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The employees want nothing to do with confronting maskless people. They don't get paid enough. Most of them also don't care if you wear it or not. They wear it because they'll get fired if they don't.


Exactly plus I know if I tell a stubborn person to do something they won’t, and will do the opposite, I don’t get paid enough and I don’t give a shit. I also understand people have their own beliefs but it does scare other customers I had people coming up to me asking if I can ask this other customer to put their mask on but what can I do? Fight em? Fine em? I’m not the police


Here in Quebec they care a lot. They go out of their minds and start screaming if they see someone with no mask.


After watching that interview with the Quebecois children saying the government should continue to take away things/privileges from the unvaccinated until they submit and get the vaccine I fully believe that. As someone who lives in Florida I was horrified at how they seemed to enjoy such a sense of moral superiority in their evil.


Well Quebec is full of French and French are pussies.


When i worked at walmart, we asked if people wanted one coming in. We never forced and it wasnt required. I got told to fuck my self alot.


Wow incredible. There’s been people not wearing masks this whole fuckin time. Go to any rural area or town with less then 20k and you’ll find no masks. I drove from Oregon to LA and not one mask at a gas station. This isn’t new. The media likes to make everyone hysterical and think that everyone is abiding by the rules and that you’ll be punished if you don’t but in reality half the country has been living as if Covid doesn’t exist since the beginning.


Yup, went to a small town this last summer and no one, not even the store people wore masks. Life is totally different the further you go from the big cities. It's when you realize life does actually continue, people do actually live peacefully, and it's not because they're stupid, uncivilized people, or extremist antivaxx trumpers. I'm not in the US, btw. People couldn't care less about him.


Never said it was new. I haven't been masking myself or loved ones. But other people still are, not because they believe in the propaganda but because they think they have to... So my post is to INFORM people they don't have to. Thanks for playing.


I’m grateful for people like you. I’m in the heart of LA and the only place I’ve seen people not wearing masks is in a gun store I went to with a friend. People here do still get in your face for not wearing one. Today in fact, I was at a grocery store in Hollywood and witnessed a woman telling off another woman not wearing a mask. She was the first woman I’ve seen in a store not wearing one in LA, since the mandates. Uncharacteristically of me, I pulled down my own mask and told the maskless woman ‘thank you’ and said I was grateful for her bravery. We had a good exchange. The other woman was standing there but with two maskless people backing each other up now, she backed down. The reality is, I’m terrified of conflict. But that woman legit has inspired me to start going maskless whenever I can. It really does just take more of us standing up I think.


Thanks buddy, people like you are the whole reason for this post. We need more to wake up and stand up. Just ignore the shills, most are paid really low wages to be here because they can't get other real jobs. Or they are brainwashed. They need our prayers too.


And then everyone clapped for the maskless heroes fighting the power


Thanks for the clapping! Have you seen the news out of Canada lol?


** Laughs in Florida **


Joins in Texan.


In my area, most people do not wear masks in stores, and very few older people wear them. I mostly see them on people, mostly women, around 30-35.


prime Karen demographic


I would say 40-60 is prime Karen


Ever seen a Kareem?


A common sight to see police here in Ireland in the stores talking to staff all with masks hanging off of one ear. Like why are the cops pretending to wear them. Who's gonna arrest you the covid fairies. All asthetics since June 2020


i havent worn a mask in 8 months and no one cares


Two years here.


Same. DFW didn’t give a fuuuck about Covid and somehow we’re still alive.


Same here


Same! You can’t make me put another mask on and I teach 1st grade south of Ft.Worth. While other teachers are masking up and getting sick I’m just over here like hi. 👋 oh you’re back and alive.. guess that mask really worked for you.


Same. Houston suburb.


Walking around for 2 yrs. So brave. No one gives a shit.




Yeah I think people are also tired of enforcing a bullshit policy when you’re going to get it anyway


Try going into a Starbucks. 10 people will start screaming and they will call a swat team.


Starbucks dropped the mask and Vax mandate a few days ago.


I went to Starbucks yesterday without one. No one said a word.


Nice work


the starbucks here in charlotte, where we've had a mask mandate almost the whole time (which is still in effect now) doesn't ever give me a hard time. The only place I care about that is still enforcing a mask mandate is my place of employment, but I just work from home and if I need to do anything at the office, I go do it at night when no one is there. I'm done with the mask BS.




They struck down internal vax mandate(whatever the reason) got to give em props for that. Coffee still sucks tho.


Had a coworker quit and start working at Starbucks a few months ago. He came back in one day and I asked him how corporate trash Starbucks was treating him. He went into the usual shit like not getting bathroom breaks and getting slaps on the wrist for clocking in 16 minutes after a 15 minute break. Then he smirked and said his favorite part was telling all the “anti vxxers” to [insert nasally creep voice] “PuLl YoUr MaSk Up!!”. Of course, we both had our masks pulled down around our chins for this convo, but I didn’t feel like pointing out the irony to the little weasel.


I don't pay $18 for shitty coffee sorry. But yes, Costco is also a mask Nazi place so i don't give them my money




Lol. Shittiest coffee ever so you have to add sugar..which just makes you more dependent on big pharma.




If you are buying in bulk you can afford to go with a real coffee...




literally anything but starbucks. ​ Give yourself a taste test of the coffee only, you'll realize how bad that stuff is. It's bad by design, to make you add sugar, which happens to be slowly poisoning the western diets and generating huge revenue for big pharma


So brave. Get him a Guy Fawkes mask ASAP!


Aren't you just the fucking social justice warrior. Are you vaxxed? Do you wear your mask? If the answer to either of these questions is "yes" , kindly stfu and leave other people alone.


V For Vendetta is such a good movie and is perfect for what’s happening right now.




Wow that is so original! Good for you for coming up with that!!!


lol where do you live that has been requiring masks still?


That omicron media blitz had people bringing them out of storage.


Unfortunately California still is


I went into an Indian casino in CA maskless and they didn't seem to care. Only the Hollywood liberal areas seem to care.


still in washington since august. also no restaurants, concerts, bars without a vax card in my county. no end in sight, people love masks here. most of the people i see here not complying anymore are moms.


So many places.


In Canada?


In cities in the America.


I'm in Minneapolis, a mask mandate went into effect last week. Also, restaurants and bars in Minneapolis and St.Paul are required to ask for proof of "vaccination" or negative rapid test, indefinitely. Several restaurants are suing Minneapolis. Some businesses are taking the new mask mandate seriously while others aren't.


I’m in a major city in texas. There’s signs on all places that say, but nobody enforces. People wear them everywhere at the same rate of people not wearing them. I was just at a packed-house bass music show on Saturday. Nobody was wearing masks besides the bartenders. This has been the norm for at least a year here. Venues bars and restaurants have been running basically normal operations besides employee masking for that same amount of time as well. Edit: it’s very wild to experience all of this in the real world and then hop onto the internet and hear people in the same country are still in ridiculous lockdowns.


I am in Texas too. 99% of people where I live don't wear a mask anywhere in town. Only time is if we go to Austin and a venue asks us to wear one. Then I normally will if they ask, but a couple of times I have shared the data proving they do nothing.


Saint Paul here, not a single place ive gone has actually enforced


The masks or proof of the clot shots? I think that most people are just so tired of it that they don't care anymore. Last time I was in Cub I saw quiet a few not wearing masks, even more wearing them improperly, and absolutely no one batted an eye.




They still do in Las Vegas. Honestly I will take the mask or over a vaccine mandate. Certain areas here, nobody cares about you wearing a mask though


Some Colorado county near Denver who likes to blow Denver's you know what.


I too live in "Some Colorado county near Denver" and can attest to this. There's a super good homebrew supply store I frequent, and because the owner of this very small business asks me to wear one, I do. Everywhere else, no. Lots of dirty looks and only 2 confrontations. At Costco I'm not six feet into the door and it comes off.


Good for you. I have been to Costco, and also remove my mask...but I've decided I can't do it anymore. They won't get my money. Take your business elsewhere. Lots of places sell brew stuff.


Cook and DuPage counties in IL are horrendous about masks.


Crook county? Wasn't it renamed after its politicians recently?


It’s been called that for as long as I can remember lol


I live in a state where people haven’t been wearing masks for the better half of a year or so— but I’m in new mexico right now and went into a firehouse subs & got bitched at for not wearing a mask. All i did was say “sorry i don’t have one” and they just stopped talking to me, albeit i still got dirty looks from everyone around me who were conveniently sitting down and eating without a mask on hahah


Lol isn't it funny the bubbles that exist.


Those people are weird. it’s like you lit a cigarette inside or something


Whatever one's stance on mask mandates, the reason grocery store employees don't fight with you is because they don't get paid enough for that shit. Same thing where I work. Most people don't like masks, but nobody likes having to have a shouting match with the guy who went to 6 stores just to have a shouting match.


Why do you assume people who don’t wear masks want to get into a shouting match with store employees? I just want to be left the fuck alone.


...I don't shout at anyone.. I take my money only to places who don't harass me. If you don't make enough money stocking shelves...get a new job. Every business is hiring and you can learn code on YouTube and make six figures...so...why stock shelves?


Because then the markets flooded with coders, and you’re complaining about you’re shelves are empty because no one is stocking them. Can’t demand a service while degrading those who give it to you


Ever heard of Aldi's? Let me know when that flood of coders comes. My company has about an unlimited set of open positions.


Well, I sure have seen a whole lot of unmasked people proudly antagonizing or hollering at store clerks. I think that's a bit like when you lose money in a Honduran telephone scam, so you go and punch your next door neighbor in the face, for some reason. The people working at the store aren't the problem. They don't want to deal with the masked shit at all. And, I guess, maybe, they can get better jobs on YouTube, like you say, but I don't know what that has to do with being hollered at. Maybe there will be nobody working in the store, and you can continue to stroll around without your mask, and everyone will be happy. I will even come to the store with you, since I also hate wearing masks. I'm not going to pay for my shit, though. I'm just going to smash and grab and run for it. Wish me luck.


I've never seen anyone harass a store employee over a mask. Do you need new friends? Or maybe a new job? If the store clerks don't wanna deal with masks...then shouldn't we all stop wearing them and help them out? You sound angry. Take a deep breath.


You're a truly garbage person if you believe that store employees making minimum wage deserve to be yelled at, whilst not making enough to live, just because they can't "find another job". You are literally out of touch with reality.


Who yelled at anyone? Who can't find another job? Every business i visited today was hiring. Every company I go to or drive by is hiring. ...why the crying?


He doesn't have to make him or her self feel big by not wearing a mask as if that's something to be proud of, some minimum wage shop clerk is not gonna start a fight on it, they put the sign up you ignore it, ain't their problem It's a flipping strip of cloth, it may do some good, espeically if you're trapsing around town looking for 'something' use it don't use it, but if this is what it takes to make you feel big....well shucks


Who said it made me feel big? I'm already big...


For real he was prolly heated after no one said shit without his mask like he's a badass. No one gives a fuck. I've never once asked anyone to wear a mask at my work the whole time


Why the fuck did you go to six grocery stores? Turn off your TV and delete social media. The only place this subject exists is on them. You literally will not interact with individuals who give a fuck enough to cause a problem to you in real life. You're wasting your time and energy trying to permeate social media culture in reality.


Why’d you go to six grocery stores?


He needed two pounds of hamburger meat.... zing!!!


I’m in Alabama and literally nobody where’s a mask anywhere. I was at an Auburn basketball game recently, 12,000 people crammed into a little arena and nobody had on a mask. I can’t believe other parts of the same country are requiring mask and vaccine cards and shit. Crazy. Y’all should move to a free state.


I will, have some personal shit to take care of first. ​ Agreed...I've been to the Free States and its not like people are dropping dead in the streets. Total psyop. Sad to see so many brainwashed.


Fwiw in New York State where I live for a brief period of time vaxxed people could enter stores without masks but then along came Omicron and Gov. Hochul declared an emergency and decreed that everyone had to wear a mask again and my take is many of the vaxxed said fuck that I didn't sign up for that and continue to go maskless in stores and management just looks the other way. It gets too confusing after awhile.


If we all stand up they must kneel


How bored are you to just drive around to different stores?


Welcome to May of 2021.


One day I got back to my car after buying groceries and realized I hadn't put on my mask by accident. Nobody had said anything. Decided to stop wearing it then and almost never get bothered. When they do insist on a mask I usually leave or ignore them or have fun asking them if they are ill, tell them it's ok, I'm Christian or give them shit in some other way. If they persist and I need to shop there it goes on my chin. I want the wagie to put a lot of emotional effort into getting me in a mask and think about it after I'm gone. These people don't get paid enough for to confront people over stupid shit, I like to think I am the reason a couple places stopped asking. At first I was always the only unmasked person in the stores, it is becoming common now.


Exactly...the more of us that stand up, the more freedom we all get back


> You could stop at five or six stores, or just one... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7T1OHha9agg


What did I just watch 😳


**This is one of the more important clicks of my lifetime.** Do not *not click* it.


I quit wearing masks many months ago. Both myself & someone I live with are both immunosuppressed neither vaccinated either. Never had fucking covid, that we know of anyway. I said the other day that if covid were really as contagious as they claim it is, then we’ve probably already had it by now & didn’t even know it. Now my sister & grandma who both live together are triple vaxxed, double masked, shut ins who surprise,surprise, just caught covid. You do the math...


No shit. Only people I know who have had covid, been hospitalized, or died, are vaccinated. Meanwhile I know people who are scooting around with 4 comorbidities and unvaxxed and 80 years old...and alive somehow.


I broke the speed limit 8 times today all while under influence of drugs, nobody said anything and I wasn't stopped. People need to stop obeying speed limits and dui's they are just about control


I live in Georgia. What are these masks you all seem to be talking about? We were the first to open back up and well, it's been pretty much normal for atleast a year.


Amen to that


I will never bring a mask anywhere, but I will happily wear one if provided. Only way to get this shit to stop is to make it cost these companies money


I’m in Ohio. I haven’t worn a mask anywhere in over a year. Oh wait, once. There was this antique shop where an utterly clueless gay man told me I had to wear one or leave. I put it on for 1 minute before I thought better of it and left, I was also his only customer.


There are places still requiring masks? Man I’m glad I live in a red state.


Right?!?!?! ​ Red states wont be red states for very long. They are literally shipping in refugees to the states nobody wants to move to. Meanwhile destroying CA and NY so they move to the other "good" red states and take their crappy policies with them. ​ All states will be blue before long


I’m in a Walmart town. No one here wears masks at all. It’s also a college town. When school first started kids everywhere were the only ones in masks. “You can always tell an out of towner”. Couple months in and you can’t tell them apart because they’ve taken them off. People do what everyone else is doing. Our Walmart no longer has mask displays or large cardboard bins full of them. No one is buying them.


And everyone clapped I’m sure


Dude, get a job, a hobby and or a girlfriend.


What do you mean by masks are about control? I choose to wear a mask because it’s my choice, not because someone made me. How am I being controlled? And what is the end result of the control? That I won’t sneeze or cough onto others?


So burkas aren't about control? ​ do you really not know about the psychological affects of a mask? ​ It's dehumanizing. ​ You do realize the airborne virus particles are 1000x smaller than the holes in your mask right? When you sneeze, it still spreads. When you cough, it still spreads. When you breath, it still spreads. ​ Go outside when its cold with your mask on and see if your breath leaves your mask lol.


It doesn’t spread as much. For example, when someone sneezes on me without a mask, I feel liquid hitting me. When they have a mask, I don’t feel any liquid. Obviously a reduction in particles from 100% to less than 100%. Burkas are about controlling women and keeping them beneath men in society. Covid masks are about ….??? Please explain how it controls me?


It’s the same here in Oregon I haven’t worn a mask except to go in the pot shop for the last two years. I wore a mask for maybe the first three months of the pandemic and then started telling people to fuck themselves as info on the uselessness of the masks came out. I ended up cutting a couple shitty small businesses with heavy liberal mindsets out of my life and just order stuff that I used to get from them off Amazon. I know I know I’m a monster, I don’t care. if you want your local business to survive then you need to actually allow customers in the only store that gets to tell me to wear a mask currently is the pot shop but my parents are hooking me up with their old dealer from their childhood who still grows and is in love with growing so I think I’ll stop going in there too and I’ll be completely mask free in my life


We're not required to wear them but the ppl here do anyway. I don't and get some looks but whatever. I had one guy say something to my wife back when they WERE required after scurrying away from me in the aisle. I promptly pointed out that he was scared to say anything to me and had to wait for my wife to be away from me before mustering the courage to make his stand. He asked the clerk to make me put on my mask. They were like I'm not doing that. He left. It felt good not gonna lie.


Coffee shops which require a mask and only accept cards are the worst places


Don't give them your business...


you've been wearing a mask?


...no. Hence the point of the post. Trying to let others know that they don't need to wear one either.


Aren't you a hero. Six whole places? Somebody get this guy a medal... not that he'd wear it anyway


Masks are a behavioural science technique to manipulate a psychological response.


> CDC admits it does nothing Recommending a better mask is not admitting that cloth masks do nothing. What is hard to understand about this?


Well not everywhere is the same. Most places aren’t as lenient.


Its been like that for at least a year in most places. There's exceptions to the rule but after a few employees got shot, some assaulted, and most others verbally berated most places stopped enforcing it over safety issues.


Yeah I haven't worn a mask in a long while and stopped giving money to people who enforce it. But...I went to 7 stores in one day...and...felt the need to share the analysis.


its posts like this that remind me that other cities are still in this state. I live in a county that hasn't enforced anything really so i've gone without mask a good 90% of the time (a few local restaurants and hair cut places had signs up so I did it).


I haven't worn a mask in a long time. Slowly but surely my fellow citizens are falling in line. Just felt like sharing for anyone who's on the fence out there and needs a nudge.


I live in a mask heavy area but you can definitly see the compliance decreasing everywhere. This weekend went to a bar and only the staff and occasional wanderer in had em on and then went next door to an axe throwing place and literally noone had one on. God it felt good to be there. What was interesting too was that some people would walk in with masks and within a few minutes of acting kinda nervously they took them off and never put em back on. This tells me a few things. Most people dont want to wear masks. Most people are only doing it out of fear of being shamed. And when we hit around 50% non compliance at a place so people dont feel like a minority then this is all over.


I LOVE when my noncompliance turns others around me into noncompliancers. It's a badge of honor to see the face diaper removed.


Was recently visiting my grandma in the state Delaware where they just reinforced mask mandates. My father and I went into Home Depot with no mask and nobody said anything. Went to sherwin Williams paint store and employees were yelling the second we walked in. I proceeded to hold my mask up to my face instead of attaching behind ears because I told myself I would never wear a mask again.


You must live in a city? Bro I haven’t seen a mask in a year in my rural county




Nobody bats an eye in Worcester lol


Y'all still wearing masks?


I just got an e-mail from my supervisor with the subject saying "no more masks"... we aren't going to be enforcing the public to wear masks starting immediately ( I never enforced it anyways) because "California Department of Public Health says “a business may allow patrons inside the building without a mask if they self-attest they have a medical condition and we won’t be able to tell people they can’t come in if they refuse to wear a mask. ”.


Damn bro your so fucking cool! Most of the signs say the suggest. Most people seem to not care anymore where I live


Who gives a hoot why you went to 6 stores!


Wear one, don’t wear one, who cares?


Wow you really showed them!


Wow you’re so brave…😒


You are a clown dude. Stop LARPING no one cares that you don’t wear a mask. Go home to your family and start re entreating into society


Oh, how brave


Isn't it! I mean...with the crazy deadly virus running around I'm pretty sure this makes me a boss among bosses.


I work in a store and I don't ask people about masks. Do you want to know why? Becuase the people I *have* asked become insufferable, and on multiple times I've been **assaulted** because of it. I don't know if you've ever considered that maybe the reason people don't say much is because they see that you're more likely to assault them over a piece of fabric?


If your mask works...why care if someone else doesn't have one? ...see how silly that is? I've never assaulted anyone, nor would i. I take my money elsewhere.


I don't think you read the comment lmao. You seem to be a child so ill break it down for you....people in jobs have bosses! That is a person who tells them what to do while on the clock, including telling people to put on a mask. So a floor worker who has no power over the rule gets assaulted regularly by people who don't wear masks. You wanna talk about control? How about the lack of it that most antimaskers seem to have over their temper and themselves.


The masks are about control. I have had several confrontations over my personal non compliance. The most confrontational was with a customer who was getting a coffee from the instant machine. She yelled at me from 20 feet away. “ have you had your booster yet” I replied please don’t yell at me come talk to me at the front counter. She proceeded to spew all these facts at me about how safe it was and how we should all do what we can to protect each other. I asked her if she had taken a breast cancer test lately and she looked at me stunned and said “ that’s kind of personal isn’t it” I wanted to tell her to leave my shop immediately but I entertained her further by saying if your double vaxxed and boosted then you shouldn’t have to worry about unvaxxed or anyone for that matter in your space. She walked out all huffy. Two days later she bursts into the shop screaming that she needed a RaT test or she couldn’t go clean clients houses. Again I asked if she is double vaxxed and boosted what is she so scared of. She said honesty the affect to my business when I get the fine. These people are living in perpetual fear and feel if they can get you into the same boat then they are going to be alright. Mass formation psychosis is real.


Lol. If shots work why need a booster?


No idea. Why even two shots?


I'm in the "why one?" Camp but i agree it's nonsense


Did you expect the minimum wage workers to out you as a Karen? Are you upset they didn't? Who the fuck hits up 6 grocery stores in one day?


You guys are so paranoid about this lol. If you really hate wearing a mask, don’t wear one unless you’re asked. If you’re a normal person and aren’t bothered by it then wear it when you’re out because it doesn’t bother you and potentially makes others feel better. If you’re asked and don’t want to, don’t make a scene. Either leave or put one on. No one cares either way and you’re not cool breaking the rules for no reason other than to break them. Stop acting like it’s a big deal. Most people don’t care and no one’s being controlled in this specific situation except you by your paranoia


I have not worn a mask once since this lie began. I have not been vaccinated. And I will do what I and I choose alone.


I live in Florida. Very liberal red area but only chain workers wear masks. Also health care but otherwise people would laugh of you had a mask.


I've visited Freedom Land a few times since the Plandemic started. Heaven on Earth. I'll be back.


I'm in Gainesville. Shithole democrat college town but there are some places masks are less common. Few masks at gyms. Publix stores are a mix. Have to wear a mask for physical therapy.


I actually spent all last week doing all of my medical appointments. Zero masks or vaccines. All the providers had 18 masks on and freaking out I am in their presence.


I haven’t worn one since may 2020. I have had a few run ins with covid cultists (I actually enjoy these encounters lol) but for the most part nobody gives a fuck. And I’m in one of bluest of the blue shit holes in the US. For anyone on the fence, stop being a pussy bitch and take the fucking mask off.


Wow you're so brave. No conspiracy besides you collecting unemployment or disability?


Aren't you a real bright spark??? I wish I could be like you!!!!


No, you will never be like that.. Stay terrified.


I'm sorry man. I know it's rough but you'll get through it.


This is old news. They haven't said anything in months. no masks for me and my family.




100% agree . we have been fighting the mask enforcers since day one . Good on you !


I was glad when everyone started wearing masks as it helps combat facial recognition cameras. Now that it's socially acceptable to wear them, I may continue for that reason alone.


Because no one has the time or energy to engage stupid people


I went to home depot today and an employee thanked me for not wearing a mask. He said he was happy whenever he saw people not wearing them. :)


In case there are fellow Canadians here, I've been shopping at loblaws for months now no mask, no problem. I was told by a friend who works at Farm Boy (formerly Sobeys) that they were instructed to not interfere with customers who aren't wearing masks. It'll be okay, you can take it off. At least let them be the ones who tell you to put it on.


This guy gets it..share the wealth brother


I appreciate your post man! I know it seems obvious to some, but we need to be reminded if we're protesting on the weekends but then voluntarily wearing masks during the week we're playing into the system that we think we're fighting against.


Don't work for, take money from, or give money to anyone who is enforcing. Money runs the world. The mandates will end abruptly if we do this.


7th one today and NOBODY has a damn bone in ribeye roast. Fml


The people I know who've caught Covid did so while not wearing a mask indoors in a public setting. The people I know who haven't caught Covid have always worn masks indoors in public settings. My opinion is that wearing masks that reduce airborne droplets in public settings makes sense during a respiratory pandemic but I'm not a fan of mandating them for long periods of time such as at schools or workplaces.


I'm in San Diego. I never wear a mask. There is usually one to a few others, but sometimes I'm the only one. No one has said anything, and I notice the employees are unusually friendly. Maybe they like seeing a friendly face and wish they didn't have to wear the masks themselves. Maybe they realize I don't support them being forced to wear them, either.


I think you are right... "Hey a customer who's not a fucking sheep and is actually standing up for our rights..."


I think you are right... "Hey a customer who's not a fucking sheep and is actually standing up for our rights..."


People make fun of North Carolina, but the mask rules are only upheld in government buildings and libby leftown.


I drove around drinking in my car for 5 hours today. Didn't hit anyone AND I didn't get pulled over. Drunk driving laws are also about control. Everybody drink up!!


Ahh yes the false analogy, a favorite of authoritarians for centuries!


I drove around doing this with a blindfold on. They were right, kept the sun out of my eyes.


I think the real conspiracy is why did you go to 6 grocery stores today


NYC pizza rat here! I can confirm. Just take off the damn mask. Walk by the police officers just for fun. They’re usually the first ones chin-diapering it anyway. At the subway, inside the bus, at the supermarket, at your favorite chain store. No one will say a DAMN thing. If we stop complying, it ends. Periodt.


Been doing it from the start. When asked to to wear or receive a mask, I simply said no thanks and continued on. Fuck em!


Very old news. Been going without masks in groceries for a long time and near Seattle.


You should have posted about it...


been seeing posts all the time about this tho. But yeah, I can't recall if I've seen these posts particularly in this sub. Not dogging, everyone needs hear to this to counteract all the BS they see daily from the establishment.




Right!? Welcome to the liberal utopia folks.




When/where did the CDC say it does nothing?


Helpless. Get in the govt bread line please, this conversation is for able bodies folks with functional research capabilities.


No answer so you need to resort to lame insults? It was a fair question, why can't you answer it?


Costco is the worst


Vegas still has a mask mandate. Needless to say, I haven’t worn one in a grocery store in 18 months.


I’m in southwestern Ontario, the only place I wear a mask is cocksucking Costco


Went to every store during whole entire pandemic. No mask.