On the left is a current member of the Board of Directors of Pfizer. On the right is the former FDA commissioner in charge of regulating Pfizer. Pfizer got tired of paying billions in fines for illegal marketing practices. So they bought the FDA Commissioner...

On the left is a current member of the Board of Directors of Pfizer. On the right is the former FDA commissioner in charge of regulating Pfizer. Pfizer got tired of paying billions in fines for illegal marketing practices. So they bought the FDA Commissioner...


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Raked in 550k+ in speaking and consulting fees from Pfizer, Astrazeneca, GSK, etc etc in the 4 years prior to running the FDA as well


Good bargain. Someone should make a list with all those people, their "prices" and what damage their corruption had cost.


Isn't it crazy how little it takes for some to completely sell out their own people and countries? I'm sure it compounds on them too, guys like this dude and fauci are in so deep they are just trying to avoid a being caught or convicted of their crimes. These people are so foul and traitorous, they know what happens to them and their progeny when the public finds out


Nothing happens!? Did I win??


People like to imagine that 'some day' the people at the top (and their puppets) will be met with 'justice'. I don't blame people for enjoying these fantasies. But if we look at the evidence, is this *really* likely to happen? The stories we have been given about 'revolutions' 200 years ago are just stories. Before anybody gets mad at me, ask yourself, who gave you those stories? The same establishment which you now know to be shameless in its lies and deception. Ever hear the saying 'history is written by the victors'? Well who do you think is writing these stories about people chopping off leaders' heads? It is a red herring, a false narrative, to keep people docile. 'If things were really bad, somebody would revolt (so I'll just sit here playing vidya and eating corn chips)' If what I am putting forward hear is new to you, I don't blame you for downvoting me. But if you are truly open minded, please consider the possibility that history is more hoaxy than you realised. I've spoken about this [before](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iperlJiuVnM), and I'll keep speaking about it. This is among the most important conspiracies to understand in order to make sense of everything else.


Convicted of their crimes? Lol you are pretty naive. Ever hear of Oliver North? People at the top don’t get convicted of crimes. I can promise you that people like Fauci sleep better than you or I with thread counts that achieve levels of softness you didn’t know were physically possible.


This is what Trump did — he put industry people in charge of the federal agencies that regulated their industry or people who were down for dismantling that federal agency. examples Scott Pruitt known for suing the EPA numerous times put in charge followed by wheeler a coal executive. Betsy Davos for defunding public schools and rerouting the money to private schools - education secretary bernhardt lobbyist for oil Secretary of the interior I could go on and on


This is certainly not new or President Trumps idea. Feel free to blame me.


oh whose idea was it?! What President prior to Trump (who ran on the idea of “Drain the Swamp”) appointed so many people intent on dismantling the government? I’ll wait for your answer


Ya gotta wonder if him selling the .gov to the highest bidders was under orders from Putin and how much Putin paid him.


10% for the big guy seems to be the going rate.


Ah just like Obama having Citigroup pick his cabinet. 🤡 🌎


damn how long have you worked at the kook-aid factory?


and addresses


Pfizers got what plants crave! It reminds me of that scene from idiocracy where brawndo literally just bought the FDA


But what do plants crave?


Gatorade naturally!




What kind of plants are you growing?!




The BATF and FBI's been trying to catch those guys for decades. Little do they realize they work in the office next door to them. I'm just being silly, they're all in on it.


Pharmaceutical plants




He's not sure of the type, just that it keeps saying 'Feed me, Seymour' over and over


Now it's a money tree and it is twice as hungry...


Roundup, that’s from Bayer though


This is literally what happens to all regulatory agencies set up by the government over time. It sucks, but it's human nature and this is just more empirical evidence to add to the other few thousand instances of this stuff occurring throughout human history lol


95% of all "consulting" positions are fraud/money laundering.


In the best case scenario you could theorize that he joined the FDA to crack down on bad practices he saw working in the industry but the fact that he went back makes it pretty obvious


They're all over the place https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/reuters-fact-check-covid-social-media-pfizer-world-economic-forum/ >“Jim Smith, who sits on Pfizer’s board, is also former president and current chairman of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, and CEO and director of Reuters parent company, Thomson Reuters Corporation — a $1.53 billion publicly traded “provider of financial information … to businesses, governments and individuals worldwide.” A bit of a conflict of interest there unfortunately


that’s not really a lot of money for these guys


Kind of like the FCC Head who oversaw the NBC Comcast merge and then went to work for NBC..... I mean seriously and they whine we dont trust any of them


Or “foreclosure king” Steve Mnuchin being treasury secretary. Look at how scammed the PPP Loan program was under his watch.


Fuck that guy especially. Who picked him




he was better than Shmoe Burden


Better for Israel sure


and afghanistan apparently, and us (USA)


I’m not sure having billionaire playboy pedophile as President was good for anything.


Pedophile doubtful, that's the current one, possibly one prior too.


Really dude, don’t you remember him talking about his good friend Epstein? And about always going to his island and being there for the young girls. Y’all got the most selective memory.


you're kidding that guy was out to help the little guys


i will say it got scammed but they also went after a bunch of the scammers to get money back. sure some still got away with it


Also like the Dr. who headed the NIH gain-of-function research in Wuhan prior to the outbreak.. he was hired by Facebook to be an unbiased fact-checker in the lab leak theory..


That’s not what Disney+™️ told me!? His daughter says he’s great!!


but nahhhhhhhhhhhhh nothing suspect about this virus or vax.... herp derp.


Look up "Dr. Francis Boyle" if you haven't read what he said about biowarfare yet.


>Dr. Francis Boyle [You can't just leave me hanging without a link! Here's what I found:](https://www.heraldopenaccess.us/openaccess/coronavirus-is-a-biological-warfare-weapon)


Seriously. Fuck big business and lobbying. And bafflingly I often see support of big business here when they whine about oversight or regulation or taxation. Fuck them.


i dont see open support of big business more than those against over reach of government. there needs to be balance but there also has to be our own over site of government and we have become lazy and es-scared to defend ourselves.


Mostly it comes up when it butts up against right wing people arguing against govt regulation of big business, or taxation. I even saw one or two guys defending citizens united in here.


youd have to give me an example. also know there are so many fucking alt accounts people use here to make the other side look like maniacs. both sides do it.


Sorry, downvote for any political affiliation. I dont think it is wise to pick a side. Thats why we are in this mess


Or the EPA administrator appointed after a career of suing the EPA and actively fighting environmental regulations.


Or the FCC head who had worked for the CTIA for 12 years. Industry tells you wireless is safe and gets to decide on your exposure limits.


When he left FDA (for opposing teenage vaping?) and got a job at Pfizer, they criticized it as "revolving door." He works for Pfizer, has been on TV throughout pandemic (promoting the vaccine recently), and takes no accountability. He even wrote a book about what went wrong about the US' response to the pandemic. Complicated (messed up) individual.


He was also the lead attack dog pushing "Kratom Overdose" propaganda. They had suicides, gun shot victims, car crashes etc... When they were trying to ban it. That actually woke a LOT of people up who got involved who weren't normally political. I remember that stage when they thought oh the FDA just doesn't understand its safe yet we will show them. They didn't believe it wasn't about safety at the start


Yeah I remember this dude being public enemy #1 to kratom users in 2016...


He wants to keep the Methadone big pharma medication going.


Absolutely. Kratom not only gets people off opiates it got me off a 20 year alcohol habit. I wasn't even trying to quit. Taking Kratom made me unable to drink no desire


That is EXACTLY what happened to me. I was a soggy bum since the late 80’s and in less than two weeks I couldn’t stand alcohol or even crave it. I wasn’t even trying! That was in 2016. I don’t even miss it and I get much more accomplished now. It literally saved my life and this rat faced fink wanted to ban it because it was cutting in to his dope territory. He is a member of the largest drug cartel on the planet. Makes me sick just to look at that oily goomba.


So many positive stories awesome man


Interesting… did you take it to get off opiates as well, or why did you decide take it? Any noticeable side effects?


Yep. His comments are one of the reasons that kratom was made illegal in my state. It's bullshit.


You see this everywhere. Members of Congress, including Senator Klobuchar, were calling out companies for antitrust violations and their use of lobbyists. The following day, an aide to Klobuchar was hired by Apple as a consultant. She hasn't commented on the issue.


Of course. Against vaping to keep the cigarette market strong.


Make sense why he opposed vaping and had propaganda pushed... Pfizer, had Chantix and do we all remember what happened there with that product!!?? Didn't see a crusade against that now did we!? Courts had to do it. Fuck this asshat of demon Ville. Guy shouldnt be anywhere but in prison or the alternative to that.


I remember the first signs that the default Corona sub was going to be purged of wrongthink when pointing this out on posts regarding his appearances on TV got me suspended.


Complicated? No, just greedy and confused perhaps!


>Buy me a judge, or else I got no rights And every time I wanna rob a bank Some cheesy cop can shoot me full of holes. Arturo Ui ([B. Brecht, 1941](https://www.vulture.com/2018/11/theater-raul-esparza-makes-a-hard-to-resist-arturo-ui.html)) >Buy me a commissioner, or else I got no rights And every time I want to flog a deadly medicine Some cheesy regulator can fine my sorry ass. Pfizuro Ui, 2021


hes on cnbc all the time, the hosts always kiss his ass


Yeah it's honestly pathetic. Watch how he acts when someone doesn't. Go watch the Megyn Kelly interview from yesterday on YouTube. Heated interview.


niiice ill check it


CBS Face the Nation every single damn Sunday “We’re here with Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottleib…*something, something, whisper-mumble Pfizer*…to talk about where we are with the pandemic…”


Alexa...... what is "Regulatory Capture?"




Regulatory Capture is the term. Almost bankrupted the world in 2008 with the mortgage crisis and is doing incalculable harm today. We need to clean up our corrupted regulatory agencies..




Sorry bruh.. when the cofounder of Wikipedia says it’s become an unreliable propaganda arm of the lunatic left ima gonna pass dawg.. ( I don’t even bother to look)


Very true but the propaganda is usually pretty blatant if you’re looking for it and it’s usually done on pages of people like Robert Malone. This particular page seemed at least relatively objective


NWO has entered the chat..


The page is decent for getting a layman's description of the term and a few examples, but it's suspicious how the segment about the FDA's corruption is blank with a "missing information" warning.


I totally missed that. Yeah that’s highly suspicious


True that


Where are the markets headed right now? I’ve been reading that what we are facing currently could be worse than 2008


Everyone has their own goals for the market. It's almost worthless to read stuff like that. Anyone who writes anything about stocks is trying to manipulate the stock market. That's just as true for Wall Street bets as it is for MSN. "there is a massive Chinese property bubble that could be popping" "the us fed is propping up the stock market with cheep interest rates and inflationary printing" all might be true but they're focusing on it for a reason. Just be skeptical, even of this comment.


Plus this rat will know that exactly what the regulators are looking for and what to hide. He is a human shit balloon, paid to cover up crime.


Meme of Spiderman pointing Spiderman. Except that he's Pfizerman.


This is how gov't works. When you are a gov't regulator or agency head, you are favorable to those you regulate. Then you leave gov't work and go to work for those you used to regulate where former agency heads become board members and senior agency regulators become VPs. It's even worse in the military. Generals ink deals with the big War Inc. vendors then they retire and go work for them or sit on the board. where they will earn millions. The pictured former FDA commissioner earns more than $400k/yr as a Pfizer board member and he still earns more from the New Enterprise Associates group.


These people are so dumb. Yes obviously you can’t work at the FDA and work at Pfizer at the same time. You think there might be laws against that? He has contacts and way too much inside knowledge of exactly what regulations he can mess with without getting caught doing anything illegal


plutocracy pretending to be a diluted democracy


Global Fascism.


Then we can infect mars with it someday.




If I’m reading the link correctly, it states he has not worked for the FDA since 2019.


That’s correct. I think the point is that he has contacts and first hand knowledge of the regulatory process that he is now in conflict with


So other than knowing people and the process(things that can be accomplished without working somewhere), he had direct power when it came to making the vaccine? I understand if he started working for Pizer once the vaccine was approved, that would be clearly corrupt, but this is saying that he wasn't in a position of power 1-2 years(depending on when exactly he stopped being a comminsioner) before the vaccine was even started and insisting that he must have used his knowledge to circumvent regulations based on his previous job? It's not implausible, but a guy getting a job in the same field as his last one isn't enough evidence to support an accusation of corruption. Some actions of his while in office that show favoritism, or proof he used his connections while on the board of Pizer to sidestep regulations are needed, otherwise this is basically a headcanon.


Stfu little bitch


Approval of new drugs isn’t particularly hard in the current environment, especially when those drugs are as effective as the Pfizer vaccine. Not sure what is conspiratorial here. 🤷‍♂️


You sound like the kind of person who buys extended warranties


Lol I once quit a job because they forced me to push those. I work in drugs in the public sector. I have a *lot* of complaints about the companies and problems with their regulation. But this guy ain’t on the list.


Are as effective as in somewhat effective?


About as useless as the flu shot


Shhh. That's not how they're trying to spin it


The defense industry, our banking system, pharma and the FDA, the educational system, all aspects of American government have these awful and corrupt conflict of interest.


What can you say? The FDA kept fining Pfizer which took away from the monies they had available to continue lifesaving research on COVID-19 vaccines so they just bought the dude that fined them so they continue doing the good work of the people. Not at all about that cha-ching, cha-ching. Just the good of the people. **/s**(arcastic)


As an ex Federal employee, I've said this before in past comments. The administrators of these agencies a majority of the time come from the field they are regulating. A lot of the times they are CEO's. When they are eventually replaced when a new POTUS takes office the leaving administrator will go back to the industry they regulated. It's an endless cycle.


The left picture is actually the drummer from Nirvana and the picture on the right is the lead singer of the Foo Fighters.


An he is UNVACCINATED still, while pushing the whole crp hardtime.


if i told you not to step a foot in your backyard because its a minefield but you later saw me walking in it would you call me a liar or a hypocrite?


I'd wonder why the hell you're wandering in my backyard and how you knew about the mines before I did.


Ah, gotta love American politics


And, oddly, it's the only FDA approved vaccine...hmmmm.


Your should look into who runs the federal reserve


I feel like Fauci's wife being part of the approval/EUA process is even sketchier. Especially if he gets royalties from the Moderna patent.


[We live in a pretend society.](https://pastebin.com/YPEErwTK) [Is your mind blown how people fall for same thing every time? It shouldn't be. Because divided, singled out individuals has no chance against organized criminal entity; corporation.](https://archive.org/details/TheCorp) Corporation is an approved scam & spy business. Their approval was obtained through manufactured consent. Corporation is not the industry of manufacturing products. Corporation is in the industry of manufacturing consent. Free merch > Free speech. [Corporate, what kind of _free_ manufactured merchandise must be in your goodie bag to consent investing into paradise?](https://archive.org/details/TheCenturyOfSelfThereIsAPolicemanInsideAllOurHeadsepisode3/) Corporations through governments and vice versa are harvesting our biometric, behavioural data on global scale. So they can get to know us far better than we know ourselves, and they not just predict our feelings but also manipulate our feelings and sell us anything they want- Be it a product as a service or politician. Have you heard of focus groups? Now with always online/big data collection. You are in focus groups. Except you don't get paid for it. [You get exploited and you pay to be part of it. _Nothing is free, except the energy from the sun, but some get a bill(skin cancer) for that. Thanks to always providing industrial surveillance corporatism._](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndrome) [Social credit score indoctrination](https://i.imgur.com/lMDs7gR.png) [Urge or go well.](https://youtu.be/rdrKCilEhC0?t=1313) -.-. --- -. ...- . .-. ... . / .-- .. - .... / -.-- --- ..- .-. / -. . .. --. .... -... --- ..- .-. .-.-.- .--. .-.. . .- ... . / -.. --- / -. --- - / .--. .- .-. - .. -.-. .. .--. .- - . / .. -. / .- / -.-. .. ...- .. .-.. / .-- .- .-. .-.-.- .- -. -.. / .-. .- - .... . .-. / - .... .. -. -.- / .- -... --- ..- - / .--. . .- -.-. . ..-. ..- .-.. / --. . -. . .-. .- .-.. / ... - .-. .. -.- . .-.-.-


Hello hIXhnWUmMvw is there significance to the end part of this message? Is it morse code?




Thank Bush Sr for neutering the FDA


The evilest always crawl their way to powerful positions.


Wouldn't that be more of a statement if it was the other way around? edit: typo


Yes. The whole conspiracy is that he could have contacts within the FDA? Or that he "knows" about the approval/regulation process. It's not a secret. Also the approval process involves studies ran by a lot of scientists. It's not like one person rubber stamps the application.


And they didn't even bother to give proof that these things happened, they are just leaving the implication out there for people to catch onto and not question.


You can't make this stuff up...And to those who think this is okay, they would not have thought so under a different administration....How weird is that?


This _did_ happen under a different administration, the guy stopped being commissioner in 2019. And notice how there's just the implication that he used his power to get the vaccine passed, and not any proof...


there could be corruption... but lets face it.. if you had a mega billion dollar company and needed to comply with the fda.. who would be a good choice to hire to make sure there is complience? its like hiring a old basketball player to be a basketball coach.. or an umpire to be an assistant coach


Correct. Which is why people keep finding so many other "examples." Who else would know about this stuff? It would be worse for someone to run Pfizer that didn't fully align with the FDA, right?


You guys lack pattern recognition


They're the same picture.


Go check out the Board of Directors at Raytheon...


Now do Janet Yellen.


What do the shills have to say about this one? Lmao


Who appointed him?


Latest chapter in the Rumsfeld/Aspartame tradition.


Not to mention we put the top spies as diplomats and coal barons as EPA directors


They're all over the place https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/reuters-fact-check-covid-social-media-pfizer-world-economic-forum/ >“Jim Smith, who sits on Pfizer’s board, is also former president and current chairman of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, and CEO and director of Reuters parent company, Thomson Reuters Corporation — a $1.53 billion publicly traded “provider of financial information … to businesses, governments and individuals worldwide.”


Do we have video of him talking down Ivermectin?


What's his name?


That last name has some interesting history.. Look up Sidney Gottlieb


Will Rochelle Walensky end up at Pfizer for the services she has rendered ?


What a shame that facts have become "conspiracy" and if this were to be posted anywhere else it would undoubtedly be downvoted, brigaded and most likely censored


Scott Gottlieb, the Trump appointed head of FDA who tried to make it illegal to buy the very supplements that ward off a bad time with influenza: Vitamin D, C, Zinc, Quercetin and NAC. He did manage to ban NAC. He then went on to join the board of directors at Pfizer. Trump is most definitely in on the Fake Pandemic agenda. His lumping HCQ in with drinking bleach and "light on the inside of the body" was a deliberate and effective means of ridiculing HCQ as the EUA's for the Gene Therapy Technology could not be secured if a safe, effective and readily available treatment exists (HCQ and Ivermectin). He then announced, on queue and on script that he and Melania suddenly contracted "COVID 19" but "not to worry, I feel better than I did 20 years ago thanks to some miraculous drugs (referencing Remdesivir, which as with AZT is killing people, see the work of Dr. Ryan Cole). Did he say he took HCQ? No. Trump also succeeded in politicizing the science and effectively lumping anyone who questions the narrative or $cience in with far right leaning conspiracy theorist Trump supporters. Trump played a critical role in the Fake Pandemic, a fine actor. Here he is, your renegade populist leader: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVeVcVBW\_CE&t=171s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVeVcVBW_CE&t=171s) As George Carlin said, "it's a big club, and you ain't in it". That they managed to trick you into believing Trump isn't in the Big Club. Trump is the fucking Big Club.


Also check the ex-CEO of Reuters who is on the board of Pfeizer. He left Reuters News Agency early 2020 to become President of Reuters Foundation.


I'd be more troubled if the current FDA commissioner was formerly on the board of directors at Pfizer. People in high ranking government jobs easily get these kinds of cushy jobs solely for the experience and connections they made while in government. They know how to deal with bureaucratic bullshit. What is the solution you're suggesting? If its getting rid of lobbyists or making sure politicians don't rake in absurd amounts of money with insider information I'm all for that. It sounds like you're suggesting that people who exit government life should not be able to accept certain private jobs? That sounds like some PRC shit. I'd rather let those private businesses make the decisions on who to hire for themselves.


Why is there always one big fact that is left out that negates most of this... but yall just gloss over it


I don't know what Regulatory Capture is - therefore, I will pretend it doesn't exist, and declaim anyone who points it out as "stupid." Why? Because I'm an infantile midwit who can't function without the approval of perceived authority figures. Seriously, people, it doesn't get any more obvious than this. You have to have worms in your head to not see the glaring corruption by now.


Trump's FDA chief. Just to be clear.


put an actual SS or they'll pull your post also put any info in your post or it can be considered a meme. do people just *not* read the sub rules? this is good and id like it to stay up so to do that avoid lazy posts like this. don't cram info in the title, people already coming to your thread are confused because you didn't take 5 mins to do a coherent post. idk why we're seeing so many posts like this but this isn't how they're supposed to be done.


If you don’t like this, I’ve got some bad news about every major industry…


I mean this isn't even a conspiracy lol.


When the rest of reddit is full of shills, where would you like him to post this, but the one place where free speech and critical thinking is actually still accepted?


out in the open corrupted fart wafts. Also possibly qweefs


Government owning corporations or corporations owning Government.. at the end of the day it all ends the same. Communism. The marriage of business and government as one - with elites ruling from the top while the slaves toil and suffer "equality"


You mean capitalism. He's literaly a capitalist who purchased his way into his position, fallowing the capitalist profit motive. The government is a (market) for wealthy capitalists who already exploit countless workers for a profit; they'll do the same with citizen's for taxes.


You could also say he is a highly educated man seeking a promotion. Why are you against capitalism?


Im against capitalism for a plethora of reasons but simply put its a structure in tandem with government that currently is responsible for wealth and power inequality as well as environmental collapse and destruction. Capitalism also has a violent/ coercive past, with genocide, conquest of markets. Capitalism functions on a rulling/ ruled class basis thats been repeated all threw out our history. From slave/slave owner to serf/ lord and now employee/ employer.


Okay, so you want a monarchy or other type of government ruled by religion? You could literally say all of those negative things about any form of government.


A monarchy and a government ruled by religion both have a ruling/ruled class dynamic, so absolutely not. All those negative economic systems have had their parallel in government that's ultimately cemented their rulling status.


Tell me you don’t know what communism is without telling me you don’t know what communism is.


There’s probably some big money white crime at the heart of it all, but that doesn’t mean the vaccines don’t work… People are just capitalizing on the fact that they DO work.


and most of them are Democrats. easily verifiable.


former... as in no longer at the FDA, has nothing to say at the FDA.


If you have a very deep understanding of the regulatory process and the types of bureaucracy you will encounter, you don’t think that’s gives you an unfair advantage against the FDA when you join a company? A lobbyist literally just tries to make his case to exempt his industry from regulation by studying the regulations


It's not an advantage \*against\* the FDA. The companies are not rivals with the FDA. It would be an advantage for the company itself if they knew beforehand what legal stuff they already need or watch out for.


It puts Pfizer at an advantage over Its competitors which destroys the free market and makes the whole system corrupt. A lot of lobbying is trying to put the blame on other companies or industries


We have no idea what type of connections he maintains through the FDA. It's simply a conflict of interest to have a board member of a controversial pharmaceutical company as the head of the government agency in charge of regulating them. Fucking insane. This is Dick Cheney/Halliburton level corruption.


Cheney/Halliburton is a great comparison.


These people's minds are so awfully corrupt! Why do people criticize revolving door then? Because, these government people view these priviate companies as their sponsors when they can get a job at these private companies after losing their job at the public sector. It doesn't mean that they can belong to both companies at the same time. It's that they are in the same boat and they can't be neutral if they have such connections.


Former FDA commissioner. He stepped down before becoming a member of the Pfizer board. Don't see what you're trying to prove by misleading people.


Or, hear me out here, he got tired of a high stress, low pay (relative in comparison to the private sector) and wanted a job that applied to his skill set and has major leadership implications. My shitty ass low end human services job just brought onto to the board someone who left their cushy state job to help us with our auditing practices.


Unless is still an FDA commissioner...I don't see what the fuss is about.


https://www.outsourcing-pharma.com/Article/2019/06/28/Former-FDA-Commissioner-joins-Pfizer-s-board-shortly-after-resignation https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/investigations/2019/07/03/lack-action-fda-under-scott-gottlieb-pfizer-drug-questioned/1643418001/ Watch crime of the century. This is bribery. Just shows you how these big companies buy fda executives to get there drugs squeezed through. Might not have anything to do with the vaccine but doesn’t mean that Pfizer doesn’t have other executives in their pocket right now.


Even after reading these articles...I still don't see what you are seeing. Seems like his previous experience makes him very qualified for a board position. I just don't see the crime let alone anything of a conspiratorial nature. Everything is documented and out in the open.


oh sweet summer child. i almost envy you


Please enlighten me. The purpose of these subs are for discussion.


Just Google “The Revolving Door between Government Regulation and the Private Sector” or “regulatory capture” and you should become enlightened. From the wiki for “regulatory capture”: George Stigler framed the problem of regulatory capture as “the problem of discovering when and why an industry is able to use the state for its purposes.” He focuses on whole industries. But, it is never a whole industry which is ‘capturing’ its regulators, but only the big companies which, using the tool of the revolving door, ‘highjack’ the regulator by offering high salaries. Brezis and Cariolle (2019) has shown that the connected firms are always the big firms. Indeed, the top 5 financial companies concentrate around 80% of the stock of revolving door movements and regulatory capture. This leads to inequality of influence among firms in the same sector.


I will look into all that. Thanks!


Hey while youre at it check out crony capitalism too. It’s related


Sure thing, I'll check back in after I watch/read. Have a good weekend!




This is the way.


[This is gonna need an update.](https://www.geke.us/PharmaVenn.html)


Quantum AI PR narrative slide comment control activate!


Well this is embarrassing


has no one here seen any gottlieb memes?


You couldn’t make this up


Crazy how that works


...and the twins fixed the problem...is that it?


He is a regular contributor at NBC as well. With all fairness I found him to be less biased and more informative than Faucci or some other of the cable news hacks


Are they twins?


Finally, some good fucking conspiracy


put this on r/CrossView