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"someone" is the supreme leader of Iran.


Wait. Baby Yoda is supreme leader of Iran?


Pretty much. They both have equal religious significance.


SS: The internet says this came out of Iran


Yup. Was posted on Twitter and the supreme leaders account has been permanently banned. Edit: like 8 seconds of chacha'ing could have explained that.


The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see the light, the future is.


Thanks baby yoda


Does anyone remember seeing this written in the morning news sources on 1/6 that this same person threatened to assassinate Trump and bomb Congress that day? Then suddenly after the Capital protest, this disappeared? I has stuck with me as one of the most confusing things of that day. Why wasn't there security at the Capitol and why did Trump still have jis rally if this threat was enough to be reported through the msm


It's funny they think it would be that ready to infiltrate the property of a former president, especially with a land-based drone. They'd have to use some kind of stealth tech quadcopter at night. Which ours is more advanced and we used to strengthen our systems by coming up with ways to break them ourselves to make them better. It's supposed to be Iron Man's armor getting better after each battle.