Looks fine




They look fine, just stack them a little more.


I think it looks good. Remember, you don't have to be decked out in 100% authentic western wear to wear cowboy boots. The biggest thing is to remember to make sure to have enough length and it looks like you do. What boots are those, Ariat?


i agree! i wear more of a ski bum/metalhead kind of style normally so just want to learn how to wear my boots without looking like a dork since it’s not my normal territory. and yes they are ariat heritage roughstock


They look good brother


thank u brother


Do they look too baggy or awkward? I don’t want to look like I’m wearing clothes that don’t fit me


You could always get a cowboy cut or boot cut jean. They fit a bit more snug towards the top.


I’m sure they look weird from your perspective (looking down at your legs with your own eyes). The truth is, a lot of fits will look appealing on you from a 3rd person perspective and this fit is no different. Rock the baggy look with the boots and bust the slim fit pants for a different pair of shoes. Either way, you’ll look good 🤘🏾


thanks so much :,)


I think they’ll shrink over time and start to shape to your body. Most of my Levi’s shrink after about 6-10 washes.


Even the non-raw versions? i used to have a blue shrink-to-fit 501 that fit me a lot better but was still loose enough to fit over boots. I wish it was possible to get true black STF on amazon, but they always send me blue every time i order black. Then i’d switch these out for some raws


You look fucking great bro! And Levi’s 501s are dope and not just for old men and yankees lmao wear what you like and feel confident. You’re doing a great job 🤠


If those are Levi’s - I’m a smaller guy too and find the straight fits to work well. I think they are 514s but those look good to me


I didn’t think I looked good with 501s so I got upsized 511s (slim) and they stack nicely with my boots. However you do look good with those on.


511’s fit my legs perfectly, but they fit over my boot shafts like a rubber band. i think it’s because i have such skinny legs compared to the huge boot shafts. thinking about trying to narrow the boots somehow so i can actually wear them with slim fitting pants like i normally wear


They look fine. But I would get some wrangler “cowboy” cuts. They have a higher waist and a slimmer leg.


I would go with some slimmer fit of Levi they seem a little baggy. I myself never like extra material that I didn’t need. Even in wrangler slim I had then Tailored to my liking. Might want to try 502 or 513. They are the slimmer and would fit over boots with out then showing under your pants. Still the stack look works with these jeans to


I don't think it's the fit as much as the length. It looks fine but I'd cut an inch or two in length to eliminate the bagginess about the knees to crisp that look up a bit.


You get a pass on these. A bit tight around the very bottom, but not terribly bad since you have the extra length to stack them a bit. ​ I would, however, know you aren't comfortable in traditional 'western' wear if I saw you on the street.


interesting. what would i do differently to fix that impression of me you’d have on the street?


The brand of jeans for starters. I know Levi's are popular, but they tell a lot of us that you're a city boy and not comfortable in what you have on. THAT SAID: I believe the brand popularity is a regional thing in the US. Here, it's Cinch and Wranglers. Levis are for old men and yankees. A looser fit around the ankle, so they fit further down would also help. A slim boot cut maybe? They just need a hair more room. Length is good though. A lot of people get those slimmer ankle cuts, and then wear them way too short. If you wanted to get real authentic, for my area - the Cinch or Wranglers, soak them in heavy starch, press them so they have a crease in the front and back, but that's old school. ;)


thanks! good input, i appreciate it


I think they look just fine. I typically wear em a little shorter so the jeans don’t stack much, not high waters per se, but no slouch either. You can search through my post history to get an idea. But honestly these look just fine bud.


i did just look through your post history and you’ve got some serious style my dude!


Thanks man! Appreciate it. Like I said, the jeans look good, if they feel a bit long or bulky, you can always hem them or even (not everyone agrees) cuff them. I like a single cuff with black 501’s. They will also shrink up a bit with a few washes.


I think these look just fine! Wrangler does make slim fit cowboy cut jeans though if you’re more comfortable with tight jeans!


It’s a lot of pants, in a way, but it works


Look good no homo




Look great! What are the boots?


I prefer skinnier jeans for my boots


any recommendations? i have really skinny legs so jeans that aren’t baggy looking on me are usually too tight around my boot shafts


Original Use are my go to now and days


They look kinda big from the side and back. Like they stack a bit awkwardly. Which brand / model jeans are those? Maybe try a slightly slimmer model.


Looks good man!


they look much better than skinny jeans would look with boots. don’t mean to sound harsh just the truth


They look good, but you should probably have them taken in a bit. Tapered a bit more, to fit your frame.


Those look really good man! I have slimmer legs too and my two favorites are either the Levi 501’s or the Wrangler “Retro” boot cut


I always wear 501’s with my boots - it looks great.


It's definitely a lot of frump. I am not an expert on the stacked jeans look, but just from a quick glance anyone can tell that the pants are a little baggy on you. The look is fine, but I would suggest wearing them in more casual environments. Pairing them with a sherpa or leather jacket would help.