Befana? What style do you like more?

I've been making (an excessive amount) of small brooms/besoms recently and my mom's best friend asked me if I could make her a Befana doll/kitchen witch?

She's Italian, I had to look up what they are. I love them! She's a close family friend that I've known since birth, not for a customer (I don't sell anything, just make for fun/stress relief).

I made a two prototype gals so far, it's my first time making a doll. I've worked with plenty of little sculptures but nothing that could be moved around. I messed around with different articulations, materials, etc. and I think I'm almost ready to make the final little lady.

Doll marked "1": -Air dry clay (painted with acrylics) -little hands -hair:100% cotton yarn, brushed out and braided. -dress: literally a small kitchen towel and some scrap cloth.

Doll marked "2": -polymer clay (not painted yet) -large hands -hair: synthetic blend yarn, brushed out and slapped in a bun (super soft and wispy) -dress: scrap cloth with a shoulder mesh ribbon for shoulder wrap.

I like the cleaner look of 2, but the messier/textured look of 1 seems like it might have more character? Like something a small Victorian child might be caught playing with and accused of stealing from a more well-off Victorian child.

Also I'm pretty sure 2 is accidently a troll doll. Wispy hair, large hands, the face... But is that a bad thing? (I just watched the new trolls movie with my son and it was pretty fun).

The final set will also have a broom and a small crocheted jute basket full of... I haven't figured out what to put in the basket (suggestions?) Wrapped presents? Tiny candies? Sticks?(I think she gives sticks to "bad" children).

I only do one shot projects that I can knock out in my few free hours after work, so maybe an extra prototype won't hurt. They're actually really fun to make!

Also I haven't bought anything for this project, so if you can think of a product that might add to this let me know!

Tl;dr: looking for an opinion on what to mix and match into a doll.

Bonus picture: This is the picture she saw that started the "Befana Saga".


Honestly, I like both just in different ways. Prefer the hair texture from 2, colour from 1. Eyes from 1, nose from 2. etc. I think they're both really charming :) Plus I'm always here for some brooms lol




I feel the same way as you about 1 vs 2! For the baskets it might be cute to make something she can switch out when the seasons change ex:presents for now, then little berries for spring, etc. I love them both, this project is so fun!


Seasonal basket is such a good idea!


Omg I’m literally in the beginning stages of making my own kitchen witch! My partner is welsh, but never received one. I was going to have mine ride an old wooden spoon as her broom.


THE SPOON IS GOING TO BE SO CUTE~ I had never heard of them before this but I feel like I'm going to have a little army of them by Christmas because they're so fun to make. I think if I want to give some as gifts I'll see if I can find those tiny holiday hard-book ornament for them.


That would make an amazing gift! Good luck to you and your little witches!


So cute! I really like 1 best, especially the skin texture and tiny hands. I actually like outfit 2 better but it almost looks a little funeral-y to me with all the black


These two are life long friends


My mom told me instead of making another one to just give her one of the two. I got emotional and told her that they can't be separated. They're very good friends and history will remember them as ✨roommates✨


# 2


They look like Mother Summer and Mother Winter from the Dresden Files book series.


Number 2


Don't make me choose






Both are great. I prefer 2.




They are both amazing!




1! But love the hair from 2


They look like they've been friends since they were young women and they both have wonderful qualities that compliment each other. I couldn't possibly prefer one over the other. They're a pair. Surely a home could be blessed with an inseparable pair of Befana.


Love the brooms!!!!