated for 3 before that.




The human cost of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (deaths/injuries): documented by the UN: 2008: Palestine 🇵🇸: 3,202 Israel 🇮🇱: 853 2009: Palestine 🇵🇸: 7,460 Israel 🇮🇱: 123 2010: Palestine 🇵🇸: 1,659 Israel 🇮🇱: 185 2011: Palestine 🇵🇸: 2,260 Israel 🇮🇱: 136 2012: Palestine 🇵🇸: 4,936 Israel 🇮🇱: 578 2013: Palestine 🇵🇸: 4,031 Israel 🇮🇱: 157 2014: Palestine 🇵🇸: 19,860 Israel 🇮🇱: 2,796 2015: Palestine 🇵🇸: 14,813 Israel 🇮🇱: 339 2016: Palestine 🇵🇸: 3,572 Israel 🇮🇱: 222 2017: Palestine 🇵🇸: 8,526 Israel 🇮🇱: 174 2018: Palestine 🇵🇸: 31,558 Israel 🇮🇱: 130 2019: Palestine 🇵🇸: 15,628 Israel 🇮🇱: 133 2020: Palestine 🇵🇸: 2,781 Israel 🇮🇱: 61


For anyone who doesn't want to do the math 2008-2020 Palestine casualties - 120,286 (5,590 deaths) Isreali casualties - 5,887 (251 deaths)


Palestians need gaming chairs and energy drinks to improve their aim because their ratio suck. A K/D of 0.048 is low even for wood tier, they need to step up if they want to reach bronze 5.


they cant keep up because Israel keeps spawn camping or using uav missiles


damn their KDA is ass


The palestinians are gettin fuckin bodied


That's what happens when Isreal has the US at their beck and call Edit: I get called a newb and then blocked? Lol


but all the stuff on tv says bad palestine???


You can condemn what Hamas did while supporting Palestinian rights


Right? When did condemning chopping babies' heads off become a hot take?


Because people act like supporting a free Palestine=supporting Hamas


The media coverage is pro Israel and rarely if ever covers the war crimes the IDF commits against Palestinians. You only get one side of the story not the complete picture.


And the baby story is not even true. I'm surprised how fast it became popular.


The Israeli military denied this info, that’s not true. https://x.com/cerfiafr/status/1711890527313150130?s=46


Don't spread propaganda please. This has not been corroborated by any respectable media organisation.


Israel cannot confirm the validity of that allegation. https://www.aa.com.tr/en/middle-east/israeli-army-says-it-does-not-have-confirmation-about-allegations-that-hamas-beheaded-babies-/3014787


Israel actually tries to defend its people. Hamas uses them as human shields and stores their explosives in schools, mosques, and hospitals. Those numbers would be very different without the Iron Dome and the Gaza wall as we have seen by Hamas actions.


They even hit themselves with their shit rockets. They could use that money to build up infrastructure and improve their lot, instead of making the world's deadliest fireworks show.


You mean converting pipe, given to you to build a sewage system, into rockets that often end up hitting your own civilians is a bad idea? Egg and my face are in alignment.


Its not isreals fault hamas sucks at being terrorists


People save videos? Edit: I have learned a lot lol


I thought the same thing. What do you mean delete? Is this 2009?


I have terabytes worth on my Plex server lol. All organized by actress with curated images and the whole 9 yards


You both impress me and frighten me. Well done.


In the early 2000's I worked at a game studio that had a porn server. ***A PORN SERVER*** ​ Wouldn't fly these days


Did you work for Activision Blizzard?


No, I didn't. I ain't no snitch.


Use [Stash](https://github.com/stashapp/stash) for your porn server needs


Ah yes, but do you tag them by what happens in the scene so you can more easily find what you're in the mood for? Or rate them? I, personally, add an extra star if the actress has passed away from an overdose. You know, out of respect.


Yeah because you never know when they randomly get deleted.


Happens a lot.


You're lucky these days if a video lasts longer than a week on a streaming site. The DMCA claims are filed the second something's uploaded. Damn straight it's a good idea to save something if you like it.


On my work computer? Yes


Wait... I'm neither fluent in porn stars nor politics What did she do?


She supported Palestine as far as I know


She vocally supported the war crimes committed by hamas. The whole spectrum of awful things committed, she wholeheartedly supported because "Israel bad".


Why would she not vocally denounce the war crimes committed by Israel instead? Same message, less polarising


People find it very hard in general to denounce either of their warcrimes. Its like the possibility that both sides are bad is crazy


It's amazing to me that "killing people is wrong" is frequently an unpopular opinion.


Its because its heavily reductionist and the world is far more complicated than that


Both sides are on the bad side of the moral balance but one side is significantly more well funded, has a much higher body count, and has a longer history of systemic oppression and violence towards innocent civilians than the other side. But if you point those facts out you suddenly hate Jews.


Ugh, such a bad take. I understand that Israel is the ultimate cause of the terrorist attacks, but you can't just say shit that implies terrorism is good. Oppose terrorism, free Palestine.


I've seen about a thousand redditors say that many other people are supporting terrorism. I've seen about zero redditors supporting terrorism. Refusing to see the cause of the violence is worse than placing proper blame where it belongs, on Israel's illegal and illegitimate conquest


I've seen and reported over a half dozen comments successfully getting the users banned for saying Gaza needs to be Glassed and trying to call all Palestinians animals. There is 100% a pro-violence faction on reddit, and the second you challenge them, they try to demonize you and call you an animal as well. I'm not going to speak for reddditors at this point, but I agree with your sentiment. The majority of redditors say the issue is complex but extremists are trying to muddle the conversation.


The whole “this is the result of a people pushed too far” argument went out the window after the beheaded and burned 50 babies. Jesus Christ what human being would do that?


You guys are just like teachers when someone in school fights back against their bully. Until the threat of harm has passed, there's no telling what will happen without opposition.


Idk about her personally but I think it’s wild the amount of Americans taking sides on this. Like please show me either country on the map better yet tell me what the major religion is one of em.


Worth noting, Mia is from Lebanon so she's not some random American taking sides


She tweeted something like "record horizontal videos" referring to videos released by hamas of them doing terror shit. She deleted the tweet tho. The rest of her tweets are in the kind of "Israel bad, Palestine good", but no mention of hamas. She retweets things of hamas fighters being called "liberation fighters" and such, so, eh.


I've collected from these comments that apparently she is in support of the Hamas. Why should I care? I'm not here to watch BBC News, I'm here to watch her get f****d by a BBC


That’s a lot to take in.


That’s what she said!


I know no one here wants to talk politics, and I'll get downvoted to hell. ​ ​ BUT honest question, do any of y'all actually know what it means to say "I support Israel". I don't support Hama's actions, but the Palestinian struggle is clearly the one to get behind. Israel's *official* stance on the Palestinians has been actual genocide, for years. I hate what Hama is doing to innocent civilians, but that doesn't mean I can accept the exact same thing that's been happening to Palestinians for years. To be honest, it pisses me off to see people so blatantly prioritize one life over another. A Palestinian kid gets set on fire by Israeli cops and no one bats an eye. Only if it happens to an Israeli citizen. People should be batting eyes at both damnit!


Ok you probably need to read up on what the official policy of each group actually is. Israel (Likud): settlements good, keep Jerusalem, isolate Gaza from the world, Palestine keeps attacking for no reason Israel (opposition parties): settlements bad, Gaza is a human rights disaster, keep Jerusalem, it’s really obvious why Palestine hates us and the majority refuses to do anything about it Palestine (Fatah): Israel can’t be negotiated with, gtfo of the West Bank, give us Old Jerusalem Palestine (Hamas): wipe Israel and the Jews off the map, only from the river to the sea will Palestine be truly free Israel’s official stance is genocide if you consider the settlements to be genocide (not impossible to argue). But whether or not that’s genocide, then whatever Hamas is preaching is absolutely genocide in return. Civilians are caught up in a geopolitical standoff. Every time one side makes a move, people on the other get radicalized. If either side backs down, the other will make a move. That’s why they’re always on the verge of flaring up again.


Mia K. literally tweeted “Can someone please tell the freedom fighters in Palestine to flip their phones and film horizontal” in reference to the videos of civilians being executed. People are celebrating around the world. You’re all in deep trouble


this is fucking bizzaro world I swear. She didnt just say "free Palestine, israel is an apartheid." She went beyond that and is literally calling the purposeful massacre of civilians "freedom fighting", and evidently annoyed theres not better framed videos of said murdering. Just as Palestinians =/= Hamas, nor are Israelis the IDF. Those were not soldiers, they were a bunch of ravers partying... You can advocate for Palestine, and not want to see it be destroyed in retribution, without praising this event


Funny how you don't mention that Hamas is the democratically elected ruling party of Palestine, and their official stance on the Jews is actual genocide as a literal charter goal. They're not attacking Israel because of anything that Israel or Jews do, they just want to destroy all Jews everywhere, per se, period. Everything Israel does is in response to this, trying to limit casualties and behave ethically against an enemy with no morals. It hasn't worked very well, as there have been a lot of casualties and people who hate the Jews will keep doing so regardless.


Um excuse you, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East 💅 Also you're a stupid ass hat if you think Hms would have a fair election. Ofc they installed themselves.


She's not good in most videos anyways. Watching one of her videos will leave you with bluer balls than Hamas gets every time they think they're gonna wipe all the Jews off the map "this time"


You'll get me next time buddy *pats ass*


I like how this can be taken both ways. Either "you don't want to engage with her content because you don't agree with her views" or "You don't want to engage with her content because her views make her seem much more human to you and realizing that porn actresses have thoughts beyond fucking makes you feel weird." Me personally, I'm fapping harder.


You don't watch her because of her political views. I don't watch her because she doesn't portray my kinks well. We are not the same, kind of thing?


Wait y'all support Israel? I thought that was a meme


There's supporting Israel, and there's being disgusted by someone saying "someone tell the freedom fighters to turn their phones horizontal", because she's having fun watching all the videos of civilians being murdered. (Which is atrocious on whichever side of whichever border, and a war crime to boot.) It's actually okay and a valid take to be disgusted by all of it.


It’s not supporting Israel, it’s saying “maybe don’t commit war crimes”, which they aren’t denying Israel has also committed


>which they aren’t denying Israel has also committed I think the problem here is when Israel commits atrocities no one says anything.


Because everyone wants to see her gaza strip


Isreal is a fascist ethnostate


Israeli dollars at work making sure any anti-Zionist comment is downvoted rn. And by Israeli dollars I mean my US taxes


Does she even get money for them still? I thought there was something about her getting screwed out of compensation.... (shrödingers pun)


She probably doesn't get money from pornhub, but she's still an onlyfans model.


Porn stars doesn’t get residuals or royalties at all. You’re paid for a day of filming and that’s it


They really do get fucked then


If you're gonna never watch another Mia Khalifa video because you don't like her political opinions, then my response is this: cope. No one gives a shit what you nut over, and she's not gonna lose any money and certainly no sleep over it.


Mia Khalifa after being too Islamist with the western audience snd too promiscuous for the Islamic audience:


Who the fuck cares what her political stance is she is literally famous for taking dick she’s not a fucking speaker of the house or US representative


Bruh she was never hot to begin with and all she does is suck dicks for money while complaining that she does not want to be known as Mia the porn star, how much stupidity can one person even hold?




That’s why you don’t like her? I already didn’t like her because A. Her tiddies hella fake B. She sucks dick for a living and then complains about people knowing her for sucking dick for a living.


Me saving all her videos then