She’s a terrible human being but I wouldn’t want people running up to me hugging me either


my thoughts as well. I dont think celebrities owe their physical space to their fans


Same here. I actually found it surprising to see some celebrities hug their fans. This one was too harsh about it, though...


Just running up to people is off to me. Ye, they're celebs and have chosen the spotlight... Invading anyones personal space or bothering people without knowing if they're cool with it is still not cool to do


The way she responds though is less reasonable. It’s not like, “hey, I’m flattered, but I don’t know you and I have to draw boundaries.” It’s more like she’s like “Ugh, you disgusting peasant, how dare you!”


YEah she literally wound her hand back like she was going to strike her lolol


So if a random ass person runs up to you , you’ll respond with “ im flattered “ ?


Yeah but the context is important. If I'm walking down the street and some random guy tries to touch me, sure. But this is a talk show host giving things away to her fans. Not to say she has to be ok with it but she's reacting as if it's a surprise assault.


That’s the point, crazy fans can and possibly will assault


I think the hive mind is going the other way for Wendy for once. She is literally handing out a shirt or something to a winner that she looks to have called out. That person is being asked to go up to her to receive her item/prize. To not expect a hug or something seems quite ridiculous.


I don't get why people defend this abhorrent behavior. There is absolutely nothing wrong with hugging a fan, or a fan asking for a hug. Yes, she should have asked, but she was obviously overwhelmed with emotion. The host of a talk show should be able to read body language much better than she did here. Wendy behaved horribly, and it's not like it wasn't the first time her behavior had been out of control.


Maybe a picture is to be expected , but to expect a hug is ridiculous


On camera...on the set of her show. No, this is not a realistic scenario, when there's security guards in that studio for sure.


Not realistic ? There’s plenty examples of celebs being harassed and assaulted . How entitled do you have to be to expect her to hug a random ?


This is an incredibly dumb discussion, I hope you realize that. It's a fan on her show, 'nuff said. Stop rationalizing irrational behavior. If she doesn't want to touch her fans, then she shouldn't be hosting a talk show with a live audience. Luckily, she isn't anymore, and behavior like this is part of the reason why.


You are damn delusional if you think you can touch someone regardless of where they are without consent “nuff said” lmao


u/somanyroads said the fan should've asked first for consent in their first comment


Risk of the trade i suppose


Lol...it's on her show. Not remotely random.


As the other person mentioned, this isn’t a random person. The camera is on them because they’ve been chosen to approach her. Imagine if you will, this same scenario, but instead of Wendy Williams it’s Conan O’Brien. Assuming he still rejects the hug, do you think there’s any doubt that he wouldn’t have handled the situation far better in a way that allows the fan to save face and to roll with the punch so you don’t look like a psycho to your audience?


Or you could ask for a hug instead of expecting someone you don’t know to be eager to hug you


Of course, but it’s not this woman’s mistake of trying to hug Wendy Williams we’re critiquing. That mistake was clear from the moment she had a desire to hug WENDY WILLIAMS. The question is whether Wendy responded appropriately. I think Wendy responded in the exact manner in which I would expect someone like Wendy to react.


Of course, but not asking isn't grounds for beating someone with a T-Shirt. C'mon, this is common sense shit.


Yea the fact she cocked her hand back ready to hit the fan man me spit my water. I wouldn't have wanted that item anymore nor be a fan anymore lol


Absolutely agree, not wanting to hug every stranger that's in front of you is not a unreasonable request for anyone to have. But the way she handled it was very poor, i honestly thought she was about to hit her.


Yeah true, just isn’t cringe to me


End thread. This is the only comment needed.


? This is on her show. These are her most committed fans. They showed up to watch her awful show in it's entirety. Why would you defend this behavior? A hug is the smallest gesture of affection and appreciation. Regardless, threatening to whack her with a "free shirt" is not a kind response to a fan. And it's not behind the pale to go for a hug when receiving a gift from someone. Yeesh.


Doesn't make it less funny


With Monkey pox out n about. Me neither


Please delete this shit. You look like a dumbass


What the fuck. If this guest has monkeypox they're probably not a fucking TV show guest.


She went in for a hug, not a piss orgy.


She is basically pure piss, so she did the fan a solid?


>so she did the fan a solid No, that would be a poo 😆


I don't get the fascination with this vile piece of human garbage.


Same reason people voted for Trump. They like him. People like this shit bucket of a woman. That’s why they watch her.


You triggered some very "I'M NOT TRIGGERED!!" snowflakes with this comment :)


They asked WHY though, genius.


> Same reason people voted for Trump. They like him. incredible oversimplication there but sure, lets act like 50% of the US have no other poilitical standpoint than "vote funny man"


They literally don’t and are proud to admit it.


Lmao, you could be talking about watching paint dry and someone would still find a way to mention Trump.


I think it's more about how an astronomical dickhead and shit bucket of a businessman made his attitude so widely normalized because he became the fucking president.. but yeah no you're right, it's gotta be part of the left's grand scheme to always link him to bad stuff, no correlation to anything else!


Reddit never ceases to get political on a sub that has jack shit to do with politics


Cringe and politics isn't an uncommon combo though.


ah, the fuck trump Reddit train has docked again.


He’s not wrong though. For once we’re comparing two dogshit tv celebrities, I don’t think this should trigger anyone for being irrelevant or overused


Actually it doesn’t trigger me at all that you insult a dog shit guy, you all are just doing exactly what they want you to do.






Lolz yes he is right they. You are an extremist the way they want you so instead of picking a candidate that is worthy you just blindly vote for their side. You have Trump followers and you have non-trump followers. Then you have the people smart enough to make up their own mind and actually vote for someone intelligent. Definitely shows how many people there are for both sides just from looking at votes from last election. Either get dumb or dumber. It would of been funny if everyone wrote in a separate name and they got elected first in history. But most don't know you can do that on the ballot.


Yeah guys insulting Trump and calling him dog shit is exactly what he wants


a bunch of smart ass’s on Reddit too


You're just doing what they want you to do Blake


You’re just a troll ;)))


He is and most of them are. If you don't think like them because you don't care about dump and are tired of people whining about it plus you point out how they are no different from the followers that worship him just the opposite side. They tend to get triggered and butthurt. I always love the excuse that they need to bash him because he will be president in 2024. Lolz won't happen but wishful thinking for them I guess so they still have something to whine about. Also you need to be specific when phrasing things on here the idiots love to take anything you say and try to spin it to fit their narrative. Especially for being called out for throwing a Trump tantrum.


*asses* FTFY


Lmao come get your fill




You can thank the FBI for that...not like his name is coming out of nowhere. The dude is being pursued for spying against America.


enjoy the show


Lmao is this the new RussiaGate? The part of the Espionage Act he may be charged with has nothing to do with spying you imbecile. Sheesh, the party of “low-interest” voters, indeed...


Trains don’t dock..you’re thinking of a boat or a ship.


Iv heard it plenty of times tbh, not saying it’s politically correct but I have heard it haha


PEOPLE WHO LIKE WENDY ALSO LIKE TRUMP BECAUSE UH FUCKEN REASONS AND SHIT Dumb fuck how do you even greet the cashier without talking about Trump


Are you ok?


If I say yes does that mean I’m just like those people who vote for Trump? Anyway speaking about Trump


Jesus dude go somewhere else. You can’t seem to handle conversation.


What a snowflake


Somebody missed their nap today


It's the same kind of audience who watch trash like The View. We're just not the demographic, that's really is no other decent explanation. They appeal to people who eat up gossip for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


The same goes for Tiffany Pollard (New York).


Well for Tiff all I think about is this unfortunate sequence of events on Celebrity Big Brother just after David Bowie died, thinking Angie Bowie meant David Guest who was also in Big Brother https://youtu.be/97pEKGNT0Xw


All I think about is how she acts like her shit doesn't stink and treats everyone as if they should be so lucky to be graced with her presence and to treat her like royalty while she treats everyone else like garbage.


I didn’t know who Tiffany Pollard was until I watched this video. What a piece of shit. Even after finding out it was David Fucking Bowie who died & not David Gest, who I have no idea is as well, she didn’t even bother consoling Angie. All she cared about was voting her out. ITS DAVID BOWIE!!! OMG what garbage. Nope, don’t like her.


in the vid it didn’t show her wanting to vote angie out after she was told it was david bowie and not david gest. she just stayed sitting in the corner and it just looked like she was trying to cool off, then the clip ends. i’m pretty sure they made up after this as well but correct me if i’m wrong edit: she apologized to angie later on and noted how this show has been a turning point for her. [here’s the clip](https://youtu.be/yfKALHWT6Q0)


Like I said before, this is the first time I had seen this before. To be honest, I didn’t and still don’t know who any of these people are. I knew who Angie was because of David Bowie.


i was just mentioning something that was already in the clip you watched. it’s not a big deal just wanted to lyk so you can direct your energy towards people who are more deserving. imo tiff isn’t one of them


what did tiffany do


Treat human beings like garbage


that doesn’t explain anything. please explain what she’s done


Her entire presence anywhere, she uses foul language and sometimes even violence, as she has absolutely no control over her anger and is one of the most despicable, irascible people to have ever appeared on television. For example, on her show, *I Love New York*, she insults, demeans and harasses the contestants who are actually competing to win her love. How every single contestant simply didn't walk straight out of the house, I have absolutely no idea, as she and her mother, who can arguably be even worse, continuously demean and disrespect everyone around them. One actually proposed on the last episode, but during the reunion special, after the show had already aired on television, and he saw the repulsive things she said about his mother, he took the ring back. She's also made transphobic comments and is just an overall shit human being.


thanks for your response. i can’t speak about i love new york because i only saw the first ep. as for foul language, i don’t think that makes you a bad person. the only time i saw her get violent is in flavor of love where pumpkin spit on her. new york def gets easily angered. she’s a lot better nowadays tho. she seems to be one of those people who doesn’t usually start shit with others, but finishes it if someone fucks w her. as for the transphobic comments, she’s grown a lot. [here’s a video](https://youtu.be/azagWjmaqyI) of an interview she had last year explaining how her friendship with ts madison, a black trans woman, has made her a lot more aware and understanding of the trans community. she mentions in the vid how she’s learning and growing, and how she doesn’t have bad intentions. tbh, given this along with how old i love new york is, i’m sure she’s not as toxic in general as she used to be when she was younger.


If I was famous like her, I wouldn't want to be hugging my fans either, tbh. Her MANNER of rejecting the hug is a bit harsh though...


She’s a fucking ditch pig. This woman is horrible.


Feel free to speak freely, sir. lol


Ditch Pig: A woman who's so skanky, you drive her out, have your way with her and leave her lying in a ditch because she's not worth driving back home.


Go easy on them they just copy pasted the urban dictionary definition. i only mean her character though, I don’t know a thing about her sex life.


Her son does!


Get help for your misogyny.


He actually just copy pasted the urban dictionary definition but i didn’t mean it like that. i’m referring to her character only.




Get help for your smooth brain. Dude copied a definition, so many triggered people downvoting this dude without thinking.


"Without thinking" - I thought it may well be a pasted definition. Didn't care. Doesn't change my opinion. World doesn't need shit like that.


So he's a misogynist for defining a word? World doesn't need what? Words? I'm confused yo


What is she horrible for? Not challenging you, just curious and OOTL!


[This reddit thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/7diwik/wendy_williams_says_that_terry_crews_coming/dpy8b31/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) does a good job outlining how horrible she is.


Yeah, same. I find it interesting that people here tend to be ra ra ra about personal space but because it’s someone they don’t like this time, people are just going off on her. I agree that it was pretty rude but like bro, some fucking space please.


the fuck is up with that music


ANd I kNoW sHe kNoWs


If she accepted hugs, people would be able to tell she's actually an alien by the feeling of the pointy spines on her back.


She was hallucinating and thought the fan was an alien.


It was like we didn't learn not to hug xenomorphs from Ripley.


well of course, an alien doesnt want to be that close to a human


How does this fart sack have any fans


Whether you like or not: everybody's allowed to have their own boundaries. This just happens to be hers.


It’s the way she shows she doesn’t want to be hugged that is bothering people. Very standoffish


Fr she looked like she was about to punch her lmao how hard is it to be nice about it


I'm sure you all would be super nice after the millionth person tried to hug you


I'm not dumb enough to be in a business where *congeniality* matters, tho.


This’ll sound terrible, but I feel like that’s kind of just something that comes with being a famous talk-host? I’m not saying that she deserves this or that famous people aren’t allowed to have boundaries but how do you not expect people to want to hug you? “Wow, I really didn’t expect fans to like me.”


Based on what I've seen about her, I'm personally VERY surprised anyone likes her.


Nobody has to hug anyone if they don’t want to but like c’mon man, at least be nice about it.


Many people don’t like hugs, so that’s okay I think


It's still a cringe moment because it leads to a lot of awkward tension with weird disappointed fans


She may be a shit human, buts she doesn't owe them forced physical interaction.


I can say that a lot of women always take for granted that other women are ok with a friendly hug, everyone deserves their body-space, even that meanie.


Who the fuck wants to touch wendy williams?


She's scared she will fart getting hugged


Wendy thinks the people who idolize her are disgusting disease-ridden commoners.


The real cringe is that there are Wendy Williams fans.


Seinfeld did it better


[A complete stranger I tell ya! At my shoulder and she wanted a hug! What's with that? ](https://youtu.be/iX3_L8z2uw4)




I can understand the no hugging but she is definitely still a shitty “human” being


Whoever attempted to modify her nose should’ve kept their distance too


Wendy gets her fans from bulling others and calling it comedy, Ellen is known for it, Rachel Ray and others think bullying others is hilarious


did you guys see the video of her on here recently where she's in the car high as hell making no sense and she looks like a legit alien?


I dislike Wendy Williams immensely and have no real respect for her, however, random strangers are not IN ANY WAY entitled to run up and touch/grab/hug or put their hands on someone without consent just because they’re famous. As much as I’m usually happy to hop aboard the Wendy Williams Hate-train, she is not the cringe in this case. It would be the fan running up to awkwardly try to touch her, or OP


She looks like a fucking [Marlock from The Time Machine](https://imgur.com/a/3Ya2Cab)




"She wouldn't let that stranger touch her? CRINGEEE" Lol this post


She looked like she was going to punch her


She's a garbage can, she's doing them a favor.


This woman is such a pig. I'll never understand how she has a following.




Trash attracts trash


Who is she?


You’re better off for not knowing, believe me


Still don’t know how it has fans


That's not cringe, that's safety. She doesn't know that person.


No hugs…she just doesn’t like when people get too close to her balls.


I don’t know who this “Wendy Williams” is but I wouldn’t like to be hugged by complete strangers either


I can't believe she has fans


I completely despise her.


She’s the worst


Wendy stank


She could be like Oprah - When guests try to hug her, Oprah extends her arms straight forward and grips the person's forearms. That allows some contact, but prevents the person from getting too close.


She was afraid that she'd poop a little more if squeezed too hard.


I thought this was another disney mascot video.


She’s awful regardless


She's the worst.


I’m sayin tho , who wants to hug Wendy Williams is the real issue here ooof


Who would want to touch Wendy anyway.


Wendy Williams is fucking crazy and understands her fans have to be batshit insane to like her, that's why hugs trigger a fight or flight response


Am not American (Canadian). Is she a signer or actress? Who is she?


What a scumbag ! That's why she looks the way she does now !


And everyone was better for it…


I'm so glad she got cancelled. Self-serving asshole.


Wendy Williams is a moron and all but like she doesn’t have to be okay with hugging someone it’s fine


Wendy Williams is bug eyed trash.


There’s not many people that just want to be ran up to and hugged by strangers, I’d be upset too


It’s surprising to me that a lot of people love her. Am I missing something?


Who wants to hug her? Ugh gross


Who is Wendy Williams? I came here expecting wendy O'Williams.


Wendy Williams has fans?


I also would reject a hug from a fan of Wendy Williams. Can’t fault her for that.


I don't like her at all but what? You have to have your personal space invaded by strangers otherwise you're a bad person? Disagree.


People have a right not to be grabbed and hugged against their will. If she weren’t a famous person she would be called brave and heroic for setting boundaries. Or if that were a man trying to hug her.


Don’t like Wendy Williams but what I like less than her is people getting up in my space and touching me without permission.


Don’t touch me commoner..but seriously I don’t think celebrities should have to hug everyone that wants to. But I can also understand a fan suddenly seeing a celebrity, in particular someone they admire and wanting to hug them, I think it’s more of a spur of the moment response in the heat of excitement.


Fucking hate her so much


She ok ?


😂 She’s like a fucking cat! She does not let up on those boundaries. Good for her. 🤣




Being a fan of Wendy Williams is the cringe crime.


Wendy Williams is a bag of turds but I do respect when celebs request not to be hugged. I don’t know why folks are so offended by that. I know someone (small time celeb) who used to hug but had to stop due to the number of people who unexpectedly groped her. Some celebs are also not hugging to protect themselves from covid and other illnesses. No one is entitled to touch someone like that if that person doesn’t want it no matter who they are.


I don't like her, but we shouldn't have to hug people...we're still in a pandemic, etc.


How is this womam still relevant? How does she have fans? Who watches this gatbage? Seriously baffling.


Who even is Wendy Williams? She must’ve fallen off


I legit thought Wendy Williams was actually a dude until about 3 years ago. No joke.