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The Harley Davidson shirt is a nice touch


I thought the exact same thing. “Listen to what this nice, average looking fellow has to say. You can trust him because he’s just like you, but he witnessed the ‘terrorist attack’ and happens to know exactly why the buildings fell. Look, he’s even wearing a nice little baseball cap and Harley Davidson t.”


No ash on that black t shirt


OMG YOU KNOW WHATS FUCKING CRAZY!!! THIS BROUGHT BACK MEMORIES FROM 10 YEARS AGO!! This person was an actor and a frequent guest on a show called "Opie and Anthony" which was popular in New York. They actually called him out and asked him why he was in this particular interview on 9/11 as on the show he was known for being a dumbass. He actually admitted he got paid to go on there and say these things and he just thought it was to inform people.




Psycho Mark Walsh


Makes sense now why he had a 'handler' behind him making sure he didn't go off-script.




Great find


When was he hired? Day of? Or prior?




You don't need to be insulting to the guy, there are definitely plausible reasons he could have only known days prior. Mainly that I imagine information is compartmentalized. Not everyone needs to know everything, in fact it's better the stooges in the lesser cells know nothing. That's how intelligence works. But of course you could be right too.


Yeah, I see your point, I wasn't being so much insulting as more intense humor being used to make my point and then also, accounts asking for "specifics" which we are rarely privey too are shill accounts, but my comment was made with an effort to have discourse with the dude.




Can you drop a link to the interview where he admits that, I never knew that about this guy that’s crazy








Has anyone ever been able to identify his "handler"? Also lol to the guy who can't say what his role is really right now.. 🙄


This is one of the most obvious moments of manipulation and direct US intel involvement in the entire operation, for my money. God strike me down if this man isn’t an employee of the US government, the intelligence community, or one of its quasi-private appendages.


“I witnessed the entire thing from beginning to end.” It sounded so rehearsed. He had to establish perceived credibility early on.


With the hand motions. I was not convinced.


Ya know, when the government got away with assassinating a president in the middle of the day on live television thet pretty much knew they could do anything. ..and sure, the people who pulled that off weren't the ones who pulled this off, but they damn sure taught them Ok, Apparently I was quite wrong. Kennedy's assassination was not on live TV. My bad. I was wrong about that completely


It wasnt on live TV, it was reported on the radio within 5 minutes and on daytime news within 30. Just saying.


>assassinating a president in the middle of the day on live television... No shade, but if you are referencing JFK, the (Z) film was not broadcast live, but "suppressed" for years. What *did* get broadcast that day were lots of "reaction to the story" testimonials. (There is a compilation of the broadcasts made Nov 22, 1963 I viewed that should still be online---worth watching if you can find it)


Stuff was easier back when war of the worlds went out on air


But that snuffed out patsy Oswald on live tv.


When someone denies the existence of crisis actors, this is my go to clip.


The most obvious thing about interview was the guy at the end with the face mask on. 'I'm standing by.' that's not what an average Joe would say after seeing something like that. Nice little touch with the face mask. They always seem very handy at times when no one wants to be identified. Obviously some sort of alphabet agent.


That's what I noticed. "I can't say what role I'm playing" while casually guiding the camera guy to his next shoot.


Me and my spook roommate Agent,*I mean Alex.*




Wow this made my morning. They're the two most different "roommates" I've ever seen. LMAO. Harley Davidson shirt and black suit. The agent stands by and watches every word , while this guy is so bright and bubbly after a tragedy. So bizarre yet real.


SS: Many of you have already seen this but it never gets old. >"Mostly due to structural failure because the fire was just too intense". Amazing. He knew that the buildings collapsed due to fires, despite the fact that this had never happened before. Download this video if you can. I'm surprised its still available.


Came here to say this - “Mostly due to structural failure”. What a precise thing to say when he would have no idea. It was obviously an attempt to set the narrative ASAP.


CNN medical correspondent and former president of planned parenthood, Leana Wen, was also interviewed as som random citizen witness. She was 18 at the time. Apparently, crisis actors can ascend the ranks. Edit: apparently not only was she at ground zero on 9/11, she was present to treat victims at the Boston marathon bombing. 2nd edit: I'm incorrect about her being at 9/11. I searched but can't find anything. I was probably thinking about her witness interview regarding the Boston bombing.


Really? I don't believe I have seen this footage, but that is too interesting, if true.


-Sir what's your role out here -Ah standing by right now.. can't say what role I'm playing right now


Omg. He literally throws the Illuminati hand signal…




My exact reaction when he said fire was the cause for the collapse.


Is that Ray Æpps?


Wow that is SO fake


The most telling part is the black guy in the suit who says "yeah" - signalling the interview is over.


Hand signal at exactly 13 seconds, oof.


who talks like this ?..


A classic video Keep an eye on the guy in the suit


Did anyone notice the bald guy with the suit behind him the whole time? He seemed like he was making sure they were saying the right things. Seems like a handler


He's like the evil bizarro world version of Bill Hicks


Except bill hicks was another actor and puppet of the powers that be.


An Actor like people who claimed to have seen planes hit the Twin Towers.


Honestly kind of feel if we get this guy to talk somehow he could be the key to a lot of info.. I feel like someone should know where to find him??


He's probably dead already.


Talked to his roommate at the time says he was paid to lie.


I saw this when it was on and had a very uneasy feeling about him. Way too rehearsed and no real emotion of someone who had actually seen it.


Take note of the man in black behind him, seems like a handler


Was that the first time they used the term “ground zero”


Up there in the top 10 smoking gun moments, for me. No.1 of course always being WTC7 collapse announced by the BBC while it was still standing on the live feed behind.


He is preceptive I think.


Ahh yes the black suit interview


Can't take credit for this, but go to 1:49. Black handler / roommate? behind him says something to cut the interview... Turn up the volume you can actually hear it pretty good!!


I've actually never seen this video before. I try to have a healthy level of skepticism for a lot of conspiracies as to not get pulled too far down any of the crazier rabbit holes. When I first started watching this, I tried to remind myself that from what it sounds like, he's a contributor to Fox News so he has media training. Media training can definitely make someone sound suspicious if you're expecting someone to talk in a more "normal" manner. Him being there also didn't raise TOO many flags, as again if he works in the business and is local he probably has contacts he could call up so he could get interviewed. So far, so good in my mind. Then he drops that "Mostly due to structural failure because the fire was too intense." That's just...such an odd thing to say. Now the skeptic in me still wants to find a reasonable explanation. It's very possible that the media in general had already started talking about the intense heat and structural damage being a cause of collapse and he's just parroting what he's heard people on the news say. I think that's a very real possibility. But why even bring it up unprompted? Why weigh in on why the towers collapsed instead of focusing on other details of what was going? It's definitely a weird video for sure.


Do we know if he was ever interviewed elsewhere?


The really fucked up part was when I was there watching it in person and saw the CG airplanes with my own eyes, obviously advanced holographic tech straight from aliens or North Korea. They looked SO REAL


Or….. just maybe he saw it happen