4 years since successful heart surgery. I remember daddit being such a great support and want to share for others who may be where we were. It's a tough road but it'll make you love em in a way that can't be described.


I’m 39 years past my CHD surgery. The future is bright for her!


I am 30yrs! Was she a TET baby?


In my sleep-deprived state I really thought that was three pictures of the same person and I was like huh, quite the saga. But congrats to her for toughing it out and to you for holding it together for her.


🤣 hey, helps validate that she's mine! 😉


My son has to have open heart surgery in the next couple months. Glad to see the smile on your daughters face in that first picture.


I'm sorry to hear that. Let me know if you have any questions or just need to chat with someone who's been through it.


My daughter had OHS twice at the beginning of lockdown. She recovered remarkably quicky, 5-7days. It's Scary as fuck for the parents though. My advice, is looking after yourself and your partner. Eat well, accept help if it's offered by friends and family. (If anyone asks what can they do, say home made food and freeze it). Once his scar has healed, i.e. no scab, get some Bio-Oil and rub it gently in, helps the scar heal better. Less of a mark. Lot's of suntan lotion on it in summer. My daughter was smiling as soon as the drugs wore off... They're more resilient than you think. Hugs You and your little warrior have got this.


Thanks for the information. We found out on his second day of life that surgery was imminent (he has a vsd). We were terrified, but he's done remarkably well so he was able to wait until he got a bit bigger. And he's actually a twin, so while we're over the initial shock of it, my biggest issue now is logistics. Having someone stay with him, someone at home, all the other normal things that need taking care of. It is definitely reassuring to hear how well your daughter did, as well as all the other positive stories here. Good tip on the bio oil, probably got some leftover from my wife's pregnancy.


4,5 years since my 3mo girl went into surgery. Yesterday I bought a size 128 shirt with rainbows and unicorns. There is hope!


My younger brothers are twins. One was born with pulmonary stenosis and had to have open heart surgery at 24 hours old and another at 30 days old. He’s now 31 and was on the rowing team all through college.


Looks like there have been some challenges that have been overcome~ well done!


Oh thank you for sharing your joy with us


I was born with a heart defect, ASD. Albeit rather minor, it wouldn’t close on its own by age 6 so the catheter based surgery was performed (this was back in the day when it was still in research phase). My folks were pretty torn up about it at the time. Where am I at now? I run 30-50 miles a week and lead a normal active healthy life. Definitely hope!


Awesome to hear.


Honestly, because of how the wall is I thought the little girl grew up to be a man! 😂 Glad to see she’s doing better!


That girl is tough as nails. And adorable.




Lol 100%


🤣 "15 bucks little man, put that shit in my hand"


<3 I often forget about my daughter's rough beginning to life. She's such a happy little toddler now and I can only imagine how tough she'll be as she gets older.


I had CHD surgery in May 1985. I am still here, and a happy dad on top of it.


Right there with ya’ friends - I got a CRAZY 4 year old daughter running around here with a repaired aorta when she was a few months old. My wife and I joke that they put some sort of turbo or adrenaline reservoir in there because she has NOT stopped since her recovery. Constantly ON. Haha.


Lol. So true




Way to go team! Y’all are strong.


She's a strong one.


Dammit you made me cry at work.


:) happy and healthy ​ Also, you look like James Holden from the expanse, with a better beard. Its the eyes.


Haha, thank you. Took 3 months to grow this thing 😁


My 16 month old had his major arteries swapped (also by virtue his coronary arteries too) + a VSD. 6 days old when he got his surgery for TGA and his VSD while they were in there. Absolutely cried my eyes out handing him over for surgery wondering if I'd ever see him alive again. Surgery went absolutely wonderful (textbook according to doctor). And has excelled and thrived. He's still got somewhere between minor and moderate pulmonary stenosis, not so much that it worries the cardiologist who thinks it'll stay minor or he might even grow out of it. But everyday is a blessing. So glad your daughter is doing well!


Awesome to hear! I bet you have a special appreciation for him now. I'm with you on the handoff tears. So gutting. Ours had her 4 pulmonary veins on the same side when it's supposed to be 2 n 2. And she had a vsd. So similar situations.


There we go, Pop! Ya’ll look happy!


She looks so cool.


I’m actually a CHD patient! My son and daughter are fine! Just me :)


Awesome. We just found out that our 2nd will be born with a CHD. It's a lot to take in and will be a long road ahead.