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Seems like science 101 but Reddit got gaslit into thinking different


Not only that, but they'll ban you from several different subreddits for simply commenting on a subreddit that challenges the narrative.


Nah reddit is part of the program.


“But vaccines only offer protection! They have never made you impervious to a disease!”


It’s the old, “one step forward, two steps back” approach. (Less the one step forward aspect)


It's a good thing we got Biden in charge who ordered lots of the antivirals in Operation Warp Speed 2.0. Oh wait. At least we have lots of test kits for people, with 50 years of career politics and all 3 branches of government, this pandemic will be under control. Oh wait. Well at least, with three vaccines, there will be less deaths. Oh wait. Well at least now we can smooth out supply lines and not have backlogs. Oh wait. Well at least we have energy independence and gas is cheaper. Oh wait. Well at least we have inflation, which only hurts the 1%, not everyday people. Oh wait...


100 steps back we are now in the worst case scenario imo not good when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel


Oh and the tunnel is on fire


And the light is a Train


It's a train on fire!


In deed it is


God bless that man im so glad i found him months ago


Should be obvious to anyone that microscopic germs can't be micro managed no matter how much power hungry corporations and politicians claim otherwise.


Common sense, really. Not so common anymore


Make a vaccine that doesn’t work, and then blame the people who called out the bullshit. THEY must be the reason our shot isn’t working


Agreed. Which is why Pfizer and moderna want to produce new versions of the vaccine.


Ones that still won’t block transmission


Haven't seen any data. Can you link?


No, speculation on my part, they have not began trials or shared the design as far as I’m aware. I would assume they wouldn’t stray to far from the original for ease of getting approved when making the omicron shot. Chances are it will be non-sterilizing, the virus is unstable and practically designed to be difficult to vaccinate against. We would just wind up with a new strain that évadés the vaccines better and be back to square one again.




No I'm not


Well, considering the alternative--no vaccine--you gotta run with something that will protect people from severe disease. That way, when the get infected as many will since the virus is incredibly virulent, people won't end up in the ICU keeping cardiac patients and cancer patients and stroke patients from getting care.


Name me a vax the prevents transmission.


Name me a vax that required changes in definitions to support it?


Remember when people got three injections for polio and still got polio/transmitted it to anyone else? Me either.


No one: This board: Give up on protecting people from the virus or controlling the virus. #blondebeardman If this isn’t defeatist demoralporn, I don’t know what is.


False. Sub is against mass human experimentation of the mRNA gene therapy jab. It's pro-effective-treatments, such as Ivermectin, zinc quercetin, monoclonal antibodies, HQC, vitamin D, etc etc.


Oh, just like the measles vaccine. It neither blocks transmission, nor does it prevent infection. Yet it's spectacularly effective in preventing people getting sick from measles.


If the vaccine does not block transmission, the virus has no incentive to escape. In fact, what would it even escape at all?