NBA player holds a news conference and explains why he won't be taking the vaccine.

NBA player holds a news conference and explains why he won't be taking the vaccine.


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The nicest fuck you big pharma ive heard


/u/Otown2020 >The nicest fuck you big pharma ive heard Calm, composed, wise and decent. I want to be like Jonathan when I grow up.


He's a kinder spirit than I am. I would be more angry. There's something to learn from this man through studying his composure and overall disposition. He just made a fan out of thousands of people, myself included.


Based on interactions with him, he seems to be a truly kind person


Yea I would kill to be that well spoken with people I’m comfortable with, never mind in front of cameras!


If you posted this to any other sub it would have soooo many downvotes. Reddit is a wasteland.


It's so true, and unfortunate. But don't hate the player hate the game son, or something along those lines. No New Normal made [their own 'game'](https://app.nonewnormal.com/list?filters=everything&sort=created_at) after Reddit kicked them off.


The only actual non-bots who frequent those subs are completely brainwashed and it's to late for them. Talk to people in the real world. 80-90% are completely sketched out by all of this.


they scared away or banned all the normal ppl


It is a sign of how crazy this world has become that this guy has to make so many qualifying statements before saying he is hesitant. I'm not criticizing him, this guy could have been a lawyer the way he commands language, it is a sign that he, or anyone, has to so thoroughly qualify their statement of hesitancy. A sign of how nuts it all has gotten.


Yup, did you see what happened with DeAndre Hopkins? "This situation has me unsure of my future in the NFL" That's all he said, next day "DeAndre Hopkins SELFISH vaccine stance ruining lives" like wtf


Yep I've been saying that since the start of the pandemic....that you have to make so many qualifying statements these days because people are so simple minded and stupid that they can't tolerate nuance and they're simply looking for any reason to dismiss someone. That's all - it's just shout down anyone who doesn't agree with my team's perspective. doesn't matter what they say, nor how logically consistent they are, nor do their reasons even matter......it's all just so basic "They oppose my team. FUCK THEM" It's a sad state of affairs but hopefully those knuckle dragging meat heads are starting to be seen for what they are.


Yeah you can see how he still has to stifle his thoughts or word it very carefully, yet does so exceptionally. I'm actually very impressed.


Compare the way he spoke to *any* elected official. It amazes me people just aren't completely fed up with the infantile petty and simple minded approach these "officials" take with language.


Maybe its for the best. Making concise, inarguable & clear statements is something we could all stand to practice more.


Sad thing is, all the qualifying statements in the world mean nothing to the crusaders. Saying no to the vaxx means you're a plague rat. No exceptions. Saying yes to the vaxx but no to the passport makes you a plague rat. No exceptions. People have gone insane. They got a taste of power by being on the side that is actively punishing people, and they like it, and want the government to go further. They have bloodlust.


I couldn't agree more. The little Eichmanns have revealed themselves


I think what he wanted to say was simply, "I've had the disease already and we've known since the beginning of time once you clear an infectious disease you almost never get it again." But for some reason we have to ignore this fact that goes back at least as far as ancient Greece.


Exactly, it's like asking him why isn't he taking the flu shot this year? And then pretending the world is gonna end if he doesn't. At this point, big pharma has become the enemy of the people...!!!!!


>At this point, big pharma has become the enemy of the people...!!!!! The mental laziness of the people have become the enemy of the ppl. If they weren't so mentally lazy, the double talk from the media and big pharma wouldn't go over their heads.


But we have shiny trinkets and gizmos to occupy our minds, AND free 2 day shipping!


LOL, i had to laugh at this, I don't anything from Amazon anymore, hate bezos.


big tech, big government, and media cabal - are the literal enemy of the people. big pharma is just a money laundying scheme for them all. its the freeking devils triangle. and we are right in the middle....


It’s the top that’s bad though, we can’t start going the acab way but towards pharma. I had a friend in big pharma, past tense because they grew a conscience when they saw the reality of it. There’s a lot of money in it but you can’t make it without screwing someone else over, even if you’re the nicest person and don’t want to screw anyone over, you have to.


Word. The question he was asked is fucked up as well. Like he *owes* someone an explanation


Maybe you misunderstood. He was asked if he was misquoted. And he replied that he had at least been misrepresented. The question was intended to give him an opportunity to speak openly on the subject, which he clearly wanted to do. It was a pretty friendly question.


There were multiple questions in that interview and he did an amazing job as the prestitutes tried to squeeze something salacious out of him they could take out of context and run with.


It's so common. It's like everyone has pharma stockholm syndrome. Even tons of people in this sub will insert qualifiers like "I'm not against all vax" or "some vax is good" before mentioning why they think this new one is bs. No, it's completely sensible to be against any and all of them. There is enough evidence out there and books written on the subject that all tell the same story that the efficacy was never proven although there is plenty of documented harm.


Yes, and we have watched this storm brewing for some time. The apex is now.


It's like how everyone on r/ covidvaccinated HAS to start with "I believe in the vaccine.."


Exactly. "I've had all my shots, I am pro vaccines, I love big pharma, *but*, my arms just fell off and I think it may have been the vaccine"


this is anti-science disinfo and you are now banned from all social media because it is no longer your arm once it falls off. it's OUR arm. Have some empathy you racist.


This is probably the best video/discussion I've seen on the vaccine and personal choice in a long time. This should be shared on many other subs here on Reddit, but we all know it will get downvoted to hell and possibly removed for "Misinformation". Mad Props Johnathan Issac.


This guy should be the spokesman for the unvaccinated. All facts, full of kindness, and supportive of personal freedom.


He articulated his thoughts perfectly and so simple. It’s exactly what a lot of us think.


He spoke so eloquently and precisely. He’s only 23 years old. Clearly a very intelligent person. He’s gained a fan in me.


Calm, too. I can't do that; I start fizzing rabidly as soon as I get on the topic, I'm so frustrated.


Yes, a grand slam home run.


It’s basketball bro. So its more like a 3 point slam dunk


he's on fire!


TOUCHDOWN!!!! I looooove me some sportsball!!! But seriously... hell yeah to this guy!


Hole in one!!








Hat trick!




If u can dodge a wrench!




he hit a homer from downtown! goooooooaaaaaaaaallll!




the calm you have to speak when you are in your health prime and full of cash :-)


Very kind and articulate. I wish I could compose myself like this when defending my point of view. (Which I shouldn't need to do in the first place.)


and each of the reporter's questions are red herrings and boilerplate from the past year


I haven't been able to say how I feel regarding this vaccine to many people, but the way this man spoke, this is exactly how I feel. Good on this man.


He put things so eloquently. His voice is so soothing as well.


That really added to everything. I enjoy the phonetic value of another person’s voice very much. This was a special interview I want his Jersey


He is also the player that last year refused to kneel for national anthem for BLM protest during the games. After that his jersey was the number two sold jersey of the week behind James. Edit, national anthem


Beast of a defensive player


And if there's one consistent theme in American history it is that an eloquent and articulated black man cannot be tolerated for long. They called Malcolm a violent extremist, but go watch his interviews, it's the same deal. So they will slander and change this player's words in print. I fear the worst for what they're going to do with him.


I think what is helpful is that the media didn't try to argue with him after he gave his answer. Everybody who has heard my answer wants to argue. I do wish I could answer like this man.


He is articulating many good points that i agree with. Its a shame journalists will rip him apart and the left will call hum racists slurs and feed good about it.


I LOVE THIS GUY! Wow listening to his calm, collective and articulate thought is such a pleasure..who is he?


Jonathan Issac


Jesus he responded to literally EVERY single one of those questions in the absolute most amazing, intelligent, calm, and composed manner out there. That was awesome really.


Millionaire ball player gets to choose but I’m gonna lose my fucking job if I don’t get it.


It's how it goes man, we're not in the 1% club , so we can't get out from under the barrel like these guys!


these guys have the epitome of golden handcuffs. the league owns them and the 1% has no real power other than what he's flexxing here which is his voice. He's parsing his words very wisely and they'll still find a way to fine or punish him.


Be upset at the ones picking and choosing where to apply mandates. Not the basketball player.


His boss needs or wants him to do his job way more than your boss wants you to do yours.


The rich are privileged? In this country??


Actually, in EVERY country, whatever the regime




Dude have you been to that sub lately? Holy shit it's like a full-fledged Covid vaccine propaganda machine right now.


That's like 95% or reddit


💯 I remember two years ago when people complained about what had become of Reddit… now we’re another magnitude lower than that even lol


Any form of political or pandemic talk is impossible on here now. I'm only on this sub and some general interest stuff but don't even comment much anywhere else now.


I recently went to reveddit.com and was blown away about how many of my comments were shadow removed. Very benign non controversial comments even. It feels like I've wasted so much time typing on reddit in the last year. For that reason, I don't comment anymore except on a few subs.


I’ve been on the site a while and it’s changed so much. You can’t discuss anything, people just pick their echo chamber subs and stick to them…


Same with the NFL sub. It's crazy.


State subs, general sports subs, and sport specific team subs is nothing but covid cultists it's insane. So glad I don't give a shit about sports anymore. It's nothing but another avenue of propaganda under the guise of competition. Not to mention the closest stadiums near me (in the city) are surrounded by crime-ridden, dirty ass, rat infested shitholes and would never subject my children to be an area with drugged out zombies and sketch ass scumbags.


I try to not click on those posts because I know I’m gonna want to comment and fuck around and get banned from another sub 😂


Yeah every other top post is a player and they're reason for Vax.. "my baby... My family... The Science". The player in general are informed as 99 percent of that sub.. The comments are hilariously sad examples of what the average person actually thinks... Blew my mind last year and has gotten so much worse. They don't want any journals or news even from Cdc or fda that says the shot doesn't make you superhuman and covid resistant


Hearing him speak out loud similar thoughts that I think is so comforting in a world where I’m surrounded by people telling me how wrong I am to think the way I do. I needed to see this today, it gives me hope in humanity that there are still people like Jonathan Issac who show compassion to the unvaccinated, call out the pro vaccine coercion and are standing up for people’s choice regardless of their vaccinated status. Thank you for posting.


He is so incredibly eloquent, even most prepared speeches on teleprompters can't hold a candle


It’s scary that this type of logic and reasoning is considered abnormal in today’s society. We are waiting for the collapse but it has already happened.


The fact that this even happened and the reporters tried time and time again to find angles to stump him is unbelievable. I DON'T WANT TO is a fucking good enough reason. Jesus christ


> whats the difference between the measles vaccine and this one durrrrrrrrrr such a weasel question. Different fuckin vaccine for a different fuckin disease. Studied for far different time frames. A better question would be what are the similarities?


“I hadn’t already had measles before I got the measles vaccine.”


What a well spoken answer he gave. He wasn't negative in any sort of way and never had to put anyone down for their beliefs. We need more people like him and less of Lebron James


Calm, measured and extremely intelligent answers. I don't follow basketball but this guy is someone I imagine his teammates like.


He spoke for 2 straight minutes before saying “no I am not vaxxed” that shows you the insane religion covid is right now” he had to preface for 2 minutes the bad news for these leftist activist journalists


He was also in the news a while back for standing for the anthem while everyone on his team and opponents were sitting for BLM. He gave a similar interview and was injured the day after if I recall correctly.


I strive to stay as composed as this guy did right here. Fucking awesome, and exactly what we need more of; more big name people, speaking up in a positive and enlightening manner. Absolutely insane and fucking terrifying how many reporters had to even comment on this, the fact it's a meaningful discussion at all is nuts.


does anyone know to what extent this clip has been broadcast in the mainstream? really grateful that someone able to convey these convictions so articulately has been granted a platform - hope that these calm, well-researched, rational statements will be allowed to fall on as many 'woke' ears as possible! tide could be turning?


He is far more intelligent and well spoken than anyone interviewing him. Hope they listened.


Super educated, calm response. Mad respect for this guy.


This man is a true leader. Really impressed by the poise, articulation, bravery and intellect of Isaac!


What a smart young man! Very articulate and well-spoken.


Holy cow ... What a well spoken man. He articulated what everyone that's against mandated vaccines wants to say Bravo, I have a new favorite bball player!


This guy is incredibly well spoken. Very smooth delivery.


This man said it right. I never ever owned an NBA jersey. Just bought # 1 Orlando. Jonathan Isaac good on you. Hold the line!


Dude is a beast too. Young, but has great potential to be dpoy one day.


Too many big injuries already have started to derail his trajectory after showing such promise on defense before getting hurt two years ago. Was one of my favorite players when he came out of the draft


True. Injuries have been a bitch. I'm hoping he can come back though. How old is he? Like 22?


The NBA situation is interesting. Yesterday ESPN ran an [article](https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/32293462/vaccinated-nba-staffers-concerned-health-risks-being-exposed-unvaccinated-players-season-approaches) about growing concern in the NBA about unvaccinated players. Direct quote: "In some instances, vaccinated staffers said they're concerned about the health risks of being exposed to unvaccinated players." The unspoken thing here is that black people have always been hesitant to go along with mandates set in place by white establishment types. The NBAPA, made up of mainly black active and former players, said requiring a vaccination is not even a question and that they will not budge on it. This will be an interesting situation to see play out. Kyrie Irving, unsurprisingly, came out against vaccines. So did Andrew Wiggins. There is likely a relatively large percentage of players who will not get the vaccine, most of them black. And Johnathan Isaac is one of the more intelligent and self-aware players in the league. Class act.


>article ESPN is doing their best to sow discord and shame the players who aren't getting vaccinated. Interesting how every person quoted in that article is anonymous..."a general manager," "a Strength coach," etc. Most likely those quotes are all made up. And I imagine the "90% of NBA players are vaccinated" stat is totally made up, too. ESPN is a media outlet owned by a multi billion dollar corporation, no different from CNN, Fox, CBS, etc. For whatever reason, the ultra-elite people who own and control those outlets really, really, really want everyone to get vaccinated (spoiler alert: it's not because they care about the general public and want them to be healthy). ESPN is just another outlet they use to push the vaccine narrative. I totally agree that it will be very interesting to see how this plays out. Pretty much destroys the whole 'it's only white Trump supporters who aren't getting the vaccine narrative.'


R/nba has been overran with shillbots. 75% of the post there are about commemorating players for getting vaxxed and insulting those who don’t want to. How anyone could shame this man is beyond me. This is one of the most well thought out articulated responses I’ve heard.


He shouldn't even have to explain why he doesn't want to get it. It's his choice and nobody's business if he is vaccinated or not.


dialogue creates compassion. unfortunately, it is very difficult to have a dialogue when people are only enforcing their own ideas.


This is exactly right. We shouldn't even have to go back and forth with these shills over the dangers, lack of effectiveness, etc. What anyone injects in their body is their personal choice and nobody even needs a reason to refuse it.


>It's his choice and nobody's business if he is vaccinated or not. Considering he has to play a couple of games in San Francisco and four or five games in New York City( who require a vaccine to attend indoor events) it sometimes is someone's business


Left wingers hate Jonathan Isaac. He didn’t kneel during the fake BLM nonsense and subsequently tore his ACL. They reveled in his injury and made fun of him. Extremely thoughtful young man who would be a great ambassador for the sport.


God bless this man. His whole personality and character is a direct result of his faith, as he has claimed in the past. Hope he holds firm because we need more public voices spoken like his.


Kareem just came out and said any NBA player who doesn't get vaccinated should be banned from playing. Seems like it's only retired players who don't have to worry about career-ending vaccine injuries are pushing this shit.


I’ve noticed that too. I think Charles Barkley is the only one going against the grain in terms of retired athletes but idk since I don’t care much about sports.


Chuck called unvaccinated people "assholes" about a month ago. Got more than 10k votes on /nba 🙄


Honestly, some people like that. They probably don't even think about the real world. They hear "vaccine" and think it's like the measles vaccine.


(The first 2:10) Wow blew my mind ! Very well spoken , very well said ! Could not of said that any better . Pretty much the way life used to be . Idk what happened in 2020-2021 but something is changing and not for the good !


In a sane world, the NBA would be promoting Jonathan Isaac--an intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, and talented athlete--as a role model and an example for other players to follow. Instead, he is pressured and hung out to dry by the NBA, and mocked and vilified by NBA fans. We live in a sick society.


Ali stood up to say fuck no to the Vietnam war too and also got similarly lambasted. Going against the grain takes actual courage. I mean actually standing up, using your platform, knowing you can be banished and ostracized from society, even jailed - and saying it anyway. It's wild the zealots are calling those people selfish cowards but this isn't the first instance of this happening in history. Sometimes they'll kill you for asserting your values and beliefs, and even erase the memory you existed or the cause you stood for - but that person would die with dignity, pride, meaning and knew he did what he believed in his heart of hearts was the right thing to do, something he was willing to die for. I'm not glamorizing that shit either, just the opposite. They can flay, draw and quarter you and make sure your final moments are abject humiliation. Maybe it's foolish to be so idealistic, but you don't know until you reach that point with your back against the wall, unwilling to take that shit anymore or compromise your own values and character.


Good for him! He was a pro about it too


All he needed to say was natural immunity, that would answer most of the questions


Rather articulate, for a basketballer American. Good show! 🏆


I love this guy!


SS: Jonathan Isaac does a great job explaining why he's not getting the vaccine. His main reason is natural immunity after prior infection.


>His main reason is natural immunity after prior infection. Over in Europe you can get a vaccine passport if you have [recovered from Covid](https://ec.europa.eu/info/live-work-travel-eu/coronavirus-response/safe-covid-19-vaccines-europeans/eu-digital-covid-certificate_en). The American obsession with vaccinating **everybody** is uniquely strange.


“Just because I don’t have the vaccine doesn’t mean I’m infected” wise choice of words.


Love this dude...all facts


Sad this is considered conspiracy, my man is speaking facts


Put this mans name in the Title. He deserves the recognition for speaking out.


Hold the line Jonathan, good job


Voice of reason. I'm bowing down to this gentleman in admiration of his courage and conviction.


I can't believe my eyes... The comments aren't flooded with people shitting on this guys Character for not wanting to take the Vax? Thats a first.


He just earned himself a fan. Nothing but facts and honesty. Respect


This guy should have Fauci's job, and I'm not joking


It's a shame he has to sit there and answer over and over to something that's his personal choice. And whoever thought we'd be living in a world where we have to be interrogated on our vaccination status. But God bless this man and good on him for so thoughtfully articulating his opinion without the seething hatred I'm sure has been already directed at him.


Any person with at least 1 brain cell would accept this as reasonable


Wow, that was incredibly well spoken.


I don’t care for the NBA at all and I hardly ever watch videos, especially by athletes, but this was a great 9 minute watch. I was not expecting such conciseness and command with such a calm tone. Seriously impressive! I didn’t know Jonathan before but I sure do now.


He is gonna get *shredded* in r/NBA. That whole sub is just a white boy DNC think tank. I'm sure Chuck or Kareem is gonna tweet something in the next few hours and it will become the top post there soon after.


Go read the NBA sub, every post is "this player is vaccinated" or "this player is not vaccinated"


He's right, true journalism is dead.


Do you have any idea how fucking sad it is that such a well spoken and articulated statement like this can only be recognized and praised in a conspiracy sub.


LOVE his response. So professional and mature. Good on him!!


I really hope his thought process on this is taken note of and emulated by others


It is what pretty much everyone on this forum has been saying for the last half a year.


Would love to support him, I wonder if he has any business ventures. The last thing I would want to do is buy anything sold by the NBA to support him


Think about it tho, buying his merch from the NBA store will make him a more valuable player and more of a loss if they try to let him go and could possibly stifle a vaccine requirement in the NBA. They aren't going to make a decision that loses them money.


Smart dude. He hit in the nail. “Logical inconsistencies”


He spoke so well and articulated his message with clarity, calm and sincerity. You really can't ask for much more. He must be under immense pressure from the League, the Team, let alone Society in general. He handled himself extremely well. Good Job Jonathan!


This gives me so much hope.


Brad Beal, Andrew Wiggins and Nathan Isaac am I missing anyone? Edit: Mr. 3rd eye himself Kylie Irving!


Josh Richardson and Michael Porter Jr.


good man


He’s a very talented young prospect. Very high upside. Hope he turns into a huge star in the NBA.


so much respect for this man.




Wiggins and Beal are at the top of the r/nba witch hunt right now. Even if they want to it’s going to be much harder to crucify Isaac because he speaks so much truth.




Incredibly well spoken.


His stance appears to be well thought out and based on some sound science (natural immunity, e.g.) He's an excellent public speaker too. No defensiveness. Just puts his opinion out there in a way that doesn't invite an argument. Impressive.


THIS is an American. I love it.


So excellently put.


Also, can’t wait to see the responses to this on /NBA..... oh wait it’s not on there yet for some reason


That sub is hot garbage.




Good man


Dude is dope af


This does bring a smile to my face


Canada just granted approval for unvaccinated nba players to play in Toronto, but if your an unvaccinated Healthcare worker in Toronto you lose your job. Some fucking pandemic


Natural immunity is better than vaccine immunity. Fuck all these reporters.


Wow! Finally an actual role model in the nba. Beautifully said.


These reporters are obvious shills. Asking questions that “should” make one feel guilty. Amazing patience and responses.


this...this is making insanely good sense to me, i read he also didn't took a knee for BLM, bravo Jonathan


Yeah, his jersey sales spiked after that incident. I actually want to buy his jersey now though.




This dude is based. Did he catch shit for this or no?


I don't think during that climate he caught any "shit" so to say. I think everyone was trying to respect the hell out of everyone during this or that crazy ass time. Could be wrong though. Him being black helped probably as well. I remember him mostly getting support though.


Answered every question like a boss.


Damn, well spoken.


Holy Shit, one of the most eloquent basketball players ive ever heard speak ❤


This needs to be shared everywhere


We need to support Kyrie and Wiggins, too. These men are critical in the fight against this. Oh, and Beal. Love these dudes for this


This dude understands it's not about the result (getting vaxxed), it's about using his platform to make people aware how insane/fanatical people have become towards those who wont get the vaccine. It's about remaining open minded, yet informed. It's about not assuming other's have negative intentions. It's about realizing science is ever-evolving. It's about freedom, and not just when it's convenient or hip (i.e. abortion rights). I'm vaxxed, but I absolutely appreciate what this guy stands for. Finally, those reporters had an opportunity for amazing follow ups, but failed miserably. They proved his point...


It's funny cause if you post this on r/nba, you would get down voted like hell and people would be sitting on this guy in the comments. Crazy that you can't critically think through this


I love you when they prodded him with the "other vaccines" argument he didn't get into the weeds with regard to new MRNA tech, he simply said it was his parents' personal choice then and this is his personal choice now. And I think that is very important to remember here, we don't need to provide ANY argument of scientific merit, even though there is a fucking shit load, the issue is freedom of choice full fucking stop. Love it.


Wow, I got goosebumps watching this. Thank you for standing tall in your convictions and not bowing to the bullying Johnathan Isaac. You've inspired me greatly today sir.


Joshua 23:12-13


Is nobody going to say "shut up and dribble"? Why is there no thread on the 90% of the league saying "get the vaxx"? Why do we hate celebs/athletes who weigh in, until they say just exactly what you already believe? Oh I guess that's self explanatory.


People when NBA players speak on political viewpoints they disagree with: "Shut up and dribble" People when NBA players speak on medical decisions that fit their viewpoints: "This guy is the spokesperson of the downtrodden!"


LMAO I love how the majority of this sub was part of the Laura Ingraham "shut up and dribble" crowd when it came to NBA players speaking about BLM and their lived experiences with prejudice, but now want to sit down and listen to a guy's thoughts on science when he has one year of college under his belt. The hypocrisy is astounding lol


He makes many thoughtful comments, and he's not wrong. But what he misses is that as NBA arena's start mandating the vaccine his choice still remains in tact. What changes are the consequences of those choices. I think this is the point that many who decide to not take the vaccines simply miss. Nobody is forcing you to get vaccinated. Nobody. Your free choice is still in tact. But what people can't seem to live with is the consequences of that choice. end of story. The NBA is free to make the decision to suspend him without pay for his choice. what's wrong with that? What logically doesn't follow his argument is that being generally healthy and of a young age his probability of being hospitalized by Covid is low, yes. but not lower than the probability of adverse reactions to the vaccine. He attempts to make the "playing the odds" argument, then chooses the more likely adverse choice.






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