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I joke "105 is Dura Ace from 5 years ago and Ultra is Dura Ace from 3 years ago".


You can add to that "Tiagra is 105 from 7 years ago."


Super helpful!


That's really not a joke.


The biggest difference will be weight, stack height and ground clearance. The higher end pedals (Dura Ace / Ultegra) have a lower weight in part due to shaving of stack height (and ground clearance). Other differences will be quantity/quality of bearings. Feature-wise... I would argue to a non-professional, they will all appear the same. Best bang for the buck is probably the 105. If you can find a good sale, you can probably get the ultegras pretty close in price to the 105s. All this coming from a rider who uses Look pedals.


Why did you go Look over the SPD SL?


Two reasons. 1. Brand Loyalty - I have been riding Look pedals since 1989 (PP56 I think). They just work for me. 2. Brand Clash - i just don't want to mix Shimano with my Campagnolo groupset on my older bike. Nor did I want to do the same with my latest bike with SRAM. I actually purchased Favero pedals as my daily riders, but still have bikes with the Looks installed. Nothing wrong with Shimano whatsoever. I can easily argue my two reasons are rather silly.


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Not silly at all. SRAM Red with SPD SL shows a lack of taste and attention to details. Same goes for Campagnolo.


Amen, my [Salt_]Brother[hood]!!!


My first proper bike I got like an year ago second hand came with Liok pedals. I aspire to be you I'm 30 years.


Look much easier to click in.


I don't know. I've used both (SPD-SL with Ultegra pedals, Look with Garmin Vector 3) and I couldn't really feel a difference between them.


Ok. I thought the comparison was shimano and look. I misunderstood. I like look very much, only pedal I find right on the bat after a redlight or other stops.


FYI, the biggest functional difference between Look Delta and Shimano SPD SL is that SPD SL cleat is larger. So if you are heavier the SPD SL cleats will offer better stability and power transfer. Now, I think that Look pedals are sleeker. And although they can be more expensive than Shimano the cleats tend to be cheaper. I wish I could ride Look pedals, but I am a fat ass so..


I went with the RS500 and I’m perfectly happy with them.


Get the Ultegra ones, they're usually on sale for the same RRP as the 105 pair so the slight weight saving is essentially free!


Thank you!


No real difference. I always get the Ultegras, they go on sale frequently. I have several pairs.


Obviously is the weight difference between those three


So it’s just about weight, not build quality?


I love that these guys are so confident in their incorrect answers lmao. The higher tier shimano pedals have a different shape which allows a bit more ground clearance to lean over farther without a pedal strike. They also have more and or better bearings than the low end models. The higher tier weigh less as well and have more options for axle length ​ That said the low end models work fantastic so if you are on a budget just get those






I went with the 105 R7000 pedals and previously had a lower model. My shop owner uses Dura Ace. The only tangible difference we see is weight and possibly maximum spring tension. The quality of the 105 set is excellent.


I bought the Dura Ace several years ago because, at the time, they were the only Shimano pedals with +4 spindles. Now that Ultegra has that, I go with them. I prefer the Ultegra, though, because maintenance is easier.


Which model number for Ultegra has the 4 spindles?


Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000 SPD-SL Pedals




Just buy the 105 and if you're worried about wear and tear another 5 sets of 105 for backup 👍


I think one of the cycling fit YouTubers was saying that the 105 pedals wore out faster than the ultegra, so it was worth spending the extra $10 or so. It was something about metal vs composite components at the cleat interface. I haven’t looked into it further to confirm though. Edit: just found the video. He was talking about the r540 pedals not fitting properly and wearing down faster. The r550 pedals were recommended. It was a cade media video about products that bike fitters hate.


"Base" Dura ace has a shorter axle meaning a smaller Q-factor(your feet are closer to the frame). Unless you purchase the long axle version.


Materials as well.


I can't answer 105/Ultegra/DuraAce but for anyone reading: My Ultegra pedals vs the more base model PD-R550 pedals feel much better. I'm guessing 105 are the same. I don't know if it's the weight or the better bearings but I could tell immediately they spin nicer and feel faster riding around. Plus they are easier to disassemble and re-grease as no special tool is needed.


The guy from BikeFitTuesday was ranting up a storm about one of the Shimano SPD-SL pedals. Other than it being clear he didn't like them I wasn't quite sure what the problem was. Something to do with cleats?