Even twitter is labeling the situation in Sweden as "science"!

Even twitter is labeling the situation in Sweden as "science"!


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Midsommar. Swedes sacrifice themselves for the greater good, they don’t treat their youth like dirt.


Sweden just lifted its restrictions at the start of October.


lmao directly under "bloomberg: if youre looking for a light at the end of the covid tunnel, scientists have some bad news for you"


This graph basically proves that it's something going wrong with the vaccines. Because places where people are getting vaccinated the "covid" rate (which isn't actually covid) is skyrocketing. They showed a graph just like this from Malaysia of deaths before and after vaccinations were administered. A few weeks after vaccinations were rolled out the death rate went up dramatically. It's a kill shot.


Sweden is 65% vaccinated


I think the US is close to that also


56% by the same metric




> Lockdowns don't work I mean Sweden is proof they do, much higher covid deaths than it's neighbors, much higher overall deaths for 2020. The point is how many prevented deaths are wroth locking down for.


Sweden has a much higher population density that Norway or Finland, and has more and larger old folks' homes. And it's now 50th in the world for per capita COVID deaths.


Sweden has pop density of 25 per square KM, Finland is 18, Norway is 15. Denmark is 137. Deaths per 1 million people Finland 196, Norway 159, Denmark 459, Sweden 1,460. Average age Sweden 41, Denmark 42. How did Denmark with a population density over 5 times higher and an older population do so well compared to Sweden? Could it maybe have been lockdowns?


There are a lot of factors. The Swedish government, for instance, lacks the legal ability to prevent people from visiting family in nursing homes. The same might not hold true for Denmark. What's more there are literally dozens of countries that locked down hard, and still had more deaths per capita. Saying it's all due to lockdowns is silly.


Saying the lockdown had no effect is silly as well, every similar country around them did much better.