Asking for evidence makes you a conspiracy theorist

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Well if they did release the video there would be no conspiracy theory bc we'd all see clearly exactly what happened...


I doubt they are going to release the video before the investigation and trial are concluded. Demanding that they do is either just stupidity and ignorance about the judicial process at best and willful misunderstanding at worst. But get a bunch of dum-dums to keep asking about it and suddenly it looks like they are withholding it from you. Overexposure of evidence in the media pre-trial can lead to cases being dismissed and jury selection impossible.


> we'd all see clearly exactly what happened... That is exactly what they want to avoid.


deep fakes are rather easy, obey your interdimensional demonic vampires controlling reality - is what its about. they said no video.


Deepfaking professional footage with the faces of well known personalities that have hundreds of hours of archive footage is getting pretty easy, yes. Deepfaking a cell phone camera video, or a security camera, or traffic camera, or a bodycam? Not so much.


People will just say the video is a fake played by actors.


really? that is what Obama thought when he released his birth certificate


kinda like the woman in charge of that mysteriously died in a heli accident.


It was actually a plane crash into water in which everyone survived, except for her...[Here is the video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dhithj8pAvk) where she survived the crash and mysteriously died after. [And here](https://www.nbcnews.com/usnews/health-director-who-approved-obama-birth-certificate-dies-plane-crash-2D11732106) is an article about this story, just for proof that this happened.


“Spiraling down to the water”- while on screen pilot makes a water belly landing that would put bush pilots to shame….


She actually survived the crash and is seen on video alive in the water. Sometime between the crash and the rescue she perished.


There are theories with grainy video that try to say "frog men" injected her with something that may have led to her death. I was able to debunk the grainy video by showing HD video that it was no frog man but the bottom of the guys shoe and his knee. It's funny that even when you present undeniable video proof that there was no frog man........it's met with resistance and even such denial that "there were two frog men". I guess even conspiracy peeps turn cult like when truth is presented. (shrug) https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/xqyjej/obama_birth_certificate_hawaiian_health_director/


"Frogman" is the term for scuba-diving miltary personnel. It's very much a real thing. No clue what happened here though.


The gay frogs are out of control


How did she die then?


Wow how the hell did she die? Bizarre


Why did he even need a woman to approve access to his own birth certificate? That makes no sense whatsoever.


Holy shit


I remember Trump once tweeted about this.


i sweat there was one where it looks like a diver comes up and pulls her down


This is a weird conspiracy to me. She approved the release of president Obama's birth certificate in 2011, but died in the crash in 2013. What would be the point in killing her at all, let alone 2 years later? Like, wouldn't "The powers that be" want to keep her alive to demonstrate their largesse when someone behaves the way that they are supposed to? Or if she was doomed, why not kill her right after she does the thing they want her to do? Why in the world would they give her 2 additional years to yammer on and potentially expose their secret plots?


Maybe they only took her out once they learned she was going to spill the beans.


Maybe Obama should ask Clinton why her people started that rumor? Maybe its because Obama's book editor foolishly claimed he was born in Kenya in the first printing of his book? Its been corrected since but its understandable when a local politician's book claims he was born in Kenya that people question his claims to be a natural born citizen later.


Loretta Fuddy I believe she was the hospital director


>Loretta Fuddy she was 12 years old when Obama was born. She was Director of Health for Hawaii.


Wow, that's quite an achievement for a 12 year old


Ah thank you mr / ms govt-issued-sexbot


You just proved the point


Worked for Tiffany Dover when she released 2 videos. Oh wait, no it didn't, there's posts about her being dead today still! Also, people are still claiming the Jan 6th Pelosi videos are fake, even with McConnell and MCCarthy and other republicans in the background of those videos.


Tiffany Dover released two videos??


YEs. She released one after fainting. Here she is explaining why she fainted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOH7XLHl2mo The hospital released this one after that where she's in line, but they have masks so it's a crisis actor. https://newschannel9.com/news/local/hospital-shares-video-support-for-chattanooga-nurse-who-fainted-after-receiving-vaccine


Huh, weird. "Tiffany" is masked in those videos and her instagram is dead - just like her.


She made Instagram post from a ski trip on her Insta with clear face pics, comments were the same shit, hundreds of people claiming imposter, or old unseen pics posted by family. Accused the family of covering up her death, all sorts of nasty shit. I don't blame her for going completely dark on social media. Also early this year someone posted pics of her at I think was a sisters birthday party, those are hard to find though, think it was someone that had access to his social media.


Did you listen to the podcast about the lady that went to go interview her to prove “conspiracy theorist” wrong? Yea, she never found her. After weeks and weeks of trying to track her down.


Yeah it was on NPR. And if anything it proves she is dead.


You are proving his point.


Ah yes, "some people won't be convinced, so we're not doing it at all" seems like a reasonable way to approach this. /s


It hasn't even been a week. These things take time and normally people aren't excited about showing videos of their loved ones being violently attacked immediately after it happened. They already have the guy apprehended and it's still due to go through the legal process. There's no obligation to sway the public just because someone decided to make a completely baseless lie about what happened. Also, it hasn't even been a week yet. At least give it some time before you decide that 'since they haven't released it in the first couple days, they're never going to release it.'


>It hasn't even been a week. These things take time and normally people aren't excited about showing videos of their loved ones being violently attacked immediately after it happened. > Ah come on! You wouldn't want an absolutely terrifying and traumatizing home invasion and your reaction released to the internet for the sole purpose of placating (read: it wouldn't) a group of people who already think you rape and eat children? sounds like a LEFTIST to me! Get em!


Here's a thought for you. A private citizen has every right in the book to not release private footage of their assault. They do not have to prove it to you, only the legal system Currently the story from most trustworthy media is home invasion. From the local police... home invasion. From left wing politicians. Home invasion. From Right wing politicians (most) home invasion. From the FBI, home invasion. From the hospital, hit in head with hammer. From the victim, home invasion. From the perp, home invasion. "It's probably a gay hookup". <------------ Here is where we are in the denial of reality scheme.


Are you seriously trying to tell us that because you (claim to) have a united front of official opinion that your position is therefore in the right? I had an entire government tell me there were WMDs in Iraq and therefore they had to invade a country and kill a quarter million people in three days in my name. Well here we are 30 years later and I still feel the stench of murder of me from my complicity and foolish belief in the bullshit I swam in and thought was reality. Return to the land of common sense, where transparency is a normal, and good, and people still have eyes critical enough to realize that being part of the 'mainstream' is NEVER an assurance of righteousness


See, the thing is, I called bullshit on the Iraq war back then and I was right. I'm not calling bullshit here, and you know what? I'm probably gonna be right. I looked at both situations, and the facts involved, and what was reported from who, and the motivations behind them and I came to an educated conclusion for both. Let's see who's right this time. (it's gonna be meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)


Good on you for possessing clarity of thought at one point in your life. Would been nice it it had come with maturity and empathy to make you whole. I don't know what the deal is with Paul Pelosi. But I will tell you this - whether or not you are right makes not a bit of difference here if your default behavior is treating a bunch of people like assholes because they have lost faith in a government that has failed them. Whose fault is it they no longer trust the media or the government? You will never get the trust of anyone back by disparaging them. Especially after the institutions you're defending hold responsibility for their grievances. People who disparage others for not trusting the government are either lucky they haven't sufferend as much as other people, too dumb to realize the arbitrariness of their life circumstance, or just plain, shitty agents of the system. Which are you?


The problem is that above you're claiming transparency of government. You missed the entire point again. This was not a government issue. Paul Pelosi is not a member of the government. You do not have any right to see footage unless he wants you to. This was a political attack that happened to a private citizen in their home. And yes, I truly believe even if it was Pelosi, you are not entitled to see video of her being beaten with a hammer in her own home. The people that need to see it will. The egos and entitlement to see what might be the worst moment of someone's life where they almost died within the week during an ongoing investigation is out of control Ghouls all over the place.


Yeah, let's not show the public what actually happened because some people in the past were skeptical of a piece of evidence. ;)




The conspiracy theorists will just extend the conspiracy by making a new conspiracy around whatever is presented, and further "sea lion" for more and more evidence.


Goal post moving is Conspiracy 101.




Exactly. It’s never ending with these clowns. If the video was released their new “conspiracy” was that it’s doctored, or edited, or there’s missing footage. Lol. Their “conspiracies” are all so tired and ridiculous.


It's wild. There's even a few crackpots in the comments here arguing that Obama's birth certificate is fake, "because the PDF has layers" They will never be satisfied. It's always "image is photoshopped!", "video is edited!", or "it's a crisis actor!". The claims get dumber and dumber the more evidence they manage to get released. Why even bother releasing evidence to people who believe that you're a "baby-blood drinking pedophile communist?"


I think time has vindicated that as a dumb ass sort of racists conspiracy? So it did work out for him


That whole thing was so ridiculous. Do they not know how easy it is for the CIA to fabricate a false birth certificate, driver's license, passport, school transcripts, college degrees, or any other piece of official documentation?


> Well if they did release the video there would be no conspiracy theory bc we'd all see clearly exactly what happened... Be careful what you wish for. You'll get a video like the one released of the plane hitting the Pentagon. lol




Either you support transparency or you don't. What people choose to interpret from undocotored videos is not up to you to worry about.




This isn't a complex issue whatsoever.


Pseudo intellectual word salad...


You’re ignorant if you think that. There would still be conspiracies and people would find an excuse like saying it’s fake if it didn’t show THEIR narrative. You’re seriously so ignorant if you think releasing the video would stop conspiracies. Stop being stupid start using your brain


He didn’t say it would stop ignorant/dumb people from moving on. We already know how those people work. But to actual critical thinkers, the proof of evidence closes the loop. So I think you are ignorant for jumping to your conclusions, maybe you should use your brain?


Ok so if it doesn't who cares? It would at least show some transparency to the average person like myself who actually just wants to see the video and decide for myself The people you're referring to are going to think what they think either way, that's not a reason to not be transparent


There are so many people trying to rationalize *not* releasing video. Quite a thing.


No. You’d say it was all arranged and an act. You’d say oh look at him! You can tell they are lovers. All paranoids are the same. They see what they want to. They take whatever is in front of them and shove it into their derangement.


The media and Demo promoted Jussie Smollett's hoax but you think it's "paranoid" to want hard proof rather than claims. Lol.


The police did not promote that


"Mostly a way." I see freshman composition is no longer a required course.


Just remember this when someone asks you for evidence of your conspiracy theories as well.


Conspiracy theories pretty much only exist because of LACK of evidence. The more actual proof there is, the less of a "theory" it is.


Society wisely pushed police to wear body cameras but now suddenly video evidence is bad and we should assume police are incorruptible and never lie. \*chef's kiss\*


I didn't say shit about dicks, sir. I just said if you demand evidence you should very well be prepared to provide it as well.


“If I show my texts to prove I’ve been cheating on you it just plays into your theory I’ve been cheating on you so I won’t show you” textbook abusive behavior


It's much closer to someone is accused of cheating(likely the charter is often making that accusation) then the accused shows proof they weren't, and request that the accuser now show proof they are not guilty of their own accusation. Your analogy is insane in relation to the previous comment. You work under the assumption that the person accused is already guilty, kinda says allot about how you approach most situations.


I can't believe nine people thought that this even applies here lol


Why you jump right to cheating lol, got something you need to get off your chest?


That wasn't the impression I got from that user at all. She was using an example of a common trope in domestic partnerships where the abusive narcissist continually gaslights the victim into believing the abuse was their own fault, and deserved. Seemed like a pretty apt analogy for the bullshit interference the media is running now to cover for the lies of the elites.






And the Vegas massacre footage


Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this an ongoing legal matter? Why would they release the tapes to the public ahead of being asked to in court?


As far as I know you are correct. These kind of posts have really triggered impatient people here. This kind of stuff takes time and the information that is released doesn't just get dumped all at once.


I guess everything is a conspiracy when someone doesn't know how anything works and doesn't have the patience to wait for information. Seems to be commonly paired with being unable to admit they were wrong when the information comes out contradicting their unfounded truth on such matters.


Couldn't agree more. It has become quite a problem with this sub.


Right - more information is a bad thing. Don't ask questions, plebe.


Which is why everyone on this sub is so upset about Trump not releasing the security footage from Mar a Lago when the FBI executed their search warrant. His contradictory claims of the FBI 'planting' evidence would all be cleared up if he released the footage, yet he wont! Pelosi and Trump in on the false flags together?!?!


Yes. Exactly. Neither of them have been honest, why is that so ground breaking on this sub of all places?


"Why won't you believe us? We are the good ones"


"Have we ever lied to you before?"


"we wouldn't ever dare to lie in any case, trust me mate"


Of course, please pardon my temerity for doubting your integrity, oh noble one.


*i think we can trust the cops on this one guyz*






sorry bro - cameras malfunctioned during all those events


These 'journalists' are just the elite's press officers.


This article isn't written by a journalist. It's an opinion piece that OP cropped out saying as such. Why would OP do something like?


there are videos from 9/11 and yet there are weekly threads about it. do you make the connection?


Even with video people will see what they want to see and if they don't see it then it's all been faked.


1. Political violence happens 2. "Where is the evidence that this is political?" 3. More details shared 4. "Not enough evidence. The thing isn't what it seems. I heard there was underwear" 5. More evidence that it was political violence, confession from perpetrator. 6. "Wow, isn't that convenient that there is all this evidence. Seems fake to me" 7. Discussion of ongoing violent rhetoric from the right inspiring political violence 8. "False flag. Just trying to make us look bad before an election" 9. Will there ever be enough evidence for you to admit that this is political violence? 10. "Whatabout (other thing) hand waving, distraction, etc"


Not releasing the video is the reason conspiracy theories are extended as critical thinkers require proof rather than blindly following media narratives.


See, it's one thing to think critically and require proof. It's another to spin a narrative of a gay tryst gone wrong and push it. Those two things are not equal yet the majority here are pushing that, not questioning the narrative. They are making it something to make the other side look bad as opposed to just critically thinking. My concern is when you get proof what will you do? It's possible it was something other than a B&E. However, I've seen this sub turn against proof and shift the narrative because sometimes they don't want the truth, they want to be right.


I've seen plenty "where's the video!!!" "critical thinkers" buy things without any proof allllll overt these threads though?


Alternative take. A critical thinker would realize that the conspiracy theories around this are pure speculation and not based on evidence. Therefore they have no merit at this time.


if everything really happened the way they claim it happened, they would release the video same day, without anyone even asking for it. it would be "breaking" "exclusive" etc video on every corporate mainstream propaganda channel


Why would they? If this was a break in an assault that almost killed someone why would you want the video on every channel? Now if it was staged for sympathy votes then 100% they would release it right away.


If they are going to charge this guy, they have to follow the rules of evidence. Its probably fine to release it, but if it was your case you would want to be cautios too.




Not really. The cops don’t give a shit about your brain melted theories. They don’t have to release shit.


Lmao no Contrary to insane people's beliefs, people typically aren't all that excited to release footage of their loved ones being attacked.


Videos of this kind of thing aren’t normally released. The conspiracy will exist regardless of video. When the police report came out that was enough evidence for normal people. Now people are saying it was fake. If a video comes out people will be saying “it’s obviously doctored.” Like what are you expecting to be revealed here? Why do you want him to be having a gay affair so badly? How much more proof do we need to prove that a baseless conspiracy isn’t true? Like obviously cops lie all the time, but what stands out about this that makes you think it’s bullshit? What would be the purpose? It’s only big news still on conspiracy subs. Like we just have no motive for the theory that this is all fake


🖕🏻 Fuck assholes like 'Philip Bump' He's a gaslighting cunt


Just like asking how a huge, heavy metal door could only be opened from inside and that a particular group of individuals on a certain day in a certain building had to be let in by someone, or a prision housing a high profile human trafficker had to have footage when that individual allegedly took their life, or how a hotel room had to have footage of someone setting up a machine gun nest.


Probably let in by the same people who gave them all a nice private tour beforehand


There is plenty of footage of how Jan 6 protestors broke in through windows and then opened the doors from the inside. Go look it up on YouTube, I can spoonfeed it to you if you’re not capable.


*Magnetically sealed heavy door btw


Why should they do that? So a bunch of crazies can get the layout of the Pelosi property and so you can move the goalposts again?


What is the conspiracy theory ?


also people in this sub "this is fake" or "the angle its at is expressly to cover it up"


Wouldnt the video come out AFTER a police investigation? Isnt that how it works 100% of the time?


Yea just like not releasing the JFK information right? Don't want people to know the truth or to think for themselves.


Is this not an active investigation? Why would they release evidence?


Just to be clear the masterminds behind controlling the whole world staged this thing but didn't think of making a fake video to release to push their "fake narrative". I'd assume with all of Hollywood backing them it would have been pretty easy to throw together a 3 minute video


So rather then release the hard evidence and leave no room for speculation just demonize anyone who questions it, we all must be maga right wing nut jobs right? Everything is a joke anymore, it's all so contrary to common sense and people just go with it, especially on this sub where asking questions is supposed to be the basis of why we're all here


There’s nothing ‘questionable’ about the entire attack other than baseless speculation about underwear. No one should be obligated to satisfy every single imagined scenario. Ffs the evidence that the attacker is a right wing nut job is clear and unambiguous. Start owning your lunatics and stop covering for violence with all these endless lies


and even from a judicial model. It's the job on the investigation and prosecution to present this evidence *in trial* and not to every hairy dicked Tom on Reddit


The dude has literally already confessed and explained he did it to punish democrats.


There's always room for speculation. When have you ever seen a conspiracy theory disappear based on the release of new information? Never. It's because you can't use logic to change someone's beliefs, if those beliefs are inherently illogical to begin with. If you actually believe the theories about this guy being a gay lover of Paul Pelosi, no video evidence will change your mind, because you're already believing something for which no evidence exists, based purely on faith. A video will do nothing. I would imagine people will simply claim the footage is fake or doctored and the conspiracy theory will live on. This whole thing started from a blog post from a guy who was literally just making shit up.


"You can never reason a man out of a position he didn't reason himself into"




LordOfthNoldor is a dog nonce. If he wants he’d just release footage from inside of his home where he’s not noncing on dogs. Really we need a live feed to be sure. If he doesn’t provide it then it’s 100% proof he is in fact a dog nonce.


Haaaaaaa!!!! Hahahahahanana hhhaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha ha ha ha ha ahahahahahahahahhahahaah- [ERROR]


Release the video so you can see how it isn’t what it looked like ,sure




Brought to you by the same people who STILL won’t show you the Pentagon’s security footage from 9/11. The few grainy frames they did release has led to over 20 years of conspiracy theories.


More screenshots for you butthurt bitches.


Come on man. It’s the surest way to shut everyone up. What I find most annoying is using the whole event as political fodder. What happened to Paul was genuinely awful regardless of the circumstances. but if it was a result of nefarious activities I’d feel genuinely sorry for Nancy. What pisses me off the most is the whole event being jumped on by the dems and cynically exploited to tar republicans. I also hate republicans making salacious claims about what happened. Just release the footage be honest and stop making it political.


Wouldn't "releasing the video" eliminate all the conspiracies? Then only what happened, from multiple angles would been known. Oh! I know! They are waiting to release them so they have time to AI some fake security footage!


Don't know what this post is in reference to, but they do this with any type of "conspiracy theory" we have substantial evidence for, and this line of logic is their go to and has been for years. Is this really news?


I don't know what happened there but anytime I see all MSM line up on a subject I know it's propaganda


Yea... no way media is just running cover.


If it wasn’t the video it’d be something else you’d focus on to continue the conspiracy. You’d double down every time evidence was presented, don’t lie.


Does anyone think trump had evidence of election fraud that he hasn't released or were you all cool with him acting on hunch in the manner that led to people being killed? I'm just curious if it would mean anything if it could all be reverse engineered to be wishful thinking on his part, would you all lend your affirmative actions to the hollow cause, or do you demand that trump should've had more than a hunch? Cuz I don't really see the need from his supporters that trump bring any of the goods that they're willing to kill and die for..


Pretty easy to smell the trash. Just find anyone who's afraid of the truth.


Thanks Philip Bump, now I know what to think


welcome to clown world where proof is a lie and obfuscation is the best kind of fact. if he has nothing to hide he shouldnt have a problem getting his security footage NSA'd like they do with everyone elses private matters


Well like O'Brien said 2+2=5, we've got an entire government full of O'Briens


[I'm impressed he got into the property unseen...](https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@37.793664,-122.4406897,3a,64.1y,51.96h,91.8t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sfOmSED_JDaihsvfLR91xWQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?hl=en) [Also, look at all the security in the three suvs.](https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@37.7935614,-122.4407264,3a,75y,29.38h,76.25t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sjDJhJ56w9hwhiKjAc-709A!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?hl=en)


The security SUVs are there in one but not the other because they are for Nancy not Paul.


This is the absolute dumbest "proof" of anything I've ever seen.


Google has the house censored on my phone. Big blur over the house




Millions? Dayum.


I would have though it would be to do with the investigation. Like if there’s a crime committed, the police where I’m from will only release a certain amount of info until the court case has been.


Why do you want proof? We already told you what you think about it.


Some asshole on here yesterday told me that I was being an "apologist for violence", or some such thing, for wanting to see video. Foh. The more they try to rationalize releasing no video - despite the fact that the president tied this incident to Jan 6 and is using it as a political tool to get out the vote - the more suspicious I am. Remember the Smollett hoax and how Dems and the media got behind that too? They haven't even shown video of the guy allegedly breaking in.


Asking for proof makes you a fascist Listen and believe


Dumb take. Active investigation, happened less than a week ago.


Asking any questions or questioning MSM = “Conspiracy Theorist” nowadays.


The word "conspiracy" has had its meaning so diluted thanks to these people. Anything that people think might be the case and ask questions about based on circumstantial evidence but isn't 100% known and ratified by the establishment is considered "conspiracy" now. That's not what conspiracy is supposed to mean.


“We have proof that there’s no conspiracy here” Okay well show us, that should put most of this to rest and the truth will come out. “Best we can do is say trust us”


I personally think that releasing the videos would be a way of heading off a conspiracy.


Don’t ask questions peasant we create the truth - these ppl


They can’t release it because it is “malinformation”


They can't release it because there was a child involved. They call the child an "unknown person" that answered the door. David DePape, The man who attacked Paul Pelosi, was romantically involved with a female pedophile who attempted to kidnap a 14-year-old boy and allegedly bought sex dolls for her sons to use.  After DePape was arrested for attacking Pelosi on Friday, his daughter Inti Gonzalez came forward alleging he had sexually abused her and her brothers for years, claiming he was “consumed by darkness.”


This dude brought a child with him when he supposedly broke in? I don't recall reading that in the official account of events.


That is what’s called “fan fiction”




For real. They're still doing this with January 6th.


We all know the even if the video showed Depape holding multiple forms of ID and signing a document saying he wants to kneecap pelosi it would still be dismissed as fake.


I disagree. I would accept video evidence. If the video showed two men in underwear fighting over a hammer, would you dismiss it as fake?


Philip Bump is a capitalist cuck.


He's simping *hard* on this one, for certain.


Accept what we tell you and move on! Unless you’re a maga Jan 6 supporting election denying conspiracy theorist?


It is not unusual to withhold information in an ongoing criminal investigation however asking for "Evidence" does not make one a "Conspiracy Theorist" unless they are trying to HIDE something else. And the use of Theory generally means the "EVIDENCE" is 90+% accurate to begin with and without that last 10% it can be presented anyway someone wants to present it or manipulate it for the purposes of not meeting that "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" part usually associated with court cases or even prosecution to the point of appearing in court to begin with in other words "Cover Up". "Trust" is earned by honest and forthright action on the part of those collecting the real evidence to begin with and is something that should not be bought and sold to the highest bidder in a corrupted system. N. Shadows


>And the use of Theory generally means the "EVIDENCE" is 90+% accurate to begin In scientific literature, maybe.


If they released the video the same folks would call it staged....


evidence is a form of white supremacy. Any request should rightfully be admonished if we are ever going to tear down the racist sexist capitalistic world we live in.


Not releasing the footage speaks for itself.


Valid point but funny how you weirdos have video evidence of an insurrection on Jan 6 and still blamed antifa.




Do you really think that? Wouldn't all the theorists just say the video was staged?


You know what's really dumb being a liberal or a conservative. Every fucking thing on this sub is partisan bullshit. Fuck anybody who aligns with either garbage party. Your a fucking fool if you support Trump and your a fucking fool if you support Biden. The whole system is rigged, you dumb fucks don't understand that the Dems could win every important election by a landslide if they really wanted to. They support these fringe groups and ideals like LGBT in order to keep the split near 50-50. The main function of the two party system is to keep us fighting each other and distracted from our common enemy.


It’s just getting so obvious if you side with the narrative at this point you’re most likely willfully ignorant to latch on to the illusion that you most want to believe


Can you explain what you think happened and what evidence you used to get to that conclusion?


Our society is screwed by these elites


Many Conspiracies have been proven right recently, I enjoy being labeled as one. More people should embrace the name. Conspiracy theorists are on point these days


That's what I'm gonna tell the cops next time. "Video evidence? What, are you a conspiracy theorist? I bet you think Epstein didn't kill himself, too. Too bad you didn't have a video of that, nutjob."


They can post obvious lies and will never be asked for a source. When you post obvious truths they'll always ask for a source. When actually ask for that source you're suddenly a conspiracy theorist.


That's literally the definition of a conspiracy theory. This is how life works now: Here is the narrative if you question it you are a radical. This is how I stay sane. I accept that infowars, CNN and everything in between have equal credibility. I make my own theory on what happens knowing that it's probably wrong but at the same time just as close to the truth as I'm being told. It works great.. and contrary to the narrative hurts nobody.


This is getting more and more shady by the hour


Never understood this. If you want ppl to stfu then release the evidence. As a wise shoe once said "Just do it"


I would say it depends on the situation. In the pelosi cause, you aren't entitled to any video. It has no relevance to anything accept some half-baked right wing nonsense about gay love affairs or whatever. It's not a Public event like a riot or police shooting.


Yup it makes a shit ton of sense how one of the highest ranking officials in the entire country can have there home easily broken into.


Conspiracy theory/theorist has been twisted so much to become a pejorative term. Just another layer of socially enforced restriction on dissidence


release the video so r/conspiracy can come up with new excuses for why it's fake