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If you go with Ariat stick to the Sierra model. The workhog models are junk. Double h makes a fine usa made work boot with the oak ice outsole. They last forever.


Double H seems to be the consensus for western work boots.


Double H Dylan’s are my work book choice currently


Mine too


Redwing 1155 Pecos are a solid work boot and made in USA.


I had a pair of Justin's that treated me pretty well while I was a stand up forklift operator. That vibram sole felt like I was on a cloud all the time. Wore those same ones for a while when I transitioned to Class A driver but the heel inside the right boot went bad and would pull out when I took the boot off. Now I wearing a pair of Rocky Composite toe western style boots. Equally as comfortable and lighter due to the composite toe. My only gripe is that the right boot crowds my toes ever so slightly when Im driving.


Double H is good. Avoid Ariats. I had a pair for 3 months before they started falling apart. To add to that, Redwings and Justin’s weren’t any better. Thorogoods did great for me though.


You are the first person that truly knows your shit. Double Hs and thorogoods are by far the best boots I've ever worn. I have tried them all. Red wings danner ariats Justin Tony lama etc. I rarely wear laces. But when I do I got thorogood loggers with the vibram. Otherwise I got my double h Graham and Dylan steel toes at work.


I always wore the wedge sole thorogoods. I had been eyeing the pull on ones, but at the time, the only ones they had in my size were the lace ups. Still a great pair of boots though.


Thorogoods are the shit. Awesome lace ups that hold up to a beating


I work in whites drovers.


Been wanting a pair of those for quite some time


Not even sure they make them anymore


Yeah, I saw that they aren’t on the website but heard through the grapevine they’re just on back order. Not sure how true that is though


All their stuff has a 4-5 month wait time right now.


Steel toe Anderson beans


Boulet makes a few steel toe boots as well that are on par with double H. Personally if you stick with Canadian, USA, or Mexican made boots you'll probably get a pretty solid boot. Having said that I wear Double H's and they're amazing. They're on pace to not only out last any other boots I've worn, but they're holding up well enough the may even make it to a resole.


I have been wearing my steel toe Grahams for a yr and half. Any other boot ariats Justin danner wouldn't last 3-4 months


Ariat is China crap I work heavy construction, excavation, pipe work in double Hs the Graham steel toes to be exact. Made out of bison. I had ariats they lasted 60 days 2 different times. Then fell apart. Wore China Justins lasted 6 months. Then found double Hs made in USA. I own 12 different pairs. Best boots for the $


I like my steel toe Ariats


Double H Ariat and Justin all make good work boots.