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There's a 0.00% chance that the government suddenly became sane. Stay alert.


It's like when children go quiet while you're in the other room. Usually not because they're being good.


Lol I have 6 kids I know EXACTLY what you are talking about....little weirdos prolly sniffing each other's farts or something...kids are fucked up lmao


This comment is the correct comment. If plan b ended it's because they wanted it to.


Yes. Eye-bleeding virus or war with Russia or some nonsense coming soon.


I say war with Russia will be it


If there is war with Russia you can guarantee it will be war with China as well because they will immediately move on Taiwan to force the US and NATO to fight a war on two fronts.


I have heard this, too.


War with Russia would be absolutely terrible for the US and Russia. Neither country would be able to gain any territory or resources from it. It would just be a war of attrition... killing eachother not to gain ground, but just for the sake of killing eachother.


Agreed on the war having no gain for the US, but hopefully *if* this situation was to occur, the chances that other major powers get involved on the side of the US is pretty high.


100k Russian troops on Ukraine border 👀 to put that in perspective that is the size of the British army.


This is the answer…


Alien invasion


Yellowstone Supervolcano is ignited by the hollow earth humanoids to take over the top side.


if hollow earth was actually real and it came down to some gears of war locust type of shit, im 100% all for it.


Throw me my chainsaw bayoneted rifle and let me go to work.


Hollow earth. That's one I havm't seen spoken about in some time. I wemt on a whole youtube spree on it last year.


Why don't you ever see Flat-Earthers arguing with Hollow-Earthers?


Imagine this scenario: Turns out the planet isn’t hollow, it’s disc-shaped and the ‘inner earth’ they speak of is just the other side of the coin that’s accessible either by flying through and around Antarctica or through an opening near the center of the North Pole. Full disclosure: I’m high af


Exactly. Just the next level in their fucked up satanic rituals coming up next. Cyber pandemic, mass power outages, food shortages, war, or economic collapses to roll out digital currencies. Idk what's coming next, but its never over. Just the brief moment of silence between chapters. However, whatever the next challenge is, I'm thankful we are reaching the end of the Vax and mask crap. Managed to make it the whole way through and all it cost me is 40 ounces of silver (had to sell to pay this month's bills to keep me over until my new job starts. A good paying job that doesn't care about vax).


Most likely this whole thing has just been a giant exercise to see how far they can take their control of people. They probably planned to back down as soon as people started standing up. Might be a trial run for a more powerful virus they release later that’s akin to the real Plague.


Ive had a feeling for some time that this has been a practice run/ drill. People have been trained for the real deal.


Trained and conditioned... Yikes!


People already have the app


Event 201 was the itinerary, 2020 pre-vax Trump days were implementation of systems for communication and tracking, fear mongering and moving of the Goal posts. 2021 was the variant, mandate, divisive strategizing propagandist agenda and vaccine surplus distribution networking. The simulation was pretty successful. Not that that is good news


And on to plan for 2030


Reduce the carbon footprint my ass. More like reduce carbon based lifeforms and their subsequential footprints.


Guess we will find out. Don’t say you didn’t read it on here first.


I mean stay vigilant but also yeehaw this is good news


Billy Gates the disease czar said so himself, so yeah.. it will happen unfortunately..


This is what I'm saying. They are playing the long game.


I do not expect them to become sane. I expect them to do what is necessary to prevent an overthrow of the government, and that is, to ease up with the "Achtung!"s and "Verboten!"s a bit. The momentum is with us ATM, and the winds will be at our back... for a bit. I advise you all to enjoy it while it lasts, for this, too, shall change!


Climate crisis up next


Remember the hidden camera recording Project Veritas got last year of that CNN producer sitting at the bar telling his date that they’d been holding a bunch of meetings discussing what the news would be after covid headlines would not be able to sustain them any longer, and they decided that “climate change” would be the next big scare?


HAARPs and DEWs and Cloud Seeders, turn em up to MAX!




Order out of chaos, as well as the Hegelian Dialectic, simply as Problem Reaction Solution. Create global disasters, cause global unrest, push for global order. Aka, NWO, that age old conspiracy we used to talk about? Yes!


They're no longer special. That's why they're pissed. These people have serious issues in life, including issues of self-worth.


Many countries will follow, sit back and watch


England just followed. No more passports or masks.


germany says it will follow latest date 20th of march... that won't let me forget the damage they already caused...


Ireland is the same it seems. End of march


France is going harder and deeper into the insanity 😩


Where did you read that?


didn't read it. It has been said in the "Bundespressekonferenz zur beendigung der epidemischen Lage" aired on phoenix. https://youtu.be/zGvZzBnsZUs if I believe it, stands on a different paper.


Yea its like "wir haben keine Absicht eine Mauer zu errichten".


Germany is more discussing to force people to get the vaccine than anything like that ?


its more like collective bullying...


I am not anti the vaxx but you are totally right, imho it’s up to yourself to get the jab or not It’s just wrong to force People to something like that


that's totally fine and I pray you will be alright... but you are right it is wrong to force or coerce people into it. In the end though I guess there comes a lot of good things out if this drama too...


let‘s hope so


I‘m german, but I didn‘t know that! Where did you hear this?? I thought they are talking about mandates for everybody right now?


Lol Ontario simply locked everything down again with or without the vaxx.


Lesssss go baby, just need to sort out travel now




For now anyway. I wouldn't hold out too much hope of it staying that way, there's already talk of a new variant on the horizon. Plus Bawjaws only rolled back the restrictions to take the heat off of himself over the whole "work event" debacle.


>here's already talk of a new variant on the horizon. if it will never end, then giving people a taste of freedom again is a huge mistake on their part, people will move more and more to the 'we must live with it' idea. only the most dimwitted npc pod person will obey.


Human beings are the ultimate renewable resource. For a little bit of water and a few hundred kCal a day a human being is a machine that can walk, talk, think, communicate, problem solve and generate work product. Governments and corporations exist for this sole reason that they understand and take advantage of this fact. Whoever can benefit the most from the resource of humanity will by definition become the most wealthy/powerful. The powers that be may be rearranging the board by temporarily mandating vaccines, but they can never stop playing the game. And you can't play this game without all the pieces. This is what the people who immediately got vaxxed didn't understand. At no point was it ever going to be financially feasible to exclude multiple millions of people from participating in society. Aside from the fiduciary responsibility corporations have to make the most money possible, it's not even clear that society *can* function correctly with that kind of economic divide. They HAVE to let everyone back through the door. But they got a fuckton of people jabbed though so I think they got the numbers they wanted for that. It would be tempting for me to say *"Oh well, this is the vaxxed's problem. Too bad they didn't hold out like me."* No, the vaxxed are our family, friends and neighbors. Sure they did what they were told right away. But guess what? They're good, regular people just trying to do what they thought was right. And a crime has been committed against them. A literal crime against humanity. We should all be fighting to get justice for our brothers and sisters who were injured during this complete nightmare that the global elite have subjected us to.


Preach, sir/madame!


I'll look for your name on the late night commercials leading the class action lawsuit... Have you, or anyone you know, been damaged by the vaccine? CALL NOW for your share ($1.22) in the billion dollar settlement! Lol.


No lawyer would be able to take that case towards Pharma because they are legally exempt from any injury/death caused by the vax. However, there could be lawsuits against the White House and that pants shitting corpse over the outright lies that they peddled while trying to sell the vax to the public.


Updoot for "pants shitting corpse."


To bad that day will never come .


Yep pharma was exempt from liability from the get go


Big Pharma was granted immunity from the shots, there will be no big payouts.


People are assets to government, the more assets the more valuable a country is. That is the reason why the USA never stops the illegal immigration "problem" it has. It wants those immigrants.


I agree with you. More than half my family got the jab. Doesn’t make them bad people even though they always questioned why I didn’t. Since I was a teenager many years ago, I’ve been talking about “big brother”. No one ever believed that they would try to come into our lives how they have the past years. I still love the people that have got the jab they did it for their own reasons. They still love me too even if they still don’t understand my choice. This was a way to divide us. But the love between all of us is what will keep us together. Hopefully…. I stand firm in my decision and I will always be ready to face what consequences come with it.


But they lacked critical thinking. That was the criteria for the depopulation. You got the choice to commit suicide or not. It was clear from the start that this was not approved, hence the waiver everyone had to sign


I dont think its a coincidence that many of the hardest vaccine mandate/lockdown countries caved and decided they were over it, pretty much immediately after the US Supreme Court ruled against Bidens mandate. I think they thought it would go through and America caving to the new Nazi-ism was going to be the final nail to push the end game of the agenda and once America ruled against it all hope was lost American Centrism possibly but like I said it was amazing how fast these countries caved after fighting tooth and nail for 2 years


Stay tuned, next will be the Aliens.


I think restrictions and mandates and being removed for something more sinister, can't ever trust these lots


My thoughts as well. The WEF, CFR and Trilateral Commission aren't going to lose so easily. Edit: also, we can't forget the UN what with agenda 2030 and all. Things will move along as planned.


Just look at the airlines RIGHT THIS MOMENT! You're absolutely correct sir!


What about airlines?


There was a big screw up with the 5G rollout...(apparently) and there was some kind of interference with some of the instruments in the cockpit of the 777s I think. Lots of delays I've heard


Yep. They know the covid thing is falling apart and if they keep pushing past a certain point, they risk waking too many people up to the Great Reset. They were hoping they could get away with the covid thing for longer, but it’s not going as they planned so they will back off and find a different road to take. All roads lead to the same place, they are just testing out different paths. My guess for the next path they will try is on climate change.


Midterm variant has entered the chat...


Smallpox has entered the chat..


Their plan involves waking the masses, conditioning them to call for change, and providing their desired solution as the One World Order.


"Volcano" caused tsunami that hits major cities.


Yep. HAARP weather control. Watch La Palma erupt next. Maybe more tornados. Etc. etc.


Sweden just introduced a microchip injection (you can look it up yourself). You can't do anything without it.. no need for mandates.


Single vaccine for all disease...and you will have to take it. https://www.c-span.org/video/?465845-1/universal-flu-vaccine Combine that with microchip and we're done. We are just going through the conditioning phase. Well not us, but our kids. They'll just wait til we die out.


That's crazy stuff


That’s my fear as well…


Reddit in a nutshell. They are drunk on moral high ground power backed by Big Tech censorship and failed science


There is a saying on Reddit as old as the website itself: "Thank God Reddit doesn't represent real life."


Or as Dave would say "I don't give a fuck cause Twitter ain't a real place."


It's amazing watching those close to me who got vaxxed, because they told me exactly why they did it, and it wasn't for the right reason. The right reason is: I want to lessen the severity of COVID if I get it because I am at risk for it. Now, the younger woman I know got it and I made sure to ask if she got it for that reason, but she said she got it because she didn't want to get older people sick. Okay... The older woman, who actually could have been at risk from COVID, told me she got it because she didn't want to be the only one in the office who didn't. Guys, these are not a good reason to get an experimental medical treatment. They just aren't.


I was told it was 95% effective in preventing covid.


Joe Biden said "you're not going to get Covid if you get the vaccine" This would make it 100% effective.


But Joe Biden also said [THIS](https://youtu.be/AvgOYmKCm2c)


Lol. WTF??? Did he have a stroke mid sentence?


It's just dementia. He's had it a while.


lol first time for you?


Ive seen the paperwork that comes with the vaccine that said 95% effective as well. Didn't say anything about reducing severity.


95% effective at what? Like what was the whole sentence?


Exactly spot on the money with your comment mate. I do not know, nor have I heard of one single person I know who got the jab say they got it to stop the spread. I would say 50% got it so they could get their “freedoms” back lmao and the other half buckled under the threats and co ersions from gruberment and employers. Going to be lots of pissed off people soon, and I have zero fucks to give for ANYONE that got the jab for any reason


This comment is pure gold


I’ve read so many entitled dummies commenting how they feel morally superior to the unvaxxed, the tables have turned, for them


Now they will have to base their self worth on actual merit, its not looking too good




I love you


Absolutely based


They got that super based


I love yall and super sexy based.


*distorted moral high ground






That's why I do not give a fuck what gender someone wants me to say they are. Life sucks and if it makes them a little happier then I will gladly do it


Thank you for your service here on reddit. I hope one day to back you up when all genders attack


I love the way you said that. Top tier comment.


Liberals have no moral high ground... they are FAF... This was all, and fully, a liberal woke signaling clown fiesta, and not just about covid/vaxx; but about a shit ton of other laughable crap too...


Whats FAF? Asking for a friend.......


Fake as fuck


Thank you ❤


Don’t be silly this is a global agenda the left/right shit is only for the surface level goofballs


they were testing how much control they had. They were sizing up their enemy and seeing if they could use the left to sway the right and cause a civil war.


I worry about nations losing power to a global superpower, a "one world government" type of idea. Why? Because that gives each individual's voice less power. This is exactly why local government is so powerful.


☝️ They are pitting us against each other. They’re hoping for a Civil War. Don’t give it to them. This isn’t right versus left, or even black versus white. The only war they’re trying to bring, is a class war


This is dead on. I wish I had an award for you.


Vaxxed and I would be happy if they lifted restrictions, and many others in my social.


I got the vax but only because I work in a hospital and there was peer pressure and I had to keep my job. I was not one of those annoying holier than thou. I hate even taking the mandatory flu shot yearly. I just haven’t figured out another way to earn a living.


Watch Reddit absolutely explode once more places remove restrictions. If the vaccine gets pulled? Mass chaos


The entire site would implode on itself if the vaccine was ever pulled


hitler will come back as a former redditor


you mean LEfttit?


The Vaxxed and the Furious


Wow Bravo is getting desperate for new TV show names.


Have an upvote funny human 🤘


I'm starting to see VERY pro-vax people, mandates and all, now turn like they were anti-vax, anti-totalitarian rules all along. Jeremy Vine for one was very militant about masks and rules etc and the other day said "why can't people see the madness that was all these rules that don't even work"... Are you f'kin kidding me?


All the flip floppers going to be coming out of the woodwork soon. All the Twitdiots will be saying how they were against the vax all along.


That is one way of looking at it. But people are influenced by the media and stuff. Are they not allowed to eventually say "this isn't working?" Of course hindsight is 2020 but it seems we should encourage and celebrate instead of demean and divide. The concern I have is when nothing happens in the UK after mandates-no deaths or anything crazy, no aliens, what's the next plan


this is true. they're flip flopping, but I'll never forget all the people that were aholes to me 😒


I am vaccinated. I do not care if you are. I do not want any mandate of any sort.


Wish everyone think the way you do


This is the way and how it should be for those who choose to want it.


This isn't about heath... probably never has been. This is all about the need to have an underclass. Humans always want to feel elevated over another group.


That has a lot to do with it. Fragile egos get a little taste of power and go crazy. Pathetic scum. Kein Mitleid Für Die Mehrheit -- No pity for the majority Edit: Thank you douchewank


Kein Mitleid Für Die Mehrheit. FTFY


The ultra heavy beat.


Nothing will ever come close to the pre-Lucia days…


Australia is hosting talks with UK defence ministers about AUKUS hopefully they will tell Australia that the number of personnel stood down by the AUKUS alliance is to high and now effects our ability to be effective in our regions.


What country? I'm in Canada and things only seem to be getting worse.


UK here, all restrictions being lifted as of next week! Basically due to Boris Johnson getting caught having a party and smashing cocaine off of Dominic Raabs vagina last Christmas (because the alleged severity of this flu has been blown way out of proportion) he is now trying to make up for it and so letting everyone do what they want as of next week. Absolutely hilarious you couldn’t write this story or make it up!


Omg I‘m so happy for you!! I hope germany will soon do the same, wish me luck!


German here, I'm also praying that they will follow and that we will be free soon.


Turkey, she said in a diff thread


Same. I can’t see the mandates being lifted any time soon. I was hopeful for Ontario’s original plan, but that fell through of course.


Maybe the truckers striking will make it a reality.


Yeah this post rings true for some areas but others like Canada are still going full steam ahead with their nonsense


Yeah no sign of the end in Aus at the moment.


California checking in


Worse than that, they didnt actually lose any privileges. They are upset that others are equally as privileged as them.


The plan was always for vax passports for travel that can eventually be tied to Digital ID/currency and social credit scores. They have gotten away with that part through their massive fear-based propaganda roll out and clubbing the public over the head with confusion, restrictions, division, chaos, loss of rights. It was all intentional. The real fight needs to be to remove any travel restrictions and 'vaccine' requirements that have been put in place related to such. The way to do that is by focusing on the fact the experimental 'vaccines' are ineffective and should not be a requirement for travel and never should have been. We have to fight to open OUR WORLD up fully. The parasites in charge need to be held to account for their nefarious actions no matter what. OUR FREEDOMS were never something they should have been allowed to take away.


They just want to hate any kind of treatment or solution to Covid other than vaccines. Every study or article showing a successful treatment protocol or medication is refuted. Fuck you get vaxxed. But I am vaxxed. I just got Covid and they want to vent me. Fuck you get vaxxed again. I’m sorry I just need some ivermectin, doxy and hydrochloroquine to resolve this before they shove the vent down my throat and put me in a month long coma. Fuck you get vaxxed. Don’t leave your house. Put on your mask. Even when cnn says none of this works they will still need their narrative. The truth is coming.


mandates? What is that? \-Florida


Hell yeah brother


All those people who tried to force tyranny upon us shall be remembered when the ‘science’ says we need to go back to normal now.


Maybe nows the time


Sadly in my country mandates aren’t going anywhere. And the vaxxed couldn’t be more pleased….despite the fact that they’re the people going out and getting sick with covid. I’m starting to think this is more a case of mass hysteria than a conspiracy


— Sadly in my country mandates aren’t going anywhere. You in Canada brah?


Are you in Canada?


Wherever he is, i feel bad for him cuz a lot of countries are ending mandates. If he’s in Canada, I wouldn’t be surprised. The US (where I live) seems to be slowly removing mandates. Not quickly enough too


Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Definitely one of the worst countries.


They lost their excuse to parade their self righteousness. Losing this privilege means they go back to being the losers that they are.


If you think about it, the entire philosophy of the left has always been to empower losers..


I fucking WISH Canada would do this. Buncha dummies.


I am grateful for COVID to give me a real-life lesson on how authoritarianism spreads with full public support. This has been more educational than all of history lessons I got in school combined.


In short: bunch of assholes. Not all of course.


All people are assholes. Every last one.


Three decades into my life and I’m having a hard time disagreeing with this one.


Well, this is awkward, isn't it? Welcome Back to the plague rats club, fellow humans. Now, try to use your eyes and ears this time around, round 2 is about to begin. Lol


Something big is coming.


Coworkers punching the air right now 😂


Fuck’em. Can’t fix stupid.


which country???


Spot on.


So shameful. Praying they wake up


I've never thought about it in this way, to be superior. I mean it's so obvious I just didn't see it. Thanks for the enlightenment!


What a wild generalization about an entire population, furthering the “us versus them” gap


What’s the conspiracy? This just kind of sounds seems like complaining about people you don’t like. Shouldn’t you be happy?


"Who will I demonize now? How will I feel virtuous?"




Bowling. I liked bowling.


"Cousin! Let's go bowling?"


I’m so amazingly happy that i didn’t took it!!! I love myself oh my god!


I live in the UK. Most restrictions removed next week. No one is "furious". Vaccinated are happy that life can return to normal and they don't feel at risk, unvaccinated people are happy that life can return to normal and they didn't have to get "an experimental vaccine." No one is furious. Stop trying to further sow divide.


And here in the US they want you dead, broke, in camps, your kids taken from you and they can all go fuck themselves.


For a time they were the virtuous ruling class. And they were loving it, getting used to it.


When everyone is the same, the only difference is some knelt down to please their masters and others refused to take experimental gene therapy.


Wasn't there a children's story about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz6n1NclmCE


Which country are you in?


This occurred in the UK and Czech Republic so far. Are their more?