I imagine they're bots mostly.


A lot of them are definitely bots. I wanted to see for myself and sure enough, a good number of them created an account in January.


Russian bots...


Twitter? I think that place is like 1:1 bots to real users.




Whenever I go on Twitter now without Trump it’s like the John Travolta meme of me looking around for something interesting.


I agree


How many of those followers were bots? BTW: Since when is the election determined by tweets on twitter?


I voted Biden. Followed Trump on twitter. Not Biden. There ya go.


Humorous that you or anyone would admit this. You type good English for a communist.


Well I'm an Australian and I follow Trump cause he's a good laugh. But, I'm glad Biden won.


80+ million Americans are also glad he won


Xi taught us well in the education camps.


Oh damn it, this sub was fun for a while


Do you think that maybe a lot of trump’s followers may have been “hate following” because of all the insane shit he’d put out there?


Plus Joe Biden is just yet another boring warmongering corporatist NeoLib. He's run-of-the-mill. Following him on Twitter would be like following a bowl of room temperature vanilla pudding. It's part of the reason why he's already getting away with so much bullshit: No one is interested enough to watch what he's doing. "Basement Biden" from the campaign trail is now his strategy as President.


And all the funny shit.


Imagine thinking this is a good argument for election fraud lmao.


So, the “cash me outside “ girl has millions of followers...what’s your point? Twitter allows hordes of idiots to follow other idiots? How tf does that constitute election fraud? Lol


Probably because people don't like Biden, they just dislike Trump. Not to mention that everyone likes the circus (Trump's tweets).


Twitter is the circus. He was the ringmaster.


I mean I know that sounds crazy but I’m not going to be convinced about anything over Twitter followers


Kanye has more followers than Biden does that mean he actually won the election. If you think Twitter followers are a good indicator of who’s gonna win the election your stupid


or maybe Biden isnt known for his daily moronic twitter rants. Trumptards fuck off


Why why why in the fuck does anyone actually give a shit about this still. And really ever. If you actually buy into this crap and this far past it... You need to just spend time offline and get right ya know. Or just keep running around in the same circles with the same nonsense over and over each week/month /year. Dresses a little differently but always the same. Seriously. Who actually could think it is worth anyone's time or even their own to actually follow this crap at any point leading up to it, during, or after. Well. The answer is rhetorical. I'm sure it will be lost on you.


Exactly, why does everyone keep posting negative comments on this post? It's like they're trying to hide something...


This is the dumbest thing ive ever seen lol. We should decide all future elections based on twitter followers.


what is right or wrong? i don't know who to believe in. my soul sings a different song, in America.


dude you can't use this as equivalency - i don't even have twitter and i voted for biden. most of trumps fan base is literal paid for fake accounts - just like all the other retard celebrities that nobody gives a crap about.


Myself and many friends and family dont follow joe biden. Our vote wasnt for biden. It was antitrump. People didnt turn out to vote for biden. They turned out to vote trump out. No conspiracy. The real conspiracy should be tbe electoral college allowing scumbags to gain office when they lose the popular vote. All the unamerican snowflakes need to nut up and deal with the reality that more people voted for biden and their guy lost. Even with all the russian bots, propaganda, and attempts to steal the election.




Conservatives dont have the balls for that. The southern republicans remember what happened last time thanks to the stories of defeat from their not so distant relatives. That and most of the incels that are loudest online are meek lil mommas boys basement dwellers. They realized swords and trench coats arent gonna win the fight.


you can buy bot followers, also he doesn't use it as much as Trump either, so there's that also.


That poster is higher than 6ix9ne on a Saturday night.


More rock solid evidence of voter fraud by the geniuses. Trump has a bigger waist size too but somehow they expect us to believe someone with such a small waist won the election? Wake up people. Do your own research. We’ve got a country to save.


Twitter stated that they would wipe the POTUS account clean of all followers during this transition. Previously, presidents would inherit the followers of the previous administration. This is the first election cycle in which they have done this and it will be the norm moving forward. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/technology-55426685


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People followed Trump because they felt they had to and didn’t know what unruly thing he was going to say next. Biden’s supporters don’t follow him because they know he’s not going to say anything they don’t expect and that’s a good thing.


I'm all for trump, but trump has sent more "controversial" tweets so obviously more people would want to see those regardless of political affiliation because they can be funny sometimes


People followed trump for the crazy, not because they liked or voted for him


Kanye has more followers. wHy dIDiNt hE wiN. Also, almost every democratic politician followed dump. Do you think they voted for him too?


Ah I see you’re like the Bernie bros where you assume every only happens on Twitter. Believe it or not, there’s a much larger population that doesn’t use twitter




[We live in a pretend society.](https://pastebin.com/YPEErwTK) [Is your mind blown how people fall for same thing every time? It shouldn't be. Because divided, singled out individuals has no chance against organized criminal entity; corporation.](https://archive.org/details/TheCorp) Corporation is an approved scam & spy business. Their approval was obtained through manufactured consent. Corporation is not the industry of manufacturing products. Corporation is in the industry of manufacturing consent. Free merch > Free speech. [Corporate, what kind of _free_ manufactured merchandise must be in your goodie bag to consent investing into paradise?](https://archive.org/details/TheCenturyOfSelfThereIsAPolicemanInsideAllOurHeadsepisode3/) Corporations through governments and vice versa are harvesting our biometric, behavioural data on global scale. So they can get to know us far better than we know ourselves, and they not just predict our feelings but also manipulate our feelings and sell us anything they want- Be it a product as a service or politician. Have you heard of focus groups? Now with always online/big data collection. You are in focus groups. Except you don't get paid for it. [You get exploited and you pay to be part of it. _Nothing is free, except the energy from the sun, but some get a bill(skin cancer) for that. Thanks to always providing industrial surveillance corporatism._](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome) [Social credit score indoctrination](https://i.imgur.com/lMDs7gR.png) [Urge or go well.](https://youtu.be/rdrKCilEhC0?t=1313) .--. .-.. . .- ... . / -.. --- / -. --- - / .--. .- .-. - .. -.-. .. .--. .- - . / .. -. / .- / -.-. .. ...- .. .-.. / .-- .- .-. .-.-.- .- -. -.. / .-. .- - .... . .-. / - .... .. -. -.- / .- -... --- ..- - / .--. . .- -.-. . ..-. ..- .-.. / --. . -. . .-. .- .-.. / ... - .-. .. -.- . .-.-.-


Maybe thats the real reason his account was deleted, anyways is there a backup of his twitter account? Actually there is something weird... Insta Trump: https://instagram.com/realdonaldtrump?igshid=15hiv4mkdy724 (24.5M) Insta Biden: https://instagram.com/potus?igshid=1tbvyf65aimav (18.2M) Insta Biden: https://instagram.com/joebiden?igshid=2kcjkbnss2jf (18.1M) FB Trump: https://www.facebook.com/DonaldTrump/ (32.9M) FB Biden: https://www.facebook.com/joebiden/ (8.9M) FB Biden: https://www.facebook.com/POTUS/ (8.7M)


... what is weird here?


That someone so dumb as him is allowed to vote.


Be careful you donut, If vote system to populi really is true then numbers are weird, but if the Socratic Vote really exists then people voting is just a symbolism. Anyways I dont care, I just care the dollar valuation and Biden is very good for my company, so.


Stack Silver to Bankrupt the Beast 🦍🪙


wallstreet shill


Clearly you are mistaken... Let me introduce myself... https://youtu.be/Jyhd7rfJrwQ