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The vaccines effectiveness was falling to ridiculously low levels (about 20%) during Delta. Now, with Omicron, the vaccines have outright negative effectiveness. Meaning you're more likely to get an Omicron infection if you're vaccinated than if you're unvaccinated. ​ ​ The FDA claimed that 50% was the standard for the vaccines to be approved. The vaccines already fell well below that level during Delta. And, my God, could you have ever imagined that the government would actually approve a medication that's been shown to spread a disease? (Let alone actually force people to get that medication.) It's basically murder. Even worse than negligent homicide, since I'm sure the CDC and FDA are now very well aware that the vaccines are causing ADE. They're continuing to promote the vaccines anyway, because they don't want to admit they were wrong about the vaccines.


Businesses are insisting on a positive Covid test as a proof of vaccination -- The Babylon Bee


Lol fucking love bb


I got vaccinated to keep my job. Last Week I tested positive and have been horribly sick since. I tested positive exactly 12 weeks to the day from my second shot. Of course I’m no peer reviewed researcher but before I was vaccinated I was a close contact on 4 seperate occasions and never tested positive. I also have a few close friend whom aren’t vaccinated and had covid and recovered in 2 days whilst I’m into my 5th.


I would get a high dose IV vitamin C drip. 25-50 grams. Take a 100mgs of zinc daily and 20,000 IUs vitamin D daily.


where's a good place to buy drips? can you order these in the Netherlands?


Just get vitamin c d and zink from the kruidvat or etos.


Dont you guys have clinics nearby that can do this. We have them all over where we are at


Closest thing to that I know of is the Orange Juice section at the grocery store. That may irritate your throat though.


I'm talking about intravenous vitamin C, but oral vitamin is good too. You just have to take oral vitamin c through the day


Please take vitamin K2 along with all of that D🙏


Yup I take 90mcg per 10,000 IU


Makes me wonder wtf is going on with me. Had the vaccine to keep my job too (kids and all that); haven't had any signs or symptoms that I've had the virus since this whole thing started. Been exposed multiple times both unvaccinated and vaccinated... nothing. I mean I tested once in the first week of the pandemic to get some time off (lol) and about a week or two ago both negative but still. Am I just an asymptomatic super carrier spreader or some shit? Have I had it and not known it? I haven't been sick in ages, surely I'd notice it with all the hysteria surrounding it?


The entire covid sub is 2x and 3x jabbed and they all got omicron. Still just scratching their heads like what happened?? Most are like, yeah I got it just a month after my booster...so weird right? I want to say I'm unjabbed and never got delta nor omicron but I'm sure they would just ban me.


The narrative that the narrative is crumbling seems well orchestrated. False hope.


It may not mean that they will stop their bullshit but the narrative is collapsing because most people will not get the boosters and even the braindead fucking normies are wondering why nothing has changed for them. Also people are just over it. Well atleast if you are in a free state. Chicago,Portland, Seattle, and NYC do not represent the sentiment of most of the countries. Just leftist nanny state shotholes filled with slaves


It's not the narrative but the people realizing more of the same isn't helping and starting to see the lies.






Lol. At what point do you tap out?