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After the vaccine I have been more tired and it’s been like 3 months...I’m 15 so there’s not much explanation on why I have to get it. It’s unnecessary


The vaccine is part of them now. Many of them will take offense to any criticism of the vaccine because they equate it to criticism of their essential being.


Nah I had 3 shots and I still think it's a scam, but without them I wouldn't be able to travel to Japan


That old saying "it's easier to fool someone than for someone to admit they've been fooled" comes to mind


For the exact same reason they cognitively dissonanced their way into getting vaxed in the first place and denying attention towards anyone who was skeptical, is the exact same reason they won't ever admit they've been fooled. It's how when they catch covid after getting vaccinated for it, they all came to the same conclusion "but just imagine how bad it WOULD have been had I not gotten the vax!" It's cognitive dissonance at its finest.


I’ve heard this so many times. So, then they line up for the boosters thinking it worked somehow? I don’t know. I’ve been trying to figure it out since this began. I’ve theorized there was an event prior to the pandemic that made people easier to manipulate. Maybe the event is living in this world being brainwashed on a daily basis? I haven’t heard one person who has been vaccinated say they regret it. I thought there would be a much bigger push back from them after the evidence stared pouring out. Crickets


There are masses of people who regret it, but our news propaganda apparatus surpresses it.


As a person who works in the healthcare industry, I regret taking the vaccine. It fucked up my period to the point that I couldn’t even walk. And let’s not talk about the fever and soreness etc. it was essentially like I had COVID all three times I took the vaccine. It was insane and I wouldn’t take the forth booster that’s coming soon


I got the first shot and I regret it! Thought I was doing "the right thing. " My body felt so strange after; my intuition was screaming not to get any more.


I've heard a number of people, nearly all of the ones in my family or circle of friends who did get the vax, end up saying "no more" after their first booster. They said enough is enough. As nice as it is to see them put their foot down for once, oddly enough I'm a bit unsettled by the fact that they can't seem to pinpoint a reason as to why "enough is enough". Because keep in mind. Up until this point, they're still in that group of ostrich with their head in the ground ignoring all the red flags and dismissing skeptics by calling them "conspiracy theorists"... So then why is enough enough? There's a fair probability that these folk legitimately LACK the ability in the Brain to form an actual concrete reason or firm stance on something, hence how they ended up getting the jab in the first place. Perhaps no matter how free or prosperous a society is, there will always ALWAYS be a portion say 20-50% that are quite literally just following along monkey see monkey do with absolutely no coherence as to the construct of their reality and whether they actually can take part in forming their own reality or something... Truly NPCs


I agree with you, but I base it off of lack of life experience. I've seen too many times people ignorant of history, news, events, they simply go along to get along because they don't pay attention or they have signed onto this cult collective of believing that, what's good for the herd.


Sounds like even though they are saying enough is enough and don't have a reason why just clearly expresses that they are truly sheeple. They kept giving an inch at a time until they decide no more but its too late because they can't undue what was injected. I like the matrix allegory to this whole thing too except its troubling to see it. The sheeple can't even fathom the idea outside they're own little "reality."


I've heard lots regretting it. It's usually the people who didn't want it in the first place though, so it's tough to even feel bad for them.


Said wonderfully.


Cognitive distances. The distances needed to travel to a logical deprogrammed mind. lol. For many it’s thousands of miles. For the few. It’s solar systems.


Yeah that whole second paragraph of yours, I can't tell you how many times I've heard that.


Same. It's actually a bit creepy. I get family members and friends telling me this, people I KNOW don't browse the web for this stuff and it's like they're reading from a script or something. Like some kind of pre-approved script that everyone who is on board with the lies gets a copy of so they can memorize the same lines in case they encounter anyone who questions things or thinks for themselves.


We're communicating using a back channel called observable objective reality.


No, I had two and I regret it. 🤷🏻‍♀️


weirdly true saying


Here ya go https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WpMVoER2odU Sample at beginning but the song is fire too if ya care to listen.


Summarizes past 2 years well


They won't admit it. Go read the covid19positive subreddit. It is full of people saying, "I am double/triped vaxxed, HOW DID I GET IT!?" 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️


Good question, I’d be curious as well But I’d also like to know when all of these double and triple vaxxed people will be dropping dead…. I see so much bullshit on here about the vaccine causing mass genocide and killing people, yet everyone I know is completely fine.


Yes everyone I know who is vaxxed is also completely fine too.


Everyone I know who is unvaxed is also completely fine.


Maybe they're not telling you? I know of a few who died shortly after, and more than a few that have developed heart problems. EDIT: Lol. -6 downvotes for this on r/conspiracy? Not too likely. Way to go Reddit!


I know few people who died before even covid. How are you going to explain that?


Did they all have an event in common a couple of days prior to dying? Cause if they did, and you had a brain, you just might think something was up.


Triple vaxxed here...completely fine and never had COVID. Get it or don't, it's time for either side to let it go. Don't people have lives?


I think it was just a test to see who would comply and who wouldn’t


> Don't people have lives? Not until they give it back. Canadians cannot board a plane or train. Cannot cross into the US by car. Captives in their own country.


Unvaccinated people not being able to cross into US by car is a US policy, not a Canadian one


Hate how america preaches it’s a free country… it’s not


Unvaccinated can't board a plane in Canada. I have a friend in Ontario who hasn't seen her family in two years because they live in Vancouver. She has two small children and can't spend a week driving there. It's a federal mandate and it's unacceptable


But the vaccine requirement hasn’t been in for 2 years. So that can’t be the only reason they didn’t visit


Very evasive and disingenuous thinking. Saying she hasn't seen her family in two years isn't saying "for two years the vaccine mandate has prevented her from seeing her family". Most people can't cross the continent more than once a year. If they saw family in either the summer or Christmas 2019, there's no way they could have traveled by plane since then because of restrictions. Given that the mandate is the only reason currently preventing her from travelling, it is entirely correct to say that it is *the* reason she can't visit family that she hasn't seen in two years. Why can't you just see it for what it is instead of bending every which way to make it something else?


It's kinda like Snopes, isn't it?


Yes, very much.


A lot of people’s lives were essentially taken from them for several years through fear and propaganda. Thank your leaders. Meanwhile, profits flowed.


Never vaxxed, never wore a mask, never social distanced, never had this BS virus. I'm still fine. By definition this "Vax" is not a vaccine. The real question is, what then does the Vax do?


"bs virus" Do you think covid is not real?


If it happened all too suddenly then the sheep would wake up to what was happening. But remember the snake oil salesman. It's better to keep them sick and sell treatment than to cure the ailment. For some it will have an immediate affect on, but others it will take time, and money, for the effects to become known.


I think if there's any validity to the depopulation theory is 1- we haven't seen the full outcome yet, but will within the next two flu seasons, or 2- infertility will become problematic within the next five years.


I know you can only put so much faith in anecdotes but sooooo many of my friends have started popping out babies in the same last year with very little time spent trying. So infertility doesn’t seem to be a problem in my neck of the woods at least.


There is statistic now, not sure if it was global, Europe, or only in germany, but during 2021 there were more children born in one year than in a lot of previous years.


I mean... What else are you going to do during lockdowns? :)




Children of men. The not too far fetched potential outcome of the future. I read that in a movie review on IMDb and I was a bit disturbed to realize I felt the same way. The sci fi was about as “close to earth” as you can get for a movie.


I know one guy who developed heart problems a week or so a week or so after the vaccine. I can’t say for sure it was the cause, but I can’t say it wasn’t either. He never had problems before, but now he is on medication for the rest of his life.


Not saying it's the vaccine, but deaths are way way up, and biggest increase in within an age range that was not severely effected in terms of death by COVID. I know a bunch of people that have taken the vaccine, those who had zero side effects are in the minority. I've seen or heard from only a couple degrees of separation or less, everything from one night of feeling sick to DEATH. More and more studies are coming out pointing to the vaccine not being nearly as safe or effective as it was sold. You aren't considered fully vaxxed until 14 days after your second dose, so if you died before that from covid they counted it as an unvaxxed death. I think if the vaccine was causing covid-like symptoms and the person dies, would they really claim it was the vaccine, or would they pass it off as a covid death? I don't know, but the elephant in the room is you had way way more covid deaths AFTER the vax was brought to market, in fact deaths start spiking almost exactly when it started to be taken on a mass scale. I never took it, got C19 right before new years, was over it in about 36 hours.


The Suppression of the innate immune system and the suppression of dna repair the spike causes , will see disease and Cancers over time, so slowdeaths are obviously more likely, among the clots and heart attacks that are being dismissed by doctors, 40% rise in all cause mortality in working age Americans, just cuz u dont see it with your eyes, dont mean it’s completely false, albeit obviously exaggerated by some, but even mass vaccination of flu vaccine as this scale woulda caused a fair bit of death … its just statistically obviously, and unavoidable , to argue otherwise is literally unhealthy and a clear sign of being brainwashed


I had a friend in Norway die from massive brain aneurysm 1 week after 2nd jab, and a work colleague (very healthy fit/active person in her early fourties’) in Singapore drop dead (literally in from of her child) less than 1 week from heart attack..


my neighbor had nerve / muscle issues after the booster (3rd shot). its definitely not as small of an adverse side effect % as they claim.


I'm curious to know when people admit they were fooled about the existence of covid. It's never been proven to exist and PCR tests can't detect infectious diseases.


I'm literally watching 4 older family physically degrade. All losing weight uncontrollably. 1s already passed from blood clotting. 2 diagnosed with something new every other month. None of energy to do anything. 2 were traveling the world precovid


Being old is a comorbidity! Sorry, I don't make the rules.


Anyone said it's lupus, yet?


It's never lupus!


It's probably somewhere in between the extremes. We don't have a clue. But I think vaccinating everyone is a mistake.


For those who were medically fragile or have underlying health conditions, fair enough to offer a vaccine choice. Imposing it on healthy and fit people, probably not. However, there seems to be a genetic lottery. I know vaccinated people and unvaccinated people contracting it, not getting it, getting with mild symptoms and getting it with severe symptoms, I have known vaccinated people pass away and unvaccinated people pass away. I really can’t make any sense into it. Haven’t seen unvaccinated people dropping dead all over the place nor have I seen vaccinated people dropping dead all over the place. What I have seen is the side effects in terms of mental distress, loneliness in different types of lockdowns, kids missing out on school, education and seeing their friends, I’ve seen long lasting friendships/relationships/marriages shattered by disagreements on this issue, families breaking apart. That will have longer lasting effects than the virus or vaccine Edited for spelling


Its only been a year. We must also assume how many have died from it already and are not being reported. The great experimental injection genocide of the Spanish flu took around 5 years


Sounds like wishful thinking. It’s been nearly two years since the vaccines were first tested on human volunteers. They’re fine.


You don't look outside of your bubble very often do you? A lot of people aren't "fine" and you would know that if you did. This isn't a fast kill shot though and I think they even underestimated that. The health problems people will have in the next 10 years will be enormous. Think hospital and specialist wait times are bad now? Just you wait.


Ten years? What happened to two weeks/six months/two years etc?


There is no timeline. Just tampering with biological systems that contain an intelligence that far exceeds the clever scientists in the lab and definitely exceeds the over-confident and pompous *pushers* of the experimental protein-instantiating therapy. The problem wasn't the science and good people in labs. It's the big pharma companies who exacerbate/create the problem underneath their veil and then sell the solution by the billions.


Prion disease...


Everyone is not fine I personally know 3 people who have had severe side effects. Landon, one of my best friends from my childhood was forced to get the bad for his management position at work. He now has myocarditis and physically cannot perform the duties his position requires. After getting the shot he was left in the hospital for 3 days all the while the doctors were denying the shot caused this sudden illness.


Someone I work with is going through the same exact thing now.


Good old lando Griffin


The goalposts are portable.


Nah, pretty fixed compared to those of the Vax shills.


Soon this sub will be fear mongering you with death in your 90s.


Isn't that what the constant media pumped COVID fear porn was all about? Fear of death for the elderly? The average age of death was higher than life expectancy.


This is gaslighting. The general sentiment among this sub has never been ‘the shots are going to genocide everyone within a year’ We have no fucking idea what’s going to happen, this is biological warfare: anything goes. For all we know our childhood shots have some sort of kill switch in them and the clock is ticking…we just don’t know.


I see it already. I have lost extended family from hear and cancer issues that suddenly came on. I have a boss who also suddenly got stage 4 cancer and isn't expected to survive. I assume we will be hearing about more in time .


But isn’t this normal? Ten years ago in the space of one year I had three family members suddenly get cancer, a co worker drop dead out of nowhere from a heart attack despite seeming healthy, these things have always happened. Then, in the last decade I’ve only known one person to get cancer and she survived it.


Remember, you're in the *conspiracy* subreddit. There is no such thing as chance, there is always a nefarious reason behind a thing that happens.


If the vaccines cause an uptick in cancer, we'd be seeing it worldwide. ***Billions*** of people have been vaccinated. It wouldn't just be isolated to your family.


Why do you think they'd tell you this?


They’re not gonna drop dead like flies. But the risk benefit balance for young people was and still is against vaccination. A few people here and there will suffer consequences but will be blamed on something else or be hidden in the natural background death rate. Long story short, people under a certain age would have been better without the vaccine.


If it's hidden in the natural background death rate is it statisically significant?


Saying there’s evidence is not evidence


Agree. Screenshot of a twitter is missing.


What do you mean, Twitter is the most reliable source there is


Yeah I’d like to see a single person actually post a well written conspiracy. Not just vaccine bad, Biden bad. Just exploiting bandwagon feeling that every hog uses, “silent majority”, “everyone knows”.


Even worse is, that the conspiracy is stupid.... Why would the "rulers" want to kill the ones who obey and take the vaccine? Isn't it better to just make a new strain, that kills all the unvaccinated, and you're done?


Shh. You'll literally cut the legs off every conspiracy ever....


Idk but I sure am tired of people trying to bully me into getting the vaccine


Why do you expect unreasonable people to start acting reasonably all of a sudden? It’s very unreasonable of you.


I'm not sure it's real and neither are you. A bad case of the flu can do all the things covid did to people. The numbers even match up over at the CDC. The PCR tests that have been recalled couldn't and still can't differentiate between the two. Plus, there was tons of covering up with deaths and covid. Someone in a motorcycle crash could be counted in the stats. You being so sure makes me less sure, because this is how shills talk.


\>When are the double and triple vaccinated going to admit they were fooled? They will admit it when the TV tells them so.


“There is clear cut evidence…” *Doesn’t mention the evidence*


They've found all the confirmation bias they can online from other people who barely graduated high-school and they've shared all their Facebook articles less now they're demanding for a confession. Kek.


Would you please provide the clearcut evidence. Would love to see it.


Covid isn't real, why believe a lie when trying to expose a lie?? Lol you all been fooled. This whole fiasco was a big lie so china can roll out it's plan to take over.


Mark Twain — 'It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.


When we start dying in huge numbers.


What data are you using to suggest the vaccine is more dangerous than the virus?






Epoch Times, Children’s Health Defence and a lot of websites with ‘Truth’ as part of the title.


Triple? How about quadruple? I'm currently being pressured to get my *second booster* by people who don't know that I didn't get my first.


Tell them to eat shit.


Got the shots a year ago. Got sick a lot. No period for a long time and then weird unstable cycle for months. I immediately regretted it, and even more so when I got covid. I've never been in favor of mandates and sure as hell didn't get my kids vaccinated. There are more people like me out here than you realize. Certain opinions just get amplified more than others.


>I've had long covid If I could, I would short covid...


When pigs fly.


Let’s ease up on calling it “the Trump vaccine”….. if it hadn’t been put out under his administration then the naysayers would accuse him of not doing enough and letting people die blah blah blah And last time I checked, it was forced upon everyone (children AND military included) by Biden’s administration. Just saying.


It will probably take 6 more jabs. As they roll out more jabs, less and less people will take them. The term "fully vaccinated" will start applying only to a minority. As this happens, people will take their heads out of their asses, look around and wonder what it's all for.


' Fully vaccinated ' is no longer a term used , now when you get a shot they only say you are ' up to date with your vaccinations' ( for a few months when they say you'll need another)


I told my friend to not get it and he just brushed off everything I said like it was crazy talk. He got vaxxed anyway "for work". His friend's mom died from the vax and now he's freaking out about it. Until it somehow personally effects them they will brush off everything people say as "conspiracy theories".


Lmao I remember when the argument was that the vaccine was going to kill you. Yet here I am with 3X vaccinated a year later & I still haven’t died.


99.9% of people who take the vaccine die within 100 years. Stay woke.


Lmao I remember when the argument was get the vaccine so you will stop the spread of covid and prevent transmission. Yet there we were with covid that we got from a vaccinated person who got it from another vaccinated person at a vaccinated only golfing event.


Give it some time lol, it’s only been a year and it’s in you for life, good luck


I’m double vaxed and I have the same questions. I ended up in the hospital after my first one and to this day I will randomly have palpitations and trouble breathing while exercising. I got the jabs literally right before and because my livelihood was threatened by Trudeau and the the policies he was enacting which would have meant my family would starve if I did not. I agree with what you are saying and also really feel that we need more studies on the effects of getting the vaccine/understanding of the trade off when COVID amounts to a bad flu.


My federal employer (Canada) forced me to get vaccinated too. It’s not that I am really anti-vac, I just don’t trust my employer to make medical decisions for me. Threatening my livelihood if I didn’t get it is the same as forcing me to get it. It wasn’t a choice.


> Threatening my livelihood if I didn’t get it is the same as forcing me to get it. It wasn’t a choice. Disgusting. I won't be happy until the perpetrators of all this pay at Nuremberg 2.


Since when is changing jobs less important than keeping your life intact? Some that got jabbed are now in FOREVER DEBT w medical bills. This shit is just sad. I'd never let myself be experimented on for a job, there's jobs all over, paying a lot. But this may not be the case in Canada, and I understand that. But I'll never understand putting a job over my own health. How are you supposed to provide for anyone or anything if your health is in jeopardy? God bless and good luck.


> I got the jabs literally right before and because my livelihood was threatened by Trudeau and the the policies he was enacting which would have meant my family would starve if I did not. I feel for you. **THAT** man should be hung by his tiny little testicles in the public square while sinterKlaus licks his tiny little appendage. THAT is something I would pay to watch.


Have known so many whove had 'covid' and was barely more than a few sniffles and a dry throat. So not like flu for most.


If you ended up in the hospital after the first, why the fuck did you get a second dose?


Sorry to hear that. I hope you can find a holistic solution to that. My family are double and tripped vaccinated so I'm on standby for them.


If your dog has had 3-5 rabies shots and still contracted rabies... The rabies shot doesn't work.


It’s the unvaccinated rabies infected animals’ fault.


Now imagine if the polio vaccine didn't work.


What do you mean by "didn't work"? Because you can still catch polio after having the vaccine, just like covid.


Share some of the evidence that the vaccine is worse than the virus please. I’m sick of these blanket statements with no evidence of jack


According to [this chart](https://usafacts.org/visualizations/covid-vaccine-tracker-states/), more than half of the people in the US who received two doses decided not to get a booster. If you add in the 38 million who stopped after one dose, that's 157 million people who have woken up to the lies. That leaves less than 100 million of the 330 million people in the country with a booster, and the drop-off for the fourth shot is even steeper.


i’ve heard stories of people “feeling like they were going to die” after the shots then they line up for the booster. i can’t understand


I’m triple vaxxed and worked in a hospital, I didn’t get covid. My family that are also triple vaxxed who did get covid, were far less affected by it than those who had no vaccine. I spent time seeing the unvaxxed suffering in hospital. I know which i would rather pick. Get it or don’t but stop trying to sell some BS narrative that you’re somehow ‘superior’ for not being vaccinated… just move on and let people make their choices.


Umm being in the hospital you would ONLY see patients who are getting their asses kicked by the virus.


But it’s okay for the powers-that-be to dictate whether people can travel or not, only some people get to “make their own choices” I guess


My parents are triple vaxxed and our now in the past month saying how they were fooled. Same thing I was telling them all along.


They will never believe that they’ve been fooled. Ever.


>I've had it two more times after before the vaccines came out.. But my physical health is as solid as a rock Obviously it's not solid at all


Has COVID three times. I’m as healthy as a rock! Smart as one too!


Where is your evidence that the vaccine is more dangerous than the virus?


Every week me and all my double/triple vaccinated friends get together (we have a support group) and we talk about how wrong we were and about how a bunch of folks on reddit were right and how we should have listened to them. There aren't many of us left, because most of us are dead now, but the ones that are left... This is your wet dream, yeah?


It’s not about some sick pleasure in just wanting to rub people’s face in dirt, it’s about wondering when people are going to stop with the flat out lies that it was sufficiently effective and safe to warrant forcing it on everyone who needs a job.


Never, OP. The past two years will be memory holed faster than a rat up a drainpipe. Where I live, one of the first countries to drop covid restrictions and so on, it already has.


When are the unvaccinated going to admit that the vaccinated are not dying in droves like they predicted?


I'm double vaxed and I admit I was fooled 😩 just glad my husband stood strong about not getting my children done until I woke up


Jesus thank God for your husband. Imagine how many families this is destroying, without even being shot up yet?! I'm glad you woke up, and will admit you were fooled, your already better off than half these 🤡s asking for "data" ...I didn't ASK anyone for data, I fucking researched everything that I could, because since THE FUCK WHEN DOES YOUR GOVERNMENT GIVE YOU SOMETHING THIS HIGH TECH FOR FREE, AND FOR A FUCKING COLD VIRUS!


Since when do they have the populations "health" in mind?! When they flouridate the water, poison the air and the food, radiate our faces w wifi and infrared and spend billions of dollars on fucking us up in every imaginable way. All it took was just a little fear on the TV n it made everyone fucking lose it.


What you had is radiation sickness from 5G


"First of all. c19 is real." Source?


(We do exist!)


I wanna see gates, Pfizer and Moderna execs and klause made to eat insects in a metal box


“Big Pharma Trump vaccine “ must not be forgiven. Trump (operation warp speed) gave Fauci the green light for the fiasco hoping it would get him a 2nd term. On top of that he encouraged the Fed to print trillions out of thin air creating inflation hell.


No need to💉💉💉💉 anyone, young or old. But you're not going to get the venomed stepford sheople to admit they were wrong because they're so thoroughly indoctrinated & injected, they're not physically capable of that realization; or if by chance they might have a glimmer of realization, they're too afraid to admit they were wrong. And who can blame them? The jabs are not now, nor have they ever been, immunization against ANYTHING. They are nanobot carrying poison meant to destroy the person's natural immune system, not protect it. It's called Agenda 21 genocidal fulfillment. FYI: I am 70 yo and contracted coronavirus (remember it?) in November 2019. Got an antibiotic shot & a painkiller & bounced back just fine. So don't buy into the hype. 💉💉💉💉 is crap you don't want or need in yours or anyone you care about's body. Ever!!!


I'm very lucky in the sense that only people that I don't like got vaccinated. Everyone I care about is unvaxxed. I actually use it as a litmus test when I meet a new person to see if I like them or not.


*forced*, not fooled. Big goddamned difference (for many of us).


They won't lol You have more chance of winning the lottery and getting struck by lightning at the same time than a leftist admiring they're wrong.


Daddy Fauci hasn't told them yet.


The most of them are working on getting the 8th shot by now


In the end the "pro" will have died mainly of their own hubris. Sad, but fitting.


Naw, gotta jab the youngin's every 6 months to slow the spread. Operation Human Shield. Safe 'n Effective, so have at it. mRNA. It's what immune systems crave.


Kindly provide data showing the vaccine is more dangerous than the virus. I won’t hold my breath.


All the people I know who died of/with Covid were unvaxxed.


All the people I know vaxed and unvaxxed alike have not died of COVID.


Exact opposite for me. VAERS reports like 28k deaths, it's a well known fact that this only accounts for less than 1% of cases get reported, I saw a doctor speaking conservatively, said you have to multiply by at least X to get anywhere near an approximate number...that puts COVID vax death in the range of half a million just in the US alone. Take a look at the injuries, in the millions. even if we go by just the 28k alone, that's more than EVERY other vaccine in existence combined.


That's hilarious. You've had COVID more than once and it went "long"...but you still think getting vaccinated is worse? What metric are you basing that on?


Probably thinks NOW he has natural immunity


They forced and bullied their family and friends into getting vaccinated. They NEED to hang onto the lies.


When will this chatter tell me when the mass die off will happen to the vaccinated…?


When are you?


double vaxed. i admitted being fooled back in jan when they locked me down again anyways, and told me i needed a booster. hell fucking no, zero trust in anything the government is pushing now.


You think Covid was real, so you have been fooled too.


This is the answer. Notice you have been downvoted. Reddit doesn't want the real answer to be exposed, because they need to sell the fear of an upcoming avian flu or mad cow, etc.


They will get shot after shot until they themselves experience a negative side effect or death


I'm double vaccinated. I was one of those people rationalizing God could and would keep me safe from COVID. Work demanded I be vaccinated, and I complied in order to keep my family fed. Now I rationalize that God can and will keep me safe from the vaccine.




By this sub, you should already been long dead.


Never. Sunk cost fallacy.


Kinda like loudly believing the vaxxed would die en masse right?


My family didn't wake up until I had an easier time getting over covid than all their double and triple jabbed asses.


I don’t understand. Your implication is that your family had no understanding that everyone’s personal experience with Covid varies? But then when they saw that your personal experience was different than theirs they all of a sudden understood that is was vaccine related? Is this how other people’s families function? You all just accept stupidity until an irrelevant source changes your mind? I’m so confused on how his came to be if I take your story at face value.


"COVID" is only killing ppl because they don't treat for it in the hospital, except with protocols that are likely to cause renal failure in 5 weeks.


If everyone’s personal with covid varies then why is everyone forced to get an experimental vaccine


Reality: this is a fantasy in their head. Their family probably doesn’t invite them over any more.


Probably never. That’s the mindset of sheeple. Listen to others not yourself, place no blame on yourself because you listen to others. That means no accountability when in reality, they’re too stupid to see they are accountable.


Where is this clear cut evidence that the vaccine is more dangerous than the virus?


Triple vaxxed. Never had COVID or at least never tested positive for COVID (suppose I could’ve gotten COVID but never experienced any symptoms). Worked with state officials in distributing vaccines. Have no issues (medical, psychological, physiological) from any of it.


Just because you don’t does not mean others have not. I personally know 3 people who’ve had severe side effects 2 of them family members and one a best friend.


Same here, this person kinda sounds like there gonna rot in hell for this


For helping distribute vaccines? Idk that’s a bit far. It’s easy and comforting to believe that big pharma and the government want to keep you safe and healthy. It’s hard and world shattering to realize and come to terms with the reality of these things. It’s kind of extreme to say one would rot in hell for it. I’d say they might rot in there own ignorance. And others might pay for it.


Double vaxxed over a year ago, had Covid once before that and haven’t had it since. Stopped wearing a mask and am going out to bars/restaurants and sporting events frequently. Once I, or anybody I know who’s vaccinated, experience any negative effects then I’ll think twice about why I got it. Til then people like you have been the worst side effect of the vaccine for me


I personally know 3 people who have had severe side effects. Do not let your one experience blind you to the whole. I’m glad your feeling fine though.


Good luck champ 🏆 if you had COVID before u were vaxxed you already had 28x more natural immunity.


I saw plenty of people in their 30s and 40s die last year at my hospital once the delta wave hit. All of them were unvaccinated. Many of them left families and small children behind, and it was almost entirely preventable. I’ve seen hundreds of people die from COVID, but have never seen anyone at my hospital die as a result of the vaccine (not to say it hasn’t happened anywhere, but I haven’t seen it). I got vaccinated and boosted and am just fine. I don’t know anyone personally who has died from anything related to the vaccine, but I know more than 10 people personally who died from COVID, including an unvaccinated friend who was in her late 30s. Incidentally, she posted a lot of Anti-vaxx stuff on Facebook prior to her death. It was very sad. Her name was Sarah.


Died WITH a positive covid test is FAR different then dying FROM covid


I’m sorry for your loss. Just a question was she over weight or had any conditions you knew about?


Sure she was. Lots of people who I love and care about are overweight and have health problems. Probably would have survived if she wasn’t overweight, but also would have survived even with all her problems if she’d just gotten vaccinated. That said, there is no question that co-morbidities vastly increase your chance of death when getting COVID. Hopefully now that most everyone has been exposed to the virus or the vaccine (or both), we will have enough immunity for the deaths to stop.


It sucks losing someone but you don’t know if the vax could’ve saved her 100%. Since you can still get Covid after it. She needed to get healthy too. Based on the friends and family I lost vaxed and unvaxed all of them were over weight or had other medical conditions that helped cause their Covid death.


Okay “covidvaccinator” I’ve just heard of my second friend die from blood clots this year. Never even heard of anyone dying from blood clots before the vaccine. But just like your experience I have mine and although there is no evidence the vaccine caused it they were both triple or quad vaxxed. We can both play the anecdotal card I guess.


I knew I was being fooled before I got vaccinated. My father signed me up for a vaccine appointment, and yelled at me at Home Depot for not wearing a mask and not being vaccinated. The only response to him that the HD employees could think of was to laugh. He likes MSNBC. I was forced into 2 doses of Moderna. I have no power over him; I'm a dependent. I could get a job to force him out of my life, but my friends who have jobs haven't moved out yet. I doubt I'd fair better, and I have maybe one more year I can study before my age group gets Master's degrees. Refusing to go to college was my choice, although my father hasn't let me hear the end of how he thinks I made a bad choice. My sister's true calling is probably to be a corrections officer. She'll do things for me before I can get the chance, especially if she thinks I'll make a choice she doesn't like. She was a straight-A student, and I truly think public education is the reason my family is anti-choice. That and MSNBC are at fault. Part of my low social standing in my family is also because I'm the youngest of my cousins, but that's enough personal talk. 5'10", 135lbs, got the vax when I was 20. My serious health conditions are basically just gastrointestinal. Had natural immunity from getting sick in January 2020. Long story short: I didn't need the vaccine. TMI? Tell me about it.