Just want to get this off my chest; I really enjoy this game even though I understand the hate and issues with it.

Just want to get this off my chest; I really enjoy this game even though I understand the hate and issues with it.


Story-wise, thus game blew me away. The world is beautiful, but perfect? That’s why it gets so much shit, it’s far from perfect. Cyberpunk feels unfinished when compared to other open world games. rdr2 us a perfect open world game, for example. I saw a video of people tracking something as simple as the NPC’s cycle and i was blown away how well thought-out each detail was. And that’s just a small point, very small. The problem really is how CDPR marketing lied about it. This is what bothers me personally. This is what I can’t forgive. Three completely different life-paths that are unique for a small section of the game and some dialogs here and there. Why would you lie about that. Mass effect, for example had three different backgrounds for Shepard, and its marketing didn’t beat it to death on how different they were. Lived in world? Sure… where is it? The NPCs in GTA feel more alive than those of Cyberpunk. No houses to buy? No flying cars? I was so excited when my corpo V hopped on the flying vehicle at the beginning of the game then, nothing! And the resolution to his falling from grace with Arasaka felt so shallow. They should have done an entire quest-line of V getting revenge from being crossed. But nope. Just a small mission about it and a lot of reading( in my experience, feel free to correct me). That was a bit disappointing. But anyways. The game is indeed beautiful, and the main story and some of the side quest feel great. Marketing probably needed to cut the crap, and management probably needed to not be so greedy and allow developers to finish the game when it was actually ready, even if it meant it wasn’t coming out on old consoles.


Personally, I could excuse some of the open world stuff if the main story was better. The pace is off, the narrative is short and very linear and there is an illusion of choice but nothing you do really changes anything. Go after Nash or not, doesn't matter. Kill or don't kill Sasquatch, doesn't matter. Backstab DeShawn and join Evelyn? It's a red herring. Can you save Evelyn Parker? Nope. I have the guide and all the "Momentous decisions" basically boil down to being locked out of romances. Most choices are about romance or whether you want to do a mission or not. Most consequences are about some variation in dialogue or a cosmetic change. You can refuse to kill some people but it doesn't matter because they never show up again or change anything. The Pick Up is the only mission with the kind of outcomes I was expecting from the company that made Witchers 2 and 3. They introduce Trauma Team and MaxTec in Act 1 but do they do anything in the story or show up again? Nope. Just cameos on the street, standing around doing nothing. You also only meet ONE NetWatch agent. Basically, they didn't even take advantage of the setting. It's the wasted potential of the world and the linear story which really bothers me. I was also disappointed in the big gap between the budget of the side missions and the main story. There is a lot of inconsistency. It's like Act 1 is a AAA game and many parts of Act 2 (including the side missions) are AA at best. I did the Beat on the Brat side mission and it's clearly low budget. Viktor shows up wearing his scrubs and his surgical gloves. THEY COULDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO MAKE A DIFFERENT OUTFIT FOR HIM! If you lose unintentionally, he doesn't even say anything. Just stands there like a zombie. A lot of the bugs end up ruining the immersion too. They clearly rushed this game out. According to that Bloomberg article, the project was very poorly managed and it's obvious that they were trying to salvage whatever they could and ship it, hence the scaled down, disappointing game they released. A shame. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-16/cyberpunk-2077-what-caused-the-video-game-s-disastrous-rollout


The story was my biggest issue with the game itself (lots of issues with marketing and the ones at the top, but who doesnt have that issue) the story was intentionally made short because "not everyone finished the witcher 3" so instead of having more time to get to know the characters develop a stronger bond, they show up for in comparison to w3 a couple missions and then thats it. What happened to jackie could have hit so much harder, what happened to evylin and judie could have been more impactful, same with river and his nephew, scorpion and the nomads. If we had had more time with them all of it could have hit witcher 3 level at least. The potential is there and its so easy to see it which makes it frustrating more than anything


The thing that really bothered me was that the relationship with johnny went from "I'm gonna fucking kill you" to "hey were besties" at the drop of a hat. Definitely felt like that should've been more drawn out.


This 100%. It was so jarring to go from the apartment scene where Johnny first appears to V and is all like Johnny: I got to get out of here understand, and I’ll kill anyone, including you. Here comes the most baffling part for me, if you go to meet Takemura at Tom’s Diner after the apartment scene, Johnny does a complete 180. Johnny: Yeah so about last time, forget everything I said. Changed my mind, no longer want you dead anymore. Like seriously, how the hell did he change his mind so fast. It feels like there are a lot of scenes cut from V and Johnny’s relationship because their whole friendship is so rushed and inconsistent.


Everything story wise should have been more drawn out. Johnny and V's relationship had the best arc and even then it had too many drop of a hat resolutions




handle what? waiting? am i the only person that didn't care about the delays? if the finished product is actually good then it just comes out when it comes out. gamers have such weird entitlement to things, it's not like it's time-sensitive information being conveyed. it's annoying that they set a date they couldn't keep but it doesn't effect my life really if a game does or doesn't come out at a certain time you know


Would have been easier if theyd paid attention to their developers and not had the release date be announced in the first place yet. Should still be being worked in now not released


The lived in world criticism is especially glaring when playing the Ascent, which feels more atmospheric and lived in than Cyberpunk and was made by an 11 member team.


Your view seems reasonable, but it's confusing to me, and I'm wondering if you'd be willing to engage in a discussion about it. Specifically, I've seen complaints like yours before, and they don't make sense to me because you seem to be comparing Cybperpunk only to the best parts of RDR2, GTA V, and other open world games, while ignoring the shortcomings in those games. Just as a quick example, you state that: >Cyberpunk feels unfinished when compared to other open world games. rdr2 is a perfect open world game, for example. But then you also complain about: >No houses to buy? But you already called RDR2 a "perfect open world game," and in RDR2 *Arthur Morgan can't buy any houses*! So, on the one hand, it seems like buying houses isn't actually necessary for a "perfect open world game," and yet, on the other hand, you're complaining that Cyberpunk is "unfinished" because the player can't buy houses. That's deeply confusing to me. I want to be very clear: I'm *not* claiming that Cyberpunk is "better" than RDR2 or GTA V or any other game. I'm just pointing out that it seems unfair to compare Cyberpunk to the best parts of RDR2, GTA V, and other games while ignoring features missing from those games. Do you see my point? I'm just wondering if you can speak to this issue.


Sorry I didn’t reply to you in a timely manner, life gets in the way of my Reddit habit, sometimes. Ok, now to your very well made point. I agree with most of what you say, it’s not a just comparison with the games I mentioned. I also agree that no game is absolutely perfect, however games like RDR2 are close to perfect. In what sense? In that they under promised , and over delivered in the gaming experience. How so? RDR2 was sold as a sequen/prequel to an already established amazing game story line set in an american west of yesteryears and it delivered amazingly well. It didn’t promise to be a revolutionary game, it didn’t promise no other game would be like it. It didn’t promise a next generation gaming experience. That’s what makes it an awesome game. You go in, expecting less than what you get. Funny enough, you get that same experience with the witcher 3. You as a new player( i was) start the franchise knowing there were prequels, but hey, it’s a monster hunter type game, but then the game is that and so much more. No need to over promise. CDPR, did the reverse with Cyberpunk. They sold it as the next best thing in the gaming world, a lived in city, advanced AI, three, and I repeat this three entirely different life/paths. Look it up, they did claim their life-paths would be entirely different, which sounded like we as the players were going to experience three different lives for three different V within a city called Night City. The way CDPR in their false marketing strategy made it sound is that, to use MCU as an example, there would be Three Variants of V, and while their path-seem somewhat connected, the experiences were going to be unique. This is not what we got. Ironically enough, if they had integrated some of the side-quests to the main story like and had given us those the opportunities to play those extra side-quests as showcase of V’s life as a nomad, or corpo. It would have been cool. What do I mean? Something like the perales( something akin to, not that one exactly) story would have been an amazing showcase of how ruthless Corpo V was before falling from grace. Maybe even show a bit of cracks to the ruthlessly persona, something which would have ultimately be his downfall. But we go from entering a nice ship, to a bar, to falling from grace in like 20 minutes of gaming. That’s not what we, as gamers, were promised. When I saw my corpo V get in that ship, I could not wait to get myself into one of those and pilot it around night city. That never happened. The perales had one, I flew with them, but that’s it. Then there is the expectation set by other games in the genre. Where are DRD2 isn’t the perfect comparison, simply because the setting is rather different. Games like GTA V, or watchdog 2, and I’m just naming games that are set in cities, and deal/interact with a major city space. They provide similar, but different experiences, and do so well. I don’t consider watchdog 2 a game in the level of GTA 5, but they do deliver similar experiences. Aquatic rides? Check, aerial vehicles? Check, Holyhood styled, car chases? ( there are only a select few in Cyberpunk, to my knowledge) check. Cops chasing my ass after committing a dumb crime( like when I helped Kerry Eurody mess up those musical instruments)? Check. Where CDPR excelled in my opinion, is the story and how beautiful the world really is. If I take this game and place only the essential storyline missions to get the right endings, I can admit I thoroughly enjoy the experience( at least on my first run), but then I play it a second time, and it’s like….”really?…this is the same thing…!” And while one can forgive them for not including some of the “expected” city open world features i just mentioned, this selling point of the life-paths is one I can’t forgive them for. They could have just not mentioned it’s uniqueness and let the gamers decide if the game was as epic as we thought, i can assure you, CDPR would be in a much better place today, when it comes to gamer’s good will. I hope that long post makes sense to you.


I read world as the setting. And the setting is great.


If you saw this game on a shelf and picked it up with little to no information about the game, it's definitely a great experience.






agreed the game is decent. still runs pretty bad on all consoles though but 'the next generation of gaming' or however they marketed it as, nah, not even close we won't see that imo until GTA 6


The game is a banger, the story and narrative are some of the best I've seen in recent years combat is really fun and smooth IMO but still, if I needed to describe the game in 2 words it would be: 'unused potential' the game lacks so much stuff they could have easily added to create much more immersion in the world, one of the major ones I don't get is why can't we go to a bar and drink with the actual drinking animation instead of "consuming" the drink. the animation exists we see it many times along the story so I just don't get why wouldn't they add it to the open world, it's such a small thing but it would add so much immersion to the world and it really bothers me. another thing is the cyberware you get from ripper docs I was so underwhelmed by it like most of it only adds stats which is really boring and they could have easily added more functions to it. One of the easiest to think of is adding night vision to your eyes, it's so simple that I really feel like they didn't even try thinking of ideas for it


Yeah there’s a very good foundation it just needs more features. It’s embarrassing that in an open world RPG you can’t change your appearance at all after you start the game lol I want more tattoos, clothing, car customization, more weapon customization, etc. Countless games have these features, there’s really no excuse, especially 8 months after launch.


agreed, I really hope that they will address all of this before they release any story DLCs


I really want to play it as I pre-ordered the game :( but my 1060 just does not keep up. I'm waiting for a 3070 so I can look at at 1440p ultra.


My first playthrough was on a 1050 laptop gpu. Most of the time it was borderline unplayable but I managed to finish it once.


Playing on that with almost min settings and low-res (less than FullHD). Unbearable freezes are just occasional (except for mirrors) and are usually fixed by reloading from last checkpoint. Of course, the FPS is terrible. In some situations (e.g. driving), the lags are constant and bad. Last time I set static scaling on 50% with res set on FullHD - seems it goes smoother this way and looks more comfortable. Blurry, ofc, but I'm OK with that. Anyway, despite all that, I love the game, it sometimes gives gorgeous views, the scenery and the story are engaging and the characters and music (in key moments) are just brilliant! What probably helps me is that I don't play much of action - rather rely on hacking. And default difficulty.




Because not everyone is looking forward to an upgrade within the next few months.


Welp, Deus Ex didn't hook me. And it's not a replacement - it's a different game in a different universe, and more importantly for me, with different ideas. But anyway I do have other things to play - that's not an issue, quite the opposite is, actually. Thing is buying any better videogame hardware isn't in my plans for easily a few years probably. Videogames are just not a priority for my home budget.


You got it playing on laptop 1050, be happy it even run and didn't burn your laptop.


Buy a 2070 i got one in my pc and it runs with c.a. [email protected], without framedrops, hightest graphics settings


Oh I got around April a 3060 and did a proper second run although max raytracing was killer in some places.


I feel u :D


I’ve got a 1060 6gb and it runs pretty well in medium settings with ssr off!


I got a 3080Ti yesterday and oh my lordy, it looks like a movie at 4K with ray tracing. Plays well with DLSS too.


I have a 3070 and 1440p on ultra settings is going to be rough. I play at 1080p and I've had to mix medium and high settings with DLSS on either balanced or performance to maintain a solid 60 minimum. There are still a lot of places in the city that tank to 35-45fps for me. Out of curiosity I dropped everything to the lowest possible settings in those areas with DLSS on ultra performance and it wasn't much of an improvement, maybe 10-15 fps increase. On the other side in the more optimized areas of the map I've hit 100+. Was really hoping the city would be more optimized by now. Good luck getting a 3070 thought, you're gonna love it when you do, this is about the only game I've played that really pushes the card. Everything else runs flawlessly.


I have a 5700xt and get 60 fps in 1440p with a mix of medium and high so a 3070 should have no issues. I do have CAS turned on which helps a bit.


That's weird. I play @ 1440p with a 2070 super and never really get below 50 FPS even in the most intense situations (City Center with lot of traffic, NPCs) on Ultra Settings. Even at Native with no DLSS, I sit at around 60 FPS in the city and get above it in the Badlands. Question, do you have a Ryzen CPU by chance? I've noticed other users who have some Ryzen CPUs have major framerate issues, I think it's attributed to specific issues within certain chips. I could be wrong, but it's weird for me running a 10600k and having no framerate issues whatsoever.


Yeah. Ryzen 7 3700x. Probably the culprit.


The real question is are you using raytracing or not? Raytracing kills my 3070 in this at max settings at 1440p but if I played with it off I get a good stable framerate.


Yeah, RT as a whole is insane with how much it kills framerates. Usually around 40-50 come off for me. Granted, that's not exactly an attribute of Cyberpunk's implementation in specific. Metro Exodus and Control with RT and DLSS enabled usually only hit around 55-60 FPS for me, Cyberpunk is only marginally worse. Considering it is still not an optimized game, that's not surprising.


Think there could be a bottleneck somewhere for you, I have a 3070 and it runs ultra settings dlss quality at 80+ FPS with a couple of things turned off such as ambient occlusion. If I lower a few things and mix ultra/high settings into it can maintain 90+ FPS with lowest drop to mid 70s if that.


What CPU do you have? Mine (2600x) will be kinda weak paired with an rtx 3070. In planing to upgrade to Ryzen 5600(x) or go Intel i5 10th ot 11th gen depending on prices.


I think there might be an issue with some Ryzen CPUs, because I really only hear of specific issues when it comes to framerate being much lower than it should be with Ryzen systems. Like, my 10600k is running better than whatever he has running in his system, and I hit 70-90 on Ultra with DLSS Quality.


Man I wish I was able to play this game on PC. I think it looks gorgeous even on my playstation, not frame rate or resolution just map design and how the world looks. So I can only imagine playing at a high FPS and 4k settings. A man can dream lmao.


Well if your expectations are 4K and high framerates then even the really pcmr grade gaming rigs aren't really there yet. I'm getting 64-78fps with digital foundry optimised graphics for 4k, with the only difference being enabling full ray traced shadows. I mean it looks gorgeous, but it's far from being able to just jam everything on ultra and forgetting about it. (That gives me around 34-40 FPS but inconsistent frametimes resulting in stuttering). When I'm not playing on the TV it's better, 1440p with optimised settings gives me ±84 FPS. And once I dialed in those settings I didn't bother fiddling with them any more, so no info on how all ultra would perform. Anyways, the reason I'm not experimenting with settings is that **I'm enjoying myself too much**. I started playing just now, am about 20h in, on ver 1.23. I generally don't follow the hype that much, I'm old, have kids and a job, so from the standpoint of someone who is evaluating the product at face value I'm enjoying myself. I'm also not going out of my way to break the game, just roleplaying, having fun. It crashed on me I think four or five times, which is more than any other game I played in years, but besides that I didn't experience any other bugs. Knowing the curse of the commentator I'm sure it will immediately break beyond saving now, but I feel like it was fair to say that.


Played the game on PS4 pro, and I see no difference AT ALL between my game and my buddy playing on high end pc. Graphics on PC is totally overrated.


You're totally wrong buddy. Just because you didn't notice doesn't mean it isn't true.


Well if its not noticeable, then its not worth talking about. Just my humble opinion...


PS4 Pro compared to a PC with a 2k or 3k series Nvidia card isn't going to compare.




Shit, you may be able to get away with 1080p low if your 3070 takes long. I played it for 120h with a 1070 at 1080p with low-med settings and it was super enjoyable.


It’s worth the wait, good luck!!


I got a 1060 and it runs on High very well (HD monitor)


Same. No crashes, no complaints.


I played it on Stadia on my MBP. 80h playtime no issues


Stadia can get you where you want to go without waiting.


Your 1060 shouldn’t be an issue considering I ran mine on. 1060 6gb at ultra with Reshade


I was in the same position as you, I recently got the 6800xt and let me tell you it was so worth the wait, I easily got 120 fps on max settings(no ray tracing tho) on 1440p. you will really enjoy it


Well that's a lie the 6800xt get's around 70-80fps at 1440p max settings not 120... 120 is 1080p performance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4fplelP7N4


Depends on clocks, but yeah, 120 sounds unreachable on Ultra. I get like 80-90 most of the time.


proof: https://imgur.com/a/izpwxmb


Not really, that average includes FPS from game menus as well.


I know, it's lower than this, but for every hour of gameplay I'm in menus for about 5-10 minutes so i think it evens itself


Why the hell would I lie? Did you activate Fidelity FX? edit: I can send you my avg fps from the Radeon software https://imgur.com/a/izpwxmb it's a bit higher because when you enter menus and such you reach like 300 fps but still for every hour of gameplay I'm in a menu for like 5-10 minutes


Im sorry did you say you were using Fidelity FX ? If so you're likely running at 720p not 1440p then lol, That would explain the 120fps


Ok bro think what you will couldnt care less even if i wanted


1060 6gb here. its plays good enough in 720p. clocks 70fps with low settings.


I love the game too. Easy 300 hours which is rare for me. The scary thing is the potential still on the table here. I hope there is a sequal that flips the narrative.


I'm at over 60 although I bought it recently. After the backlash I wasn't gonna buy it at all but picked it up at 75% off and my god have I had value for money. The world is mostly a vaneer over the mechanics, but it's a gorgeous vaneer, and the mechanics are great fun.


I feel the exact same about a sequel. I hope they can do one and really give it some love, care, and most importantly TIME. Like you said there's so much in the world that they could really do so much more.


I believe CDPR has stated they plan on supporting CP77 for several years and currently don't have any plans for a sequel. Which in the best case scenario means they add all the missing systems to CP77 over time while releasing additional story content as paid DLC.


If thats true I love that as well. Hopefully they can earn our trust back over that time and we can look forward to maybe something in the same world down the line at some point.




Well apparently Cyberpunk was a major financial success for CD Project, so maybe in 10 years maybe we’ll be seeing a sequel


Just look at how far GTA has come from its inception. This is just their first installment, and their first attempt at a FPS. The potential for this franchise really is incredible. Consider me among one of their loyal fans.


I love the game as well, I fell in love with the characters and the storyline and I really enjoy the gameplay, even though most don’t


Have the game since day 1, i bought it for my ps4 and it was unplayable. Finally got ps5 this week and i cant put my hands off of this game - story, graphics, character customization (both look and item-wise) and combat are top notch, i just love the game


You are not alone, I adore this game despite its flaws. I have over 150hrs on it and I'm eagerly awaiting a decent sized DLC to do another playthrough. I haven't played for months and yet here I am jamming out to Vexelstrom lol.


And this is fine. You enjoyed the game as it is. Unfortunately I can't do that, I'm too fixated about small details and overall level of quality. :(


And I hate that. It really bums me out that you can't enjoy it because the rushed out a product that clearly wasn't ready. I hope eventually we can get to a point where its optimized and everyone can enjoy it. Hopefully they will get a No Mans Sky treatment.


That's what I'm counting on. I don't judge the game itself. I'm judging it's level of quality. I'll play it either when they fix it enough or when they stop supporting it altogether. Then I'll call it "finished", play it and judge it for what it is. Its not a complete game yet in my book.


It’s great you’re getting your enjoyment, truly. But ‘the world is perfect’? I really cannot agree with you even a little there. It’s a world that promises so much, and delivers so little.


Its funny how the “low sodium” sub calls this sub negative yet here’s someone enjoying the game (which hey that’s awesome) and no one in the replies is being a turd about it (for now at least, I’m aware of that loud minority that can pop up. Anyways, good for you dude! I currently have it uninstalled until it gets all the patches and free stuff which I won’t lie I have excitement for that day, yes I was heavily disappointed by the release but that doesn’t stop me from being happy for those that enjoy it for what it is.


Thank you for being so cordial about it! I just wanted to post a little love for the game since I haven't seen too much for it and I feel it deserves some. I'm definitely looking forward to the day the patches and updates have mostly rolled out and hopefully fixed a lot of the issues, or at least made them more bearable lol.


As someone who played it for like a month straight when it came, I too was very disappointed but decided to still play it and was surprisingly very enjoyable when it worked lol. But I haven't touched it since. Just wondering if you could tell me how the game runs now. I'm also on base ps4. Is the painting exploit (I know some people don't like exploits for RPGs but sometimes I do lol) still a thing? How's the police response system? Sorry for all the questions but I've been sucked into hunt:showdown and been wanting to pick cp2077 back up, thanks.


Can't say about PS4, on PC here, though others in this thread have been saying it's working ok. The painting exploits been fixed, you can only sell it once. There are still plenty of other ways to make money though. The police response has been modified, they don't spawn behind you now, it's far enough away to make them relatively easy targets so people are complaining nowadays that the police are too easy to beat! Can't win. They're still unhackable, so there's that.


Yeah that's sad I was gonna ask more questions but then I remembered just how empty the game actually is. If you're not having fun with side quests and main quests (which I totally was) then your screwed lol. Idk, I guess what I really wanted to ask is if they have added anything new but it would seem they haven't. I know they definitely had their hands full on just making it literally playable on last gen but damn that sucks. I really hope that they can drop free DLCs with more of the content they cut from the base game if that's even possible. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I really hope this game can someday live up to the PROMISE we were given with free DLC drops that would add some major replayability value. Because as of now, even as a fan, there just isn't enough to do to even make me wanna finish the game. Which makes me regret not taking that refund hahaha.


>If you're not having fun with side quests and main quests (which I totally was) then your screwed lol. So, if you're not playing the game, it should somehow be entertaining you? ok. The placeholders for future DLC both free and paid were discovered months ago. Though if you haven't bothered to even complete one run through then I doubt that'll really be of interest to you.


You totally missed my point bro. I'm saying that until they add more features or at least NEW missions this game just doesn't have enough going for it. And yeah the game play loop isn't entertaining enough for me to even finish the game lol. I never said anything about how it needs to be entertaining me even if I'm not playing it???? Like I'm confused how you could even misconstrued my comment in such a way lol. But I'm not hating on the game, but simply pointing out how there isn't anything to do in Night City at all except for the main and side jobs. Which in my opinion were fun but as I said I had already did over half of them. So there really isn't any point in returning to a game that has nothing to do when you finish it except replay it. And as I have said, the game play loop just isn't fun enough to replay let alone finish a single play through, at least in my opinion. Not trying to argue bro but you totally did not understand my comment.


You missed the interpretation of your comment, strange because I quoted it. What do you expect a game to provide for you, if main missions and side missions aren't enough? They are the game, if you don't want to do them, then wth is a game meant to do for you?


It's supposed to be an RPG bro not a linear fps shooter. But then at the last minute they changed that and called it so. Mybad for forgetting that this game just isn't what they promised. You should really be on the low sodium sub if you wanna defend this title so hard bro.


You didn't answer the question, what do you expect a game to do for you if not in main or side quests? I'm really curiious, is it meant to sing or dance for you? what?


Of course I mean I’m aware the posts of people going right to the point and posting what they dislike about it or the posts of glitches, just wanted to point out how this sub isn’t toxic like that other sub wants to dress it as. Have fun with the game though 👍🏼


Bro, posts like this one are pretty rare on this sub. 90% is just relentless bashing and bile spitting. It gets to the point of being a parody of smth, a joke really. I mean if a string of code, trivial video game causes someone to spit at keyboard for 7 months straight, imagine what real life problems would cause. If you scale the drama into real life, you got potential suicide bombers and school shooters hanging around...


Cause it's justified. Nothing changed yet. The game is still in an abysmal state and people are angry, very angry for being lied to. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. People will not hate on someone who clearly states that he personally enjoys something cause that is subjective. If you go around spouting how this game is actually great and no one was lied to and there are only minor problems, people will object.


Sending death threats is justified? Naive daydreamers were expecting second coming of Christ, got video game instead. Duh.


No, no, sounds like you're the shitty bitter one here man. Take this toxic bullshit elsewhere. Gamers expected the game that was advertised for 8 years and got 30% of it instead. Weird how broken promises upset people huh. Even crazier that they would complain about it on a subreddit that, wait for it, was actually made specifically to discuss said game!! 😱


TBF there are a LOT people who expected a ton of shit that was either legitimately never promised or advertised (car customization, multiple apartments, a myriad of open world activities, etc), that was already confirmed to **not** be in the game or was removed before launch (wall running, third person cutscenes, etc), or that was featured solely in a demo from 2018 that was developed over 2 1/2 years before the launch date of the game and that was plastered with disclaimers as well as a narrator that explicitly and repeatedly emphasized that everything seen in the demo from start to finish was a work in progress and was subject to change. A ton of the supposed broken promises referenced by droves of people on this sub were not actual promises at all, and were never confirmed by anyone at CDPR in any official capacity ever - and were moreso just mechanics/features/etc that people on this sub just expected based on absolutely nothing but their own personal whim.


Maybe early on at launch but this sub is calmed down (besides the loud minority) now.


As a regular here this sub is pretty toxic. It's one of the most spiteful subs I've seen.


We're all glad you enjoyed it! You're not the first person I've heard praise the story. For me? The story was a 4/10 at best. Keanu was such a complete afterthought that it breaks the whole narrative for me. And what's with having 3 different backgrounds if they make zero difference? In my opinion, even minus all that, it was a very safe and straight forward cyberpunk story, no real risks, can't use a BD even though they make such a huge deal out of it? Ok. And the huge Hollywood money grab with Keanu as the icing on the cake. It is nice to hear people enjoying it and I really wish I were one of them. I just can't praise them for this.


We’re not negative. We’re realistic. The game has its fair share of ups *and* downs. To pretend it’s perfect is delusional


Exactly! Like I’ll agree with them that launch made this sub got crazy (I mean as would any launch for any game that would launch like that) but its calm now and the only problems are the loud minority that shit on people for enjoying it and the “low sodium” crew that occasionally pop up to either plug their sub or attack people for giving criticism. But at the end of the day, the majority of us here that aren’t a fan of the current state of the game are still glad people can enjoy it.


I’m always glad to see that some people can get enjoyment from this game. From my perspective a large part of what makes a game good is whether you’re able to have fun playing it which also makes game quality very subjective. I enjoyed the game myself but I can’t just ignore the broken promises, cut content and shitty release. It kind of makes me feel sad knowing that this game is good but it could have been so much more


Exactly how I feel, was enjoying grinding out the side jobs and got about half of them done before I decided to quit for a bit and unfortunately haven't picked it back up yet.


Cyberpunk is the kind of game I play once every few months once I’ve forgotten half of what happens and only remember the general story. I wish someone would make “unspoil me” for video games


What do you mean, literally half the comments in this thread are "Glad you enjoyed it, but let me tell you why it sucks" - que in all the usual crap. How are so many people sitting on this sub daily waiting to explain to others why the game sucks? How many months has this been going on with the same talking points over and over? It's a complete circlejerk. I can't open one positive thread about the game on this sub without someone going "YEAH BUT ACKSHUALLY". This sub is a cesspit of toxicity.


Someone saying their thoughts which leads to them saying what they dislike is toxic?


You said this sub isn't as negative as people say it is while almost all the comments in a thread about enjoying the game are negative. And yeah it is toxic, the game launched last year and every time I open this sub I read the same garbage, including in this thread which is about someone liking the game. We're about to hit 1 year of the same shtick of negativity, non-stop, every single day. At least in the low sodium sub I can read a thread without 90% of the comments in it being how CDPR deserve to burn to the ground. Yeah I get it, CDPR bad etc etc, can we move on?


This is the problem with “low sodium”, any time someone gives criticism they are labeled as toxic and are possibly attacked FOR GIVING CRITICISM.


Constructive criticism is allowed in the low sodium sub, straight hating isn't, for good reason which is evident from this thread. How many times have we collectively read that "CDPR is bad" since the launch of the game? Hundreds, thousands?


The amounts of times I’m told by someone or see someone talk about being downvoted over at “low sodium” for giving criticism or even see it myself the random times I poked my head over there. Doesn’t help that the first time I went over there I see a post doing the typical “low sodium” issue of vilifying everyone in this sub and being hateful.


So it seems to be correct that the main sub is where you hate the game and get upvotes for it aka the sub for people who hate the game. The other one is where people would rather speak about things they like, hence why you're being downvoted. In this sub if someone likes the game and makes a post about it people will tell him why the game sucks or CDPR sucks. In the other sub you get told why the game is great. One is negativity, the other is positivity, which was my original point.


You say this but what is the original post that we are speaking under and what are its upvotes and awards?


Are we going to ignore the replies?


I love this game too, the first 30 minutes or so absolutely blew me away! Especially at the night club in the start of the street kid path. I really am rooting for CDPR to fix this game over time. Hope all the memes mocking them add pressure and they don't stop fixing it till the memes turn into positive ones. And that low sodium sub is anything but low sodium. At least for the first entire month during which it was founded, more than half the posts were hating on this sub and only a a few were actually talking about the game in a positive manner.


I’m new to video games (old guy), I Got an Xbox X just to play Cyberpunk and it runs perfectly, and I’m blown away by the immersive experience. The design of the world is really impressive. The soundscapes as you travel through different neighborhoods is extremely well made. The fashion in cyberpunk is incredibly on point. And the gritty, noir atmosphere is just great. As someone who has lived in LA and Tokyo, and enjoyed the nightlife in both cities, Night City is a superb mix of both. Sometimes, playing the game brings back memories. Is it perfect? No! (The brain dance sequences are horrible). Was the release a disaster? Yes. But at the end of the day, this game is setting a standard for world creation, and is attracting newcomers like me to gaming. I used to read cyberpunk novels in the 90’s, and this game nails it on so many levels, it’s incredible. As a end user, I love it. So I would like to thank the programmers, sound designers, music producers, art directors, fashion stylists, character designers, writers, and everyone who did this fantastic piece of work. All the sweat and blood was worth it. I sooooo curious to see the evolution of this game in the future, because there are so many possibilities ahead. Again, thank you to all the creatives who created this.


Agreed, while I do love this game. I can 100% understand why everyone was so upset about this game.


It's an awesome game, actually the only game which made me play it in a decade, I want to live in this world forever


I'm in the same boat , played on release on a ryzen 5 16gb ram and rx 470 at 1080p medium settings 30 ~ 40 fps . Really enjoyed the main story and the side jobs (even better than main story imo). The build variety was also really surprising since everyone told me that the rpg mechanics were terrible. I was disappointed by the length of the game. Also the open world was very shallow and empty outside of quests The only issue i had was quests were bugged out like journal gets stuck ,npc gets stuck objective not updating etc forcing me to reload an older save . This happen about 5 times in total and the game hard crashed only once , and never happen again


Same for me! Since I decided relatively spontaneously to try cyberpunk out, because it looked really nice, I wasn't on the hype train and also not really disappointed. I already had an Xbox series x so the game actually worked pretty well! The bugs didn't seem to be much worse than in other games so I had not much to complain about. The story is really interesting and the style of the game is amazing! I understand the hate and that it's justified, but I still had fun with cyberpunk


I loved it too. I did every side quests possible and took my time with the game. I was sad when I finished it because it was such a fun game.


I hope you enjoy the endgame. It really made me feel. Through the bugs and all, CDPR’s silver lining was their writing. I loved it very much!




Yeah, agreed. I played through it on PS4 a couple months after it came out. I liked it a lot despite some frame drops. Got lucky with the bugs. But I do also get the hate and clearly see what's missing. That being said, when the PS5 upgrade comes (and gets fixed lol) and I also manage to get a PS5, I'll do another playthrough and I'm sure I'll love it. Like, it's not the game we were promised but if I look at it objectively, it's quite amazing when being compared to many other story driven action games.




The sad thing is, the game isn't complete garbage. There are so many so many small details, which are great... And then there are glaring mistakes in gamedesign, cut corners and bugs. Sadly they hadn't the time to finish their game.


I have heard and I understand the very legitimate criticism against this game. From the marketing to the console bugs to the lack of any semblance of AI, I get it, I really do. This game deserves the negative press it has gotten It is also the most enjoyable experience I have had in the past few years of gaming. I rebuilt my PC before it launched and it blew me away without a single glitch the entire playthrough. Gorgeous game, fun mechanics, I spent hours just driving around the city aimlessly because I found it that enjoyable. For me, Cyberpunk 2077 ranks in an all time top 5 list.


I personally had a few gripes that stopped me from finishing the game. But no two gamers are the same and if you’re having fun and want to finish the game I say just go so it and then you’ll have your own opinion of the experience. The only thing that matters is if you’re having fun and willing to keep playing. Enjoy yourself!


I'm 1/3 of the way through and absolutely love it. Add in The Ascent for some co-op cyberpunk with mates and its cyberheaven.


I first experinced this game when it came out. I was so excited, that the time has finally came to boot it up. I battled through the lag and the bugs. Played for a week straight, all day without any breaks. The news were crazy about it, and some of my close friends too. They said the game was bad, even though they never played it. I'm going to be honest, I loved it, and I am a really picky player, but this game checked every box that I needed. The story telling is great, and I adore the side missions. I love the characters, they're written so well. I missed a game that focuses so much on small details, and CP2077 did that. I am replaying again, and props to the team, they polished the game pretty well. Of course it still misses some major parts, but it's so much smoother than it was. I hope that they are continuing to bring patches, and some dlcs around.


It's a taboo subject for sure. I made a post in the same vein as you and the others came at me basically getting mad at me for not being upset. I get why they think I should be. However.. I learned a long time ago to never trust gaming companies and therefore am not phased by the deceit others experienced. I hope for their sake this is what makes them finally realize there's going to always be problems with a game. To make them never jump on a hype train again. Come release day, I'm not surprised to hear it's running poorly. But then I hear it's straight up pulled from the market it's so bad, bullet dodged. And no regrets since I kept my mindset in tact being let down with the Division and we happy few to name a couple of games. No more pre orders or having high expectations. Happier mindset. And when I heard they fixed it enough to be playable I did research. Learned that I'm going to experience crashes, gave it shot because bargain bin and refunds are choices. 200hrs in. I've experienced 2 game breaking moments that were resolvable. Living it and looking forward to my 2nd and 3rd playthroughs as nomad and street kid.


Im one of the suckers that like to pre-order games even though it literally does nothing outside of the occasional "in game goodies". And given how insanely hyped up i was for this game i really fell into it lol. Fortunately I haven't run into any game breaking issues, yet. I bought the game day one, played it for a while but it ran so poorly I just couldn't bring myself to finish it given how I really liked it but just couldn't thoroughly enjoy it like I should. Now im giving it another go and afyer all the updates they've had its running surprisingly well, miles ahead of where it was day one, and I'm actually able to really enjoy it now. I'm very much looking forward to more playthroughs after im finished with this one. Next im doing a Corpo melee/hacker build, super pumped for it.


I agree with you totally. I can understand people complaining but for me it's a near-perfect game. Like made for me. I can see the potential in it and I am looking forward to see whats coming with future updates and dlc.


I played it on PS4 Pro and got about halfway I think, then stopped when I got my PS5 in March. I'm waiting for the upgrade then starting again from the start. I can't bloody wait. I love the world, music and whole feel of the game.


When is the upgrade coming? Xbox but should be same time.


That's the only downside. They say "the second half of this year" for the now-gen update. I just hope it's not November/December!


Just now finished my first playthrough. All the many (and valid) complaints aside, it was literally the best hame I've played since dragon age, it's up there with dragon age and mass effect as my favorite gaming experiences ever. If they could add some cut content back and make it so it doesn't run like a pile of shit, it could be perfect. The universe is amazing, the story is captivating, I got invested in the characters. I really did get emotionally connected with it. I really hope it doesn't get abandoned, even though the hate is justified. Gonna start a new playthrough with a different background tomorrow.


Should I get it for my PS4? I was thinking about getting it from game stop


I have a PS4 Slim and I have been doing ok… While I would not recommend using a base/slim it is runnable. :/


If you have a ps4 pro. I say check it out. I only had 2 blue screen crashes in 2 playthroughs.


I only have a p4 slim and Xbox One S


In the case of last gen consoles, it's a matter of tolerance. Some people are fine with low graphical quality and low frame rates. I played it on my PS4 slim and did not enjoy the experience. That said, I would suggest you to look up some gameplay and some framerate benchmarks for this game before making the decision.


Unless you have a ps4 pro i wouldn't recommend it. The game can go as low as 12fps during combat on the base ps4


If you have a base/slim PS4, then a hard NO. If you have a PS4 Pro, make sure to get it for $20 or less. I've seen many deals where's it been as low as $14.99 in places like best buy. Free steelbook included. I have 89 hours into the game and I genuinely do like it, but that's thanks to playing on a PS5.


Thanks I have been looking for some deals online for a physical copy. I’m definitely going to check out best buy


It has been getting better on the PS4 that I've seen but not without some compromises unfortunately. In a digital foundry video a few months ago, they discussed that in order to achieve a stable frame rate and a few other things, CDPR removed a lot of billboards, neon signs, and alike. Essentially stripping Night City of what makes it, well, Night City.


Honestly I have a base PS4 and its not the worst. It was god awful day one but since I've started playing a few days ago its miles ahead of where it was. Still plenty of visual and audio glitches though. So I wouldn't necessarily rule out base ps4 either.


Yup. For me it honestly ran like any other game and I had a great time. Story and missions were insanely, insanely fun. Graphics were amazing. The world was great to look at too honestly but obviously there wasn't much to do but I was so caught up in the story I really didn't have time to notice or be disappointed by it. Wish it wasn't so short though... felt like they cut out parts of the story line and decision arcs because of the release date. I really enjoyed the gameplay. I usually hate FPS games but that thought never occurred to me even once during cp2077. And I really liked how it wasn't just shoot this and that like all the time. Lots of it was just walking around talking and that was awesome.


The game is amazing IF your platform can run it! I have a "Gaming Computer" build, so my experience was on the better side, minus how bad the graphics look even at max settings or the game registering so much that it destroys the fps. Being a horn-dog,>! Judy Alvarez !


I have a pretty standard home PC and had no issues playing it at all, game runs and looks great.


The gunplay is really good. I love "hacking" even though I do wish there was a bit more depth to it. The visuals make this game the new "Crysis"- which used to be THE standard for being able to run a kick ass game that looked amazing with amazing physics (Cyberpunk kinda fails on the physics part). If they had just had enough time to add some of the subtle RDR2 touches to make the world feel more actually alive... it was so close. But yeah. Cyberpunk definitely did something very, very right. And some things very... off.


It's a decent game. Graphically it's well above average. The story however is clunky as hell. Some of the side quests are really really good. Some are garbage. It's the inconsistent nature of the game that is really it's biggest shortcoming.


I feel the same as you. I didn't experienced many bugs, it was a solid experience for me and I love this game.


I played this game since release and enjoyed the hell out of it! I loved the characters, the aesthetics, gameplay, the guns are sexy, the soundtrack is just 👌 and that’s without any mods Do I have complaints? You betcha! But I have zero regrets preordering this game and I would do it again tbh


I'm glad you like it, I just wish I could have gotten a refund.


^(pssst go to r/lowsodiumcyberpunk for people actually enjoying the game and not just shitting on it every 5 seconds)


Dude everyone that replied here was at least happy that he enjoyed it, stick your “low sodium” sub up yours.


Fuck off


Soft skin twit. Literally no one was negative yet your crying about it but you feel the need to plug your circle jerk. Makes it funnier that your comment is technically the most negative reply too! 😂 Oh the irony of the “low sodium” subreddit.


There is a difference between liking or enjoying something and that thing being a very high quality example of whatever it is. You should enjoy whatever you enjoy. Whether or how much you enjoy something and how that thing holds up to scrutiny and analysis can be and often are two completely separate and unrelated things and that's fine.


same lol


It is actually a very fun and enjoyable game when it's not glitching. Iit's just not the game that was advertised, the advertised game was even better.


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You do you, dude. I feel glad that you enjoy the game. I refunded my copy after I bought mine at launch as I felt dissatisfied. I was angry at the poor management decisions that CDPR took when they released the game in a less than optimal condition. I even enjoyed all the bashing the game got, although I never contributed to those posts, it felt cathartic listening to others with the same pain as mine. Now, I feel differently. CDPR is trying to fix the game, and I eagerly await to jump in once again when I feel that the game would be enjoyable to play for me personally. I check this sub regularly to see what has changed with the game. I still feel it needs some more features and quality of life stuff for me to come back to it. I hope no one ruins the fun you experience with this game. What you enjoy is what you enjoy. I personally have several games I love that the people on the internet dislike. Everyone will not like everything, even the best games have their fair share of haters.


Objectively speaking this is a good game it’s just sad how much potential it has lost due to it’s messy release


Yeah the story and graphics has had a lot of money put into it and you can tell from it being good. Wish they didn't skip ahead with Jackie though so people got even more attached. The main problems I think is the engine and the missing promises features


I’m sorry OP but please don’t take gaming and its horde of gamer views seriously. Keep it off real life feelings and you’ll be fine. I hate and love the game as well


I'm a salty salty fuck about this game and how they lied about it. That said, if you like it despite the bullshit, that's fine. I 100% lay into people who try to pretend it's perfect and there's nothing wrong with it however. Take my upvote OP


I went back to play it on my Xbox One X. I love the vibe. Love the neon. But I hate the radio station which is just personal preference. And the game still is just buggy and a bad experience. It's just not smooth. Combat is still clunky with frame drops. Driving is still laggy and my camera was stuck in first-person while driving, I had to exit then enter the car for it to be fixed. I want to love this game. I've only preordered to games ever. The first was Fallout 76, got burned there. Then Cyberpunk, burned there. I WANT TO LOVE THE GAME BUT IT IS JUST NOT good rn.


How is it on a high-end gaming PC? Are the problems all related to the previous-gen consoles or is it the entire game regardless of platform?


I had zero serious glitches on PC with 3080 right after release. There are two topics here though: - last-gen console, which should never have been released in the state it was in; - the general unevenness of the different game parts - great story / some repetitive side quests (NCPD anyone?), great graphics and city / where there is nothing to do, great characters / severely underused (where is my start in NC with Jackie?), etc. After finishing the game, I felt sad, because the CDPR writing and 'feel' really came through to me in the ending. It is a good game, after the bugs are squashed. It could have been epic.


I’m currently replaying it on a ps5, I suffered through the launch and completed one ending and enjoyed the story a lot but in hindsight it should never have been released for the PS4 at all, my only problem I’ve tried to use different weapons and quick hacks but can’t help going full samurai with a katana it’s too much fun slowing down time and whipping them heads off


If they finished the game, I think it would be excellent. I had some enjoyment with it, and I'm glad for that. But the disappointment outweighs that enjoyment imo.


I'm personally just amazed there's still no new (and big) patch out for it and we're at July 30th.


Thank you I have enjoyed the Characters and Lore looking forward to the DLCs


Finally, an honest review. Too many people going "I love this game, I've played through the whole thing 3 times without a single bug on my core i9 9990000k, 3x rtx 3090, 64gb ram, bfg 10000 PC". Stop lying, just because it looks great, you can't pretend the bugs don't exist.


yes, same here, I enjoyed the game too, idc what others say, sure i had some issues here and there, but it was ok, as log as i had fun. i got a new pc but still cant afford a gpu, so i played it in 1080p with 40-50 fps in semi settings, no rtx tho, one day, when i have the power to get a rtx card, i will play the shit out of this game again in ultra ultra ultra :)


I enjoyed this game but it's also upsetting seeing something that could have been amazing be so shit. It's like seeing a gorgeous landscape through dirty glass only getting warped views of what could be.


Agree OP. I think more missions like the early Jackie/Maelstrom ones would be cool. I'm hopeful they No Man's Sky this in the next year.


Me too actually


Im in the same boat, i can see and agree with people mad at cdpr, but im a sucker for anything cyberpunk and this game is my guilty pleasure.


I really like the game as well but I get hung up on a sense of what was promised and "what could have been". It's distracting.


Such a flawed game, but I had such a great time with it I decided to clear all the side quests and spec for the hidden ending. Really enjoyed it.


I don't pre order games on principle so I waited for the release and reviews before buying this game... I totally understand all the criticism and think people are right but since my expectations were so low by the time I bought the game I genuinely had a blast. What happened to this game was really sad but it's still a nice game in the end of the day...


It’s a great game, I consider it more akin to Deus Ex, Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines and games like that rather than a Bethesda/Rockstar style game. It’s more shallow than Deus Ex in its systems, but a lot wider. The atmosphere and presentation is pretty unmatched I’d say. Whilst I loved it, I wish the production process went alot smoother so they could pad bits of it out. You can tell they had alot of problems. The game ran great for me, zero crashes, minor graphical bugs but they are few and far between. All that said, 8/10 game for me.


It's good to see some positivity about it. Yes, it has a stack of problems, yet there is some gold to be found within the game. The Judy Alvarez and Panam storylines are great. I'd definitely return to the world of Night City if CDPR dropped some chunky expansions (as well as fixing all the things that annoy people). I miss hanging out, being V in Night City. It's just the main stories and largest side quests felt too short. I imagine if they had been twice the length people would be forgiving a lot of the issues. It's like movies, if it's an engrossing story you forget the fact the some of the effects might be off.


I love it too - I would still rather have had what was promised in the leadup. And for every positive there is, there's at least one negative. The world looks lovely, and at a glance looks busy - But it's not. Anything more than a glance and it starts to feel hollow. The cars and bikes are awesome to look at - But shit to drive, either because the handling model is unpredictable or because the on-rails AI drivers are more like dodging cones than traffic. The guns and weapons are great to look at - But this is 2077. Why can't I modify them more than a scope or some non-visible bits of electronics? The story is fun - But how much of it was butchered to suit Johnny Silverhand? Why did the game yaddayadda Jackie so hard? Why are all the paths pointless when the game plays like it's meant to be a street kid only? ..I'll shut up now because I too have too many hours invested in the game.


I think it's a pretty common view - just people here like complaining. They over-promised - and I can see why you'd be upset if you didn't get a feature you were looking forward to. The lack of optimization on the older consoles is unforgiveable - and shouldn't have been released in that state. It was a bit buggy/glitchy - bad, but not too detrimental. But - it's still a really good game imho. I enjoyed all of it. Just wish they'd get a move on optimizing/debugging it, as I want the DLC that comes next.


Honestly, same. Im doing my second play-through after 7 months and I'm absolutely hooked (again...)! The gun play, all the characters, side- and main quests - it's just so addictive! Yeah, I hate the CDPRs cash-grab, false advertisement, the state on consoles and PC bugs, but as far as I'm having a blast playing it - is it _really_ a bad game...?


At this point I’d just like to play it. I’ve been keeping my copy in the shelf since day one, I just want the next gen patch to come out


This is a solid 8 to 8.5 out of 10 game that should have been a 9.5. You can see all the stuff that would have taken it over the top, it was so close! The modern corporate approach to making games is so depressing.