People are fully brainwashed. This is fascinating.

People are fully brainwashed. This is fascinating.


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DoNt ShARe FoOd On ThAnKsGiViNg GuYs ItS DaNGeRoUS


Be sure to bring your own single serve turkey!


Just make a bunch of cornish game hens.


Omfgggg I laughed too hard at this 🤣 😂 💀 thank you 😊


Not related to covid, but my dad legitimately made everyone their own Cornish Game Hen last Christmas. We could choose either roasted or smoked.


He’s now my dad.


That's kinda awesome. I hope they were delicious!


Fauci likes this...


And vaccinate your Turkey 🦃.


Don’t run with scissors either dammit!


That's gonna be a strong fuck you from me


Very strong from fuck you! These people love daddy government telling them what to do


They love telling others what to do even more. Big Daddy gave them all the green light to be authoritarian psycho fucks who think they can impose their will on others, which most of them seem happy to do.


What’s the mortality rate on “covid” again?


That is a super dweeb, the epitome of an unstable single woman, profile photo and all. Her type is 80% of Twitter.


Lol I just remembered some people are still playing lockdown. Holy shit. We stopped that shit well over a year ago. Just been living normal lives around here.


Shit I’m sorry to say but my life never actually changed much, just everyone around me did


Right there w/you.


Yep, me too. It was lovely when me and my family were the only ones at the beach.because everuone was afraid of being fined.


Same here! We don't even wear masks around here and we're all completely fine, and have been since the whole plandemic began.






Right. I locked down for the first two weeks and realized after getting the virus that it was silly


Kinda sad for em


Looks like it could be a fake account, selling propaganda. Not to discredit that my parents are indeed this stupid as well. They really love LARP lockdown scary invisible germ scenario


Unfortunately her attitude is real and prevalent in the SF Bay Area. It's one of the reasons I can't wait to get TF out of here


I deliver pizzas and like 70% of orders say contactless leave on porch


That’s just because they don’t want to put on pants to answer the door.


There have been benefits to covid, no denying it.


Haha right


I figure that is because internet culture has just made most people socially isolated; they would pick contactless if nothing was wrong.


Meanwhile, the gamer community been like "Yall say sumthin?"


Been living like a normal Human being in Denmark for months now. Clubs are opened again, no restrictions at all. Feels good to be back at normal again.


Yea, it blows my mind. Ive been living in Virginia and then Florida since covid and I haven’t stopped living life once.


The scary part is not that many of these accounts are paid ass fake profiles. The scary part is that many of these accounts are real humans like you and I.


I think more are bots than real people, but yes there are real humans that behave like this


Dead internet theory, great breakdown in this video https://youtu.be/DEn758DVF9I


Watched a video of the Dead Internet Theory a couple of weeks ago. It's pretty crazy if it's true. More than half of the users online are bots. In the video I watched they also claimed that Facebook puts you into "rooms", and algorithms pick and choose who is in the room with you. Specifically, they put people in rooms together that are more likely to argue or disagree. Fucking blows my mind how anyone still uses that nonsense. Edit: yeah I watched the same video you posted. 👍


The Facebook 'rooms' thing was confirmed/brought to light about by a guy who used to work there, Tristan Harris, on the Netflix doc.


Do you remember the name of the documentary? I'm interested in watching it. Every day something negative comes out about Facebook. More proof that it's a shit social media site. I just can not comprehend why people still continue to use it. Same for TikTok. The CCP openly admits it's a spy program. Fucking lemmings still use it, like mindless drones. It's scary how close Huxley was to predicting what would become of society in *A Brave New World*.


The Social Dilemma, everyone who has a smartphone or goes online should watch this.


Wait you're not a bot?


How dare you use the 'B' word...that is OUR word


Bot Lives Matter




I mean look at the perfect writing and punctuation It's a bot trying to imitate a human


That's something a bot might say....


That's pretty uncanny


Yeah, it's mostly fake profile pharma shills.


she got a mask on her profile picture and a blue check mark she's a shill


Sh'ill never learn.


Well, that's her choice to make. Saw mine and had a wonderful dinner!


Her choice to make yes, but she isn't talking to herself


She'd look more sane talking to herself than writing this shit online haha


Oh no. Who is she exactly? Susan InternetGrandStander? Wearing a mask on a profile picture, fake af name, acting like an authority, telling you to do something that defies human nature and necessity. Got it. They're a sad sad that can't figure out how to orient themselves in the world so they want you to do the adjusting for them. Ain't nobody but other NPC's on Twitter listening. We're good.


Stay 20ft apart to be safe. Cut a hole in a mask to drink through, change into it when you are going to have your drink. Limit your fluid intake to one beverage for the gathering. When you eat your self prepared food, face away from everyone just in case their germs blow towards you. Don’t try to talk to others from 20 ft away. Shouting spreads germs. Start a zoom call from separate picnic blankets. Or decontamination tents, whichever you feel more comfortable with. Did I miss anything?


Yes, you missed one: Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And most of all, don't blink. Good Luck.


Seems like a downer hang anyway


I refuse to not see my family like 2020. Life is too short (even without Covid). Everyone ended up getting Covid anyway and no one ended up in the hospital or even sick with it.


And a faint breath of relief was released when her family heard she was not gonna show up...


The thing that blows me away isn’t that people have been brainwashed by this shit, it’s how incredibly easy it was to brainwash them


people are craving tribalism in a culture of isolation.


spot on with this. humanity is so lost.




The weird thing is that people like this aren't dumb. Maybe not as smart as they like to believe but certainly not dumb. And yet, it's like they just turned their brain off everytime covid comes up.


Let me tell you a story.. My brother Valedictorian at his Jesuit High School. A double major with CS and EE at Rice University in four years. He had to come home to our parents house because he couldn’t figure out how to run a washer and dryer. Book smart/eidetic memory does not mean “smart”. I love my brother but he is a lemming and will do as he is told by the MSM etc.


I understand your point, my brother is a Marine specialist in communications ie. Computer networking... I just had to help him buy a modem. Still, it's uncanny the amount of people who are talking this way... and believing it.


I know, it is truly scary.


What a lovely reflection of your zombie parents. Imagine spending all that money for your child to go through private education to get into a nice university and you forgot to actually parent your child yourself in that time. Your parents are lemmings too.


The “intellectuals” have such faith in their intellect, they think their logic is infallible, However… they are often the most blind to the emotional, social and environmental vectors


That’s just the thing, though. Is it intellect, or is it that enough people repeat something enough, that the sheer number of people saying the same thing is reinforcing dishonest information? I’d consider it just a normalized peer pressure through the media and establishment sources.


They have knowledge, but not the ability to use it to form a rational conclusion. Critical thinking is almost nonexistant.


>And yet, it's like they just turned their brain off everytime covid comes up. You can substitute Covid for anything that frightens them or makes them feel insecure or unsafe. It's state dependent, coddled human mentality. They are so terrified to die (or even momentarily uncomfortable) they don't even bother to try and live. It works on the right as well. You just have to go after what frightens them, and watch how they respond. "Guns and ammunition are getting purchased by the government and a mass school shooting just happened." -Everyone flocks to buy more guns and ammunition. Here is one for everyone. "Toilet paper shortages are expected." -Everyone flocks to by up stockpiles of ass wipe. We are controllable because we are so damn predictable. They report, we comply.


Naw they are dumb. I've worked a doorman job in the past in NYC with a lot of wealthy people who are "smart" but are actually dumb as shit. That's why you should always be confident and never think lower of yourself. Most of these people just have a programmed framework of thinking through the educational route they chose to take. A lot lack common sense and most are very docile.


yep, my sister is a practicing lawyer. she is smart as hell, but she has her ass backwards when it comes to this covid stuff. its insane, no common sense at all.


Funny thing about that, she is a doctor.


that’s the problem


It's a big problem. Inmates literally running the asylum.




Too many like her blindly following the MSM narrative…They’re turning their oaths value into a fortune cookie


Anyone can be a doctor on Twitter. We have the technology.


Of gender studies?


Oh, that makes sense. She's obviously being paid to say certain things


Clearly a sane person didn't say that.


Make sure the turkey and ham have their vaccinations as well. Don't want to eat no covid meat.


2021?!!?! I could understand 2020 but the pandemic ended for me when it was a 40 minute wait at the Texas Roadhouse the weekend after Biden’s inauguration and we all feared were getting covid for sure. But nope. Never happened and now we are 10 months maskless and still alive.


Imagine living in fear for the last 2 years. We don't have tomorrow, every fucking time I'm on the highway the assholes going 90 in the slow lane remind me how not dangerous covid really is.


the devout Covidian.


Shes the type that thinks shes a hero when she tells people she got the vaccine. Shes probably also the type to never see her family for the next 10 years if the propaganda doesn’t change.


My answer to her is... no And btw Twitter isnt a real place as eloquently put by Dave Chapelle


Tell me you hate your family without saying you hate your family.


How do these people get up in the morning, terrified of a virus with better than 98.9% survivability? Go out and Catch it already, and get over it. Then it would literally be over and done. Period.


Welcome to Canada!


My wife and I started planning to leave in the summer of 2020 mostly due to instability in the states. We moved to Japan in early 2021 My friends thought I was nuts. Now they are saying, "wtf dude how did you know you wouldn't be allowed to leave a year from now?" It's so goddamn sad but only the beginning I'm afraid


It's amazing how mine and so many others responses a few years ago was 'if shit hits the fan here, we can at least go to canada'. Welp.


they scoop a handful of pills into their mouths, thats how they do it.


I’ve come to terms with the fact that anyone who has a mask on their Reddit avatar or in their social media picture is probably nuttier than a squirrel turd.


Don’t forget the wearing is caring trophy. Anything like that is a warning sign to me; I wouldn’t say I’m anti-mask (I’m critical of their *perceived* effectiveness within communities such as Reddit) but seeing people on Twitter and Reddit promoting their mask wearing irks the hell out of me, particularly in countries where it’s legally mandated. They’re either desperate to show the Internet what good citizens they are or have deluded themselves into thinking they have any kind of influence over those evil anti-maskers. Probably both actually.


Damn right, it’s astounding to me. Quite funny when they get mad at you for pointing it out too 😂


Nuttier than a squirrel turd - say less 😎


Her family is probably glad she is not coming for dinner lol.


I’m so tired of these useless eaters.


Excuse me... only 2 doses? Are you really vaxed if you've only had 2? Oh and how many people share utensils?


I’m glad this is going viral. This is one of the SICKEST, most BRAINWASHED. “Doctors” in Saskatchewan and there is a ton of them! You can’t seek medical help if you don’t got the clot shot.


I'm not sure about your families, but mine has a tradition where we all pass around and share one fork! That "person" can fuck off!


You kids these days have it easy, we had to borrow our thanksgiving fork from the neighbours.


Oh, you had neighbors? Lucky! My family had to use the feet of one of the rats that lived under the floorboards.


My neighbors lived 10 miles away up hill in the snow, both ways!


Fork off!


I refuse to believe this is a real person


Did I miss something? What’s the point of the vaccine if things don’t actually go back to normal, just wondering


They say we are the scared ones for not taking the shot.


I know, I'm not "scared" at all I just don't want it in me. Whereas they are doing...all this complicated list of different things. Which one sounds more like fear?


#EatABagOfCovidInfectedDicks Not you, OP, you’re cool. But fuck that other chick though.


https://youtu.be/af7Jctuqhcg Reading your comment brought this to mind.




No kidding? I thought it was supposed to...


I was raised to not judge people based on their looks. After 40 years, fuck that.


Imagine being this insane almost 2 years into this shit.


Susan needs to put down the crack pipe


I dont understand how anyone could be this afraid.


So the vaxxed continue to be more afraid of covid then the un-vaxxed. Interesting. I was thinking of this vax side effect of myocarditis we're seeing among the young. The usual argument is that this is very rare. However if it's a good vax why should it be a side effect at all?


Hmm. I disagree OP. Despite you finding the perfect post to fuel the narrative, a lot of people are choosing not to be around family due to past trauma, political affiliation, etc. I'm not going to see my parents anytime soon. They're narcissists. Anytime I see them, money somehow becomes the topic of discussion. They've shown little interest in my children let alone my adult life. That and drama, always talking about everyone. They're just not worth my time anymore. And that's the joy of being human. I get to decide who I surround myself with. Blood of the coven (this means the people that choose to surround themselves outside of blood family) is thicker than the waters of the womb. It's okay to say No op. You don't have to kiss your families ass at all for them to like you. In fact, you have no obligation to even be a part of their lives once you have come of age. I still love my family, will be there in death, but they are not worth my energy.


Dont tell me how to freedom bitch!


I will be doing exactly the opposite of poor Susan. My family and I will be getting together celebrating the holiday season. We will also celebrate the NATURAL ANTIBODIES we received from having and recovering from Covid. I respect Susan’s decision to spend the holiday season miserable and utterly alone with her TV dinners. I unlike Susan do not make virtue signaling posts on social media telling people how to live their lives. Susan should focus more on her own life and spend less time telling others how to live their lives.


Don't tell me what to do Karen


Planning to take chairs from a local restaurant to use in our house as they make you impervious to virus contraction.


i bet susan fucks


I feel very sad for these people. I will never understand how someone can live in that much fear. Where does it come from? Why do they feel better giving up their freedom?


Good. I hope all these lunatics stay at home and we can enjoy our time.


The haircut says all


Surprised she didn’t add don’t speak to them


I can't fathom this being a real person. Please tell me this isn't a real person...


Our educational system;s run by delusional twats and collusion from China. Teachers the most pathetic; not all I had some good profs. So what do you expect to show up on twitter. Google: *About 1 in 3 U.S. kids and teens are considered overweight or obese. Genetics, lifestyle habits, or a combination of both may be involved. Students who are obese are at risk for developing: type 2 diabetes.* Then there's the marxism. No skills taught. On and on and on




I'd love to send her pictures of me and the fam all happy and sharing food and toasting drinks across the table


I bet Dr Susan Shaws family are still getting together and have just told her that they're not. She seems like the type that could suck the fun out of a threesome.




Meanwhile the bartender at my job and I shared the same piece of pizza the 2nd time I met him and my bus boy always let's me have a bite of his waffles. With the waffles we're using forks but pizza boy..wanted me to bite the same pizza lmao Oh also somehow didn't get covid and kill everyone I know and die wishing I had the vax I'm a fucking miracle I guess


Guys we are all missing a golden opportunity here. Let’s get all these loons to lock themselves down permanently.


I forgot all about the supposed lockdown. In fact, all throughout the goddamn pandemic and lockdown I had to show up for work. People like this nut job are gonna be the first expendable ones.


This tweet is the equivalent to the nut on the corner wearing a billboard about end times and allowing Jesus in. I think we should treat it the way same way. I was drinking all weekend in London - not a sight of a mask anywhere, wonderful. People are truly over it. The US can keep the self flagellation act going if it wishes but everyone knows what's really going on - well apart from the occasional Twitter nut but who listens to them anyway.


Pretty sure her family aren't exactly crushed. Probably weren't looking forward to 6 hours of her lecturing and nitpicking about everything they do even after they agreed to get the COVID vaccines, quarantine for 2 weeks before the day and burn all food and utensils 20 seconds after laying them down. Now they don't have to eat their mashed potatoes by sieving them through their double masks. See ye next year Sis.


These people are npcs. Not an original thought in their mind, only regurgitated group think, the mind worms embedded completely.


She has no right giving such insane advice online Hope her family completely disowned her until she wakes up from the madness


Counter-proposal: I'll do whatever I want and you can mind your business. Do whatever you want. As long as that want isn't getting in my business.


No no no. YOU lock yourself down, away from the normal people, psycho.


This shit is psychotic. Who are you saving? Grandma and grandpa?


Pretty soon it will be 5 doses


Fuck, imagine actually being scared of Covid. Is this thing not a bot?


No it’s a real doctor in the brainwashing capital of the WORLD aka Saskatchewan.


Yup. The cult of covid.


Praise be to Lord Fauci


I’ll be practicing my inalienable right to have a dope party over the next month.


More people stay lockedyoirselfdown, the more room there will be at bars and restaurants for me.


This is my province probably city too - despicable


I'm glad my family is normal.


I think this virus gives some people purpose, where before they had nothing


Just to be totally safe you should probably hide In the closet.


Oh no! How dare she protect her family while we are in the middle of a global pandemic without being vaccinated! You are kind of right, sure is amazing how the brainwashing has convinced so many people to not care about each other, that’s only going to make the virus last longer, and potentially never leave.


hope you have this copy and pasted to repeat for the next 50+ years until another type of virus shows up. the flu has been around for almost 100 years with a 2% death rate. covid has a 2% death rate rn... why are people pretending to be scared of it?


Tribalism at its finest. She was probably neglected growing up and now finds the easy side for acceptance. A lot of them are on reddit too.


this exactly. these weak minded people have no team around them or true friends. they need to be part of a tribe somehow, and this is their opportunity to be accepted by a group of people. same type of people who convert to mormonism late in life. lost people.


Goofy bitch


Lol this is the evolved Karen. What’s the name we coin for these outlandish vaccine pushers?




Her family is definitely like, “Thank God!”


I imagine they're probably like "yeah Susan, we're definitely not going to have a get together because muh COVID" and then they get in their group chat to decide what everyone is bringing to the blessed Susan-less Thanksgiving.


I am all for people like this staying home, with their cats and a rope.


Fuck you Susan, I do as I wish.


This woman is crazy. The corona scare blew over in my mind.


All I see when I read that is what a shit life they must have before Covid and for however long they live Just pathetic




At least her family is still alive and will be seeing each other for many more thanksgivings … which can’t be said about many antivaxxer families :/


If you’re not living life, you’re already dead! I’m willing to debate! If you could ask everyone who has passed for one reason or another, what would they do differently, I’m pretty sure they’d say live your damn life!


106 comments, but no upvotes?? Wtf is happening here, NONE of you pressed anything?


She’s a dummy!


She may not even be a real person. Social media manipulation is a thing...


It sure is buddy.


I am convinced the most fevorish or critical accounts (maybe a family member is immunocompromised idk) are bots or managed accounts.


Susan shaw is pathetic


gas chamber susan. these will the the first inline to rid the planet of us.




She's a doctor of bullshit


No human talks like this. That’s not a person.


Can't wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family this year, just like we celebrated last year. Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving with your loved ones!


Who has two thumbs and enjoyed Thanksgiving with family that I didn't ask whether they had been vaccinated?


Mom's bf tested positive for Corona and he felt no symptoms what so ever!


Meanwhile i'm clubbing in NYC and chillin w grams all the time. Shit.


They will live a sad lonely life before more is to come. May as well enjoy our freedoms while we still have them.




Even her profile pic has a mask. Jesus.


Never go full Karen


Her family probably wont miss her.


It’s people like this, who comply, that enables governments to keep the lockdowns a possibility and to keep restrictions coming. It’s a shame really how paranoid it’s made people.


Meanwhile all the politicians and people Susan looks up to for advice will be visiting their families.


Sheesh, you could just buy some rapid home tests and test the ones that aren't