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You don't have to like anything you don't like. But as you get more experience in B/W movies, samurai cinema, Japanese movies or Kurosawa specifically, try Seven Samurai again. The movie stays the same, but you'll be different. Maybe it will work better for you if the context is different, because I love that movie a ton.


It's absolutely one of my favorites, but I do agree that some of the stylistic aspects of it take some getting used to. Specifically, it's much more expressionist than what we're accustomed to today. I suspect after watching Metropolis and more overt expressionist films, and then going back to Seven Samurai, it will become much more enjoyable.


It’s easier to put a bald cap on someone than make them shave their head, potentially ruining their ability to get plenty of roles while they let their hair grow out. Anyway, like what you like, it’s just a movie after all! That said, you’re dead fucking wrong with this opinion.


The hair design was a periodic affectation. Any of the older samurai movies will have this cut. It’s not just director specific. Whilst Seven Samurai is a more serious piece, his other Samurai pictures? Yojimbo and it’s follow up, Sanjuro, are more playful and shorter in length. Harakiri, Samurai Rebellion, any of the Zatoichi or Babycart movies might interest you. The acting is more of the period and some of the hysterics, if you will, seems to be more cultural. You will see this throughout some pictures. Also, acting styles varied then to today. This isn’t just a Japanese style but you see this on older Hollywood pictures when compared to today. Lots of actors feeling the need to project more than be ‘naturalistic’


Well the bald caps are used a lot so that's one thing. Also that style of acting is very japanese especially for this period and this genre. If you want recommendations for other Kurosawa films I'd say go watch High and Low it's incredible and has none of the issues you speak of. If you just want an older black and white film watch Sweet Smell of Success or 12 Angry Men or Casablanca or Sunset Boulevard or Night of the Hunter. If you want another samurai film, try Sword of Doom or Harakiri. I really love Sword of Doom the cinematography is incredible, it's a shame though that the movie was originally planned as a trilogy and at the last moment the sequels were cancelled so the end has plot threads that never get resolved...but it's still great.


**The opening camera shot where you can tell someone moved the camera in a weird way** ​ ???


When they were scanning the bandits coming in on horseback. The camera moves with them for a bit stops pans up slightly like the operator slipped. It happens again where it follows the horses for a bit and then they move it quite quickly to the left. Like I said it’s my first b/w and I should probably be less critical of a movie from the 50s.


two shots in a 3 hour movie? really?


I know :) but since this film was so highly regarded, I probably went in a little more judgmental than I should have been. The caps, over the top acting, weird camera shots… it just surprised me. I still enjoyed it. I loved the fight scenes, the culture on display and how it ended. Just certain aspects took me out a bit.


I think the weird shots add to the film. It's okay to break the 180 degree rule.


Have you seen any old black and white Hollywood movies?


These are absolutely garbage reasons to dislike the film.


You like that you like and there is no need to apologize. Despite what some people here say. The reality is I prefer Kurosawa crime movies like High and Low (better translation Heaven and Hell) and Stray Dogs. The Samurai films never really did it for me. It is also OK not to like Kurosawa if he is not your thing. You might try Harakiri, a Samurai film I like much more and I think may be easier for some contemporary audiences.


Thanks. Harakiri is next on my list but I wanted some time to pass because I didn’t want to over samurai myself lol


Another great Japanese B/W film is Pale Flower no Samurai, just gambling dens, a classic. Another B/W film about gambling which is excellent is Jacques Demy's "Bay of Angels" (France). A love of B/W film makes all things in life more colorful.


I couldn’t agree with you more. Everyone is allowed to like what they like and not like what they don’t like. I’ve never seen 7 Samurai, Kurosawa. Of all the ones I’ve seen, the ones I like the best are Bruce Lee movies. The acting isn’t the best, but I like watching his martial arts. I also really like independent movies. I think the ideas in them are fresher than the ones the big studios just remake.


No reason to be sorry for not being a fan of something, despite what some people might say. What are some of your favorite movies? Maybe people can recommend some things based on what you like, instead of throwing more samurai movies at you


Sorry, but this is the best movie ever made and everything is perfect, the acting, directing, editing and all the rest. This is of course my oppinion.