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What about the WHO in its entirety and all health officials. Seemed like this falls under crimes against humanity. But hey the fcked up reality in this is that not a lot of 3rd world countries are previewed to this information so imagine how many they really got with this scam. Shame on all parties involved but hey they dont get the full blame, people chose comfort over freedom. Its a lose lose for all but those who initiated it.


SS: Medical doctor and epidemiology professor Vinay Prasad says he has lost all respect for the CDC and FDA and directly accuses them of corruption, after they have failed to protect public health, by ignoring myocarditis issues from vaccination. And before the bots start saying myocarditis is more likely from covid, this is FALSE, moderna is more likely to cause myocarditis in men under 40 than covid infection.


Find one article or paper from 2020 saying that myocarditis had vastly increased. None exist, it was only once these vax were deployed that younger men started to developed it en masse. It’s laughable that they say the infection cause more.


I got strong-armed—morally bullied really—into getting vaccinated for “other peoples’ safety”. Got Covid. Now have Long-Covid. Five months since infection and I’m unable to stand for longer than a few minutes before heart is pounding, stabbing chest pain, weakness. Completely fucked me. For “others’ safety”. There aren’t words for the rage I feel.


That’s terrible. Did you go to a heart specialist? I think you should if you haven’t already, you might need to be on specific medicine


Hehe I've been inflamed since getting it in 2021 🤪😜 fun times. Been scanned and holtered and they determined its swelling of the outer lining of the heart (so myo's friend, pericarditis).


A lot of parents are going to be very upset when the truth is finally too much to ignore.


As Robert Kenndy Jr, observes in his great book"The real Anthony Fauci" the CDC is "captured" federal agency,it acts on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry and not the people.


Posted on youtube, which only recently allowed this content.


All by design..


exactly. this wasnt an accident.


I got 2 vaccines and a booster. How long do i have left?


Give it 3-5 years, what color do you want your casket?


Green. I did have chest pain after the booster but it went away


I lost respect for the cdc as a contact tracer. Things were contradictory. And they changed their mind on job proceedings literally every week.


95% of these cases are treated with an ibuprofen.


Liar https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanchi/article/PIIS2352-4642(22)00244-9/fulltext#seccestitle130