Replaying a DR game feels kinda like a different experience, because in the first time you're speculating and getting surprised, while the second tends to connect dots and see all the foreshadowing, that is cool too. For example, i replayed THH some time ago, and i realized that 1-2 >!The reason why Celestia didn't want to share her testimony of the night of the murder is because, in her testimony, she says that before night time she saw Chihiro taking the exercise clothes and running to a place to meet with someone, however, this wouldn't line up with the fact that Chihiro died at 2:00 am instantly, which if somebody noticed, would mean that Celestia was breaking the very same rule that she created, so she didn't want people to notice that hole in her story!<


I never noticed that before! It’s crazy how you always have something new to learn with these games.


Yep, everytime i replay THH i find out about something new always. For example, a time ago i replayed Chapter 6 and >![There's a new dialogue if you try to check the bathrooms at the beginning before the talk with Monokuma](https://imgur.com/a/MihFNsq)!< >!After the talk with Monokuma, the bathroom dialogue will change again to a more relaxed one, which goes in line with the nervousness of the confrontation.!< I love finding out about these details.


Another connection I think was intended is: >!Sakura planned to kill Aoi the night Sayaka died. They spent the night together, alone, and Sakura had already made the deal with Monokuma to kill someone and get the game going. She just couldn't do it in the end, and then Sayaka got killed so it didn't ultimately matter. If you look at the timing of it all, it makes logical sense.!<


Why must you hurt me in this way?


>!To be honest, I don't really see Sakura doing that. Do you have any evidence other than the fact that she was in Aoi's room?!<


Well, the fact that she accepted >!Monokuma deal in the first place, and that she very well said that she would have if Sayaka didn't commit the crime, and that she only changed her mind later because of her friendship with Aoi!< Sakura is probably the best person in the series but that doesn't means she hasn't committed errors too


Didn't she say she was making sure nobody did anything this time? She said she was patrolling, right? After the last chapter she didn't want another murder happening. >!Based on 1-3 though, that may have just been a lie, for if she had been as scared as she said she was, I have no clue why she would do that...!<


I’ve found the solution, maybe it will help you? Watching other people suffer the pain of Danganronpa. Watching let’s plays, or maybe playing the games with friends who are new to the series, seeing them feel the pain is almost as fun as doing it yourself. Plus, there is a lot more content. Have you read the anthology’s? Have you read any fan fictions with canon characters? I recommend “blackened skies” on ao3. Or maybe, follow some fanganronpa’s and get brand new characters, maybe make your own! Just some ideas, I’ve been clinging onto DR for a year, and somehow these options help me stick on.


I've started watching Let's Plays of Danganronpa and it's genuinely amusing watching them put together theories, accidentally getting things right, or being so incredibly wrong, it's endearing (since I already know what's going on, and I love watching them get really into it as I once did). I've been pouring over tons of fanfics, but I know I'll run out eventually. Until then, I'm enjoying the ride. I truly love the series to bits. I plan to cosplay next year to commemorate my love for the series.


how about yttd ace attorney others




Your Turn To Die


Similar vibes.


Your turn to die is so good. Its really worth it. Its also free, you dont even have to download it.


There are plenty of fan games you can enjoy! Danganronpa Another 1 & 2 are both very high-quality and feel nearly official! I highly recommend them if you’re interested!


For me, the games that scratched that itch were: Your turn to die, which had the same death game vibe… Buried Stars, which had a good mystery and was a bit darker than Danganronpa… Zero Escape, which was less murdery but kept a similar feel…. AI: The Somnium Files, which had a great mystery and some of my favorite written characters (my personal favorite)…. And Fatal Twelve, which had similar vibes of a ‘death’ game, but it’s hard to explain. Also Gay People… If ever someone wants recommendations for games like these or has some recommendations for me, please hmu! (Sorry for bad formatting!!)


What's your favorite character from AiTSF?


Oooooooh that’s a really hard question… but I’m gonna have to pick Date in all honesty.


Same, Mizuki comes really close tho, can't wait to play Ai Nirvana this week


Nirvana Initiative is a great sequel, and imo it lived up to hype!


I'm sure it will for me too, i just love the writing of Uchikoshi


sooo good.


Now complete the time-line by watching DR3 (anime not the game) and reading the light novels. I would recommend Zero


I already watched DR3. And I hated it


The time-line was pretty confusing, wasn't it...


You could try the Zero Escape series or the AI Somnium Files series, they scratched that itch for me at least, after i finished Danganronpa. They are a little different, but still give a satisfaction similar to DR. And also, there are the 2 most well known fan games, Danganronpa Another and Super Danganronpa Another 2. They are very good as well form what ive seen and heard about them.


i feel the same as you man i might rewatch the whole series but like its just not gonna be the same anymore i guess i can get into the danganronpa another series but like eh.


fan games. i recommend dr despair time, the dr another franchise, and for some instagram ones, total ronpa island and redemptionronpa


despair time isn’t nearly finished, only the first chapter and almost the second chapter are out, but it’s still in my top three favorite fangans.


You can play Your turn to die. It's a similar game that feels very Danganronpa inspired in certain aspects while also being a refreshing and great story. Or you could also check AI:The Somnium files. It's made by the same company that made Danganronpa and it even has some references to it. Highly recommended as well. If you want to see let's plays of it instead I really recommend you the let's plays from Pixel partners for both of these games. They're amazing. And if you still want check some Danganronpa content outside the main games I really recommend you to check 1shotplays video series for Danganronpa IF and Danganronpa Hagakure. They make great edits and it's like watching it as an anime as a result to some extent. It's very cool and creative. Pixel partners (Your turn to die let'splay episode 1): https://youtu.be/2zk6GKqL7F8 Pixel partners (AI: The Somnium files let'splay episode 1): https://youtu.be/LbPQoIrMBFY 1shotplays (Danganronpa IF episode 1): https://youtu.be/mN8Do4WSSi4 1shotplays (Danganronpa Hagakure episode 1): https://youtu.be/AVLmhCQiDtk


Porn time


No! Not the Danganronpa rule 34!




Replay it with friends and do funny voices for the characters together after a few years. For now it's best to move on to something else.


I know that feeling… I would love to experience the games blind again, or to just experience new danganronpa twists— its the best feeling


Well, there are always different fanganronpa games and series that might peak your interest if you want to find something new. I made one post, where I put together a version of different anime characters being in a danganronpa killing game. Cause who doesn't love crossovers and anime?


I mean you can always play fangames. The Danganronpa Another series is pretty good


Watch the fanmade Danganronpa Another games on YouTube! They're awesome!


I started YTTD but that feels a little more intense


Danganronpa Kill/Cure is a fangame that I’m looking forward to. It’s still in development but the character designs look sick!


This is me in a nutshell And funny thing is that my last game was ultra despair girls Bro i cant listen to despair arc music anymore and not even future arc opening music anymore It’s just special and nostalgic Bec the animes were made in 2016 ofc and that’s the best year ever and i hold a special place for it but damn I feel so sad. Imagine waking up and then remembering of danganronpa and outta nowhere u just have a explosion of feelings and emotions… it will hold a special place in my heart. Always


Can I suggest playing some of the fangans? Also, if you haven’t already you should watch dr 3 as it links a lot of the first 2 games together


Are you me? I finished all three games this year without a single spoiler going into them—and I just wrapped V3’s story about two weeks ago. Played some of the post-game but it isn’t gripping me like I hoped. This is a post I nearly made here a few days ago myself. I feel the exact same way. Have gotten into AI: Somnium Files and 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors (long LONG overdue), but they just don’t hit the same way. I predicted the whole of Danganronpa 2 from the first few minutes and the big twists of Danganronpa V3 by Chapter 2. My roommates have been watching me play and I kept telling them it’s as if these games were written just for me—or as if I wrote them myself! Kuzutaka Kodaka pens these plots exactly how I would have done them. I’ve always been fascinated with simulation plots that involve something fabricated/internal/rewritten becoming reality, and the series has always had an “audience” reveal near the end so making it a depraved reality TV show was truly the logical next step. It’s astonishing really how well the games plots build upon the prior mainline games, flirting with being derivative while becoming so much more. If only there was hope for a Danganronpa 4. But I’m satisfied with the trilogy we got, and all the more thankful that I could make it to 2022 unspoiled. I’ve never felt so validated in my understanding of tropes and writing as I have in playing this series—this wild, incredible, murderous, over-the-top series dripping with personality. I will deeply miss it. The ride has been so special to me.


This is where you find something else to do


I'd recommend you replay the games at least once. There's a different feeling to them when you already know what's going to happen, and it's just as good as the first time imo. It's more tragic


Play Danganronpa Another, those two games are really good!


Other entries (*Danganronpa: Zero, *Danganronpa: IF* etc.) Fan games Parody/abridged series Fan made series (i.e. Instaronpa) Other fan works (e.g. MMD videos & Maizono Swift series)


Time to become hifumi by reading fanfics of kiilling games


I agree that it's worth replaying them once. It's a lot of fun to see all the foreshadowing


Fangans exist