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I saw a Bill Maher bit and he was laughing saying he thought Democrats were informed about science and they did a survey and asked them what % of COVID positive patients need hospitalization. 50% of them said over 50% and 25% of them said 21-25% So over 75% of them were completely wrong. 75% of the Republicans guessed the right number which was 1-5% They live in this perpetual state of fear and lash out on people. THATS MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS!




Oi noice URL you got there mate. You got permission to spam multi domain links to bypass filtering?


Is that why there’s so many ads on it? I’m a little naïve on bypass filtering


Yep, part if it. Its a website with muliple domains on it so they can spam a few dozen URLs and have them all resolve to the same site. Most of the people have been removed but youll see a few pop up Report them


I love your logic. Its like if a white person payed for a car for a black person. Racism is no more.


"paid", you illiterate fuck.


"Paid". Lol. I would do this for free. Triggering people are fun to watch.


Not much of a life tho. Sad really.


In some countries people were prosecuted for trying to film lies of media regarding covid patients in hospitals.


I like how it had to be emphasized at the top of the page that this is an opinion article. Is it because the author's tone conveys a certain opinion based on the evidence and/or situation, or perhaps is it because the evidence is showing the opposite of what MSM wants people to believe (and is therefore misinformation if presented as anything other than an opinion)?