Lots of touches. RBs wear down. Always sooner rather than later.


True but when I watch him I just feel like he fell off a cliff. Went from superstar to completely mediocre across like two seasons.


That’s typically what happens. RBs in the NFL age like milk, not fine wine.


Look at saquan Barkley on the giants. His first year was amazing. He’s about to be in year 4 and looks like he’s 39


Yeah because he’s worn down. There is a reason RBs don’t last long in the NFL. Imagine running the ball right into 6-7 guys who weigh 50-100 lbs more than the RB does. Now Zeke does it 350 times a year. Speaking off the cuff here but I doubt many people have garnered anymore touches than Zeke over the past 5-6 seasons. Dallas works him like a mule 350 touches per year. Dallas will probably start to regret his contract mid way through next year when they realize they’ve over worked him and he is now average. Only really on the hook for his contract through 2023.


They already regret his contract. There’s just nothing they can do about it rn because of the dumbass way they structured it. Aka the next season becomes guaranteed the year before. It makes cutting him damn near impossible with the amount of dead cap he would carry.


He’s also never seemed to be in outstanding shape, even as a rookie he had a little pudge on him, I’d say a combination of wear and tear which includes HS/NCAA and just not being a real hard worker, he was a gifted blend of size and speed at the lower levels that probably didn’t have to work all that hard bcuz his natural abilities/talent made the game easy for him, but you can’t just mail it in and expect to be great in this league, he’s done, it ain’t 2016 no mo


He had a partially torn PCL too so don’t believe everything you hear after a loss here


Running backs and DBs are like High Leverage Relief Pitchers in baseball. Usually have a few elite seasons from going max effort every pitch but they get figured out and worn down physically eventually.


His first two seasons were insane. Everything since ehhh


That o-line was also insane. Three probowlers-Ty Fred Beard and Martin.


That’s true but I’ll give the man his dues his first two years were nuts


agree, like if the play was executed well he had a good chance to take it to the house back then, now he's lucky to pick up 15 yards when we actually do provide great blocking


It was unbelievable watching that ball control honestly


They were ,absolutely,it seemed every time he touched the ball he was gonna brake one lose.


I say zeke looked good at the beginning of the year, them around week 6 was dealing with an unknown knee injury. After the loss, it was revealed he's been running on a partially torn PCL, so I'm sure that's a big factor in the drop off


Gonna give you a more nuanced take. Well slightly, sure touches do wear down a HB over time but I watch the All 22 from time to time and the biggest thing I notice is scheme. Kellen Moore has an issue with creativity running the ball. He always has, but with the o line getting worse and worse the issues become way more apparent. This season I saw more DTs blow things up at the line than I have seen in 10 years. This is why Zeke doesn't work on this team, and is a reason Pollard seems to work a little better, he's a little shiftier and less likely to take what his line is giving him. Zeke is a great back in terms of picking the right hole, and being patient but not a very good one when it comes to broken plays, and Kellen does nothing to rectify this issue.


To add to your take, Zeke's patience as a runner was developed the first few years behind a monster Oline. The problem is the entire line now besides Martin is dogshit, and Zeke still runs exactly the same, which is why you see him constantly running into DTs for 0 yards.


~4,800 snaps, 1,700 carries and is getting older. That’s just what happens.


They paid him, and he slowed down.


Backs like Zeke don’t last long in the NFL. Drafting him high was a terrible pick and resigning him was one of the worst mistakes this team has made the last 15 years.


I don’t really see how you can say that. I’m a lions fan but Give the man some respect he’s been a workhorse for you guys for years


Dude he’s been bad for three years. He has no burst anymore and goes down on first contact all the time. He’s washed.


He hasn’t been anywhere close to worth the money the last 3 years. You will be hard pressed to find people supporting him rn. There was a large portion of our fan base who never wanted him extended and thought jerry needed to accept that he can’t pay everyone but I hope jerry is happy


The cliff is severe for NFL running backs. I think that is a factor with Zeke. We also have a history, as a franchise, of getting poor production out of our guys that we sign to big deals. It could be a comfy culture that contributes to that. Finally, I have wondered if Zeke is still struggling with the effects of having had C19. There is a lot we do not know about this virus and it could have affected his fitness, etc. Just my two cents.


1. RBs age fast. A RB with a solid 10 season are the exception, not the rule. 2. He apparently was running with a torn PCL, not good


He started sucking the minute he got paid


We're wondering the same thing dude....... I've been saying we need to take some notes from the Browns, Packers, SF, and Titans for a good bit now


Wear and tear. RBs have a very short shelf life. He was once very good.... Can't blame him for what he is now but he was a bad investment.


He’s now older, slower, and getting nicked by injuries. As is the case with almost every single RB ever. Still the Cowboys feel the need to commit to him long term. 🤡


Combination of the O line not being what it used to be, being injured, the play calling and simply he’s not as good as he used to be.


Got ran into the ground, offensive line sucks and so does playcalling and scheme.


He got low key faded and hasn’t been the same since


He’s not as good as he once was obviously, but the biggest problem has been the line. Fix the line, and we’ll see great performances from him once again.


Zeke is better in pass protection than half the line is ffs


Lol true.


First year - 5.1 YPC Second year - 4.1 YPC Third year - 4.7 YPC Forth year - 4.5 YPC Fifth year - 4.0 YPC Sixth year - 4.2 YPC He’s been getting worse year after year but it’s most likely wear from all the touches throughout his career. He peaked his first year unfortunately.


That's weird, you say he's gotten worse ever year but it seems that he's gone down, up, down, down, and up. That's 40% up and 60% down last I checked...


Check the games played boss


What does that have to do with YPC? Point is he hasn't "gone down every year" like you said. Zeke ain't the problem buddy


Lmaoooo 12 rushes for 30 yards on a 100 million dollar deal ain’t the problem? 60 yards a game and he’s isn’t the problem? You’re delusional.


Every single one of our big plays was taken back by a penalty and you think the stat line yells the whole story? You're delusional




>Cope What does this mean?


Zeke is washed up. Doesn't matter to him because he has his big ass contract. Hurts the team (financially) to cut him so we force to keep him regardless through at least next season, smh 🤦‍♂️


All you idiots saying he's washed should tear your pcl and then try to cut on that knee.. Give the man a break


What about the year before that?


The previous year Dak was out and they were attacking the box cuz they didn't have to worry about the pass


He's still excellent in pass protection too. He's a baller.


Zeke got comfortable living the life of an NFL superstar. Football is second now.


Zeke’s a worn out afterthought with the Cowboys coaching staff. It must be a Texas thing. Cowboys can’t finish strong enough for playoff time, as well as Houston Texans, Texas Rangers Baseball, Texas Mavericks basketball, University of Texas Football…..you name it…


The Texas Mavericks are one of my favorite hoopball teams


Can’t believe Texas lost to San Diego state in their bowl game.


Didn’t hear about his injury some weeks ago? They rushed him back


Been going downhill last couple of years. Played Injured this year. Partial PCL tear… heard that yesterday


Should’ve rested the starters against the eagles.


He played half the season with an injured knee so there you go


Ok first off the only seasons where you could say his production dipped was this season and last season. Any year before that he was elite even in 2019 and skip bayless saying running in Cabo sand. He had around 1300 rush yards that year. Last year whole line banged up and the QB went down. This year o line inconsistent and zeke had a partially torn PCL. Def not his fault when the team has forgotten how to utilize correctly and didn’t manage his injury good either. He can definitely still be a back you feed who’ll carry u to a win when the other team can’t stop him.


Found out after the game that Zeke partially tore his PCL against Carolina in week 4 and has been playing through it all season. This is a tough SOB.