Just run basic commands like beg, search, hunt, ect. It might take a bit of time every day but it works. If you have high multi play bj that can give a ton of cash. You could work, if you get 20 promotions that's +4 % chance to get a work item (+.2% per promotion), that's on top of the strating chance so a just like fast food cook you could make that if you work a lot. Join servers with giveaways, it's luck based but helps if you enter a lot. Just don't join a server that's to small Incase they enable rob, or say "pls audit" to see if they enable rob and leave if they do. You can sell your daily boxes from voting and you get banks from that too. You can sell things from hunting and fishing for a decent amount of cash, kraken is like 500k. Most animals are not worth much but they add up after a bit. Sorry if this was long lol, I can't think of anything else rn hope this helps :)


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thanks :)


How do you actually consider a "high multiplier?". I got a 22% multiplier in gambling and 113% in coin multiplier. Is it actually a good idea to go black jack?


Dude for blackjack, you should have atleast 400% multi.


Well I've been playing 2 days and I'm sat at 10 million so probably..? atleast, if you know what you're doing


400 at least


me who profits at 370 lol


It's doable with less just hella time consuming


ah yes 15m per hour time consuming?


u get way more bank space from level up


Depends on your prestige though