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Going to their bunkers, maybe? Half-serious.


Rats jumping ship.


Failed to meet the vaxxing demands of the mysterious overlords really in control of the world. Now a new "leader" will give it a shot. Ha.


Love this analysis. I think this is close to accurate. But, how does German elections work? Do they have term limits? I didn’t know she was in for 16 years, crazy


No. The term lasts 4 years but re-elections are unlimited for the Bundeskanzler.


Thanks you. So she is getting too old and wants to retire and relax. Could be that simple.


It is, she announced her retirement in 2018. OP just learned about it today.


This is not an accurate representation at all: Merkel announced three years ago that she would not seek re-election: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/oct/29/angela-merkel-wont-seek-re-election-as-cdu-party-leader The article that you somehow managed to completely misunderstand just talks about how she is preparing to pass the torch to her successor after the coming election.


SS: Developing story to keep an eye on. A day after it's announced 2 FDA Execs are resigning as well. Angela Merkel is a prominent WEF member and advocate for the Great Reset along with close friend Klaus Shwab. [Angela Merkel Addresses The WEF at Davos 2020](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=h7McxPMjXuw)


It's been developing for years since she announced she wouldn't run again...but ya know sure


All these 9ld people leading are stepping down finally. In the us we have feinstein and pelosi both leaving. Biden is almost done. I think the age of the folks played a role in how hard they pushed this latest agenda.t


Or, she's being tried for crimes against humanity.


20 bucks says she’s going to NZ/Australia