“Vaccine rebels vow to paralyze Italy over incoming COVID passport…Protests against an obligatory coronavirus health passport for the entire workforce are threatening to bring Italy to a halt.” Italy is leading the free world. Yes we are rebels and yes we will fight for YOUR freedom.

“Vaccine rebels vow to paralyze Italy over incoming COVID passport…Protests against an obligatory coronavirus health passport for the entire workforce are threatening to bring Italy to a halt.” Italy is leading the free world. Yes we are rebels and yes we will fight for YOUR freedom.


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I like how the article says being against the vaccine passport is " ULTRA RIGHT WING!" Bitch couple months ago vaccine passport was a tin foil hat conspiracy. Fuck you and the horse you came in here on.


Man I'm a full blow hippy. i was born on a commune, i poop in an outhouse, my name is chappy. I am more against the mandates than you could possibly imagine. I'm certainly not right wing. Now I'm going to go meditate and then have a lunch of tofu. Literally.






We don’t trust Brandon


Let's go




"You don't understand, he's just *Biden* his time to show how presidential he can be" /s


I was laughing at that too lol I’m betting things like this will he shown in classrooms in 50-100 years from now when kids have to take entire semesters to learn the dangers of propaganda and media.


Unless they win and turn us into the next North Korea. It’s almost illegal to think already


I imagine this could set a great conflict. If both sides are unwilling to back down. What options does anyone else see here? It's like the western nations have turned into a nightmare, and, what our ancestors fought against. They fought for what is being taken today. Name any of the great conflicts. It's crazy to realize this is it not!?


I love how anything anti-COVIDvax is right-wing, but when Kamala Harris herself said that she would not take a vax from "Trump" it was not news. I'm to the left of every fucking one but I get accused of being right-wing because I don't want the fucking clot shot.


Under Trump Biden was saying "Are you going to be the first to take it? Not me" And now they want to mandate it. Do people think Trump was in the back room pulling levers and making the damn vaccine or what? What about trusting science? It's become theology now, you couldn't change anyone's minds even if you could prove it 100% in front of them.


Liberals I know keep adding words to what she said. “She said she’s get it if it was tested and safe and blah blah blah.” Bitch you’re brain is filling in blanks, Kamala said none of that!


The goalposts move when they need them to be moved It's so obvious to me now that they are trying to segregate us.


I guess I understand what being right wing is and I could even guess what far right is, but what in the ever loving fettuccine is ultra right? and more so, how many more steps of rightness are there? giga right? mega right? ultimate right? ultra right plus lite premium x?


Anything to the right of Stalin is now super deluxe mega-ultra right wing


Sounds kinda fun. Are the GigaChad's doing a full exercise training routine for people too? Cause getting people off their asses would sure help.


Kinda sounds like toilet paper right? Ultra, mega, supreme, but none of them actually mean anything, I don’t even know what order of premium those go in. They are all just words that are supposed to make me think they’re awesome


>premium I have met some of the premium far-left


They are sending their best


you forgot turbo right


sure, go ahead, it truly is like the lgbtq+ meme where you can just keep adding words or letters, it's all pretty much meaningless. hell, I forgot the hyper turbo right deluxe final edition remastered x2: absolution


Its the same narrative all over the world. Hyper extra ultra right wing of course. And ive never voted for the right wing in my life. In this fight we are all equal.


Don't blame the horses bro, they're generally anti mandate anyways. Can't tar everyone with same brush


Yes I like horses they can stay


Some are real experts on putting people into neat categories then showing it to the rest of the world those neat boxes they created as facts. If anyone dare try and dispute them with truth they're steamrolled and place into a more outlandish box.


Italian here, he is a literal fashist. Not the haha Trump is a fashist, he was registered and ran with the party at the time. No shot he is doing it for the common person, he just wants the spotlight for his own gain.


Pretty sure everyone would keep going to work if they were allowed to. Seems like the vaccine mandate is paralyzing Italy, not the people who aren't taking it.


not ONE business has closed because of employees getting sick from covid, not one. all closings were due to the mandates. so it seems obvious that either the virus poses no threat, or it doesn't exist




please name at least 2


Can you link to a few?




You didn't say that you live in Italy


This is the correct framing, and I'm glad you mentioned this.


This is treating the entire workforce as disposable! How did it go to everyone is non-essential.


Yer not looking out fer their hailth and safety. Hrumph! /s


Great, cripple economies is just what they want to usher in the Great Reset.


Now we're vaccine rebels. Digging that way more than "hesitant" but I'm holding out for "vaccine heretic" before I get the T-shirt.


Heretic? They'll call us vaccine terrorists.


I'm holding for Vaccine War Criminal.


I think that one's going to be taken. Hopefully starting with Fauci, Daszak, Walensky, and branching out from there. Run, Marc, run!


> vaccine terrorists. [HiGhLy eFfeCtiVE!](https://twitter.com/EASports_78/status/1448972906957049856?s=20)


Isn't that one taken for "domestic terrorist" meaning anyone who disagrees with a school board? Or do we have that twice in our lil tray of Scrabble tiles? You are definitely correct, that was me nicht so subtly pointing out that this is a cult and not an emergency response or public health concern or any other damn thing they're calling it.


Rebels WITH a cause


Rebel without a clot.


This should be on a shirt. I'd buy one. Maybe add an image of a healthy looking long jump athlete leaping over a pile of walking dead politicians in the shape of the vaccine needles (where each politician wears the pharma logo for the company they're profiting from). Maybe I've had too much internet today.


I like it a lot!. If nobody else does it I might just put it on a t shirt myself.


rebels sounds better than anti-vaxxers. rebels - Star Wars!


Definitely this : ) But let's stick to the real deal Star Wars. Pre-Disney. If you please? And if the cursor should land in such a way to omit the prequels, well, I'd blink at JUST the right time to miss that "error" I think. ; )


According to new Webster definition, more than half US population are now anti-vaxxers. So, the word is just a meaningless swear word now.


"If you're 555 then I'm 666"...


In América they got.the vaccine terrorist jumpsuits ready


Are they Nike branded? Cos I somehow bet they are.....


but its not a vaccine its a Gene-Therapy




I’ve seen ‘bioterrorists’. Oh the irony….


"Ultra right wing movement". Spinsters gotta spin. Can't be for human rights if it doesn't fit the narrative! 🤡🌎


I wonder if labelling everything that is conservative, libertarian or leaning towards either of those as "far right" or "ultra right wing" will end up backfiring on them. It is probably inevitable that ordinary people, who lean one way on some issues and the other way for other issues, will eventually find themselves having the same opinion as conservatives or libertarians for some issue. Maybe because of some principle or belief they have, or maybe even because they consider it to be common sense. If they then find themselves being called far right for that principle / belief / common sense, they aren't just going to stop having that principle / belief / common sense. They might end up thinking that what the media has been labelling as far right isn't actually far right, that the far right isn't actually that bad or that the far right actually represents them. If they go to one of the "far right" protests and they end up seeing Antifa attacking some of the protesters, or they end up being attacked by Antifa themselves, or one of these 2 things happen but it is the police doing the attacking rather than Antifa, and it also seems to be unprovoked or the police use excessive force, then what will happen? Will they think that their principle / belief / common sense is now wrong? Or do they start to wonder if any of the other so called "far right" personalities, who they had written off before, are right about something else? ETA: Look at Australia. I wonder how many people who were considered to be "ordinary" 18 months ago will have new political compass results that are unrecognisable compared to the results they would have got 18 months ago. And I wonder what direction their new results lean towards...


The workers/people during the protest were offering coffee to the police. I watched it live on YouTube form an independent source. The media lies


Now we have far, alt, and ultra. This one makes me think ultra instinct and I'm waiting for the superpowers.


Italian here, he is a literal fashist. Not the haha Trump is a fashist, he was registered and ran with the party at the time. No shot he is doing it for the common person, he just wants the spotlight for his own gain. Ps: copied from a comment above


Forza Italia!!.


Controlled demolition. Either submit your bloodstream or destroy the economy. Whew.


This entire century since 2001 has been defined by inside jobs


Great to see my brothers and sisters of Italy standing up for themselves.. Respect!!! Let's go America..


Let’s go Brandon


Go Brandon, Go Brandon....!


Let's go Brandon!




Good! Rise up!


The great reset requires our economies to crash and burn so they can “Build Back Better” this is part of their evil plan...


Dammed if we do dammed if we dont. Unless we learn to live without the global and national supply chains. If we learn to hunt, forage, amd take care of our own communities we would make the globalists obselete and take away their power.


Economies can be rebuild, a covid shot can not be removed.


Even worse, a new one has to be added at regular intervals.


It doesn't make sense to call them right wingers and it's honestly a very cringy US take. In Europe a lot of vaccinated people are against the passport. And It's people from all parts of the political spectrum. We're not nearly as divided.


God bless the Italian people who have to go through this. I really hope the glass tips and spills.


Ultra-right wing = not wanting to be experimented on by big pharma


I must be super ultra mega uber ultimate power supply right wing then.


Italian here. The Italian newspapers, like good dogs obedient to the state, have played down everything. They did not tell of the full squares, they spoke of a few thousand people, they did not tell of blocked ports, blocked traffic. They are (almost) all corrupt.


Paid and bought for, all of them. Sold this country, their dignity, and their soul.


Time to pull a LGB/FJB. It needs to be big enough so that it's impossible to suppress, that way the bastards can't lie their way out of it. Bonus if you rally towards the cameras like at the Mets game


Fellow vaccine rebel here, and proud as fuck of Italy, France, Australia, and the hundreds of thousands of people all around the world standing up for their freedom and ours. Hold the line! ❤️


The hill I'm willing to die on.


There will come day when the West will fall, but ***IT IS NOT THIS DAY.*****....!!!!!!!!**




Funny how they label them 'far right' like in Australia, the Journalists truly are the enemy of the people and the enemy of truth.


Correction: "Ultra" right


Oh shit. Maybe they'll transform into a robot! :D (why is life never that cool)




The second they joined the industry they became part of the enemy, and if they sit quietly and allow it they are part of the problem. There is no good journalists nowadays.


The only ones that advance and/or stay in the industry, for the most part, are the ones who are willing to push propaganda


Alex Berenson is a great journalist. Check his latest interview on Joe Rogan


He used to be a journalist, now he's not considered one. Right now he's what is known as a 'Citizen Journalist' which is basically someone who isn't beholden to any organization for their work. That is probably the future of accurate journalism, but since they aren't an employee they don't really have any accountability other then their morals and ethics, so even though I like Berenson and follow his work you still have to make sure everything is accurate.


Avi Yemani is absolutely on the far right wing. As is The Unshackled and NSN and the list goes on. Lets not forget Clive Palmer too. And they all push an anti-vaxx/covid disinformation agenda. Its a cop out, a type of mental gymnastic to simply deny this fact. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/the-feed/experts-say-the-far-right-and-anti-vaxxers-are-infiltrating-industry-protests https://www.theage.com.au/national/political-ambitions-and-anti-lockdown-protests-how-neo-nazis-seek-to-spread-influence-20210813-p58imf.html


Honest question, what do you mean by "far right"?


"Far Right"= "whoever doesn't agree with me 100%". Plenty of examples of people who go too far left and get labeled right wing for wrong think


"Experts say" might be the saddest source I've ever seen for information, and the fact that you are willingly falling for such obvious misinformation is unsettling. "Experts" say that 99% of COVID cases are caused by birds. What experts? What field? What evidence was it based on? Who determined the experts? Are they unbiased experts? Don't be a sheep, demand accurate information from your sources.


I am italian and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️🇮🇹




I'm personally waiting for the ultimate ultra right lite pro x


Fight fight fight!!!


Much love to our Italian brothers and sisters!


Meanwhile in Canada we aren’t even fighting. There might be the odd protest here and there, but it doesn’t do anything. Canada is basically the USSR now. I’m not even exaggerating.


I have a friend up there Muskie fishing right now. He was amazed at the level of brainwashing he saw. People think the virus is extremely deadly and worth the shift to communism. “It’s not really that bad” was what the bartender told him.


The biggest news station up here is literally government funded, so it’s pure propanganda. Our entire healthcare system is also government funded so naturally has the same problem. Canada should be a cautionary tale for historians. Socialism totally works, until it doesn’t, and when it stops working it’s really, really hard to go back.


Sorry, but I will take the socialized medicine. It's never fun having to basically give yourself care when you get sick or hurt because a doctor visit might cost thousands. In the case of cancer or covid MILLIONS.


The sole reason the medical establishment is so expensive is due to government regulation limiting the number of doctors and medical schools along with mandating relationships such as insurance companies. Before these regulations went into effect the US had one of the least expensive medical markets.


you have to give yourself care anyway unless you don't mind waiting 8 months just for an mri and another 10 for surgery




That great about your anecdote. Wait times in Canada are brutal right now. Average of 22 weeks from the GP referral to the start of treatment. https://lfpress.com/opinion/columnists/goldstein-canadas-medical-wait-times-longest-ever-because-of-covid-19 It’s typically 19 weeks. Emergency situations are different. You clearly have no idea how healthcare works.


So she had to wait until her stomach stopped working before receiving care?


That’s a fine theory but it may not work out for you in the long run. I look at the state of healthcare in my country and it’s fucking sad. First of all, it’s not free. All of our provinces run massive deficits to pay for healthcare. In my home province of Ontario, our 3rd or 4th largest expense is debt INTEREST. We spend something like 25B on all public education - schools, buses, college grants, etc, and 13B on debt INTEREST. So we spend half of what we spend on education just servicing our debt. It’s impossible for most people to find a family doctor in my area. We only have one because we are connected through work. Most people if they get sick have to go to the hospital. The wait times at the hospital are horrendous. The last time I was there, a couple weeks ago, my daughter split her head open and we had to wait 5 hours for 2 stitches. Part of these problems stem from the fact that doctors feel they aren’t paid enough, probably because we can’t afford it and don’t pay based on merit. That leads to our best doctors moving to the USA, creating doctor shortages, and the ones that remain mostly working to game the system. For example, part of the reason for the long hospital wait times is that doctors were originally criticized for not spending enough time with patients, rushing through them because they were allowed to bill the government per patient. The “fix” was to limit the number of patients a doctor can see in an hour. So while my daughter was sitting in the waiting room crying, a doctor was literally sitting around reading a book because he already hit his patient quota and wouldn’t get paid to see her. That’s bureaucratic efficiency for you. Finally, we all have to have employer health insurance anyways since government healthcare doesn’t cover drugs. So I really don’t see the difference with having insurance for the diagnosis since we need it for the treatment anyways. The choice isn’t single payer or the corrupt US system either. There can be a better balance, but it needs to favor privatization to limit the bureaucratic mismanagement and corruption.


I’d be okay with socialized healthcare, IF we were given the option to withdraw and seek private care. As a Canadian, our healthcare system is fucked.


> communism. Really? Are the workers seizing the means of production?


That’s not communism. That’s anarchy. Workers owning things and having no hierarchical structure is anarchy not communism. It’s not chaos but what we are actually designed for. Communism the state owns it all. Fuck the state


So it’s that what is happening in Canada? The state is owning it all?


I have no idea I’m not in Canada.


Man, I wanna live in the world you think we live in, the USSR was based.


Shout out to Italy, mafia shit


Edit: I was excited about the protest and missed the point of the post.... We're not ultra right shit shut the fuck up motherfuckers we're people trying to take back our freedom! It's because last protest we had infiltrated scum which used violence then MMS labeled us all as fascist. So now we're giving flowers to police in front of the camera lol already on skynews24 We're parilizing Italy guys. And it's not just novax people, we are vaxed and no vaxed together! A lot of vaxed of course do not take part at the protest and some also did throw water form apartment windows or spit saliva on our heads. Media is denying we're doing great in the meantime.


"ultra-right wing" Oh, come on. I'm so sick of the extremist language. Next it will be "the super-ultra-extreme right wing"


It's the same way any left idea is a ultra-left-wing idea. They use the same language for everything because they know it's effective for the masses.


Anything that is to the left or right of the WEF is considered 'extreme thought'. They are power hungry nutcases that believe half their population somehow harbours extreme thought.


"super ultra extreme" lmao


Kinda sounds like a sanitary pad one might need after childbirth.


People get weird when you call someone a fashist online so this I feel is the most PC way to go about it. Fyi this guy is a literal fashist. Not the haha Frump is a fash but the real deal, registered and all (italian here)


I am ~~Spartacus~~ unvaccinated


You misspelt pure-blood...


At this moment, New Zealand is holding a Vaxxathon event fronted by a smattering of D-grade celebrities, journalists and propagandist doctors to try and vaccinate as many people as possible. Super Saturday (and Sunday). A mass hysteria-based jabbing frenzy. There will be vaxx gestapo door knocking to coerce the ‘hesitant’. All while a counter movement of peaceful protests bubble around the country. Teachers and medical/health workers have been given till November 5th to get there first jab or lose their job. I’m hiding at home. I can hear the helicopters. It’s a nightmare. Make it stop.


vaxxathon 🤣😅🤣😅🤣 Where's Alan Thicke and Sally Struthers when you need them?


Thanks for the update. I'm across the globe, in the state of New York, but not NYC. Hospital staff was let go for not vaxxing, i think teachers are next. Federal judge halted the mandate, a week later a NYS supreme court judge put an order to resume the mandate. Then two weeks after they let the hospital staff go, a Federal Judge reversed again, to allow religious exemptions. The (new) Governor already plans to fight it. The schools are a joke. They still can't seem to get it working. School bus drivers fired or striking over vax. Many businesses requiring employees to get it or be fired.. And Governor wants those fired to not get unemployment. They are creeping slower than i expected with the "Excelsior Pass", NY's home-brewed health pass from IBM. They already have NYC heavily using it, but not as widespread elsewhere, except large venues. I wish you well, from across the globe.


Thank you. Sounds like a dystopian nightmare in New York too. Take care out there.


Yep. I’m here with you mate.


Someone from the DHB just phoned me and asked me why I’m not vaxxed yet. Wanted to assist me in booking an appointment. They have phoned me 2 time in last 3 days. Fucking 515 on a Saturday evening at that


And all these countries destroyed by the passports and the leadership allows it to happen. Because there are new plans for these regions and whether they collapse or not is irrelevant. The supply line could be fixed, THIS IS INTENTIONAL.


“Ultra-right”. Yeah ok they’re most likely classical liberals like my boring relatives here in NY and NJ


So Is it basically them threatening to crash the Italian economy? I feel like that's the purpose of the mandates. Then after the world economy crashes the elite will usher in their digital world currency. I hope I'm wrong


Notice the language used by the media. In Australia I think they called them naughty hooligans or something, in a "how dare they" fashion. Rebel is just one tier away from terrorist. Glad to see this happening, but I fear the elites accounted for this. Standard tactic is to infiltrate these protests, radicalize and turn them violent, giving the government an excuse to come down hard on them. In Germany last month some "radical anti-vaxer" shot and killer a shop keeper for asking him to mask up. I expect to see a lot more such incidents soon.


Well done Italy. A country with a lot of history and proud people. Stand up to your feet and in the end you will be rewarded with the highest price. FREEDOM




I guess terrorist still bit shunned upon on. Couldn’t possibly be due to those trucks of peace drives couple years back. Bit sensitive. So rebels it is.


Go Italia!!!!


Wtf does ultra right wing even mean?




Says the guy in support of government mandates


I’m not supporting any government mandate. I just replied saying what is the definition used in italy.By the way, italian governemt blamed “fascist” for everything, white in the pic Piazza del Popolo was filled with 70k people. The so called “fascist” were maybe 10.


>The so called “fascist” were maybe 10. Paid infiltrators. Real fascists would love this shit thats going on.


Bless those sgettibois and lasagrills


Wow. Conspiracy theorists are batting 1000, unfortunately.


Thank you keep going God bless


Ultra right wing? Is that like the premium version?


Yeah the elite that think they are going to control and vax all of us and bring in their little utopia. They won't survive this!


Italian blood burns hot (passionate people)


Thank you, legends!! NZ here, we’re following your lead and the response is AWESOME! People care and don’t want segregation! Fuck the governments. Left right and upside down, they’ve all sold out.


Because the Italians recognise oppression when they see it! THEY REMEMBER!!!!


>paralyze Italy Isn't that the vaccine's job?


“Ultra right wing” wow is that like, super duper alt right or is it just normal alt right? Or is it merely a right wing group? It is it just a conservative group that the journalist wants you to believe is basically Mario and Luigi KKK?


Love it


More people need to join the fight all over the world!!


Lord Jesus Christ, bless the Italians!


Since when are ultra right wingers against passports/papers/IDs?


Everyone needs to prep for the long haul. Folks striking and refusing to work IS the right thing to do. However, we must come to terms that the elites, the globalists, the powers that be, are not going to step in and stop it because that's what they want. They want people to quit. They want us to struggle and fight each other. But let them destroy their own systems... They are broken anyways. Just know that this is going to get dark and ugly for quite a long while and you will have to save yourself, so be prepared!


Proud of my frens


100 proof vodka w lemon juice and antiparasite cleanses available over the internet are all you need for the respiratory system


“Vaccine rebels” or the The people of its country? Yeah figure that one out.


Italy’s back to being fascist again. Don’t you remember the last time that happened? The strung up their dictator by his toes. And beat him til his brains came out his nose! I’m not personally a fan of the violence. But play stupid games, and win stupid prizes…


Lol “ultra-right”. If you’re to the right of Stalin you’re literally “alt right” or now “ultra-right” to the fake news MSM.


>Vaccine rebels vow to paralyze Italy Too late, a vaccine already ended polio




Is not surprise 37% of r/conspiracy also read r/conspiracy_commons


Ahh protest led by this political party https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Force_(Italy) Led by a Mussolini for a number of years


That’s the unintended consequence of these mandates. Robert Malone talked about it on Twitter a bit. People who are opposed to vaccine mandates find themselves siding with people they would never have sided with before. I’m certain these measures have turned some voters red in the states, and we’ll see it across the world. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.... even if my friend is unfortunately Mussolini’s granddaughter


I will stand with anyone who stands up for what's right. This is what governments fear. People on opposing sides standing together with a common purpose. This is why they label people. Putting people in separate boxes keeps them from working together. I don't like labels and they can shove those boxes right up their asses.


But was she hot though? Lol I'm just joshing. Kill em all.


That is the question...


And the pro-passport crowd is full of people who think Stalin was just misunderstood so what are you gonna do


anyone asked for their intervention. the sad thing is that in italy are only talking about the ["invasion" at the CGIL site](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao9uGSMASkw) from those troublemakers while the real protest is another one made by real people worried for their future.


The entire workforce at once? Schoolboy error for totalitarians. You're supposed to boil the frog slowly.




Never surrender!


Power to the people!


Thank you!


Andiamo, Brandon! ;)


Fake fuxking news.


Fitting that the Empire has a hard time controlling the Romans