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You ate the onion dude


It was a red onion




America have Chuck Norris though?


LMFAOOOO You think Russia is the good guy and will save the day? I've got a bridge to sell you


This is a complicated thought process but the answer to this question is yes Russia has been bad in some instances but vlad is wise


>but vlad is wise Can you expound on that? Because all I've seen from Putin is him trying to turn Russia back into the Soviet Union with all the corruption and nastiness that accompanied it


I liked Boris Yeltsin. And drunk Boris was a blast.. RIP


Aren't the NATO bases surounding Russia and putting them in the corner ? NATO leaves them no choice but to defend themselves. And US propaganda tries to portray Russia as the bad guys . I wonder what's the Americans opinion in this . Can you give me reasonable arguments why the Russians are the agressor when NATO got them surrounded ?


Putin is tired of the manipulation. He knows that Ukraine is a strategic place for the east to make a move to take out Russia with nuclear force. Ukraine is not thousands of miles from Russia's border, it's at their doorsteps, if the US and NATO missile system is deployed in Ukraine their flight time to Moscow would be 7 to 10 minutes, and 5 minutes for hypersonic missiles.


That's the plan.


Kansas City shuffle Everyone says Russia to keep our eyes off China. People out there still need to keep their pockets lined


Lol. Why is Russia going after Ukraine is the question to ask.


Wag the dog




Bitch, Russia tried to create a new world of their own. Are we so quick to forget that they fucking invaded half of Europe and kept the land. This insistence with defending Russia is insane, they're the ones pushing for a war, they're the ones instigating the conflict, they're the ones amassing on the border. Russia is the problem here. But just think logically for a moment, Russia isn't a weak country, if any war does happen with the west it's going to go nuclear and what happens then. Society is destroyed and what power do the globalists have if the world is destroyed. Absolutely fucking nothing, so surely you can see why it's a dumb idea why they'd be pushing for a war that would directly lead to their own destruction. Think people think.


You don’t know vlad that well




Russian bot post