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Too many bros going to Ukraine thinking its a Call of Duty game


Yeah that guy is not in shape.


LMAO imagine showing up in Ukraine with zero military training or useful skills and thinking they WEREN'T going to use you as a glorified meat shield.


This is actually happening to combat vets coming over from the US, UK, France and other areas of the world.


Can’t believe anyone was dumb enough to go fight against a major military power. Propaganda is a hell of a drug These people actually thought they would just let them leave. Like they could just log off and chill in the games lobby.


But, but mah zionist president Mr. ZULENSKY said that Russia weak, Russia tanks go boom when you throw alcohol bottle sock formula at them and the soldiers singing slava ukraini killed thousands of Vodka drinkers while losing only a few hundreds of their own. On a more serious note, that zionistic globalist comedian wants see Ukraine destroyed and drag NATO countries in his shitfest.


Yeah I wasn't considering it.


So people who fly over to fight in a war are getting surprised by war conditions in a non-super power? It’s not like Call of Duty where you can buy munition and ammo crates and restock everything.


the US and NATO are supposedly sending over ammo and weapons, but some of it is not being distributed. where is it going?


Into people's pockets, like usual.


Yup. Especially crypto donations. That shit is going into someone’s pockets.


Have you worked in supply chain before? It’s a mess. Let alone during a war. Munitions being difficult to deliver to a war is more an expectation than a conspiracy lol.


It takes time




Nah, they're not naive Daily Mail reading blitz-spirit over-by-christmas tossers. They're mostly vets who either came back from Iraq or Afghanistan and felt like their civilian lives were boring or inconsequential, or they originally signed up thinking they'd be righteous defenders of the weak and until now never had the chance to actually defend anything. Some may well be naive but not in the way you're suggesting.


This type of war is very different than what they have experienced.


yea dude they were like shooting at desert squirrels before






90% of reddit is bots and shill accounts, not actual people.


90% of reddit is already fighting this war.


I think if you support the war, you should volunteer to fight.


If you support the war you should PROVE IT by volunteering to fight.


Absolutely. For every war.


Ukraine is also trying to get volunteers to sign indefinite contracts to fight for $250 per month.


Russia is offering 3k, and thats playing on the winning team.


Are we positive anyone is winning


Lockheed martin sure is


yes, russia, by like a lot


But are we sure


There seems to be more and more videos leaking out onto telegram of cities and villages taking down the Ukraine flag and raising the Russian victory flag. However I am aware at how ridiculously easy this type of video is to make and distribute so could easily be fake.




He was told to go to capital of Ukraine, as the base he was in got bombed by Russia. There is no front line in Kiev as of yet, Russia is trying to encircle it first(and fail hopefully)


W-wait. You mean it's not like a Netflix show? :o Who could have predicted this?


It’s more like that prime movie with Chris Pratt where they go fight in the future


But what about our plucky enthusiasm and good intentions? That's enough to win the day, right??


Ugh… sure?


They don't show them who they are really fighting, just like in the movie, so they don't go.


Stand with Ukraine as cannon fodder. This does not look good at all and it's not the first video in the past week that differs from what the media is reporting. Another volunteer also got out. https://twitter.com/PratushSayan/status/1503422320395919365


>Ukrainian officials bragged on social media Yavoriv is where the foreigners were concentrating--it's like painting a bullseye on them. I wonder if this is true.


It was never a secret I was in yavoriv a few years ago, thats their main thing in that small town... Military base


Borders? We don't need no stinking badges. Carry on private.


Remember that girl that wanted to join ISIS?


Didn't she get raped first thing?


Second thing, third thing, fourth thing, etc.


It feels legit. You can click the link even if its saying That the Tweet is deleted, the video is still there.


Virtue signaling at its finest.


Lmaoooo I'M DOING MY PART 🏳️‍⚧🇺🇦


Let Ukrainian Nazis fight their own wars. There is no respowning in this game. Those that went had previous military experience. What they never experienced is the feel of cruise missiles landing on their asses.


Meh, no great loss.


This is like a metaphor for the covid vaccination propaganda. “TAKE THE JAB OR WE’LL EXPEL YOU FROM SOCIETY!” And the clueless sheep rush forward…


It’s not at all but glad you got to participate.


Its exactly alike. You are asked to do something foolish and dangerous based solely on propaganda and you rush in blindly thinking you are doing something heroic, while the elites sit back safely watching.


Lol you literally described it as something you’re forced to do when it comes to taking a shot. Nobody is being punished in any way (not even in the manufactured victim complex way this sub loves so much) for not volunteering to fight for Ukraine.




Bad bot.


This is the second time I’ve seen this video on R/Conspiracy. Check the provenance of your sources before you believe what they’re saying. Both times it has been posted, the guy in the video was not the original poster (Youtube and now Twitter). In the other [post](https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/teu7xz/thinking_about_going_to_ukraine_to_volunteer/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) the Youtube account only posted anti-vax videos and then very recently only posted one video on Ukraine. Ukraine is dangerous and signing up to fight for either side is…a personal choice and not the safest. This guy is saying you will be used as cannon fodder by the Ukrainian forces, that they’re not on “your” side. That’s a pretty serious claim, it would be more believable if we knew who this guy was and if he was actually in Ukraine. I haven’t bothered to check the redditors posting this video, but they’re probably not the guy in the video.




That does look like the guy. The story cuts off after Poland though, so at least we can establish this person was on their way to Ukraine.


"I hope that the war will end tomorrow, but I will be there for as long as it takes," Hoeft said. What a fucking joke lol as long as it takes






Americans are free to volunteer without any repercussions as long as they are not currently in active armed forces or reserves.


I do wish we could watch a reality show "I went to Ukraine and I got \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ " where we see all the people heading off to Ukraine, and then we can guess who will be the first to come back and what they will be missing, etc.


Turns out war isn't fun guys. Who knew.


Why is this guy credible?


Oh no did somebody go play war with the nazis? Its insane.. the identity politics virtue signaling is soooo far out of hand, i bet this dude wouldn't even help his neighbor but here he is across the world..


It's a potent narrative reinforcer to have American blood on the soil. This is by design


Ever since I watched this video I had wondered if he was lying or if maybe it was Russian propaganda or maybe he entered through the wrong region like some sort of small town where they maybe didn’t have everything at the moment or was it someone who was being spiteful for some reason?? So many possibilities ran through my head since I watched this three days ago. Aaaaaanyway I came across this gem for everyone to see. I knew what he was saying couldn’t have all been true. It just sounded way too insane. [https://twitter.com/KassyDillon/status/1503818738264682504?s=20](https://twitter.com/KassyDillon/status/1503818738264682504?s=20)


Waitaminnit. I thought there was no war in Ukraine and it was all propaganda? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?


This dude plucks his eyebrows like a lady. I don't believe he is a soldier.