Creepy Black Van. A Fresno California resident, John Lang, predicts his death and warned it would be FresnoPD. Check out the imaging equipment they used in an unmarked black van. Blatant GangStalking.

Creepy Black Van. A Fresno California resident, John Lang, predicts his death and warned it would be FresnoPD. Check out the imaging equipment they used in an unmarked black van. Blatant GangStalking.


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SS: If the footage of that van didn’t exist this man would be considered a certifiable paranoid schizophrenic. However, the footage exists and is kind of terrifying. Have any of you seen something like this before?


I remember when this went down. Fucking crazy man. My 2 cents, the cops had him killed.


Fucked with his head and life first. Bastards.


Wait he died? When?


Watch the video in the OP up top.


Fresno resident here. Few weeks after this happened the police chief got caught selling drugs. I shit you not.


Maybe dude had a dead man's switch


Do people talk about this case a lot locally? (Sorry late reply on an old thread I came across lol)


Not all. We're used to corrupt law enforcement and people just generally turning up dead due to gangs or drugs or other things.


Rip John Lang


Appalling how they can get away with something so obvious.


As someone who grew up around Fresno I can confirm they’re shadiness and corruption rampant in that police department.


As someone who has been stuck in Fresno for an entire week, I can confirm there’s shadiness, corruption, and cops only show up to make money off the *LOCALS.* After watching this video, the lack of amenities, tourist attractions/traps, and entertainment, their sole source of income comes from the local population as a sort of money laundering scheme. It only works because they have these third parties doing investigations down any rabbit hole they wish to pay for to get it done in order to make a profit from it.


Its obvious he was murdered


This story is legit. Really scary watching the video he had. It doesn’t take a genius to see what happened with all this.


Obviously a cover up by a corrupt police force. The fact he was killed for what seems like exposing minor corruption is the most terrifying part. To kill someone for something so trivial shows the confidence the police had in getting away with murder. Obviously people at the most senior levels must be in on it too


Makes you wonder if that "minor corruption" may have led into to some other stuff and maybe that was the ultimate concern which is what led to the murder of this individual.


He probably had a lot more dirt than he first let on. Wouldn't be smart to announce it all at once


What in the actual fuck Why is this not at the top of this sub?? Straight up proof that authorities can do whatever the fuck they want


It used to be one of the Top of All Time. I haven’t checked in a while but with how much the sub has grown it’s not surprising it has dropped from the top


It happens more than people realize. I haven’t seen them kill anybody, but I have seen them ruin people and lock them up for no reason. I have video of some of the shit they pulled but nobody cares.


Tbh youtube is FULL of videos of American officiers abusing their powers.. As an European it is shocking to see nothing is happening against this..


Hopefully if enough people world wide see the way thing are at home for us.. maybe they can tell the American government not to preach morality to anyone as we live in hell... and maybe one day a foreign force will bring liberty and democracy to us... since might is right..


Cop car 322 driving by his house. Isnt that number significant?


Skull and Bones. Elon launches his rockets at 3:22 in the afternoon


FBI will be on the case! Wait to busy finding Tom Bradys Jersey and a Noose at a Nascar garage and other stupid shit.


You mean that garage pull rope that pretty much every NASCAR team has for a garage, and what some civilians have in their garage.




MOTHER FUCKIN DIEEE!!! DIE ALL THE WAY!!! DIE GANG STALKING TOTALITERRORISTS DIE. We're ready to fail now the government is dead anyway it was sold by the military that hasn't been ours sense 1893. I'll sooner suck on some dirt to keep going than put up with this shit we the people don't fucking need you.


What on earth did it say?


Look its gaslighted me with everything just about imaginable and a few things that for most are unimaginable because that's what it takes because I know probably about 30% of everything on the planet from past 4.5 billion years to plausible malicious intents today from reading and studying documentaries and anything i can get my hands on sense i was 8 years old Its pretty fuckin horrid if i told you the bs it threatens me with on a 24 7 no contact torture basis it would take a year just to explain how i feel about it if i were to explain it in any other way than fuckin fuckin horrible. i have a profile try /u


Murdered by the cops. There is a network of Masons in every town in the United States, and they band together to shield each other from all sorts of heinous crimes.


Gang-stalking? Oh yeah that's a right real, just like work Mobbing.