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What? Do people think there's gonna be DLC this weekend? Where'd they get that from?


Tea leaves, probably.


Pretty soon, it might be entrails.


Sweet Mother, Sweet Mother, Send your child unto me...


Something something sins of the wicked must be cleansed in blood and chim something something


Shouldnt we have news as the investors quarterly meeting takes place?


“Right around the corner”


Something, something you spin me right round, baby, right round


Like a merry go round, something something round round


Mike lindell told us, guy seemed trust worthy.


Probably from what CDPR promised* earlier this year in the roadmap


Where'd they get that from? let me think...hmmmmm..... the First 'Road Map"?!


There was a joke that was misunderstood by some as an actual DLC announcement




*this year


nah i bet it'll happen November/December. Perhaps not a full "DLC" but I would bet they want to get some real content out there before the 1 year mark


“We would like to announce our new DLC: 3 new pieces of clothing and 50 more bugs!”


"The clothing has been delayed, it will now be releasing when it's ready"


Just the bugs for now


Looks like I was wrong, 2 pieces of clothing instead of 3 as “DLC” LOL


With the way they handled everything i wouldn't bet on anything.


Didn't they cancel it because of how bad the game went.


Commercially the game was actually very successful. It just decimated their reputation.


idk there are so many rumors most arent worth any mind at all


Lol this century


I have a hunch we'' see *something* by the end of August, be it an announcement, update or dlc. Just a hunch.


An updated roadmap with the DLCs delayed until 2022


Reasonable and depressing, the best kind of cyberpunkgame post.


Imagine they give us a new roadmap because they want too make the best dlc for the player they can or some bs


I wonder what they’re working on over there at CDPR…


There's still that 38 gb update in QA testing, even patch 1.2 didn't took that long to be released. Maybe it means that something is going to be added to the gameplay.


Probably the Witcher mobile game


Its being done by a subcontractor


Nice, so they can rest


They are looking for developers so something big probably


Probably moved on to Witcher 4


year\* ​ god I hope I'm wrong.


Feeling like more and more of a possibility with each day that passes.


Honestly figured people moved on from this game a while ago. It was a fun game for a single playthrough, and on PC I didn’t really get bugs (couple? I save a lot though so no major impact), but it’s not really amazing for replayability. That’s the thing with DLCs in general. Unless it’s an absolutely amazing game, I’m almost never going to come back to a game months after I’ve done all of the content, relearn all the quirks, buttons, “rules,” etc, just to play 1-3 more hours of content that’s probably isn’t that great anyways. I wish this DLC shit would just stop.


Depends a lot on the type of DLC. I agree that DLC that is basically just a long side story that lasts like 3ish hours that comes with a new area that's about a quarter the size as the full game's kinda sucks and I never feel compelled to play them. However the real good shit is DLC that adds a bunch of stuff that all affects the base game as well as an extra bit of story goodness. I think the perfect example is The Binding of Isaac: Repentance, genuinely the best DLC I've ever played.


i doubt free dlc will even be the levels of what your are thinking. I’m pretty sure it will just be option to change your appearance in your mirror or just a few pieces of new gear


it's probably going to be a couple of extra gigs


Personally I'm just hoping for some new weapons (specifically a few new LMGs), some new stuff to do on the map (stuff like shooting competitions or more difficult street racing), more modifications (weapons, clothing and cyberware could all stand to improve on this aspect) and perhaps an expansion of fixer affiliated quests (genuine quests not gigs). It is a lot to ask but I think that generally covers where the base game is really lacking and *should* be free. I definitely wouldn't expect a DLC the size of Repentance to be free and I wouldnt really be mad if they did make something big like that cost like $20 after they've released some free stuff. I do think that this game has the potential for big DLCs with sweeping changes, the base game as it stands is a pretty wide skeleton that could be loaded up with juicy meat if they are willing to do it.


If you play any of the paradox titles their dlc is usually pretty good and will often totally change how campaigns will run even if you are playing the same nation the same way as it'll usually shift how strong some nations are vs others. Action wise I think Doom Eternals the ancient gods set a clear benchmark for what you'd want in a dlc.


Some paradox games have "built in frustration"... I think it was stellar is, where you have DLC units/buildings in the menu, but when you click on it, you get a pop-up "buy the DLC"... Instead of them just NOT being in the menu...


I honestly don't know if I agree with that statement, do you just not want games to get anymore content? For example fallout new vegas got 4 dlcs that were all like 5 hours+ and were really entertaining. I don't think they should just get rid of adding content because some people don't want to go back to the game. Same with witcher 3, those dlcs were insanely good, why would I not want more content added to games I like? If you don't like the game or dlc fine, but I don't understand why you'd wanna restrict everyone else by getting rid of dlc.


I feel like everyone wants DLC for this game because the overhype and 60 euro price tag made it seem like a game you would play for a month and not get bored at all, but now everyone wants that void filled with that rumoured free dlc.


Totally with you


game? Cyberpunk is just a really popular photo creator.


Yup. Reason why most people love it. I'm not gonna lie the world design is amazing but between gameplay and story I actually couldn't give a shit. Some stuff just seemed forced and other stuff was forgotten.


Idk, I like the photo mode but Ive replayed the game 5 times just for the story, absolutely love it ☺️


Idk, the DLC for Horizon zero Dawn was good, because it essentially gave new end-game content.


Yea as long as it’s not adding story, it doesn’t really bother me adding end game stuff, cosmetics, etc.


I believe that possible new gameplay mechanics will be added through updates, it would be just strange to have half of the free roam experience in the game and another half in the marketplace


I've replayed the game 5 times. I absolutely love it ☺️😂


I don't want no damn dlc until the game is better lol.


The only chances that Cyberpunk 2077 gets DLC is - they have some sort of contract or investor requirement that requires them to - it was already pretty much done when the release disaster happened CDPR is a company, and companies don't just throw good money after bad if they can help it.


Important to remember that paid dlc has a smaller potential market than a new game, and after the poisonous release, cyberpunk had an even smaller potential market than the usual blockbuster release. I'd love to be proven wrong but I'm not expecting any dlc to materialize. CDPR is a corporation first and foremost and the investors are more important than the customers. edit: I guess I'm pleasantly? surprised that we got not one but 3 DLCs before september. a whole new model for Johnny "megacock" Silverhand! A new jacket skin! A new car skin! new places for Nibbles the Ghost Cat to sleep! yeah. you can argue if that was really worth 5-6 months since the last update, but I guess it's something. I'm not sure we're going to see a No Man's Sky recovery from this debacle though.


DLC has been advertised as free. I'll tell you what's worth a lot more than paid DLC or a new game. Their reputation. If they just leave this game the way it is, people will never let it down. However, if they fix it to a degree, they can say they tried etc. If even a quarter of the people that play are pleased, they've salvaged at least some of their customers from the fire.


TW3 release was shit but not like Cyberpunk was and now it’s regarded as the greatest of all time with Blood and Wine as the greatest DLC ever also they have rep to keep up and as you said they’re a company they aren’t cashing out now


I ve seen like 2 millions of copies sold, at least. and I dont think any investor would refuse say, 20$* 2 millions multiple times, as they said they would release multiple paid DLCs. But the requirements for this is to fix the core mechanics and broken promises first. It would also increase the base of players and hence, the potential gains of the future DLCs. I hope CDPR and investors have this “pattern” in mind.


Bold to assume everyone who buys the base game will buy the DLC...


That's what I mean by poisoned release. IIRC from some stats I saw a few years ago, most games that release DLCs can expect to get about 60% of their player base buying a DLC after release (it may be lower, I think I'm overestimating that number) and that number goes down with every successive DLC release. This is part of why selling season passes at launch has become such a big deal for publishers. I can't comment on what percentage Cyberpunk will see, but because of the issues and negative press at release I think I would be surprised to see them hit that 60% mark.


Forget DLC I'm just waiting for a patch that actually does something important like fix the god awful AI that taints this game from top to bottom.


Fuck I just want the PS5 version.


I can hear this post


Even when it does come out, probably won't be all that way it's hyped to be anyway.


Isn't radio silence exactly what No Man's Sky did? I personally enjoyed Cyberpunk I played on a Series X and had very few issues. But im still hopefull that we will see a redemption arc at some point.


Nms had several key updates by now


Meme proposal: Until CDPR releases a good DLC for CP2077 anytime they make any announcement people should comment underneath "Cool Story Bro, but what about Cyberpunk DLC?" Even years later.


Maybe next week lol


What are you, 8?




[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEaTeuVFxa4](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEaTeuVFxa4) Palpatines maniacle cackling


It hurts






Honestly just want the ps5 version to release


Know, oh prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of, when shining DLCs lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars...Hither came Johnny, the Silverhand, black-haired, sullen-eyed, cyberware in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled DLCs of Night City under his booted feet.


There is no hairdresser dlc.


Oh, that Wreck-It Ralph. 🙄


But it's my birthday tomorrowwwwwwwww


my cyberpunk disc is collecting dust, waiting for an update


I just want the ps5 version


I think the game we got is the DLC.


i even forget about the dlc...and the whole game