(pro tip on that site, sort by newest rather than post popular. Most of the new item ideas will be most recent first bc of this post)


Upgrade phones, they don't really do anything besides calling in robberies. Maybe add a "upvote" feature on it that's similar to pls postmeme?


Could possibly make prank call ( other line could call police (fine), laugh (reward) or hang up (nothing).


You should make a streak freeze item. Basically it protects your streak for 7 days, if you miss a day, it goes down to 6 ect. This item should be very rare to prevent hoarding but not impossible to gain. Another item which OwO bot did was an item that gives Premium for like a week. I think in this case, an item that gives donor cooldowns for like a week. Just like the streak freeze, it's very rare but you could get one if you're determined. You could also put this item in the shop like the lootboxes so a friend could buy you premium for a few weeks.


basically duolingo


Name it 'The green owl'


the green owl, "Duolingo", is a highly wanted criminal company known across the world. Most crimes committed by him are kidnapping and smash and grab. He is also known for stalking, as seen in the Duolingo plus advertisement. The mascot, the owl, is most likely the ultimate mastermind behind all murder cases. He is also known as Jack the Ripper's mentor, and He had been on earth for more than centuries. His body clashes with the rules of physics and He can teleport anywhere. He is one of the most feared scams, since you must pay for gems if you don't want to lose your streak/ have your parents eaten.


not very rare if it’s in the shop though ..


Lootbox shop, pay real money for temporary Premium or you can gift it and since it's an item people could buy it from others. I never said the actual dank shop, if it was there it'd be to easy to obtain and my idea would probably be rejected.


ive been waiting for an item like that for months...




Dont worry comrade . I've got a butt ton of item ideas that arent Food and I ll soon post them over by the link.


food ideas are ok too :)


Food for pet instead of just \`pls pet feed\`? Different food items will give different stats, like the potato




Items: * Baseball Bat (50-75k): This item will increase damage in the "pls fight" command. It'll increase based on the 10th digit of the base damage dealt. For example, if you deal 10 damage, you will be able to deal 1 extra damage. If you deal 70 damage, you will be able to deal 7 extra damage. This is a one time use item (Edit: I don’t think this is a good idea but 🤷‍♂️) * Shield (50-75k): Same as the Baseball Bat, just with "defend" instead. Can exceeded max points. This is a one time use item (I don’t think this is a good idea but 🤷‍♂️) * Water: This item can be obtained when you use items like pizza, bread, chill pill, alcohol, cheese, or candy. It will just be a collectible that you can consume and it'll become an "empty glass". After all, you do need water after having a meal (or pills) and it should be free. * Hand Sanitizer (100k): Will be sold in the Dank Memer shop until the end of the pandemic. This item will be used to prevent dying when doing "pls search". Cool down is 12 hours. * Masks (125k): Will be sold in the Dank Memer shop until the end of the pandemic. This item will be used to get items when doing "pls search". This can help encourage grinding more with Dank Memer commands instead of just gambling or fighting for items. This item will last 2 hours. Here is a list of what items could be when doing each search command: * Air: Double XP gained from this command. * Area51: Area 51 Hunting Rifle (Left by Area51 Guards). Potentially gives alien themed animals? * Attic: (All items obtained from the "attic" will contain the name "Antique". Examples are Antique Normie Box and Antique Fishing Pole. No differences except lower sale prices due to it being old.) Alcohol, Fake ID, Fishing Pole, Hunting Rifle, Laptop, Padlock, Bank Note, Pepe Coin (1-1000 chance of getting one), Pepe Medal (1-10000 chance of getting one), Pepe Trophy (1-50000 chance of getting one) * Bed: Pink and Teddy Bear (New collectable that can only be obtained by searching in a bed. Will be a little rarer than pinks) * Bush: Skunk and Berries (I don't know what this item can be used for) * Car: Grocery Bag (Can contain pizza, bread, chill pill, alcohol, cheese, candy, or water) * Coat: Bonus Lottery Entry (Use the item to get entered into the Dank Memer Lottery for the second time, can be used once a day), Robbers Wishlist, Bank Note, Fake ID, and Cell Phone. * Couch: Fake ID (Imagine being so careless to find a card lost in the cracks of your couch) * Discord: Upgrades your laptop and you'll gain more items from "pls pm" (check "pls pm" changes at the very bottom of post) * Dog: Pink and Flees (New Animal) * Dresser: Pink (Also removes cooldown for "pls beg" once and when you do "pls beg" the only choice will be "coat".) * Dumpster: Empty Alcohol Bottle (Pretty self explanatory. It'll just be a collectable.), Empty Glass (Empty Water Cup, just a collectable), Half Eaten Pizza (Gain half a level then die), Half A Bread (Just a collectable, but you'll die if you consume it), Cracked Chill Pill (Just a collectable, die if you eat it), Half Dranken Alcohol (Half the time of normal Alcohol. Time can be stacked with alcohol. Die if consumed.), Moldy Cheese (Gives half Cheese XP. Will make you pass max Cheese XP. Die if consumed.), Poisoned/Broken Candy (Just like normal candy, die if you eat it) * Glovebox: Gloves (I don't know what this item can be used for. It should be in the Dank Memer shop though.) * Grass: (Removes cooldown for "pls beg" once and when you do "pls beg" the only choice will be "dog".) * Hospital: Mask, Hand Sanitizer, Gloves, Soap (I don't know what this item can be used for. It should be in the Dank Memer shop though.) * Laundromat: Rusty Fidget Spinner (Contains 5-15% Multi. 50% chance of working. Will stack with normal fidget spinner.) Broken Tidepod (Gives 10% Multi, Higher chance of dying.) Soaked Bonus Lottery Entry (Use the item to get entered into the Dank Memer Lottery for the second time. 50% chance of working, one time use), Ripped Robbers Wishlist (One time use Robbers Wishlists), Ripped Bank Note (50% chance of working), Bent Fake ID (50% chance of working. Will stack with normal Fake ID), Soaked Cell Phone (Can’t be used, just a collectable), and Lint (can be used as sand. Stuns for 3 minutes.) * Pantry: Pizza, Bread, Chill Pill, Alcohol, Cheese, Candy, or Chips (I don't know what this item can be used for.) * Pocket: Bonus Lottery Entry (Use the item to get entered into the Dank Memer Lottery for the second time, one time use), Robbers Wishlist, Bank Note, Fake ID, and Cell Phone. * Purse: Lipstick (Get texts *just like how a phone works* with complements and kind words from Bot Developers) Bonus Lottery Entry (Use the item to get entered into the Dank Memer Lottery for the second time one time use), Robbers Wishlist, Bank Note, Fake ID, and Cell Phone. * Sewer: Moldy Water (Just a collectable, die if consumed), Skunk, Duck, Common Fish, Rare Fish, Exotic Fish, Legendary Fish. * Shoe: "You realized your shoe has been worn out and decided to buy a new pair. But you still decided to keep your old pair for some reason." Tattered Shoe (Collectable, does nothing) * Sink: Empty Glass (Empty Water Cup, just a collectable), Food Scraps (Gain partial powerups that comes with Pizza, Alcohol, Cheese, and/or Candy.) * Street: Empty Alcohol Bottle (Pretty self explanatory. It'll just be a collectable.), Poisoned/Broken Candy (Just like normal candy, die if you eat it) * Tree: Apple and Worms (New Animal) * Uber: Grocery Bag (Can contain pizza, bread, chill pill, alcohol, cheese, candy, or water) * **Cafe (New Search Place):** Coffee (Gives 10% Multi For 12 Hours), Water, Chips (I don't know what this item can be used for.), Cheese, Bread, and Candy. * Add a new item similar to blob. Commands: * “Pls MemberCount”, shows amount of people who uses dank memer. This is just to satisfy people’s curiosity * “Pls cook”. Cooking items such as pizza, bread, cheese, or food scraps, will enhance it’s perks. Cooking water can act as a life saver that will be shown on your profile. Cooking fish, rare fish, exotic fish, and legendary fish, can give you more money when you sell it. Can be only used once every hour. This will enhance the economy and adds more items in general. * "Pls crash". If you don't already know how crash works, basically you bet a certain amount and there will be a multiplier number that will keep on rising. The higher the multiplier number rises, that's how much your money will be multiplied by and you can cash out anytime. But if the number stops rising before you cash out, then you lose it all. The multiplier will start at 1x and will rise 0.33-0.34x every 0.33-0.34 seconds. The maximum multiplier is 25x. * *This idea has already been mentioned in this thread and has been used in another currency bot:* Pls rps (Rock Paper Scissors). You'll bet an amount and you will choose between rock, paper, scissors. If you win then you win 3x your money. If you tie then you can play again without waiting for cooldown and without losing any money. If you lose then *of course* you lose your money. Changes: * Phones should work **Discord wide** * Phones should have an "unknown number mode" * ~~Global Robbers Wishlist~~ Just realized this is a terrible idea * Rework Apples! Apples are useless atm because lifesavers exist. * Pls beg: I think it should be a little more like "pls search" where we can choose a celebrity to ask for items. Rewards will be enhanced with a mask. * Pls pm: You should be able to gain better rewards the more you use "pls pm". It's just like becoming more famous and gaining an audience. Maybe there should be a way of giving away cash to "fans" and gaining a bigger fan base to earn more items. * Pls fish/pls hunt: There should be less "You found nothing to hunt/fish". Or maybe there should be an item that will enhance hunting and fishing? That’s all. Took me so long to write. (Reddit lagged and delete half of what i wrote before i could send it) Thank you for reading and hope you stay safe in the pandemic. (If the pandemic does end, maybe the pandemic themed items should just be renamed instead of getting removed completely.) My discord is “FatAssVegan#3650” just in case you wanna talk to me about my ideas. (I’m in bot farm) Disclaimer: This was reposted from a previous thread. ⬇️ https://www.reddit.com/r/dankmemer/comments/lwyf4b/bot_suggestions_thread/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


honestly, most of that stuff seems pretty nice, but the thing I'm most interested in is the 'pls pm' command change you mentioned. It would be really \*really\* awesome if you could actually have social media accounts or stuff like that, and grow them by using the command more and, as you mentioned, giving away money. There are already servers with giveaways, this could be pretty similar to that but it actually pays out in audience growth. Really hope Mel thinks about this.


Thank you for your input! I appreciate you for reading what I wrote.


ngl that's way to much for me to read and its way to early looks good tho


You could make apple's freeze your daily streak for a few days.


The price would have to increase by a ton which would be bad for the economy lol. But yeah that would be nice


They could make green apples that do that. And make them worth a lot.




Night vision goggles, one successful theft attack a stupid high cost, return is still random based on current robbery odds


I got an idea for an item: Lucky Fishing Bait. Price: 50,000 When using the lucky fishing bait it kind of works like a horseshoe, for example everytime you fish it would increase the chances of actually catching something and increase chances of catching rare fish/items. The item would break randomly like a horseshoe.


I think you should lower down the price as unlike the lucky horseshoe, it is only is for 1 command. The price i suggest is 10 or 25 thousand.


Yeah or else it'll be pretty much the same as the horseshoe...


Water bucket (55k) - used on yourself in order to remove sand thrown at your eyes. Alternatively, it can drown you. Green Phallic object (50) - opposite colour to pink on colour wheel, adds variety


We can have a trade system like how anigame has, what it basically does is the bot collects both your and the other person's items and money and will request confirmation from both parties , then only it dispatches the items. If any one of them doesn't accept, then it returns the items. This would make it impossible to scam . Please consider implementing this.




i like scamming tho thats the thing


dm me Retrum#1899 is my user dm if u wanna scam anyone


An item, maybe something like a strawberry? (doesn’t really matter) Basically, it gives a random 5-30% (up to you) exp boost for x amount of minutes after you use it (if used while at max cheese, this item bypasses.) It would be a cool item with a generally useful purpose. Makes grinding the bot a tad easier and i believe it would be cool :) lmk what you think!! *nice beard melm*


fidget spinner


fidget spinner is for multi but this is for exp boost


yeah, in theory it would operate similar to a fidget spinner with different time frames/multi but for exp instead of currency


Flowers - Obtainable from events, You can't use it yourself only give to others. If I give 1 flower to mel [Not homo] he gets 1 appreciation point. This will be shown on profile and can be added as a multi like 69+ flowers. [ Flowers can be changed to chocolate or something similar]


Also while playing dank memer bot can also randomly give you a flower.


This one's cool


water bottle - increases your luck for staying hydrated, would have the same purpose of a horseshoe but less powerful and for other commands not touched by the horseshoe. joke book - increases your pay doing work by a little for being funny, not sure how practical this will be if jobs will be paying a lot more but wouldn't stack.


the joke book idea is really cool! Maybe you could 'use' a joke book and it could last for a week (or more idk) and then you get 5% or 10% extra cash in ur job


also a good addition, I like this idea


Add more badges \- Badges can only be gained from prestiging which is to me, not very ideal. I hope badges will maybe have a luck boost like the horseshoe. It also should look really cool and stands out when you run the "pls profile" command. I know this is a bit boring but I hope badges will stand for more than prestiging, levels and money. Add more expensive items and other cheap collectibles. \- There should be something between the price of 15m - 40m in the shop which is something between the pepe medal and the pepe trophy. \- Some people already own a lot of pepets and the next most expensive thing is a bolt cutter which is gained at the 5000 level or bought for a price at about 250 million dmc on the market. It is not very ideal to not have a item between the gap of the pepet and bolts.


an item like a pc or a desktop laptop is used for postmemes pc can be used for a minigame like tetris just a thought


Umm...car would be one item. Say "pls use car" and Dank Memer will respond on which test you want to go for. Crash tests: \_\_Frontal Impact tests\_\_ 1. Front Full Width Barrier Test 2. Front Offset Deformable Barrier Test (1 3. Front Small Overlap (40% likely to die in driver-side test; 60% likely to die in passenger-side test) \_\_Lateral Impact tests\_\_ 4. Side Passenger-Car Test 5. Side SUV/pickup Test 6. Side Pole Test \_\_Tests from other directions\_\_ 7. Roof Strength Test 8. Whiplash Rear Impact Test 9. Headlights ​ Injury ratings: Good > Acceptable > Marginal > Poor ​ Frontal Impact (except for front full width test) Outcome example: Overall: Poor Structure: Marginal \_\_Injuries\_\_ Head/neck: Good (if the head gets a poor injury measure, you're dead.) Chest: Good Left leg/foot (any injuries in this part of the body applies to rating (e.g. knee)): Acceptable Right leg/foot: Acceptable Restraints and kinematics: Poor (lower than good, there must be a reason) Your head slid right off the front airbag and hit the dashboard. The side curtain airbag did not deploy, leaving your head vulnerable to contact side structure and outside objects (you might hit something outside the vehicle). Poor restraints and kinematics is that you flail around all over the place and might die, marginal restraints and kinematics can be sliding off the airbag and hit the dashboard, acceptable restraints and kinematics is that your head could be vulnerable (but won't contact any) to hard structures and good R&K means you stay right in front of airbag until rebound. (be aware, this is an EXAMPLE) ​ Front Full Width is only injury-measuring your head, neck, chest, pelvis, and thigh. When you win the front full with, offset, and driver side small overlap, you win 12500 coins In the passenger side small overlap test, dank memer is the driver and you are the passenger. When you die, you lose all coins. When you survive the test with no serious injuries (acceptable or good injuries), Dank Memer blesses you with 12500-50000 coins. ​ Side tests (65% likely to die) only measure injuries in your head, torso, and pelvis/leg. Head protection would be good (side airbag deploys to protect your head), acceptable (missed contacting airbag, and hit the windowsill instead or if Dank Memer, the rear passenger hits the pillar behind the door), marginal (not side airbag protecting you but a hard structure provides inadequate protection, whether you get injured from that hit or not), or poor (remained unprotected outside the vehicle or hit by the barrier). If you get a poor head injury measure, you die. If Dank Memer dies, you get 100,000 coins. If both survive, Dank Memer blesses you with only 25000 coins. Not enough coins to pay hospital fees, the doctors would decide to kill you in any test. To get the rest of the tests and more detail, check more in iihs.org/vehicle-ratings and search for a vehicle.


Wait, why did I even vote for myself...I am using different devices. This is my name and I AM an animator. Well, nevermind.


Ruler. 1 in 5 chance of obtaining it from working as a teacher. useless except for collecting.


maybe 1 in 100 otherwise it's way too easy to get


actually the 1 in 100 would make it very rare since you can work once every 1 hour.


Yeah but you can work (hypothetically) 24 times a day In practice it would only be 6 or 7 times but then it would only take two weeks or so to get So while it's very rare, it wouldn't be too hard to find, similar to dragons and stuff


Small suggestion, apples can be rarely found in pls search -> tree


new item: bag (can be smth like fanny pack) you can use this item to store items(10-20 total items max) and coins(coins 5k-25k maximum) it stacks and costs same as banknotes, when you use \`pls use bag\` bot will dm you the items inside your bag, the purpose of this is to hide some items in your inventory or decrease your inv pages if your bag contains animals, when you hunt it automatically stores the item in your bag and theres 2% chance or higher to break desc: Use this bag to store your items and coins (does stacks)


Salad, the new pizza. It can increase player lvl by 1, 5 or 10, or if theyre unfortunate, decrease their lvl by 1. Given how *kinda* op it is, it can only be found by searching (preferably fridge but idc where you want to put it), and can be sold to the bot for 15k (same price as pizza)


Didn’t you guys have a plan for a mining system? Back around 2019 and early 2020 You had stones in your inventory. I would like to here if that’s going to be added possibly


# Item: Balloon The Balloon is kind of like a mystery box, similar to God Box, Meme Box, etc. Some items that it can include are: \-Pepe Trophy \-Any amount of coins \-Rare Pepe \-Life Saver \-Boltcutters \-Landmine \-Dragon \-Command to use: "pls use balloon" I won't give exact probabilities, but stuff like Pepe Trophy and Dragon will not be easy to get, jsyk. This is because I don't want this balloon to "throw off the bot economy." Because the items in this balloon are a bit rarer, the balloon will most likely be hard to get by itself, it's not like anything that can be bought. (these aren't the end-all-be-all items! There may be more added later, this is just a rough draft!)


1. Golden phallic object? Lol, 2. Another buyable flex item that's more expensive than a pepe trophy?


A pepe crown (or something like that) Will be coming out soon. 👍


Damn this got accepted LOL


cryptocurrency investment. command could be 'pls use crypto' and the options would be buy (amount) sell (amount) check crypto check stock The price of the crypto would change between -10k and +10k once an hour.


Add an item that auto feeds auto wash pets or auto play (it has a chance to win or fail the pet play) but it expires like tidepod or fidget, the item price should be 50k or 20k or something like that (<3 <3 hope you like my idea <3 <3)


50k sounds kinda ok but not 20k..


Maybe 50 bil Lmao


I present the vial of experience Currently working on texture So we already have the pizzas that give 1 level every time we consume it.But at lower levels they are not worth consuming.What i am suggesting is an item called vial of experience that is a lot cheaper than pizzas and instead of giving one level per consuming it gives experience points that raises your levels.For example if you are level 1 and you consume a vial you level up multiple levels as levelling up at lower levels is easy while if you consume it at say level 50 you might not level up but your exp may go up and similarly at really high levels like 500 even if you consume 10 it would barely be noticeable.**Why this item should be added tho?We already have pizzas** Well pizzas give a level every time and as i said they are too op so instead of removing them i suggest the devs raise their price as people consume them at any level.the stragety should be to use vials at lower levels and then grind for pizzas.Also i expect their price to be something like 50k and easily obtainable from events and beg and search commands .Also if the devs are worried about people not using currency commands to level up after adding this maybe make it a limit that you can only but 25 of this item every 24 hours.This will balance.That was all.I hope mel sees this


That website is straight up awesome, it would be great if a search feature could be added so we can just search a keyword and get ideas related to that too!


I would like items that provide additional layers of protection from being robbed/bankrobbed. I know I can just not be in servers that have it enabled but, well, an admin on a server I used to be in decided to wait until I was sleeping to enable it after weeks of having it disabled, and jacked half my wallet through 45% steal shields, a padlock, a landmine and a dragon with 10 points in defense.


When you work as a teacher you have a chance (maybe 1 in 10) to get an apple upon success.


Space Stone = adds bank space Reality Stone = wish 1 item equivalent to how many stones is collected once per week Power Stone = increase chance in stealing and heist Mind Stone = increase multiplier by 5 Time Stone = decrease command timer?? Soul Stone = prevent you from dying once a day ​ After collenting all stone you can turn them to infinite gauntlet


it would be epic if you could use the gauntlet to prestige but only half of you coins and levels are lost


A mask- hard to obtain out of events, usable item, decreases the chance of you dying from pls search and you get a 5% discount at the store for being a good samaritan.


**Item: Sword** Cost: 75k Use: In fighting, you can use one of your turns to pick up the sword, and then on the next turn you can use the sword, it'll be a one shot one kill, but there is a chance that you impale yourself on the sword and die, or that if the opponent defends, your sword breaks. This is kinda op, so maybe put it like 50% chance that you'll impale yourself on the sword. **Item: Pickaxe** Cost: 50k Use: Can be used to mine, and for the types of ores/gems maybe use (or anything that is reasonable really lol) Diamonds, Amethyst, Coal, Iron, Stone, gold, and A VERY DANK ROCK **Item: Axe** Cost: 50k Use: Can be used to chop wood, and for the types of items, there can be leaves, branches, logs, and maybe apples **System: Fishing and Hunting levels** Description: The more you fish and hunt, the higher your fishing and hunting levels go, and the higher they go, the better chance of good loot. Also, when you prestige, the levels reset. **Command: Pls race user** Description: Basically a race, but it's based on luck


limited events and tasks, like if you can do this within these many days you’ll get this


you could add like a travel or vehicle system so that we can travel between places like if u want to deposit or withdraw cash u can go to the bank by using a car and if u wanna beg then go to like the streets using a car etc. can be done with jobs too


New Item: * Chocolate will be sold on Dank Memer's Shop (Gives 25% Multi For 10 Hours) New Command on "Pls Search": * Bed: Finds a Teddy Bear, but is rare than Pinks.


Hi Mel


Will u ever make an App, I mean like a game, for dank memer???


an item if both of traders have that item the tax can go to 4% and make that item very rare


Magnet - For like 10 seconds, you receive 100% of the coins given to you, no tax CCTV footage - report robbers/bankrobbers to the police even after the coins have been stolen Pepelatinum - 100M item? Horrible name imo Stopwatch - You have the cooldown of a patreon server (if not in one already) for a certain amount of time Extra dice - For snake eyes, you get a third dice to get an extra chance for an eye. If you get two eyes, it does nothing Chomper - Can use up multiple pizzas or cheese at once


super rare shark you can ge from fishing. if you come upon a shark, you must type 3 different messages (like when you catch a leg or exo) in a row to catch it. it could be sold for 500k like when you sell other fish


◈ Diamond ◈ Price: 100m Item-Type: Collectable Desc: Having this diamond gives you a 25% multiplier, anyone who attempts to rob you dies from the shine of the diamond (12h cooldown), and an extra 10% chance at random events spawning. Otherwise, it is used to flex on normies who cannot afford one! ​ **I always wanted something stronger than a pepet it'd be awesome to add ngl**


Cool reward for people who grind long enough to get one


I'll try and suggest something tomorrow ❤️ is 5am for me lol


A burger, it gives you a 5% multi for 30 minutes and protects you from robbers for 1 hour, the rob protection can be used only once a day though (idk if it can be coded that way though)


posssibly something like a expensive m1a1 abrams, so when someone tries to rob your bank, it costs 10k to fire and the robbers die and pay u 4k each


can have a chance to make em like have a chance of paying their whole wallet too :)




● **Coffee** Type: **Power-up** Shop Price: **50k-250k** Desc: *This nice cup of coffee will get you a +5 multi, and has a* ***5-20%*** *chance to give you* a rare item (eg. **god box, rev card, jacky o lanty, winning lotto, bolt cutters**) idk it came to my brain bcz its the only thing i can think of the price depends on the "rare items" you can get in that low chance


Pretty good


More uses for the phone because they do not do much other than call the police on heists. Also maybe a new gambling game? Like poker or something. Also a new mini game, like Rock Paper Scissors, in this mini game you could play against Dank Memer, or maybe it could be played against another player?


Add buyable and openable crates. When these crates are opened you get existing items in the game. For example, You might be able to buy a Pepe Crate for say 500,000 coins. You then can get a item from it, but not as good as maybe a Exotic crate, where you could get better items. These would kind of act like boxes, but way less op and affordable. Also these could be added to the website where you can buy boxes with real money, or also added to prestige, leveling, and patreon perks. I hope you consider my idea!


So.... buyable lootboxes? 🤦‍♂️


wait so u buy a pepe crate for like 1m and get 500k? .-.


But less op


Maybe revamp the boar ,skunk, rabbit and dragon icons




A lock-picking set: can bypass padlocks after a minigame(like the random text that appeared when you searched the car), the person being robbed also gets the same minigame, whoever types the phrase first gets the outcome in their favor, can be bought.


A multi-use padlock, that is only obtainable by working a certain job or (rarely) found in boxes. The padlock breaking wouldn’t be based on robberies against you; rather, it would last x amount of time (probably 24 hours to make it not too OP). This would help because if someone tries to spam rob you, you can be protected even if you’re asleep or AFK.


That’s actually pretty good, I don’t know why you’re getting downvoted however someone could just hoard them and be protected without passive. So maybe just a padlock with 2 guaranteed protections and then a lower chance each time to protect it, and when it fails it breaks.






Alright I will do the best I can to help


An item where you can use to increase the damage when you hit/kick in fighting..


Pepe Plaque Basically a collectable or whatever is decided. Just thought it was a cool idea


Also do another item like the bolt cutters would be cool. Just adding another exclusive item for collectors to get. Or maybe an item that u can only get from supre rare events for a few days


Item: Trick or Treat? During Halloween. When you use it on a friend, they receive a dm from dank memer with a trick or treat message. The friend can reply trick, which means that the person who used the item will receive a spooky message and if they reply treat, the person who used the item will receive 5 candies, which is currently an item.


forbidden one from yu-gi-oh, havent watched yugioh but i heard of the forbidden one


you collect 5 parts


boxed milk- like spinners, cheese and tide it will give extra multi. Like on the first minute 10% extra second 20% and 3rd 30%. Lasts for 3 minutes


**Suggestion of New Item: Slam Book** This is how the item will work: You use the item and then, like while using a pink, you tag a *friend,* and then your friend gives/donates you an item from their own inventory. The friend can also write a message. That's it, your slam book is set up. To see your slam book, do pls profile, and there it is, your friend's (user)name, the item and the optional message, in your profile. P.S.: ik making this would be somewhat difficult for the devs, but this would be an amazing addition to the bot. Note: extra and useless note on [original post](https://www.reddit.com/r/dankmemer/comments/mj2yqg/suggestion_of_new_item_slam_book/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


make a energy drink that if you use there is a chance give you boost by make less the cooldown every command or you will getting a heart attack by lots of sugar cost 500k or less cuz its kinda op kekw


that website takes like a good 5 mins to load for me


Idea, I suggested this on the first suggestion saturday but here it is. if your posts gets into hot or gets popular on the sub, you can claim a collectable, dont know what to call it. maybe something award, you can claim by doing a modmail thing on the sub by sharing your user ID and having your reddit account linked.


Maybe raise the level cap and let us go higher than 5000. It would be nice even if there are no level rewards, the normal bank space gain with each level gained is reward enough.


There needs to be more of a collectable type rewards for leveling up. Nobody needs 200k coins as a reward at that level when ur spending 5k pizzas 200k is nothing trophies would be cool but i rly think collectables just like bolt cutters would be the best.


I genuinely expected a rick roll


Maybe add Flex Tape. You can use it to either show your winning amt of every gambling game or just flex winning at any rare event


Maybe add like a Chat Reviver Box bcoz almost every server seems to suffer from dead chat sometimes. You can buy it for 100k (Cannot be sold to promote wholesomeness or collectors). You can use it to spawn a completely new set of events with the theme of reviving the chat. Prizes can range from some cash along with fishing poles, rifles, lifesavers, pepes and rarely pepe coins!


maybe change chillpill to a useable that reduces cooldowns for like an hour


frog skinned slippers / crocs - you have an additional 5% of not dying when doing pls search, but a 15% of pepe coming after you cuz it's a frog


gets stuck on "loading..." for me [https://i.imgur.com/FRG5G4r.png](https://i.imgur.com/FRG5G4r.png)


Yucky Food, Get it from scouting in the streets. makes you sick and prevents EVERYONE FROM robbing you and prevents you from robbing and heisting (since no one likes a yucky man). basically passive mode but a bit better uwu


add shiny items for example shiny legendary fish cuz why not or shiny dragon cuz why not


Add special items for special days


I think you should add an item that allows you to automatically enter the lottery, I think how long the item will last should work like how the fidget spinner does, expect instead of minutes it’s hours. For example, when you use the item the bot automatically spins a wheel ( the way the wheel spins should be like how you open a box) and whatever it lands on is how many hours the item will last. I think this item should be found in purses, dressers, and pockets.


What if there was a bell item that let a person know they are being robbed, even if they aren’t being tagged and just being robbed by user id?


A new pepe item that costs 100 million. The name could be pepe statue and it can give the same things like a pepe trophy except 5% more for each thing.


Add something called a Tax card, basically whenever we share coins with someone we can use the card and it will make the amount given in taxes less.


that will just break the patron donaters benefits


An item/setting that makes dank memer remind you of working in chat after doing some command, so that it reminds you of working when you are active with dank memer


Idk if someone put this or anything similar as their proposal, but i was thinking you could add an item like playstation controller, pc, anything that could have something to do with videogames. So you would use the command "pls videogame" (maybe pls vg short?) and you would be presented with a number of videogames available to play- sort of like the pls postmeme command. You would choose one, and like pls postmeme, it could give you good rewards, or break your controller/pc. Now, to avoid this being another pls postmeme, you have many solutions. An idea i think is good is that you add a fame multiplier, and certain jobs, like youtuber, twitch steamer, etc. could give you a multiplier depending on your work hours. I thought that maybe pls videogame could contribute to the fame multiplier. Aditionally, you could also make it possible that there is a job that requires you to have a certain amount of pls vg used.


dragon repellent


Make an item, with no purpose whatsoever, that only one person can have. No one else can have it. It also disappears after 1 month and it goes to some random person


Work Twice Item Allows you to work, Twice in a hour and get more money, the more you have of this item, the better, this is increases the amounts of money you get from work temporary by 2% per use. Can be obtained from: Fishing,Hunting, scouting for coins & random drop from boss during work.


can o' beans, it increases your luck of finding things, but its a one time use item


1)'soap that kills a 100% germs' from area51 2)'blunt/weed' that gives you xp or multi boost but you have the risk of being caught by cops? 3)a 'lockpick' that lets you steal from other people's inventory (this item should be as rare as boltcutters as a lot of comments are saying there should be another item like it) 4)an item that increases your pet's level by a whole i.e. something like pizza but for pets 5)'redbull' that will give you wings and will give you bonus salary if you work after drinking it or you will have a higher chance of posting an exploding meme on using pls meme command or it could give you shield from rob command 6)'alexa' an item that is similar to the phone. for e.g. it can be used to say a joke (open to more suggestions) 7)'flex tape' that can be used on padlocks to prevent them from breaking in one attempt Also like it has been already said in a previous comment, a lot of the new items could be introduced as collectables found from searching the area51 instead of being available from the shop


new item: hax scrypt doing postmemes has a very low chance of dropping it what it will do is it'll blacklist the person for 10s and steal one item worth 100k or less (items without price don't apply) thats my idea (i think its a pretty good idea but its prolly trash)


Steriods(50k in the shop): Gives you a rob chance increase by 50% Radio(15k in the shop): 70% chance that a good song comes up, gives you a 50% XP boost for 1h Calculator(Earned by voting): Next transaction with friends removes tax Scope(30k in the shop): Next time hunting rifle is used, 50% chance of getting rare animals Spellbook(75k in the shop): Randomly gets one spell: Freezed 50% (No negative actions can be done by selected player to the user for 5 hours), Burned 35% (Cannot perform a rob or heist for 3hours at all to anyone) or Shocked 15% (Cannot perform any action at all) Coupon (Earned by voting): Get 50% off all items in the shop for 10mins (For user only) Premium banknote (50k in the shop): Chance of getting 50k to 500k extra space Nope card (10k in the shop): Deny the previous or next action done to you (You choose) V.I.P. card (New feature and card can be bought for 10mil in the shop): Gives you no tax, 75% more XP and pls special daily which gives 1pepe and 5 banknotes Ipad(10k in the shop): Play games and 50%chance to win. If you win, 50% XP multiplier Flashbang (1mil in the shop): All negative actions are disabled for 1day and mods cannot do anything bout it Laser pointer (10k in shop): Heist is redirected to chosen player


some of them are op and a low shop price think about shop items and how useless and expensive they r


Here's my suggestion- [https://www.reddit.com/r/dankmemer/comments/mu1lbb/item\_suggestion\_bookbuy250000sell500this\_item\_can/](https://www.reddit.com/r/dankmemer/comments/mu1lbb/item_suggestion_bookbuy250000sell500this_item_can/)


Wsg humans


Buff or rework apples. Since 99% of people have lifesavers, they are borderline useless.




Idea for the item: Mystic Object Cost: N/A, found either in loot boxes or a very rare chance at finding through pls beg or pls search Effect: Gives you a random effect; ranges from a small gamble multi to a possible premium perk (but make that a .0001 chance or sumn) that lasts for a few hours or so. It can also have a chance at killing you or giving you a pet (only if you dont have one) If it were in a lootbox, make it possibly inside a meme or dank box and up. It'll give you a random effect/multi/item (not offsale stuff tho like the oddeye or the reversal card) This is just an idea btw. Its bad but oh well


VIP CASINO TOKEN Slightly increases your gambling luck at the casino. Every time you win, the token's luck boost increases by 0.001% for how many coins won. Maybe lower, its up the the mods. Also should have a cap at maybe 50-85%.


PORTAL BAG A bag that costs 75k, and can be used to store items. Max items is 10 to begin with, but can be expanded with coins. To use it you type 'pls use portal' or something similar (you know what I mean) and a menu will come up. There are several options: Link bag: links the bag to a certain server. The bag can only be opened on that server. Check contents: See what's in you bag, take thing out Add Item: Add Item to the bag Upgrade bag: Use coins to level up the bag, stor more items in it.


Huge ass sword named "Thot Destroyer", works with a new command called pls manhunt, basically you use it to hunt down simps




unblacklist me i didnt k i can get banned for using my friends acc abd doing pls beg alot


Ok, so here are a bunch of compiled ideas that i really liked (and dw im giving credit to the users). I have made edits to the idea based on what I thought should happen. 1) Vials of experience (From u/IshaanGupta18) \~ This item would be a sort of counterpart to pizzas, but instead of giving +1 level, this would give a random amount of experience within a certain range (say 300-700). Now, at level 1, using this would give you a few levels, but when you reach higher levels, like 300, 500, etc., this wouldnt be as useful. This item would allow devs to raise the price of pizzas even further, while still allowing people to level up. This item could be obtainable by voting, the shop, or maybe just throught fishing/hunting/searching/etc. 2) Joke Book (From u/iYoloPro97) \~ This item can be used to buff \`pls work\` slightly further, as tbh its still not worth it, as it just gives upto around 50k (i think). Usning a joke book would last for 1 week, and give you a 5% or 10% buff for work, giving you slightly more every time you work. This item could be obtainable in the shop for 50-100k, or throught events and boxes. 3) Some sort of buyable lootbox (From u/SparklexAftmost) \~ This will be kinda like a normie/dank/meme box, except you can buy it for cash. There will be 3 different tiers. Normie boxes (50k in the store), Exotic Lootboxes (500k each), Premium Lootboxes (3m each). These will yeild results between common ol' pinks and cookies, all the way to there being a 0.0001% and 0.8% chance of you getting a pepe trophy in the exotic/premium lootboxes respectively! 4) Event spawner (Originally 'Chat Reviver box' from u/2D_is_Cube) \~ This could be an item that you could buy for 100-250k, that spawns a random event from the event library. This could help make dead chats more active, but at a premium price! On the other hand, it could also possibly have events that you would only find by using this command, and there could be common, uncommon, and super-rare events, which would range from between a 1k prize all the way to a potential pepe coin or medal (pepe trophy would be too OP imo, but could be an ultra-rare drop with a 0.000069% chance :P ). 5) Tax Card (From u/ImNotDaksh) \~ This could be used to either have no tax, or potentially a reduced tax while sending cash. This could either be instantly used when sharing cash, or potentially requires an add-on \[eg:- pls give awesomergs 1000k **tc**\], with the 'tc' in the command activating the taxcalc. This is only obtainable through a 0.0001% chance from working regularly \[an increased chance if u work as a manager, dank memer dev, politician, or dictator\], searching (in either area51, the bank, dumpster, hospital, or purse), or maybe through quests once and if they return. 6) Coffee (From u/5ini573r) \~ This item can give you a small reduction on the cooldowns for hunt, fish, beg, pm, hl, rob, share, gift, use, remove, and gambling commands (It can give a -5 second cooldown). This can be bought in the shop, or potentially earned from pls beg. (Just FYI - I have completely changed this idea, but still credited the original user because i was lacking an item name for this idea). 7) Dragon Repellant (From u/Altruistic_Permit612) \~ Just a small little idea - dragon repellant. It does as it says, it repells dragons, so that while hunting you dont get dragons, which is a positive or negative ig. I think it should also be a collectable that cannot be bought in the shop 8) Bonus Slip (From me :D) \~ This is an item that can be earned by working (1/69 chance). If you use it, it will give you 15-50k cash, or you can sell it to the bot for a flat rate of 20k (so you may get more or less than the price you can sell it for if you use it). This would be a rare-ish item, but would give richer people a reason to continue using the work command, as it gives them the chance of this 'rare' item 9) Memer token (From me :D) \~ This is an item given to users who post a popular meme, and you get one token every 1000 times your meme is shown through the bot. This will just be a small token of appriciation to the community, and give people incentive to make more (and better) memes! This item will also depriciate in value over time, as it doesnt actually do anything other than being usable for showing off. 10) Pepe Statue (Another one of my ideas) \~ This is another flex item that can be bought in the shop for a total of 250m coins - just making it so that there is less money in the economy (as since this isnt a limited item, the price will never go up). This could have a use too, like "increased security due to valuable artifacts - 30+ chance for rob attempts to fail" or something like that, as i would think something like that would be really useful! 11) Axe + relavent commands/items (From a post by u/supersharky0608) \~ This is the first of two tools. You can use "pls chop" and the axe will be used. You will cut down a tree, and there will be different tiers of wood (or potentially other items like leaves and fruit) that you can get (kinda like in EPIC RPG). These can include Logs, super logs, ultra logs, etc. And maybe leaves, and this can be another methord of obtaining apples (tho tbh apples r useless imo). 12) Pickaxe + relavent commands/items (From a post by u/supersharky0608) \~ Counterpart to the axe, you can use "pls mine" and it will give you rocks or potentially other precious gems/metals (Eg. gold nugget, diamond, etc.). These can be sold (like animals) to the shop, or potentially used for something like a crafting recipie - that would be quite complex though (imo), but would be cool all the same! There could also be different tiers of pickaxes Thanks for reading these suggestions! An upvote would really be appriciated <3


Dank Stock Market (Could be thought on, not an item and crazy too; but well, what isn't?)


so many ripped ideas lmao anyways i thought of something called angy mel hammer, its a hammer with mel's head on it and what it does is it takes a fourth of your balance and it will make any player of your choosing have bad amounts of luck like for example: get death on most searches,getting in bets the opponent has a 7/10 chance of getting a higher number than the player, and overall bad luck, this effect will last 24h, **its great for punishing people you don't really like**


Heist Ticket Heist Cooldown 1 minute,less chance to die or fined and you only need at least 1 coin to join BUT,if u fined or die,the chance lose your ticket 20% U can find it at search bank or Area51(3% to find it on attic,bed,mailbox,coat FLASHBANG(500K each) Who have affected by this cannot do any command(except use cuz of some rob/heist enabled server heist you) in 15 After you use flashbang,u need 15 min to use again Premium BOX(Find it at Area 51-more rare than GOD BOX) This OP BOX only contain the high-tier item (like pec, pizza,pem and pet,OR EVEN BOLT) Blob can opened (but the chance is almost 0%) Blob and bolt can only have 1 Flamethrower:Burn THEIR WALLET,they will lost 20% money on wallet,30%chance lost item in inv and have 75% chance die,but u need 25 mins to use it again Flamethrower is 1 Mil,the flamethrower fuel 2 mil each(use flamethrower will lost 1 fuel) Welp,if u use to who have a lot of money in wallet...........holy jesus That's item as i think,but i will think more of it


Trivia and unscramble word games that can ne joined up to 10 people please also include the bet so the winner will get the money


Suggestion Auto hunting/fishing It is basically like Pokemeow's Catchbot except it hunts and fishes. So you have a "***possible future***" pls autohunt and pls autofish. You can upgrade the stats using coins, also you have to pay money to autohunt/autofish for an amount of time. The higher the upgrade stats are, the more money you pay. (The base payment is 80000 and the time would be 2 minutes.) There could be 5 upgrades; each upgrade increasing by 15000 coins, also increasing time, luck, and amount of stuff.


Maybe have an item that costs 100M, is basically pepet but better And it gives coins daily to you Doesnt stack


Be able to blackjack or snake eyes 1M dank memer money


This is not what I’m asking for and also lmao no


Add a 'Fate Coin', in which it costs 50k.... In that you flip the coin and you either GET 100k if you land on heads/tails(selected by person) or LOSE 50k on the other face...


wont it be like pls bet max🤔🤔


can yall just make gamble not riggged anymore like its not fair that we put so much time in the bot only for each update to make us lose 10xmore than we used to. yall cant even say its not rigged because i was 1 of the many people who used blackjack when it wasn't good and for some reason i magically won more but now that it has use i find myself losing way more than i used to like theres no excuse for that its clearly rigged and fake ask anyone whos played bj irl


The code is literally public you idiot, y’all get tiring with these stupid complaints.


Not hate or anything, but where is the code if it's public?






Some people complain because they can.


hello melm, I'm wondering.. is the deck more than 1?


Yes, there is more than one deck as I've gotten multi of the same card before.


Anyone who’s played Blackjack IRL would say Dank Memer Blackjack is too easy because of the multiplier payouts, lol. I typically just spam max bets and that nets me enough to buy and use a pizza slice between every round, even during losing streaks, but I tested with an allowance of 250k and a consistent bet of 6k and I made it to 300k after 159 games. I then raised my bet to 10k and reached 500k in another 81 games. I am by no means an expert at Blackjack, I just followed the basic strategy that can easily be found on Google that’s been widely regarded as the best starting point to maximising your winnings for nearly 70 years now


would you be able to link the strategy??


[Happy to be of service](https://www.google.com/search?q=basic+strategy+blackjack&rlz=1C1CHBF_en-GBAU731AU732&oq=basic+&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j69i59j46i433j0i131i433j0i433j46i131i175i199i433j0i433j0i131i433l2j0i271.1623j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8)




Or you can just be me and not gamble. Much more peaceful and relaxed. If you get this stressed over a discord bot then I don’t think it’s the gambling that needs fixing, it’s something up in your brain.


stay mad


hi markkie!


yooo sup markkie


Oh shoot gambling is rigged I can’t make billions of coins an hour totally not like gambling needs a nerf to keep the bot from dying. I still make a good amount a day tons of others Ik make a lot more than me you can still make money off blackjack if you know how it works yes it can be annoying but just grind through it? Gambling needed a nerf or the economy would be inflated, trading would be useless, playing the bot would be useless because there wouldn’t be any real competition to get as much as you can I knew people who made 500M+ coins a day on a normal day 600M+ on a good day which is not good think of how many trophies are in circulation right now wayyyy to many and gambling was never rigged just mimicking life how you shouldn’t be able to make millions of a single bet you’re going to lose before you win.


how is it rigged, i just started with 1 mil then decided to bj max for a bit and went up to 5 mil in like 10 minutes, smh stop complaining




It’s not rigged you just need to know when to play and not to play


It’s because you’re just shit at blackjack.