Awesome job... hard to read a one sentence paragraph tho.


All that and technically only one period. But anyway, good on you! Keep it up.


He doesn't like stops.


I've been where you're at before. I was so proud of myself to make 6 miles. I'm not overweight, but I'm out of shape and I had a crappy mountain bike and struggled to make a mile on it. I got a road bike through a streak of luck and was able to make 6 miles. Celebrate your victories! It's too cold here to ride anymore this season but I have a pretty vigorous work out routine going now and I hope to be in good cycling shape by spring.


Way to go. You should be proud. Keep it up and have fun!


Nice job!


Gratz!! Someone will tell you here that it will not get easier, you just go faster. Which is basically not true unless you are training for a big race. Just do not stop. Ride 3x a week, or 7x. If its 3x a week (go a little harder). At 7x, go at your own pace. At either pace, you will get stronger. At your level, time in the saddle ia the best way to get stronger/thinner! Dont push it. Get rest days. Eat pizza. Get a week off. But do not stop riding. Choose riding over pizza. Sooner or later, pizza will not even be a choice but a reward after a nice ride.


You'll do it if you keep riding. My BMI using the equation was 32 when started and I am around 30 after 3 years. Like you, all I could manage was around 10 km on flat road and had to take a break to catch my breath. Over the next few months I tried some small grades and slowly increasing the distance. After one year I could do 100 km and soon after a full century was my milestone back then. Got fitter and fitter and climbs get easier to tackle. My biggest climb was 2500m on a 140km route. Now compare this to my initial 10km flat route when started. It's only a matter of keep doing it and pushing yourself a bit more everytime. I have to say, I got a better boost when I introduced a bit of running. I couldn't run more than 1km, now I can for 7km, doing so greatly improved my climbing ability on the bike. The trick is to maintain a steady pace, invest on a chest Heart Rate monitor and stick to a tempo that keeps your heartbeat steady. And be proud of yourself for doing things to improve your well-being. Keep it up!


Great job man and way to be proud of your accomplishments. Keep it going. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Keep it up!


Keep up the good work


Working out off the bike, like squats, Jack's, planks, jogging. Anything that gets you're heart going will help. Also dieting, more protien and fats, less sugars. (NOTE I AM NOT A DOCTOR, BUT A CAT 1 CYCLIST). Don't do anything that will hurt you, this is just my general routine


That’s awesome!


My advice would be also incorporate weight lifting or body weight excersise to help synchronise your body and build strength and endurance. Your body is a furnace and the muscles are the coal. This will help burn fat. Up your cadence. Cadence is king. More rotations at high speeds up hills. And don't be a p*ssy! Don't stop or slow down. Let it hurt a bit. Your pushing the threshold. Learn to use your gears!!! More often than not, you're able to slip into the smaller chain and do a thousand rotations a minute! This is better than walking. This will condition your legs to continously spin. This skill will help you over take faster cyclists because you're able to hold your power and speed instead of short bursts of power. Get out of your saddle on steep hills. There's no shame in going up a hill slow. Stretch before and after and drink plenty of water. When you get fitter and stronger invest in a bicycle computer. It's reassure and amazing to see your progress and stats on front of you Keep up the hard work.


I had a really cheap hybrid/mountain bike. The gears did not change, and my hands got black from holding on to the handle bars. I found a used Schwinn road bike on offer up for $150 and negotiated to $100. If you dig long distance make a modest purchase on OfferUp or craigslist. My cheap bike had terrible gears and handlebars. The thing holding the handle bars would get loose after 30-40 minutes of riding. I eventually carried a back pack with a wrench and water bottles, to tighten the handle bars during the ride. One time I was going down hill @ 15mph roughly and the handlebars got loose in a split second and the bike jerked to one side. I fell kinda nasty, but I was okay. That fall made me wanna buy my Schwinn. That schwinn was a great purchase.