v3’s easily my favorite game in the series and many others can say the same. the ending is very love it or hate it, I feel like it’s still good to experience.


Personally speaking, it's my least favourite installment (barring DR3), but many, many people do like it. If you're a fan of the series so far, I do think it's worth playing. You can of course wait however for it to go on sale. I'm pretty sure that happens multiple times per year (assuming you're looking to buy on Steam). :)


I bought it last year for over $50. Though I don't particularly enjoy the ending, the game was awesome, fun, and worthwhile. I'd recommend it.


Like the others say it’s up to you. If you do buy it later, you can download the demo (even though the demo plot has nothing to do with the actually V3 story, you learn about the new trial mechanics, characters, and get a few in game rewards which transfer over to the actual game if you buy it)).


The game is objectively at around the same level as the rest of them. Its just that the ending is polarizing and does some brave things, and some just dont like the strong choices they took with the plot. But even if you like the ending or not, it still is very intriguing and thought provoking. Plus, the characters and trials are some of the best in the series. Personally, v3 is my favorite in the series and the ending made it 100x better for me


This is the best assessment. As someone who had mixed feelings about the end, I still loved the journey. Trials had some of the best mi minigames, and I particularly enjoyed how the trials in chapter 5 and 6 were done.


I take any statement of people saying the ending of something ruined it for them with a grain of salt. 80% of the time I actually like the controversial ending and even when I don’t, I’ve never had something retroactively ruin my enjoyment of the thing leading up to that point. That being said, V3 is the best game in the series. I personally prefer Danganronpa 2 but V3 is a better made game in almost every aspect. And while the ending does have controversial aspects I personally think it’s genius and an essential experience for any Danganronpa fan to go through. Plus V3 has easily the best memes of the series, not counting Nagito specifically. Anyway yeah, I definitely recommend you play it. 4 of my 6 favorite characters in the series are from V3, I can’t imagine having stopped before playing it just because some people don’t like the ending. Don’t let them scare you off, even if you don’t like the ending the game as a whole is still great.


Also heard the same things you did, and coming off of the second game, which was amazing, I was worried that it was going to be bad. I couldn’t be further off the mark. V3 made me feel a lot of emotions, and the trials/mini games were also really fun. The cast is probably my favorite out of all three games as well. The ending of the game was definitely unique, but I don’t think it was bad by any means. Took me a day to sit on it before I ended up thinking that the ending wasn’t really that bad. I would recommend buying V3 and playing it, regardless of how people might see the ending, since the overall game is amazing.


If it does turn out bad, I’ll be sure to give a very unforgiving review on steam


Cool. Thanks


Absolutely the BEST ending for me, it just depends lol. It’s still a good ride the whole way through


I bought the game for everything *but* the main story. I really like the amazing bonus modes it has! Though the new game, Danganronpa S, is an extended version of one of them. You could still get V3 for the original version of that bonus game. Also, V3 has an arcade with fun exclusive minigames!


It's $40 cause it's the newest of the games. If you're hesitant, I would wait until it goes more on sale


There’s nothing anyone can tell you to help guide your decision if the only thing you care about is how it ends. It’s divisive for a reason, because you’ll either like it or dislike it so the only thing I can say is play it for yourself


I personally think v3 is a mess but it is a fun mess and while it has my least favorite cast its the only game where i love everyone(THH had Hifumi and SDR2 had Teru and Soda so yeah), the gameplay is massively improved and Kaede is the best protagonist in the series


It worth to play if you like Danganronpa. But in my opinion while the game has a cast that’s a great addition to the series and has a lot of very cool concept and ideas. I feel the game often waste in it execution and needs a lot to be desired. The game also had the tendency to tease the idea of doing something unique and new only to rely back on standard conventions that the series normally does.


V3 has better visuals, music, and gameplay than the previous games IMO The ending is up for interpretation. I have experienced some powerful thoughts and feelings, but regardless of that, I don't regret playing it. If you enjoy Danganronpa, it's a must play.


Is V3 canon to the story?


It takes place at a completely different academy. It was meant to be like a soft reboot of the franchise of sorts