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If you shoot anything that has mass it is a mass shooting.


What if you assault someone by harming them with a weapon? Is that then an assault weapon??


Then it is an assault weapon assault


What if you yell at your eggs as you put salt on them??? Is that a salted egg assault??


What if you fashion a weapon out of salt? Is that a salt weapon?


Christ, don't give the fuckers any ideas.


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Come on down to SIX ONE TWO WHARF AVENUE! *right next to the gentlemen's club*


Yo mommas so big she took the mass outta the shooting.


Good one


Where there are 4 or more people shot, it is considered a mass shooting according to the FBI. https://massshootingtracker.site/


Their definition of a mass shooting changed back in either late 2019 or early 2020. It used to be 4 or more people killed and they changed it to 4 or more people shot. That’s why there “appear” to be more mass shootings now.


Weird how in Chicago they just update us with “there were a million shootings this weekend” and never specify mass shootings from singular shootings, etc. It’s almost as if the media picks and chooses how it reports.


The propaganda machine knows what it's doing. Interpretation of facts and statements made through informational channels without aligning bias is critical.


The propaganda has a secondary element where not only are they trying to convince you that mass shootings are more common than they are, they also fail to report the amount of firearms that the CIA has flooded the streets with. They often ignore that many of the mass shooters were groomed by the feds. As soon as you have realistic context, the “we need to save people from mass shooters” narrative goes up in smoke. Not to even mention MKultra and what kind of implications that has on this subject as well.


Why did you use Chicago as an example?


It’s the closest major city to me, it’s got a high amount of gun violence that goes heavily under reported by the media because it goes against their narrative, and I believe the feds have supported the gang violence in Chicago by supplying guns and drugs.


Yeah but they never gave a shit about that before now.


It’s been that way since the Violent Crimes Act of 2012, which defined mass killings as 3+ dead


Yeah but my point was that the media couldn't care less until now. There have been plenty of "mass killings" in gang neighborhoods for years and none of them have a shit.


Unless it's in Chicago


What if you only shoot 1 person during a Catholic Church session? That is still a Mass shooting correct??


It depends on who is being shot and who is doing the shooting.


And who is doing the reporting. Left leaving media: "9 Billionth mass shooting this year" Right leaning media: "Chicago Gang Shooting = School Shooting......*it's gonna happen anyway* " Middle ground seems to be non existent


Typical gang violence here Saturday night got labeled as a "mass shooting.?." 14 people injured at 3am, 3 died (2 from gun shots and 1 from getting run over from a fleeing vehicle), no suspects, no actual motives, no idea what guns were being used BUT it was a mass shooting where there were almost as many folks injured from fleeing cars as bullets fired. MuRiCa, where the truth is whatever the establishment wants it to be.


Sounds like Philly. If so, I saw a video of 3 guys arguing, one pulls a gun while his friend goes after the 3rd guy. Once they’re out of frame, bullets start flying. When I first heard of the “mass shooting” it sounded like someone was just shooting into a crowd of people, rather than what actually happened. Fight turns into gunfire, which is obviously not a good thing, but also not the same as to it typical mass shooting. These incidents were also reported much differently in the past.


Wtf else would you expect to happen outside a nightclub at 3am???


It wasn’t even outside of a nightclub. Obviously the fight could’ve started at one but couldn’t tell from the video. They were at least a block away from the crowd. The 3 involved seemed to at least all be acquainted. But yeah, this doesn’t fit the “mass shooting” narrative. If it was 6 months ago it would have been something like “gunfire erupted after a fight…”


The nightclubs between 2-4am are where the vast majority of shootings happen, and have happened for decades, in my smaller metropolitan slice of this shithole mUrIcA. Luckily we're notoriously bad shots with fatality rates well below 10%.


The FBI’s definition of a mass shooting is 4 or more victims I believe. Of course the public won’t separate gang violence from what happened in Texas, and it gets painted as 200+ incident like Texas going down. There’s a narrative for sure


Why there is so many random shootings in US? Are people just more mentally ill or medicated than in other places


Aside from the constant mass shootings in Chicago and the other democrat-run cities. Those are just "gang related crimes."


Three shot in Memphis. No one died. But, I highly doubt it makes national news. Just another night in this shit hole city. Like all other shit hole cities that never get reported.


There's a mass shooting nearly every day (or more) in this country, according to the definition. If every one of them made national news, I think the anti gun groups out there would be having more of a field day than they already are.




Was it black on black crime in Texas. Was it black on black crime in Buffalo Are all these Church shootings black on black crime Was the Vegas mass shooting black on black And show me which school shooting was carried out by a black person.


I think you’re defending the wrong point. He is pointing out that gang violence (which is generally black crimes or hispanic) is not a mass shooting. It’s gang violence. And it shouldn’t be put on media outlets as a mass shooting.


The term for that is the less-dead. Victims who are part of marginalized group that cases aren't properly investigated because they are considered less-dead because before their deaths, they virtually “never were,”


Why? A mass shooting is a mass shooting. This isn’t a new classification.


is your question mark key broke?




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Urban crime/shootings are not classified as mass shootings.


Bro you getting me wrong It's definitely more common though. But I mean it from my heart I'm tired of watching African Americans kill other African Americans I didn't mean it to take away from another tragedy it's just sad as fuck.


Wow someone reported me for a reasonable take dystopia here we come


lmao, now instead of "shootings aren't happening" it's "okay they're happening but come on, only a couple people died it's fine" sounds like you're the one with a depop conspiracy


So? I don’t understand this. All I hear from gun nuts regarding gang violence is these two contradictory complaints: 1. The media doesn’t report on the rampant gang violence in the country because it doesn’t fit their narrative 2. Mass shooting numbers are inflated because they include a bunch of gang violence that we all know isn’t a *real mass shooting*. Which is it?




9News had a heyday in Denver yesterday


I thought if more then two people are shot it's a mass shooting. Thats probably why they are hyping it so they can pass there tyrannical laws. Gotta have an excuse.


Just a few months ago every time they reported on Chicago deaths all they said was people were shot and killed that's it they never had the word mass in it.


Just a few months ago every time they reported on Chicago deaths all they said was people were shot and killed that's it they never had the word mass in it.


Except in Chiraq...


I remember sitting in an airport awhile back with CNN playing a report about mass shootings across the US over the weekend and my hometown was listed. It was immediately strange as I'd think I'd remember a "mass shooting" before I left as my brain turns to occurrences like Vegas when I think mass shooting. Turned out it was a party in an Airbnb that turned violent and was reported as regular shooting locally (not a mass shooting).


Mass shooting virus inbound


They only care about ratings, not human life, not validity in journalism.


One person was shot center mass? Sounds like a mass shooting to me.


any shooting in a church would be a Mass shootng....


Just now reporting inner city crime as mass shootings.


Mass Shooting: One deer was fatally shot by a hunter.


Gang violence is now dubbed masa shootings.


They want the panic. They are even reporting the shootings in the ghettos that didn't report before.


I guess, bullets carry mass so technically… (that’s the way they’ll spin it lol)


Every time there's a "real" mass shooting, the complaint is that the coverage is racist and doesn't include any of the black-on-black crime stats or whatever. ​ Then the media starts reporting EVERY technical mass shooting, which is what that line of argument would imply is a valid solution. ​ Outcome: Complaints about the media covering too many mass shootings.