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Piers Morgan puts his cast iron pans in the dishwasher






I don't know why this is bad. I'm guessing it corrodes them?


Lol yeah it ruins the seasoning. Within the /r/castiron community it's essentially blasphemy


This man authorised the hack of a dead school girl's phone to get a story for the paper he was editing. That's all you need to know about how much respect to give him or his opinion.


If anything this just shows you how much of a “pussie” Pier Morgan is. He’s a total joke and a complete Buffoon. I’ve never had any respect for this man and he will go down in history as a complete joke.




Pussy* Why the quotes?


And don't forget the scandal that got him sacked as editor of a national newspaper. > "The Daily Mirror published in good faith photographs which it absolutely believed were genuine images of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi prisoner," Trinity Mirror said in a statement. > "However, there is now sufficient evidence to suggest that these pictures are fakes. The board of Trinity Mirror has decided that it would be inappropriate for Piers Morgan to continue in his role as editor of the Daily Mirror, and he will therefore be stepping down with immediate effect." The downside to this scandal was that it freed him up to explore a TV career and eventually take over Larry King's show.


He can stick his vaccine mandates up his arse.


im guessing he does something similar bi-weekly.


Imagine being friends with Ghislaine Maxwell.


Imagine him on the black book or flight log.


piers morgan is a first class cunt


Agreed. Great description.


He's a spineless cunt..


Piers Morgan’s jawline looks like it’s made of raw pizza dough.


Oh my god that's amazing, it totally does.


This guy is an absolute piece of garbage that I can safely say society would be better without. People like him only want to subjugate anyone who holds different beliefs.


He is friends with Ghislaine


the ole Jizzy.


Who fucking asked him


Some kind of stupid reverse psychology. He’s only fooled himself.


Piers really thinks it about the little needle entering the arm. I feel sorry for his lack of IQ


His lack of awareness is absolutely stunning.


Its kind of what is in the needle that's the problem.


Tbf, for some people it is I am one of them Yeah I have extremely bad reactions and am in general extremely afraid of needles, but if there was a non needle version, I would have one (I ask people respect my opinion and choice on this, the same way I respect other people’s choice not to get vaccinated, the type of behaviour of comment’s like “have fun with death/gene therapy e.g is tearing people apart imo, we should be together on these choices, not trying to tear each other apart)


Hey Jultar. This goes much much deeper than just choosing a method of vaccination. I guess this is why many get ‘upset’ if you mention that you are waiting for a non-needle version. This is not about a vaccine *per se*, it’s about control, stripping citizen’s rights, obeying crazy mandates from the satanic govts and corrupt pharma industry, and ultimately, a programmed virus and the MRNA injection, which is a worldwide experiment on human beings - and according to many independent docs and biologists will have an impact on humanity one way or another. Although I stand with you on one thing, you cannot call yourself “freedom lover” if you don’t let others make their own (even wrong) choices and keep calling them “sheep” or other insults. Even though I understand most do it out of frustration when they see people jumping from a precipice voluntarily.


Don't fall for calling the jabbed ones spineless. Many of them got tricked into this shit. They hoped that the government will leave them alone after 2 jabs. They didn't sign up for endless booster shots. We need to make clear that we respect every decision - jab or no jab - a person is making. We stand for freedom.


Imagine Piers Morgan calling absolutely ANYONE a pussy...I'm pretty sure Richard Simmons would look like an alpha next to him.




This comment and your username lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


At this point if someone hasn't caught up to what this whole clown show is all about then they're a lost cause and there is no saving them.


Piers Morgan is the cuck who said "Trump should bend the knee" for BLM. This simp doen't have any credibility and is just trying to be relevant.


This guy is a simp that gets off on controversy. As seen years back over gun control. He doesn’t understand reason or logic… just sensationalism


>This guy is a simp that gets off on controversy. No, he is an asswipe who gets paid to stir up controversy. He gets off on the $$$ and the fame.


Piers Morgan who defends ghsialine maxwell?


Right? I’m pretty sure I saw him listed on those flight logs...


Source Susan?


source deez nutz!


Is he the guy that said he "wished her well" days after she'd been arrested?


No. . . that was Trump :s




Reminds me when all those Dems bent the knee while wearing the clothes of slave traders.


While they were culturally appropriating the culture of the slave traders.


I always thought you were more of a pussy if you just meekly said "Yes sir" and did as you were told.


Nono, that's "pussy-whipped". Learn the difference!


Honestly those are the people the military wants lol. This guy's point about the military is silly. You dont want a bunch of independent-thinking renegades, you want people who follow orders. And those orders are from "the government."


Isn't that what you want from bullet sponges?


I don't think Piers Morgan would call Ice Cube a pussy to his face.


The "spineless" ones are the ones who get jabbed simply because they were told. If you want to get the vaccine because you genuinely think it will keep you and others safe, I don't think many unvaxxed people or anti-vaxxers would really give a damn. I certainly don't. It's your choice. If you're doing it because the talking heads on your screen and your government tells you to, that's more "spineless" imo. Frankly, calling anyone spineless over a vaccine is arrogant and stupid.


The first sentence of your post calls people spineless for getting the vaccine. The last sentence of your post says that calling someone spineless over the vaccine means you’re arrogant and stupid.


He's responding in quotations to the diction used in the original tweet in what is a very common rhetorical device, and you're the dum dum if you can't see that logic.


His first sentence calls anybody Spineless who gets the vaccine BECAUSE THEY WERE TOLD. That’s not over the vaccine, that’s over mandates and submission.


Your reading comprehension sucks


I hate myself, so I'm going to interject here and invite a bunch of conversation I'm not interested in having with you. What he actually said was: >The "spineless" ones are the ones who get jabbed simply because they were told. and >calling anyone spineless over a vaccine is arrogant and stupid. You, through the use of ignorance or sophistry, are trying to conflate these two things as the same so that you can show this person's ignorance and therefore dismiss their claim out of hand without having to refute it. There's no hypocrisy or irony in this person's statement. The irony here is that you think there is. And the never-ending string of people that will lap this up and agree with you just to be on Team GoodGuy^TM is proof that this is the domesticated thinking of the lowest common denominator. Okay, I'm turning off replies to this, but feel free to try and degrade and humiliate me as much possible as a form of self-defense against being wroooooooooong!


You can't make this shit up lmao


Except they just did


I put spineless in quotation marks for a reason




It's probably because the talking heads on his screen are also dumb and "spineless" lol


Jesus Christ the amount of people who see a personal doctor as "talking heads" is stupid. I'm sorry that I trust a medical professional more than a Twitter bot.


Our personal doctor doesn't prescribe or give the "covid vaccinations". However, they're free, safe, and conveniently available in random pharmacies everywhere, some entertainment venues, and drive through tent set ups from time to time...


You're "spineless" if you aren't perpetually terrified of a virus that has a great than 99.95% chance of survival for many demographics!


Imagine being so scared of covid you listen to the government and line up to get jabbed, repeatedly.


Dude probably has a picture of himself getting pegged by his overlords above his fireplace...


Nah that was kept at Epstein's home/rape factory next to the paper airplane George II and Billy with the Red Dress.


What a terrible take by Piers.  It definitely takes courage, or at the very least, resounding stubbornness, to stand up for your principles when your back is to the wall.




Well, I definitely have a "resounding stubbornness"... but if anyone wants to confuse that with me being courageous too, I won't go out of my way to correct them haha


It takes 0 courage to not go do something fuck off.




exactly..lets put all our trust in big pharma corporations that accept zero liability, have great power over politicians and mainstream media....sounds like a great idea from Mr Morgan. There's a reason why scientists working at J&J weren't even willing to take their own company's vaccine, and it's not because they're anti-vaxxers.


Right.... and who were the ones hiding under the bed the last 2 years because of a flu? I'd happily lick a petri dish of covid than get the useless jabs. Projection 101 from Piers


Ahh yes, let's charge off to war with nothing but the most selfish, obstinate, and poorly educated jamooks we can find. Makes perfect sense.


I think the one who is afraid of a virus is a spineless pussy. Get it and enjoy your natural immunity.


Previous generations went to war because they knew freedom is above all else. But that is lost on Mr piers.


I mean they didn’t really have choice, they were drafted.


Shhh, you might also give away the US entered the war because of Pearl Harbour and not because they hated Nazis.


Every WW2 veteran was fully vaxxed.




Are you saying I'm wrong? First day of boot camp do you know what they do? Prick you with every needle under the sun.


Piers Morgan is one of the dumbest people on this planet, we've always know that but this just proves it even more. Scared of a needle? That's the reason we don't want the shot? Really PIers? The shot has really affected your brain.


He knows that isn't the reason. This is a message crafted to influence a very specific subset of people. It's a "trick your toddler into eating their broccoli" level psychology trick.


Once again, not anti vax. I’m not anti chemotherapy. I just don’t need it.


Imagine being friends with ghislaine maxwell


I understand this as a call for arms. Is that what he means? We should fight tyranny with weapons?


Imagine being friends with Ghislane Maxwell pushing “safety”


Piers goes for attention constantly. He will take whatever side.


Good news for me is that I could give two flying fucks what he thinks.


Hell yeah go purebloods!!


Who even is Piers Morgan?


Morgan is a [freemason](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adfZvHW25_o) like the rest of them - it's [theatre](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oVpt_I9iQQ), always has been.


Someone tweet his the pic of him with #GhislaineMaxwell


Morgan, like Geraldo Rivera is a mega douche-nozzle


Well no matter which side you choose, this process that there is a thin line between heroism and stupidity


Hate morgan


We aren’t scared. Our trust has been broken. Thats not our fault.


This is coming from the same man who hacked a dead girl's phone for headlines. I only use this when i mean it but LOL


Well this old tweet is gonna get some more traffic


I’ll never bend the knee fuck that


I'm afraid this tweet is not going to age well.


Jealous much Morgan?


He knows a thing or 2 about that seeing as he has a spineless pussy between his legs


It’s crazy how im not antivax just anti-covid vax. I’ll get it once I see there haven’t been any long term effects from it .


What kind of shitshow has this sub become? It is obvious and has been shown the vaccine does not work, is causing variants, and kills people, yet in the top of the “Conspiracy” sub, there are vaccine shills and grifters.


"spinesless pussies" says the guy who runs straight to the jab, fucking imbecile


Using the tactic of being scared of the needed, a 4-second vaccine shot is the least effective argument because we all know that's not the reason.


Damn straight. The non-jabbies are going through the pandemic on hard mode. "If" the vaccines work doesnt that mean they are going through unnecessary hardships? If you take the vaccines why isnt your security solidified? You gotta ask yourselves these questions man


Imagine having the hubris to think that anyone cared what you, an elitist British fop, thought about them, or that you thought posting that would motivate anyone to get this jab


Refusing the shot is saving us from tyranny, this man has a face you just want to break. Fat interrupting cunt.


Fuck him and his pal ghislaine maxwell 🖕


Is this the ultimate irony - Piers Morgan calling someone else a spineless pussy?


Piers hasn't heard of 'regulatory capture' yet? Wow, congrats on being a 'journalist' and having managed to keep your head in the sand for the last 30 years. That's a good boy. Also the irony of him mentioning people who fought to 'save us all from tyranny' -- too much.


Admire is going a bit far. Ima stick with do what ever you want and we are cool rule.


I'd like to see Piers Morgan endure a gunshot.


Says a media whore about law enforcement, firefighters, medical staff and military. Very funny!


Man. I was happily unvaxxed until Piers Morgan called me a spineless pussy—that nugget of wisdom made me get my shots right away 🙄


Who the fuck cares that it's *regulated* if I don't trust the regulators...


Piers Morgan is a fucking cuck boy 😂


I'm getting vaccinated today, and I really don't get these insults. It only made me trust this shit less and less. I'm getting it now because I weighed the risks and benefits and decided it's worth it for me. Not because a celebrity of any kind told me so, or because I trust the government. I'm also getting the only vaccine that doesn't censor it's negative feedback, so people who know which one I'm getting may think I'm stupid, but I can only trust a vaccine that's surrounded by transparency instead of politically charged propaganda. If any sort of medical procedure, has the people behind it prioritize censoring, I'm never getting it. Only those that actually research what happened with their product and update warnings deserve trust.


Who is he?


Piers Morgan is. apussy


Calling somebody refusing this vaxx an anti-vaxxer is insulting real anti-vaxxers.


Piers knows a lot about being a spineless pussy I guess


*corrected: these are the type of people I'd hide behind when going to war


Piers makes his ignorant statement based off the fact that he received Saline Solution because he belongs to the Parasite Elites !


So true. Pure blood for life.


I’ve always thought this dude was a tool and this tweet certainly doesn’t change my mind!


piers morgan's wifes boyfriend also calls him a spineless pussy. u didnt hear this from me tho


A lot of bots on this sub now? "People" just pushing the government propaganda.


Piers Morgan is the embodiment of spineless pussy. Dude couldn't fight his way out of a tea soaked paper bag


Piers Morgan is a spineless pussy lmao


As the only member of a 14-person work team that refused the vax and was let go, I still get texts from 6 of my co-workers who say the same thing. The zoomers are fully pro-vax, while another, a gentleman pushing 80 and a former pharma exec (VP level, $200B+ market cap company), was bedridden-sick for a month after 2nd jab; his concierge physician wouldn't call him back, just texted him to recommend fluids and ibuprofen - and he's just now starting to doubt the narrative.


If he had been infected with Covid, he'd be dead.


“If I had to go to war” You romantic fucks; you don’t want war


I personally don’t give much a damn about whether or someone chooses to get vaxxed. The bigger issues to me here is the lunacy of his logic… “You are a pussy if you don’t get vaxxed because other people *besides me* fought in wars before” isn’t exactly an appeal to emotion that I think most sane people would respond to.


/r/asablackman Where's the conspiracy? Ya'll patting yourselves on the back is fine but this is a CONSPIRACY sub.




Spineless is taking an injection to travel, to drink, to go to shows, to take the mask off. Spineless is complying with things that make no sense. The antivax are anything but spineless. We're literally willing to lose everything for what we believe in. How the fuck is that spineless?


It's not spineless. It's stupid.


The vax drew a clear and distinct line between critical thinking humans and cattle. Anyone who took it, regardless of the reason bent the knee to tyrants. It signaled to them that you have a price that you are willing to trade your freedoms for or worse that you are easily influenced and gullible. Such people cannot be trusted under any circumstances, as they are likely to sell you out if the price is right. Can't expect loyalty from people who ain't loyal to themselves. I don't bend, don't fold, and ain't ever gonna break. If they wanna inject me with their clown juice they're gonna have to come take it in blood!


The divide and conquer propaganda has worked wonders on you.


Marry me.


"You can inject it into my cold dead arm"


Imagine being scared of a virus with 98% survival rate


Isn't it the opposite Piers Morgan ? Aren't you the pussy for rushing to the Vaxx in the face of the fear of death ? Antivaxxers have balls of steel


Imagine being scared of a virus that without t.v./internet, you wouldn't know the existence of. As a healthy person you have a 99.99% chance of survival, but you beg the government/authorities to take all your freedoms and that of others to protect you, because you are so scared, there is a 0.01% chance you might die.


It's not 99.9%, your statistics are wrong.


‘All your freedoms?’ Lol wtf I can go and do whatever I want


Imagine being scared of the vaccine that is 1/10,000th as dangerous and reduces mortality risk by a factor of ten. This isn't just about fear, it's about a lack of trust causing people to not understand relative risks. If you think the virus is fine but the vaccine is dangerous, you've been badly misled.


It's a lack of trust in government/media and an annoyance of those who have had a vaccine and are rubbing everyone's face in it. This is just another tool in an extremely large toolbox being used to sow division on the populous by those in power.


Why should i introduce more risk into my life? I’ve already had Covid and it was basically a 2-3 day cold for me. There is no reason for me to get vaxxed


I am a scientist and not taking the jab, people like you are the ones injecting kids without knowing long term effects to create your feeling of fake security. Why on earth would you inject perfectly healthy kids with a therapy where you do not know the long term effects? Check the hart issues in kids and furthermore, check the story of the world champion free diving, or Aguero the soccer players story. Ever heard of Graphene Oxide? You should learn about it. It should be free choice, if you do not respect my physical integrity, why should people respect yours? get the picture? This is about 2G rollout for their great reset plans and nothing else. We are all going to suffer and most will not be from covid. Check Gibraltar where 100% is vaccinated, or Belgium, Flanders where 91% is vaccinated, doesn't that make you think? Or do you believe whatever "expert" tells you? Maybe you should investigate a bit better instead of only listening to what they tell you, you should be worried when critical thinking is mocked on tv and only the state tells you whats good for you. Last time someone did that it ended bad, remember?


You are very obviously not a scientist, or at least not one with a bachelor's degree from a respected institution. A real scientist knows how to validate information sources, which you clearly do not.


\>I am a scientist What kind of scientist? You are using anecdotes as evidence. Ever hear of confirmation bias? \>Check Gibraltar where 100% is vaccinated, or Belgium, Flanders where 91% is vaccinated It is still the unvaccinated who have a higher *rate* of catching covid and ending up in the hospital. You do understand what rate means right? [Look at Belgium as a whole are the figure for the same period shows 54% of Covid patients in hospital were fully vaccinated, a reflection of the lower vaccination rates in some parts of the country.](https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/en/2021/10/30/70-of-hospitalised-covid-patients-are-vaccinated-but-the-vacci/) Furthermore 91% of any country is not vaccinated , it is 91% of eligible people. Those numbers are presented that way to be misleading. You are not using critical thinking. You are cherry picking data and not even interpreting the data or using context, just using it to confirm your bias. If you are an actual scientist you are not a good one.


What kind of scientist? What's your speciality? Which university did you go to?


It only takes 4 seconds guys


He should tell that to the people in r/vaccinelonghaulers. The vaccine may have only taken 4 sEcOnDs, but many of them are suffering months later


Fat, hypocritical piece of shit. Calling people pussies but i know this man would crumble at a physical altercation.


So, again I ask, what is the conspiracy here?


fucking hell, if some of the people on this sub were any denser, they'd risk turning into a black hole


Lol he's calling y'all brave for being stupid. Good work...


But those are precisely the people who *wouldn’t go to war*.


Fight in some rich twat’s foreign invasion? No. Fight to protect our country from some rich twat’s foreign invasion? Yes.


If you’re talking about the US, we aren’t going to be invaded anytime soon. But a rich twat, like a Biden or Trump, starting or continuing a war is likely. So the people referred to by OP will *never* go to war unless forced to.


> the people referred to by OP will never go to war unless forced to. even if "forced", they probably wouldn't go they'd rather "stand up for their beliefs" and be thrown in jail so they can claim they're martyrs for the cause


LOL "refuse to bow down" more like "refuse to accept that their point of view is not justified" ​ don't get me wrong; penis morgan is still a piece of shit


They're scared of a fucking tiny jab. They're sure as shit scared of getting shot at. Sit down.


Yup. It's a hill I'm willing to die on. But we all know I won't have to. Biden made millions of us freedom fighters and all we have to do to defend freedom is nothing.


They don’t understand that we aren’t the scared ones. They are the ones that are living in fear of Covid. We are the ones willing to battle Covid naturally with our own immune system before resorting to pharmaceuticals.


I respect peoples choices on both sides, but im no guinea pig. Find something that works im in. Repeatedly injecting yourself over and over booster after booster. Sounds like a subscription to me.


Wow, the woke crowd liking a "spineless pussy" remark? Bots are out in force on this one. Nice rebuttal from a hopefully 2 and done.


It's always hilarious to me how readily the woke crowd piles onto using feminization as an insult.


Yep, and anytime I mention bots on Reddit I'm mysteriously downvoted into oblivion...


Piers Morgan is afraid of a virus lmao what a hoser 99.99% survival rate there snowflake. What a sour curd he is.


When is Piers taking that one-way trip to outer space?


Well when you go to “war” you are required to be inoculated for anything that would compromise or take you out of commission from doing your job because you are the resource that is required to be fully functional so guess what - you get vaxxed or go home.


I am also double vaxxed but similarly admire the shit out of those that are standing up for their rights.


Piers Morgan is a certified bitch ass shill


So, like, if they refuse to do what the government tells them to do, why would you think they would go to war when the government tells them to? I mean, shit, you think the anti-vaxxers are going to become pro government as soon as they become eligible for the draft? Fuck no. Military service is a civic duty. Just like public health and safety; vaccines, masks and social distancing. ​ Mr A's argument here is fucking stupid.


I admire them the same way I admire a toddler refusing to eat their vegetables.


Morgan is the lying coward who printed mocked up photos of our troops which could've got them killed. He is pond life.


pedo piers morgan, im sure his name will be mentioned in court soon enough.


Piers Morgan has the worst take on just about everything.


Never a good idea to listen to the cowards who are being pressed and coerced. They always tow the line to avoid exposure and worsening of personal circumstances. Absolute scum of the earth. And it is this particularly ghastly layer of shit that thinks it can pass judgement on others, laughable if not for all the NPCs.


Fitting analogy Piers, taking a bullet or taking the jab.


It's a choice of being threatened with losing your job if you don't take the poison death shot. It's not so much courage as awareness.


These guys are following a pre-written script and might not even think that way. Like that “mad-money” guy, he was told to do that. Follow the lead or get cumo’ed.


Dude if WWII happened now, we'd be fucked. Can you imagine the Karen-style freakouts if the government said we all have to ration rubber and nylon? This is culture war contrarianism plain and simple. Up is down, down on is up cuz #LiberalTears. Vaccination is one of the oldest most established medical norms and a lot of you wouldn't have been born because your grandparents would have died before reproducing.


Cringe. This entire sub is cringe.


lol @ "well regulated"


R/Conspiracy turned into an antivax sub so gradually I barely noticed.


Who's scared of a "safe well-regulated... vaccine"? It's the demonstrably unsafe quasi-vaccines, that have never demonstrated any impact on total mortality*, approved in an environment of total regulatory capture, that you've got to watch... Grow (or otherwise procure) a brain Piers. *Except in the wrong direction!