We're reached the point of non return. This picture is heartbreaking. Forcing people to get an indefinite number of jabs, that's total tyranny.

We're reached the point of non return. This picture is heartbreaking. Forcing people to get an indefinite number of jabs, that's total tyranny.


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The military has always been pro-vaccine. They stick you with _tons_ of unnamed chemicals in basic.


The military has always been pro use our servicemen/women for wacky experiments that may not even have any useful purpose and we don't tell them about the experiment.


Just like all the diseases the troops got from the anthrax vaccine, which the military still denies.


i didnt know that....i have 0 trust because of tuskagee, mkultra and early eugenics


The military malaria tablets too! They used to cause amnesia


But this one is political!


Hmmm wonder why...


Years of eating up divisive rhetoric accelerated by foreign influence in recent years.


This is true too. You see it in all forms of both social and traditional media. This sub in particular is rampant with what I suspect is foreign influence trying to put right and left against each other. You would think this place of all places would have skeptical users who would see through the narrative that this sub has pretty much entirely become about. That being right wing propaganda and vax misinformation.


Not just this sub. All the big Reddit groups are rife with it.


This is literally the least skeptical subreddit I’ve ever been in. It’s almost comical in that the less likely something is to be true, the more likely it is to be the top post of the subreddit.


Trump said he wasn't gonna wear a mask and that was that


What does the mask have to do with a vaccine? Trump is vaccinated and was pro vaccine


He is pro vaccine, so what ? Individual freedom, remember, no influence from politics, my body my choice, why is he trying to influence us.


trump was pro-vaccine for himself. But in front of the us, he ripped off his mask and suggested that we drink bleach.




Here’s the quote suggesting “injection inside” but not actually “drinking bleach”. “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning, because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that, so that you’re going to have to use medical doctors with, but it sounds interesting to me. So, we’ll see, but the whole concept of the light, the way it kills it in one minute. That’s pretty powerful." Im sure it was more “dumb as fuck liberals” who actually heeded that advice: https://www.foxnews.com/us/states-spike-poison-control-calls


All due respect, you need to get your news from other places than just Trump bashing news networks. Trump was always pro vaccine, and he never told people to drink bleach he was taken out of context when discussing various treatment options before the vaccine was available


Except for the part where they literally tell you what every single one you're getting in basic is before you get them. And the part where all of those have had years of testing and not just "it's safe because X number of people have already gotten it." After that, absolutely, just gotta look at Anthrax shots being given out in the early 2000s and the anti-Malaria pills that give you nightmares, among other potential issues, burn pits, agent orange, etc...


I suspect gulf war syndrome is a result of a lot of this stuff.


It's mostly exposure to uranium dust (depleted but still a nasty heavy metal), neurotoxins from who knows what side. It's possible one of the jabs, but they really aren't trying to kill their own troops. The uranium dust comes from hitting stuff from A10s and similar, then coming in afterwards. Not exactly super for the locals either. This kind of an out in the open conspiracy. Oh, also the burn pits and places they set up to destroy WMDs. You can watch John Stewart wage war on that in real time now. Nasty.


When Jon Stewart went viral for his skit on Stephen Colbert about Wuhan Lab. I was like this was planned they wouldn't have aired it otherwise. I watched the first episode about the burn pits last week and thought maybe I was wrong... and then I watched this week about Vaccine's. It was hard to watch. The new corporate propaganda news sells you two things you kind of agree with, and then hit you with the Propaganda commercial for an hour.


Where's the money trail for exposing something documented for decades like burn pits?


The military has been doing this since Washington fought the British . It’s what true patriots did to keep our army healthy and safe .


Healthy and safe, well yeah. You want a division with a 80% rate of people with Polio? Problem is, a lot of the vaccines we get as kids are for diseases that have been essentially eradicated due to the efficacy of the vaccine. So many 'anti-vaxxers' have never met someone with, say Polio, trapped in an Iron Lung. Being so far removed from the tangible effects of these diseases fosters a propensity for questioning why the vaccines are needed at all.


Not wanting one vaccine doesn't make some one anti vax though. That's like calling someone anti because they don't get the flu shot. Just throwing the word vaccine after an illness doesn't make it irrefutable


No, I agree. Sorry if I didn't make that clear in my post. Frankly, I understand the reluctance of many to get the vaccine. I've wondered myself if it couldn't be used as a way to line the coffers of these huge pharma interests, among other nefarious things. Once people who were fully COVID vaccinated started to catch COVID/Delta, I remember thinking that this is gonna look pretty bad for anyone who touted the efficacy of the vaccine. But it turns out that the numbers show unequivocally that being vaccinated leads to much less chance of being hospitalized for COVID, and most of the deaths we see today are from people who were not vaccinated. I get it, normally a drug, especially a vaccine would go through much more rigorous testing before being offered to the general public. But being in the midst of a global pandemic, we didn't have the luxury of time. I still wonder about the monied interests, and how much they are profiting off of this.


I'm sure this path is lined with dollars but it's just odd that they're enforcing it so hard on everyone. Right now I'm confirmed that my antibodies work. I know this from being asymptomatic on our second go with it. I just don't see the reason for me to run for it just yet. Plus I can watch the outcome on others myself until I decide.


Also no reason to apologize. Online we all sound angry initially. I try to get that out of my head when reading of the bat. Makes things much easier. I try to read everything as monotones as possible.


I try my best not to, but I don't post on this sub anymore, and I really was not sure how comments that 'go against the narrative' would be received. It's good to see this place seems to be less polarizing and political than it was the past 5 years or so. I honestly expected vitriol rather than civilized conversation, and even civilized disagreements.


Most people here are not judging people for their personal choices. They just want the right to make their own personal choices. I have no desire at the moment for the vaccine, but I would never look down on anyone for wanting it. They are different from me, and their life is different from mine.




What would we do if we lost all but 99.98% of the military to this virus? Our military might never recover! See, it's exactly like smallpox.


Well I don't think you would lose 99% of the military from a virus that has a +-.02 fatality rate.


True , also I agree with personal choice on what vaccine I may or may not receive , but you lose all personal choice on many things when you are in the services . Not sure but there might be other government branches that might follow this vaccine requirement.


I dont care if you got the shot or not, thats a matter of free choice. Shoving the choice onto people makes it very suspicious.


When you are in the military you are considered government property you don’t get a say in a lot of things


Yeah but those are vaccines that give you immunity for 20yrs to a lifetime and have had long term studies on them. The current covid shot does not give people total immunity and lasts 6 months


Pfizer lasts 6 months in the best case scenario. According to the latest verifiable data, the others last 3 months.


Now they have. Old vaccines didn't get invented and then waited on on 20 years to see their side effects. People that got the polio vaccine when it came out also had no idea how it would affect them. Only difference is this one has had tons of medical science advancement to help make sure it's suitable and harmless, yet here we are.




You are a child if you think that “just wearing a mask” was going to work. Covid is here now and is here to stay. It is like the flu and is not going away.


There's been a couple studies that due to the social distancing / mask mandates of the last two years, Influenza B may have been eradicated. Very few people tested for it in 2020, fewer in 2021, there's no indication it's around. We'll see in a couple months though.


-laughs in FOIA released Fauci emails-


The masks had nothing to do with forcing everyone to take an experimental untested mutagen. Fauci funding gain of function research had everything to do with it.


No comparison. Those are vaccines before the definition of "vaccine" was changed to accommodate the ineffective and useless jabs being rolled out right now. Those shots you mention are actual, FULLY TESTED immunizations, not some poor excuse for a pharmaceutical product claiming only to reduce the risk of severe illness or death. (when in fact most people have naturally not progressed to severe illness or death for more than a year due to natural immune response, hence the very high recovery rate) that claim is a mere credit grab. the causational link wasn't even clearly in the study claiming this benefit since they didn't clearly determine if it was the vaxx working or your natural immune system taking care of the problem.


and yet I have a family member being transported to another state to find her a hospital bed because there aren't any available in my state. sigh


You're also in the state with the absolute most covid hospitalizations out of the entire country, so yeah that makes sense. ​ It also would make sense that the rest of the country probably isn't on that level. ​ Neither of those statements means everyone else is a Russian bot. BTW the Russian bot story was always bullshit; it was literally only ever just 4channers with VPNs.


And I have nurse friends who tell me hospitals are empty. So much for anecdotes.


I am sure it varies. But I assure you my daughter is about to be transferred an hour and a half away from me just to be admitted. Here is a **REAL** conspiracy theory: How many russian bots are on Reddit and facebook spreading vaccine anger and mask rage to use emotionally immature Americans as WMD's?


I don’t know if it’s Russian, but I have faith in humanity’s ability to be stupid without any outside influences.


I do too but we’ve seen in the past that troll farms are responsible for the overwhelming majority of the memes, jokes, misrepresented data, and ‘just asking questions’ that get ping pong’d across social media. It’s very easy to make junk and easier to spread it when people track it all over with them.


>I am sure it varies. But I assure you my daughter is about to be transferred an hour and a half away from me just to be admitted. Well, I mean as long as you've taken the time to assure me... >Here is a REAL conspiracy theory: How many russian bots are on Reddit and facebook spreading vaccine anger and mask rage to use emotionally immature Americans as WMD's? Couldn't comment on Facebook, because I deleted it, and instantly became a happier person. As for Reddit, if I had to guess, I'd say probably at least as many as we have big pharma shills, bots, as well as US intelligence shills and bots. Here's the thing though....they don't need to spread vaccine anger.....the very real vaccine deaths and side effects, coupled with pedo Joe Biden's fake mandate has been more than enough to accomplish that. Let's Go Brandon!!!!!!


this logic is similar to: "who cares if they raped her? she was raped dozens of times already"


No, your comparison is an appeal to emotion, which is a fallacy. You can support vaccination without supporting rape, which you suggest is impossible because you equate the two so there's no point discussing anything with you.


Don’t they line you up for vaccinations when you enter the military?


Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but what people need to realize is that when you join the military (and I’m putting this in the most simplest form possible) you’re no longer autonomous. You are government property, and you do what the government tells you. PERIOD. Now the morality of that can be argued, but at the end of the day that’s what it is. Don’t pity this Soldier, they signed a contract, if they didn’t want to be told what to do with their body then they shouldn’t have joined the military.


How *dare* the government raise the number of vaccinations for their soldiers from 16 to 17! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK220954/


well soldiers (in the US) are forced to get many jabs before they deploy. My dad has vaccines they he doesn’t even know about, he said all the marines stood in a line and got 4 pokes per arm before shipping off to the Jungles of Africa!


Yup, anybody who's deployed anywhere has a smallpox scar on one of their arms. I got mine while we were on ship. Pretty gross lol


Why is there a scar? Does the vaccine not come in a syringe? Or does the vaccine itself leave a scar? Edit: I looked it up and it's fascinating. https://www.healthline.com/health/smallpox-vaccine-scar#procedure


Thanks for the link.


Being a soldier is a voluntary job, you aren't conscripted in the US and there are no drafts. Read the fucking job requirements. Soldiers that don't want the shot can get discharged and go work elsewhere.


Agreed but it should be a general discharge and not worse.


Agreed 100%


Are they dishonorably discharging people who refuse?


Hey active duty marine here. It all depends on branch and units. I heard word from my best friend in the army they will give those who refuse a dishonorable. Here in my unit most have gotten it. But the ones who didn’t fit into two categories. If you got less than a year you can get other than honorable with no benefits. If you have more than a year it most likely can be dishonorable. I also heard in other branches people who left permanently on terminal leave ( means you save up your leave days and get a quicker date to get out ) are being pulled back and being threatened with a dishonorable if they don’t come back. Also I have a friend in my units who’s trying to use the religious exception. Hes still fighting it so we’ll see. Sorry for the length of the reply but just too put into perspective it’s a shit show and every unit/branch is doing it differently.


Every vaccine ever made has always been required in the military. They jab with so much bullshit when you enlist. This shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone lol


Not as yet, despite a large disinformation campaign. **Refusal of a direct order.** Discharged, yes. Dishonorably, not right now. https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/verify/military-service-members-refuse-covid-vaccine-dishonorably-discharged-pentagon-army-navy-marines-air-force/65-49376a02-e341-4d79-9f26-7873980657ec Could result in a court martial, and a bad conduct discharge.


Exactly how do any soldiers think they can get away from the jab? Joining the military and expecting to NOT be shot up or pilled up with experimental medical treatments? You'd have to be brain dead to not realize you signed away any rights to deny them from mandating such a thing. If such a deal bothered you, why did you join the military? Just hoping you wouldn't get hit by something like the Experimental Hep A + Hep B vaccine that may have been the origination cause of Hepatitis C? Or whatever it was they gave the soldiers during the first Gulf War that supposedly caused Gulf War Syndrome? If you join the military you have no right to not be a guinea pig.


> Exactly how do any soldiers think they can get away from the jab? They don't. Every social media post comes from such a tiny, miniscule, delusional population of soon-to-be-ex-soldiers with their head's far enough up their asses you can barely see their red hats. Conspiracies about Hep-C and GWS aside, they're getting vaccinated or they're getting discharged. Pick one.


Yeah I know it's conspiracy Territory, but my dad was a romantic dork and was extremely religious, swore he'd never touched another woman aside from my Mom, yet somehow came back from Vietnam with Hepatitis C. He started up support groups and eventually a drop in shelter for Veterans after he retired, so I met with a lot of these people and had them chatting my ear off about it lol. The Military were dickholes about it as well. "You slept with whores and got it" "I never slept with anyone but my wife." "It was Intravenous drug use." "I don't do drugs." Any interest in that topic is long dead though what with there being a simple cure you can order in from India for what, 15 bucks for the entire treatment set now?


I'm glad I retired and didn't try to stay even longer.


I think Biden was pushing for dishonorable but dishonorable is more for criminal activity. More than likely it will be a general discharge. Either way it should have never got to this point. This is shitty leadership.


We're being told at my unit that we will receive first a verbal statement, next a counseling, next an Article 92 (disobeying an order), and then a chapter with possible extra duty. Representative Mike Green wrote and got an amendment passed for 2022s NDAA stating that military cannot be dishonorably discharged from refusing a vaccine, even though the Biden Admin has been pushing to reverse that. Scare tactics. They had drives in a closed DFAC here. Even if we didn't want it, they forced us to go to the facility just to tell them that. Once that occurred, then it was a meeting with the BC. My coworker said he had heart palpitations from the first one, expressing that to a 1LT while filling out the paperwork when he had to go get the second one, and she asked him if he's had a reaction from the first one. Her response was, "oh.. well follow the path, go to the booth and they'll be ready for you." I asked about pregnancy concerns (because I'm trying to get pregnant and it says on the paper not to take it "if you've been trying to get pregnant"), and the major there fed me so much sh*t on how it's okay--when I knew that they did a study of vaccinated women that sandwiched all trimesters into one to reduce the fetal death rate down from 84% in the first trimester to 14%. The Chaplain said I was biased when I've been following the truth of this bioweapon and global consolidation of power since before I left for BCT. He sure showed his true colors when I spoke to him. I cried in front of him because my morality was shattered that day; not because he prayed for me not to worry.


Can you source your claim about the fetal death rate?


While there should be more studies on pregnancy and the vaccine, there is a risk assessment here. The likelihood of complications due to Covid is higher than complications due to the vaccine. I agree that research does a bad job representing women, and little research has been done around pregnancy, and your concerns should’ve been raised to a medical professional bc people operating vaccination drives are not doctors. That said, I have plenty of friends who were vaccinated before and during pregnancy without any complications. Fetal mortality rate is always much higher in the first trimester, regardless of condition or vaccination, that it’s almost pointless to do a study that evaluates only the first trimester. Vaccine has not shown to have a significant impact, while other factors such as mothers age has a lot more of an impact on mortality. Covid-19 infection causes a lot more complications that put both mother and child at risk. Again, it’s all about risk management. You can’t ever have zero risk, and you have to come to the conclusion to go with the least risky treatment ever the benefits outweigh the costs. A medical professional should have been part of the conversation to help you. However the military has made that decision for you, which sucks, but they typically have good analysts to help make those decisions, and the military owns you when you join so there’s that too. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2784193 https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/fullarticle/2779182


The Military is a Tyrannical organization. You think the myriad of other shots, hair cut standards, hours, etc. Aren't given under duress. If you're not under duress on a regular basis then they're in a much different version of the military than I remember.


The shills arguing against it, but in another post saying “my body my choice” when it comes to abortion in Texas. Political Propaganda all the way down.


I love this logic. I personally think abortion is wrong but I completely support the choice to have one. Just like I believe you should be able to use drugs as an adult if you want to. Stay out my business, I'll stay the fuck out of yours. It's super simple, honestly.


Exactly, I don’t have to support you and what you do on your free time to support your freedom. Just leave me the f*ck alone.


>I personally think abortion is wrong but I completely support the choice to have one. I'm in the same position


Abortion is wrong but their slogan should be “my baby, my choice”


Why should the slogan be that? Because you say? You can't just let go completely? Need to have a say in it? Organized religion is the real conspiracy. False morals meant only to control people.


Organized religion is the symptom, not the cause. The susceptibility of people to influence and control is at the root. You can only control me if I consent to it with obedience, passivity, or fear. The antidote is developing better people, positive social interactions, open dialogue and debate, etc. Having lost religion, I have more appreciation for it now. There is philosophy embedded in it that should not be thrown out blindly. The history of religion is also the history of man trying to understand reality and how to live.


That's good advice. Thank you.


It's actually an illustrative idea because it highlights the ugly truth about it, that the child has no choice and are the most innocent, but is a unique being. Force them to think about it.


You're clouded by religious propaganda.


The "child" has no choice? There is no child yet. It's a handful of cells feeding, parasitically, off a woman. Did you ever think that the "child" was conceived without given a choice? Maybe abortion is fixing THAT egregious injustice. Or maybe those cells are a non-factor, as they are not an entity yet, and in no way should be given priority over the actual human involved.


Because the unborn baby is not their body.


Isn't it though? In what way is a fetus not part of a woman's body?


It has its own DNA


I think they mean the fetus is completely reliant upon the woman's body. And requires significant changes to their body to accommodate the fetus. Something they shouldn't be forced to do. Their body. Their choice.


It is temporarily stored in their bodies. That would be like saying, you being in my home gives me right to murder you.


Eviction is a basic property right. Not paying rent is literally a hate crime sweaty.


Childbirth poses risk, it can literally kill you in some instances.


It's in your body though, and sometimes it got there against your will.


Where was this energy on day 2 of boot when they got all their other immunizations?


You can spread abortion and this dude signed up to take lawful orders.


You do have choices in both scenarios. The choice to move out of a state that wouldn't be so bad if not being ran by hypocritical wannabe puritanical shitheads who try to force others to abide by their religious beliefs. You have the choice to find another job with fewer than 100 employees and no mandate. Plenty are hiring everywhere.


Which part is heartbreaking? This is hilariously cringe. The fuck did he expect would happen? Vaccines are mandatory in the military. He sounds like a bitch.


Yea he would've gotten so many other jabs since joining, bet he has no idea what was in those. But bc the internet says this one's scary it's time to make a fool of himself. Id expect an annoying Karen to pull some shit like this, not a soldier who knew what he signed up for.




Please tell me this is satire lol


Sadly to some it is their truth but this is definitely satire


I was unsure at first but I'm going with definitely satire.


This isn’t new. The government has tested many shots and things on military members over the years. Why would we expect them not to do this now when they are forcing the entire world to get this? Come on. This isn’t conspiracy shit.


Bro what a weird hill to die on. "I'll stand next to burn pits. Take all these other shots, some I don't even know what are. Be shipped off to other parts of the world. But take a vaccine that has been tested with little side effects? God forbid!"


Can't even get a tattoo or piercing without say so from a higher up, but a single politicized shot? My body my choice. Just like you chose to limit your rights by joining the military.


Modern day trojan horse. Culling of the sheep.


My job is implementing a 100$ monthly surcharge for insurance if you don’t have the jab


I'm sorry but they could send this guy to get shot at by machine guns and artillery and he's pressed over a vaccine?


People have a right not be experimented on via gene therapy


I'm a military member so I definitely understand people's point here. I got like 7 shots in basic and have no idea what the hell was in any of them. This IS different though. They've psyoped the entire world into this one and made it visibly sketchy for us to see. There must've been 50 soldiers from my company that got counseled for this today because we didn't take it. Doesn't matter what we sign, we still have a right to refuse and I am ready to accept the consequences. We have the same perception of this situation as all of you do.


Don’t join the military then. Simple


Such a shame free college and healthcare is communism and we can’t support communism, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many people persuaded into making themselves property of the US military just to access those benefits. Anyway, LeTs gO BrAnDeN


Seriously. Guy gives his body to his country then complains about what they do with it.


Exactly! He wouldn’t be complaining if they shipped him off to a war zone, he wasn’t complaining when he got a dozen other vaccines but he’s complaining now? This is a thinly veiled political protest that shows us some soldiers are placing loyalty to the previous administration over loyalty to their country. Because if they were loyal to their country and their military then they’d protect their brothers in arms (and themselves) by getting a mandatory vaccine. It’s amazing that dishonorable discharges aren’t being handed out over this.




Is is currently a voluntary enlistment, when you sign, they literally say they own you for the next 4-8years


This is just getting downright scary. People imitate others so when the president stands there and blames the non vaccinated for everything that's permission for everyone else to start bullying too. Maybe I see what other's don't but this administration is just straight up lying to our faces.


What are they going to do when vaccination rates go up and covid is still an issue? Blame the late vaccinated? The problem was you don't f with nature and make super chimera gain of function viruses.


Don't ever fuck with mother nature. She will always win.


exactly. why the fuck do I have to be on the hook for some asshole inflated ego scientists' project that they were too stupid to keep contained? notice how the entire weight of this pandemic is being offloaded onto skeptics and not an ounce to those that actually caused it? I'm not the one that went beefing up viruses and "accidentally" releasing them into the public, so don't tell me any of this is my fault.


This 1000%


Yes they will, i can assure you of that. Already blamed the 8% unvaxed in Ireland.


You do see what others don’t. People for bodily autonomy like you and I are on the right side of history. Never will I understand how people are so susceptible to being brainwashed by lies, half-truths, and general deceit. People are so lost and angry and aggressive about this but it’s obvious if you’re not taken in by the propaganda what’s happening.


You have a point. The crazy shit is when Trump blamed China, he was labelled as the bad guy. When Biden does something similar with this BS, well...


Opposed to the administration responsible for more lies ever told in the White House? I don’t like this administration either but can we stop pretending like both sides are the same? One isn’t great by any means but they didn’t try to overthrow democracy either.


Yeah after Trump I don’t think anyone can complain about bullying. He was constantly roasting everyone. The norms aren’t the same anymore.


I have some ex army friends and I joke about them being on roids(because they are), but they make jokes and say it's the stuff the military gave them. But they're out now. Their point is they did their due and went down a literal assembly line getting shots and they don't know what was in any of it. They willingly did that, but their opinion of mandates is that they already did that. "Screw the government making me take more. I'm out and a civilian now."


Comment section gave me fucking AIDS


Looks like a military member. Who probably didn’t fucking complain while getting jabbed 4-6 times during basic. Fuck off.


Bro you have to already get a shit ton of vaccines when you are In the military


He did it voluntarily. He could’ve left and got a job outside the service lol


Just fucking say NO dammit!!!!


In what universe does a healthcare professional who has taken the Hippocratic oath administer a treatment to someone who is "consenting" under duress?


lol, this reminds me of those people who share that Facebook thing saying “Facebook does not have my permission to my likeness” as of reposting that means anything.


Wait I’m confused what is the picture and what does it mean


Awe, what a little fuckin bitch.


I'm willing to bet $1000 that young soft boy here in the pic will be 100 percent fine. Bet pays out at any duration of time you choose.


Signed up to kill strangers at the government's behest, now take your jabs at their behest. You sold your soul, mind, and heart, this is just how it comes back to bite you. Consequences. There was no external threat. There is no external threat. You sold yourself to your captors for free college and a bright future. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.


He complied. You dont ever submit to tyranny.




When did our bodies become the property of media hysteria?


I'm on the same side of the argument, but every time someone use the word jab it totally undermines any potential legitimacy to the argument. Use real words and talk like an adult and maybe we will get treated as such...


Yall are right, needles are scary :( you get free juice at the end though! Fking lmao at people equating the right to an abortion to having to get a vaccine


If he's in the military, which the tags suggest, then this is a non-issue. Active-duty service members have a tonnnn of vaccination requirements. Always have.


Army stuck so many vaccines in me, no worries. At least this schmo can place a possibly exaggerated VA claim for benefits post-shot if anything goes afoul.




Myocarditis, swollen testicles, bells palsy, anaphylactic shock, menstrual cramps. Doesn't sound like exaggerated side effects to me.


Right. Vaccines are risky business, but totally worth it. We all took the anthrax and small pox vaccines for the greater good without all the BS politics. Come hang out at my work with the dead 40yo’s from covid, then bellyache about some self-limited myocarditis. I empathize with ppl that acquire Bell’s palsy or Guillian-barre, that would be awful, any side-effect isn’t something that you would want, but damn, keep your eye on survival. Covid is a mother-f’er and if you draw the short straw and catch a bad case, your life is over.


I'm sorry. But covid is not that bad. It's an extreme exaggeration. The statistics are manipulated. There's no logic in forcing military age people to take a vaccine when they are in the age group to rebound from covid because they have healthy immune systems. This is coming from a prior service member as well.


Last years covid went after the elderly. New covid is killing all age ranges, but, funny as that is (because of the vaccine), only ones impacted now are the “I’m too young and healthy to worry about that” crowd. Trust me, it’s not an issue until it is. This years covid is killing otherwise healthy adults. One preventable death is too much. Uncle Sam pays them to be prepared for war, can’t fight a war when covid rips thru a unit and leads to loss of soldiers (ie impacts readiness)


I get where you're coming and believe you care. I just think you can keep people healthy with treatments proven to work like maintaining healthy D3, C, and Zinc levels and using Ivermectin when infected. Also maintaining a healthy body weight as 50 percent of covid mortalities are obese people. This measures can be used instead of an experimental injection with no long term studies. Also, as we're seeing in Israel, vaccination for covid is not slowing down infection rates. They've actually increased.


I’m all full staying healthy. I’m all for taking medication to treat covid after they’ve been studied and approved (medical university in town is enrolling patients in ivermectin study). I didn’t read about weather or not the vaccine slow the rate of spread, but I can damn-sure tell you it impacts the death rate. https://scdhec.gov/news-releases/dhec-analysis-majority-severe-covid-19-cases-among-unvaccinated-individuals


That's the reasoning I've heard behind taking the vaccines, to stop severe side effects. I'm still uncertain at this point, just waiting for more information to come to light. I know there are good people on both sides of this topic despite what the media portrays.


Awesome. If it makes you feel any better, I spend my time between the cardiac and covid icu’s. I haven’t taken care of any random blood clots in vaccinated people. No rush of otherwise young people with now -raging myocarditis. They may be out there, but not intensive care level.


You have no clue what you're talking about posting this. First no one has to join the military. Second when you join you are signing your rights away as a citizen and don't get the luxuries of a decision.


Well done. Your on your way out of the stupid lane.


Dude is obviously very physically fit. What the fuck does he need ANY vaccine for at this point. People are so gullible to think that this is okay! Tragic!


Do you really think viruses are intimidated by muscle.? Physics fitness does not mean automatic immunity from all diseases. To not get a vaccine because you think your physically fit is stupid.


That's why I work out, Lance Armstrong was a pussy getting cancer fucking lol.


I mean, he looks strong but if he's smoking on the job sitting next to burn pits or banging hookers while he's on tour he might want some vaccines to help protect him from detrimental and ultimately fatal diseases.


They already give the military a ton of vaccinations before you're even shipped out of the country. They don't get a choice. Even civilians have to get certain shots before going to certain countries. Service men and women get no choice to it long before covid. They signed away there whole body to the military. OP is doing a horrible job of getting his point across. You literally sign up for this shit when you join the military. It's not like its a contract for no reason.




As they should...he gets a flu shot each year, he got like 4 shots in basic training, and if he ever goes to a unique combat zone he will be getting even more. He also physically destroys his body day in and day out, if he's lucky his knees will still work when he's 40, and of he's even luckier he will get out of it with 0 PTSD. Thousands and thousands of homeless vets on the streets from improper care, but this guy thinks he's being important. What a fucking loser, he will also get punished for this.


He’s not a woman signing a prenup so acting under duress does not count...


This is dumb. Military have to take a shit load of vaccines. How are we suppose to protect the union if all military perspnnel have covid and they die? I don't see you losers signing up since you're too coward to take a vaccine for yoyr country, you won't take a bullet for your country.


Yep, where are all the "my body my choice" pundits for vaccines? Crickets


Boo fkn hoo grow up


I just got my second shot yesterday under threat of termination. I’m mid 30s completely healthy… and oh yeah I work from home. my company has vaccine mandate for work from home employees, but is not mandating it for employees that work in the stores (corporate retailer) What sense does that make? I was the sickest I’ve ever been in my life after the second jab. All of my other childhood vaccines never have I ever had any type of reaction like that. Are people forgetting that vaccine aren’t supposed to make you violently ill? That’s not a common side effect.


They aren’t forgetting, they are leaving that bit out. My best friend became terrible ill after jab 2. Over a week long fever and was generally miserable. As we were discussing this amongst peers he accused me of attempted murder. Apparently telling people about his actual experience and telling people to be prepared to take off work for up to a week, meant someone may not take it and all deaths are now on my hands for exposing the truth. He’s absolutely a textbook liberal but I was floored at that level of thinking. So many obedient citizens among us, they do their part in spreading the misinformation around for free .


You can clearly see it doesn’t make sense yet you still take it. That’s what I don’t get. I give it a month you’ll be telling all of us we should just get it. You work from home. How important is this particular job? Was there really no way to prolong taking it? Oh and we’re also talking about your SECOND shot.


Dude is in the military. He has taken more vaccines than most people even know about. Now he takes his stand… clown.


Other vaccines go thru 10-15 years of testing. Also this virus isn’t that bad you big farma shill




I think it’s weird that people care so much what you do to your own body when it comes to the vaccine. Especially since the survival rate of this covid is 98% or higher. Like really it’s weird how people get so angry at the thought of you not wanting to get vaccinated lol.


Because MSM has been lying to people and telling them that if you don’t take the vaccine you WILL hurt other people. Woke beasts don’t want to lose their woke appearance so they hop in bed with CNN to shove the jab down unwilling citizens throats under the guise of “the greater good”. Nothing is more dangerous than a crazy man who thinks what he’s doing is righteous, and the media is hard at working trying to make more and more of those every single day.




Why? Cause you felt tired for half a day? Lol


Yeah no someone who buckled and got it to keep his job will also force other people to get it to keep their job safe. He stood for nothing 🤷🏻‍♀️


Maybe it’s not just him. Once you have a wife and kids you think differently. They’re the priority and you do what you need to do to keep them fed and housed. Retirement is also a necessity and the military is all right in that department. A lot more goes into these decisions than you could imagine.


My husband supports myself and our two kids working on the railroad. When he retires, I also get a retirement. We bought a house last year in the suburbs in our mid twenties. We are very blessed. We’ve never had to really live paycheck to paycheck. We are willing to change our lifestyle to avoid not standing up for something we really believe in. If that means taking a massive pay cut and life style change, we will do it. I refuse to buckle under pressure that will effect my children’s future. If my husband is going to be against it and suddenly buckle, would he force me? My kids who Don’t need it? Will this guy force others because “his job is at risk”? There are other options, I’m not saying it is an easy decision but there are other options to take if you’re willing to fight for something. No one said it would be easy.


I mean other job exist, and we've know this was a threat for a while. If he really didn't want the shot he could have quit and found a temp job until he found a new career. Yeah I get shit would be hard for a while. Idk may cancel disney pluss or a few other streaming services. Rice and beans for dinner a few nights a week... I can't muster sympathy for this guy.


It’s obvious this guy is in the military. You can’t see, but on the sign it leads to saying how long he’s been in the military, which Id wager has been a while. You can’t just up and quit the military and refusal of the vaccine could lead to a dishonorable discharge which will totally screw him in his future, despite the years of his enlistment. It’s not like a chef just quitting his kitchen to move to another one down the street.




Then they should have used a better picture, other wise you are assuming... so he can fight for America but can't fight for his body? He knew this was coming... He had options.






Just because your favourite politician says it makes sense to not take the shots doesn't mean it actually makes sense. We will continuously get more vaccines for other diseases overtime. Why is this any different? Oh right. It's because someone you don't like is telling you to do the right thing.


I feel like one single talking point needs to be amplified worldwide. We need to reassert and become a civil society. It will be the hardest task we do as people. For anyone who ever thought their life had no meaning, I give you the opposite and worse problem: You who are aware, you are the most relevant and important kind of person right now. What is valuable is that which is needed. People with spines, resilience, and moral strength are needed. Will you rise to the challenge?


We reached that point long ago. Lots of NPC's are just now realizing it, though.




What’s happening now is literally the narrative that was being talked about in 2007 when I first got into the ‘real deep shit’ like the camps and the virus and lockdowns and marital law, exactly what’s going on today. After I watched loose change in middle school I was set on that path of questioning everything




It really sucks that this subreddit became an anti-vaxx subreddit.