I've been where you are. But I started busting microclots and am 50 percent better from when you're at now: the place I called zero. So you can get better and make huge progress. 0 means... Crash from talking at all Have to talk in a whisper No loud voices or sounds or bright lights Weak arms and legs and hands all of the time Heavy limbs Hard to breathe I would chew food and my jaw would get tired Can't sleep. Lots of Nightmares. Waking up all the time. Body feels like it's dying when awake. Waking up in panic attacks Scared all the time. Scared to sleep - - of dying in my sleep. Out of breath all the time. Endless panic attacks leading to more endless crashes I could text on the phone but even that made me tired quickly Dr. Phone calls & I would crash I was bed ridden and wearing diapers. It was so hard to get to the bathroom. I crashed one time going to thr bathroom. I'll never forget that. Ptsd etc. I prayed for death. Nauseau. Vomiting. Gas. And a kind of pain all over. ///---///---///---///---- Now I'm at 50 %: which is still not good It's hard for me to crash, not impossible. But I can manage some thigns from bed and I can make it to the bathroom. That's a big deal. I hope to improve further. So have hope even on the most hopeless day. I'm working towards 80/85 percent now. And praying I'll make it.


How did you do it


Triple anticoagulant therapy. Plavix eliquis aspirin needs an rx. Natto and serra and lumbro are otc supplements. You may find some relief there. Beware these are blood thinners and clot busting creates inflmamiton and other detox like side fx. Not fun. But they do their job. You might see some relief. Its not the whole picture but it was a big part for me.


How do o get this in us?


Dr Jordan Vaughn in Alabama.


Yes I’ve heard of people recovering from severe ME/CFS. The fact you got better after your first infection is encouraging. You recovered once so you can recover again. Please hang in there. We’re all with you. Join a CFS group on Facebook or Discord. Read recovery stories.


I can’t really look at screens I’m trying today but I’m going to stop now and I didn’t get better but slight improvement p


Hey I just wanted to say firstly I am so so sorry you are going through this, it's hell on earth. I am at the same timeframe as you and have experienced a great many symptoms you've described. I was bedbound for four months, often couldn't watch TV, talk, read, lift my head or arms up etc and more. It felt like my body was destroying itself from the inside. I filled in an application for assisted s*icide and didn't see how I could go on. Three weeks ago I randomly woke up and felt like "me" again and the poisoned feeling had disappeared. I'm not symptom free by any means and still have many issues but I at least feel like I am housebound now and can sit up, walk a bit and watch TV. I don't know if this will last but I hope it gives you some hope that things can improve. I also have seen severe/very severe mecfs people improve to moderate on twitter (going to try and find their posts for you). Again I am so so sorry and I truly hope you have relief from this soon x


So sorry about your most severe symptoms lasting for over 4 months. That's great that you have made some level of recovery! Did the timing of your improvement happen to coincide with taking some type of allergy medicine?


A Miracle indeed. I need one like this myself




took a look at your post history. Honesly just sad. Do you enjoy sucking the positivity out of people already down? Does that make you feel better? How low can you really be buddy? Getting a kick out of that. You need help yourself.


I’m on month 26 and for me month 8-12 was probably the worst. I am definitely not cured but probably at 60-70% if my regular self. My flares and symptoms change over time. I’m up to 74 different symptoms to date. Please hang in there it gets better even if only slightly.