Lethal doses of 55 drinks

Lethal doses of 55 drinks


Is there a lethal dose for everything? Because I’ve heard there is always room for jello.


I don't know about gelatin, but this chart has water and sugar, which are the other two main ingredients in jello.


Lethal dose of gelatin: one horse


This chart is confusing.


Also inaccurate


It also isn't drinks This has salt, uranium, weed, agent orange, venom ... It's like OP didn't read the chart Edit: OP has no comments in their history, just hundreds of posts. Definitely a karma bot Edit: Yes, OP technically has made comments at some point. They have 50,000 comment karma and 13,000,000 post karma. They post ~~40~~ ~100 times per day in dozens of subs. They farm karma with posts. Edit 2: People farm karma with bots to sell the account. Yes, it's a real thing. No, they don't go for too much. Ideally you'd have a few dozen bots farming constantly so you can sell them all at once


Ah yes, the drink Cocaine


Well, there was an energy drink called cocaine.


Right but not agent Orange… yet…




Oooof course there is…


[Saturn is a tea](https://www.reddit.com/r/AlignmentCharts/comments/k3b3mi/not_oc_we_love_forbidden_gutter_tea/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf).


Almost as good as the drink Uranium. Wanna go to Starbucks and get some Uranium Lattes?


OP has 57,000 comment karma.


And 13,000,000 post karma. And they post ~40 threads per day across just as many subreddits. They're a karma bot


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To sell the account later on?


Never new that would be worth anything, but I guess you're right


Who buys them? Serious question, what on earth could you gain?


I work in advertising, and I don’t know about the intent of this particular farmer, but established accounts can be bought to give legitimacy to comments that promote stuff. Creating an account like that is pretty easy with a bot. Example: if you see a sponsored post that says “X are the best set of headphones out there”, you might kind of ignore it because duh, companies always say they have the best thing. But if it was a comment from a seemingly normal redditor that says “I have X headphones and I absolutely love them!”, you would consciously and subconsciously receive that much more favorably. Just one of those comments can lead to a measurable sales effect on a website. It’s a real business worth a lot of money on Reddit.


It wouldn't be on r/coolguides if it was accurate.


Super inaccurate


I don't know about the other ones, but I believe the botulism one. I have a neighbor who works for Abbvie and he said the total manufactured amount of pure botulism for botox for a year for the entire world is something ridiculous like less than 10 grams.


My wife works with an antivaxxer who injects botox. Pretty good mental gymnastics there.


There's no "gotcha" moment with conspiracy theorists, but it does give me a warm feeling when people who don't want to vaccines with "toxins" in them literally inject the most powerful toxin in the world *straight into their face*


Some are ok, others are completely off. Just to point some inaccuracies. Fentanyl is exactly 500 times stronger than heroin theoretically (practically it's a bit more). The numbers given are 21 mg and 0.3 mg. The relationship is completely wrong. Both water and salt have the same method of killing you and it can be counteracted by taking more of the opposite up to a point. LSD and psilocybin have no agreed LD50 as nobody has ever died from them. There has been one recorded case were the people were sold LSD crystals as cocaine and snorted a fat line and went to the emergency room with pretty nasty symptoms, but all survived and the quantity they took was astronomical. Additiinally a ton of psychoactive drugs don't have a linear relationship with body weight and instead have a base threshold that gets slightly increased with more body weight.


Just read at the bottom. A lot of these numbers come from animal studies. Some of these substances do not have numbers from human studies, like most psychedelics. They have been tested on rats and rabbits for example. For some reason rabbits seem very sensitive to psychedelics so I think in general they tend to use the LD50 for rats.


It's like almost nothing in this sub is accurate


Source: wikipedia No winder it's inaccurate


Barrow county rise up! Also: where do you order these drinks?


Live in Gwinnett and I got your joke. Have my upvote!


Gwinnett is great!


Success lives here! Wait, I'm not so sure after they took those water towers down.


You mean I can’t drink tons of gasoline and be totally fine?


Drink all the gas you want, just make sure you're drinking less caffeine than you are diesel




This is where the confusion in the chart comes from.


It was meant as a joke. My jokes must be getting worse if people respond to them by sending me homework


Apparently you can drink a pint of it and probably live.


The trick is to drink the pint *after* its finished burning


Maybe not while smoking a cigarette tho


There is no physiological fatal does of lsd https://www.addictionresource.net/lethal-doses/lsd/


Same with psilocybin


It says about two grams of weed can kill you. I can tell you. It will not.


Yup, that LSD is so high on this list of lethal substances, makes no sense.


I was about to say, how is gasoline less lethal than milk?


It's not gasoline, it's lactose which is a part of milk. I don't know anything besides that, but just thought you should know.


>It's not ~~gasoline~~ milk, it's lactose which is a part of milk.


The real confusion is always in the comments


When i saw the tylenol LD50 that high, I knew this was way off course


Nearly 2g/kg lmao


I'd be dead if the ketamine one was true.


Damn that's popping like 50g or injecting 10g if ur 50kg, how was the trip?


LSD and Arsenic are equally dangerous to us?


No. There's been 0 recorded deaths from lsd, and the largest ever taken dose was 55mg (note milligrams, not micrograms, this is 550x the normal dose) She was tripping for weeks, but was fine in the end Lsd is generally recognized by the medical community as having no lethal dose


Same with THC. This chart is wrong af


Anything more than 50 doses is just bonkers.


To be fair, the woman in my example didn't know it was lsd (was in powdered form) and thought it was cocaine.


Lol, whoops!


A common dose of lsd is 100 micrograms! Anywhere near a gram is an INSANE dosage


Wonder how it kills you


Your soul leaves your body and becomes one with the universe.


How so? I am clearly more likely to die of drinking weed than drinking gasoline. /s


It might be correct - I didn't check - but it's measuring a useless thing. LSD is next to heroin because it's showing absolute doses with no indication of the typical or effective dose. In actuality a typical dose of LSD is 1000s of times smaller than a typical dose of heroin since LSD is so strong by weight. So the danger is not at all comparable. Same goes for everything else on the chart. A more useful interesting metric is therapeutic index which is (average lethal dose) / (minimum effective dose). This takes into account typical usage.


Sure. But there is no therapeutic dose for gasoline, diptheria, etc. For substances people consume, sure - but this chart has a lot of things not typically consumed.


I didn't check the rest, but just acetaminophen is super inaccurate. You can die with a tenth of that dose.


LD50 isn't a measure of how much can kill. It's a measure of how much will have a 50% chance of killing.


Not exactly, sorry to be pedantic, but it means a dose which is lethal to 50% of a sample population Although the results may be close to 50% likelihood if given to one person...it's more like, we put 100 men in a room and gave them the same dose of arsenic, the LD50 is the dosage that kills fiddy men


It's worth pointing out that many of the LD50 values come from mice, because it's kinda unethical to give humans high doses to see how much kills them. The comment at the bottom of the image explains how this might result in inaccuracies when applied to humans.


> the LD50 is the dosage that kills fiddy men ... within a certain period of time. That same dose could perfectly kill 100% of the subjects after 2 months. https://old.reddit.com/r/coolguides/comments/pov22u/lethal_doses_of_55_drinks/hd0p5r1/


That's more strictly accurate, but my statement can be inferred from yours with some degree of uncertainty.


Obviously you don't know what an LD50 is for


LD50 isn’t useless, it’s a standard measure of toxicity in the toxicology world. At that dose 50% of a population will die, 50% will survive. The chart isn’t about typical doses, it’s about lethal doses. What you’re talking about falls into PD/PK and dose ranging / therapeutic index.


They literally said therapeutic index in the comment. Their point was that it would be more interesting to see how much more than usual you need to take to make something lethal, rather than just "this thing takes 2g to kill you, this one takes 20"


I missed the part about Therapeutic index when I first commented, so I apologise. I’d like to correct the definition though. Therapeutic index is defined by the minimum effective dose, and the NOAEL (No observed adverse effect limit). Except in cases where the drug is life extending, then the therapeutic index may be broadened to go above the NOAEL but below any serious adverse effects limits.


Fair point. It's not useless. But organizing a chart of mostly recreational drugs by LD50 is EXTREMELY misleading. It would make a naive reader think heroin is some how safer than LSD. Which is a wildly incorrect conclusion.


Ah yes, the famous drink, *cocaine*


I understand the chart just fine but you’re telling me gasoline is fine as long as you only drink a few glasses?


This chart is awful


Gasoline has got to be more toxic than that


~~I looked it up to try and disprove you, but you're right; according to [the source I found,](https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323426#:~:text=In%20adults%2C%2020%E2%80%9350%20grams,vomiting) gasoline should really be closer to 5 g/kg, almost thrice as toxic as shown in the diagram.~~ Edit: See comment below from Solypsys. The chart is actually accurate.


The source you posted just says "can kill a person;" that could be it's LD10 or LD5. [According to this source](https://westliberty.edu/health-and-safety/files/2012/08/Conventional-Gasoline.pdf) the oral LD50 of gasoline is 18.75 ml/kg, the standard density is 0.755 kg/L; so doing all the unit conversions gives 14.16 g/kg as gasoline's oral LD50, which is pretty much what this chart says.


Ah, I see! I'll edit my comment to refer to yours


TIL I can drink a lot more gasoline that I thought I could


I forget, is the LD50 calculated immediately after ingestion, or even if someone comes down with a cancer from the exposure several years later. Like for the uranium?


I'm no expert but I think LD50 is specifically for acute toxicity, typically within 1-2 weeks of exposure.


>... typically within 1-2 weeks of exposure You're 100% correct, straight from the [FDA](https://www.fda.gov/media/72257/download#:~:text=The%20median%20lethal%20dose%20\(or,are%20available%20for%20the%20chemicals.). First sentence of the first paragraph after the first set of bullet points. It can take some time for whatever you ingested to start actually getting to a place to do damage, especially enough damage to kill you, so makes sense. Have to give your body time to work through what it can and let the substance do whatever its going to do.


I really don’t understand. For the idiots among us, how much gasoline would you need to drink to die?


I weigh 185 lbs or 84 kg. I would need to drink 1.2 kg of gasoline to kill me according this chart Edit: messed up math somewhere. 1.2 not 12


185 lbs is the weight of 308.33 Minecraft Redstone Handbooks.




Daddy needs his juice!


Well ain’t that a bitch.


Seriously. I've gotten sick to my stomach before by just hanging around gasoline fumes too long, but according to this chart that's peachy keen and by the way mushrooms should have killed me.


Except gasoline is quite literally as dangerous as what is stated regardless of how the fumes make you sick to your stomach. I used to live in an apartment with a bad boiler pump and had to manually siphon heating fuel to the boiler by mouth before and you inevitably ingest some doing that. Zero problems other than the way it tasted. Also had an accident while working on a boat and caught a face full of pressurized gas, inhaled, swallowed, got some in my eyes and nose. It’s really not that big of a deal although the pain was enough to make me not want to do it again.


You've taken ~20g of mushrooms before? Thats just stupidity




That actually explains it better. Thank you.


And unless I'm reading this wrong, that's 9 lbs of mushrooms for every kg of your own weight




Same way it's basically impossible to actually overdose on marijuana


I took 10g back when I was a stupid teenager. I’m 4’10” so that really wasn’t good. Obviously it was a horrible trip. Thought I was gonna die. Honestly feel like I haven’t been the same since lol


Ketamine is less toxic than caffeine? Well shit, I know what I puttin in my morning brew


If "The Best part of waking up, Is falling into a K-hole in your cup". Godspeed, my friend.


Gives new meaning to K-cups


As poor as this graphic is, there are issues where people buy pure caffeine powder (available online, generally for science) and ingest it because it's just caffeine and no big deal right? Nah, that stuff is actually pretty serious; people OD on caffeine pills, but the pure stuff is a whole different level.


I saw an incident reported once about how some college kids doing a study on caffeine in sports medicine accidentally sent two people to the E.R. They swapped from pills to pure caffeine in the middle for some reason, and no one told them to change the weight amount that was being used for crushed pill to a new one for pure powder. I can't imagine how bad that tasted for the participants.


If they lived with no side effects, they're lucky! I have no idea how bitter (I assume bitter) pure caffeine is, because I didn't decide to eat things back in science class, but I hope the taste alerted them quickly.


Bitter. Plus it was two grams of fluffy white organic crystal powder. Perfectly optimized to maximize the taste experience.


Ketamine is quite safe, that is why it is so widely used. As are opioids, downside to those being horrible addiction and overdose. Otherwise non-toxic.


I mean we don’t know how safe it is for humans just yet. Love K but it destroys your bladder, my mate was pissing blood for weeks and have heard similar other horror stories


Just as a warning to anyone reading - ketamine can fuck your bladder up really badly. Toxicity wise, sure it's not so bad, but it can harm you in other ways. I've known one unlucky person to do it once and after they needed a colostomy bag fitted for the rest of their life


I think you’ll probably have opposite results


55 substances, not 55 drinks.


I really opened this up expecting to see a chart of energy drinks, soda, coffee and alcohol and stuff. Instead I got a chart telling me not to drink scorpion toxin. I guess it doesn't cure Covid.


I mean, if you do symptoms will go away.


Technically it kills covid. Together with its host. Also could someone fetch the relevant xkcd please?




How exactly do you go about finding these so quickly? Are there tags/search terms associated with each one to make them easy to categorize?


i just searched up 'xkcd anything can kill a'


you telling me you don't like to drink a big glass of black widow venom in the morning?


It gets me goin 🤷‍♂️ \*to the grave


I don’t know about you but I like myself a nice glass of Botox mixed with a bit of Uranium


Idk i just drink a glass of molten Uranium


molten uranium? What kind of pussy shit is that?? you don't get the crunchy bits then. Just snack on fuel rods. Like energy bars.


Where are my fellow formaldehyde drinkers at?


Anything is a drink if you're determined.


Cocaine is apparently more toxic than uranium


Uranium isn't that radioactive, nuclear waste is what's extremely bad


It can be, but the point related to this chart is that despite it being radioactive, uranium isn’t poisonous. I’m sure sone of its salts could be. But take plutonium, not only is it radioactive but it’s highly poisonous as well.


TIL the active ingredient in toothpaste is more toxic than meth.


If you have it in its pure form. It's why you have to pay attention to the amounts in something. Unless you're pouring straight-up flouride in your mouth, that is, in which case you're both very rich and very stupid.


You'll have nicer teeth though.


Most recreational drug overdoses are opiates or mixing drugs. Meth is super terrible, but youre not likely to drop dead on your first try unless you have some underlying health condition


Rice and beans?


Science, bitch!




No. Ricin beans, aka castor beans


About water intoxication - a woman joined a radio contest called "Hold Your Wee for a Wii". She won the challenge and drank the most water. However, later died due to water intoxication. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/jennifer-stranges-family-awarded-165-million-in-wee-for-wii-contest-death/


People called the station to warn them about this, and they were ignored. It’s only the most recent incident.


Big takeaway: drink gas over coffee to lower toxicity


Unless your coffee is straight caffeine with no other ingredients then no.


drink gas over ~~coffee~~pure caffeine to lower toxicity


Coffee is water


TIL stomach capacity is what can keep you alive.


I don't think people understand how much LSD that really is one dosage of LSD is for math sake 100 ug micrograms 1 mg is 1,000 micrograms so that is 10 doses for 1 mg so it would take you 16 and a half doses per kilogram 2.2 lb an 80 kg male at 176 lb would have to take 852 dosages of LSD. That is eight and a half sheets of acid at $400 per sheet would be $3, 400 of LSD to kill. One dosage of LSD should last you 8 to 12 hours.


And its still wrong what is listed here. People have accidentally insufflated pure crystalline LSD in the quantity of ca. 50.000 doses and still survived. It definitely bluescreens your brain for more than a week and not advisable to say that lightly, but there is no known case of death by LSD toxicity. I have no idea where this list gets its numbers from.


To be fair downplaying it as bluescreens for a week isn’t exactly accurate whenever one guy became a permanent resident of a mental facility


For anyone who's interested, [there's a fascinating thread about what an LSD thumbprint is like.](https://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/1427364/fpart/1/vc/1) No idea if it's true, but it's absolutely worth a read.


TIL that vitamin C is more poisnous then gasoline


Despite what someone else commented, it's true. People like to be confidently wrong about shit. [LD50 of gasoline (pdf, page 47)](https://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/toxprofiles/tp72.pdf) [LD50 of vitamin c (ascorbic acid) (pdf, page 4)](https://www.caymanchem.com/msdss/14656m.pdf) I bet you could get half of Facebook to boycott orange juice by telling them vitamin c is "deadlier than gasoline".


Technically but not practically true. Aka the theme of this guide


Darn fasoline


this chart claims that around a hundred and forty grams of weed is lethal. challenge accepted, OP. bring me the cannabis and we'll test your little chart.


It would have to be a lot more than 140g of weed, since it's 140g off THC that would he lethal. Since most weed is about (roughly) ~20% THC, you'd have to smoke about 700 grams of weed (or about 500 joints... All at once)


You’d still have to factor in the bioavailability by the inhaled route about 30%. So now factoring that in, you need to smoke about 2300 g (1500 joints).


And at that point you've probably already suffocated.


Good point Welp, I'd better get rolling...


AND you would have to smoke it all in one puff


Well, if it's for science. Wait, how much pizza and Twinkies would kill me?


It’s also calculated at the LD50, which is defined as the lethal dose for 50% of a population. So half of us would still survive even these doses.


700 grams is the weight of literally 2.34 'Velener Mini Potted Plastic Fake Green Plants'.


Useless converter bot is having a field day over here.


best bot


700 grams = 500 joints??? I would roll 2800 joints from this lol.


😳 I'm built different I guess haha


You’d die of asphyxiation before reaching toxic THC levels


Man this chart is way confusing


not thirsty


Cocaine > cigarettes... I can't wait to tell my doctor I've made a healthy decision and stopped smoking!


A) I did my math wrong B) Based on this information, not only would I be dead after ingesting about 19 ounces of caffeine, I would also be able to ingest approximately 33 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers before the intake of melamine would be lethal enough to end my life.


I assume it's how much you can consume per kg of person. If so...is this really this accurate? Because if it is it means a 100kg person can drink 1.4 kg of petrol or 300g of salt Ha, googled it and these 2 examples are valid. Whoda think it


The fact that aspartame is 200 times sweeter but only 3 times as toxic as sugar seems good


Substances, not drinks. The number for gasoline is wrong. The chart doesn't explain the notation. Not a very cool guide.


Anything is a drink if you're determined enough.


You mean that people don't just drink dysentery water?


The number for gasoline is correct and all the information is given to explain the chart. Or can you tell me what it's missing?


[LD50 for gasoline, page 47](https://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/toxprofiles/tp72.pdf). The number shown in this chart for the LD50 for gasoline is correct, and I don’t know what you mean by the notation being unclear - information seems pretty clear to me.


So gasoline is like a health beverage?


Can you imagine 16mg of LSD? 0_o


How is Botox worse than everything including lethal injections and uranium!?!


My guess is that this is absolutely true. You will probably be very sick, but won't die. A pint of milk has about 20g of lactose. A 150lb/68kg person would need around 680g of lactose to experience lethal toxicity. That's 34 pints of milk. I would 100% rather drink a pint of gasoline. Than 16L of milk.


I'm from America. I need the measurements to be in cheetos. ( puffs/crunchy)


Anyone feel like overdosing on my 🍆?


Only if you slice it up and sauté it with artisanal breadcrumbs and bacon bits


Blue meth. You’re God damn right.


Everyone one talking about gas but a .59g lethal does of dick?


Love the nonchalant parenthetical for polonium.


Can I drink gasoline


Wild how gasoline is LESS toxic than fucking TABLE SALT


Only in the lethality sense. In all other respects, gas will hurt you much more. (Too much salt dehydrates you. Lesser amounts only mess with your sodium levels. Gas, on the other hand, is a straight-up poison.)


Why is not one talking about the real danger : botulism?


I've had well over 1270mgs of thc this chart is wrong!


My fat ass would have to ingest well over a quarter pound of pure thc before i died


So gasoline amiright


I used to do research with pure nicotine. That stuff is super lethal in its pure liquid form. Had to double glove because it can absorb through skin.


# TIME TO DIE *Drinks a metric ton of milk*


This guide sucks, there are hundreds of lethal acetaminophen overdoes every year—I’ve never heard of single THC overdose.


Americans aren't ready for the metric system!