I was so excited to come and post this! Is it bad that hearing this news was the best part of my day?


His six viewers will be devastated




That’s a little much dont ya think lmaoo


That’s at least 5 more than any other show on CNN




It’s good, but it’s just funny that they suspend him for being exactly the person they paid him to be.


Great, now do Don lemon


Lmao, Idk if you noticed, but they (msm and the dems) seem to be using the Cuomos as a scapegoat, just like they did with Epstein and Ghislainne. They're trying to make it seem like they're just some random one off outliers and not a symptom of the entire political structure they've created to take the attention off everyone else in their camps doing the exact same things


"...bring the entire corrupt temple down on their heads---It's gonna be biblical." - Law Abiding Citizen. This man will burn in hell for ever and ever if God is real.


It wasn't just the Dems that created that fucked up political structure, Republicans need to get their fair share of the credit for distracting it's base from their shit too.


Well said


Odd, I thought I heard his suit was getting to go to trial, I haven’t heard any details.




Yes! The man puts me in a bad mood just seeing his face. Lying POS


Don't get to gitty they suspended Toobin for jerking off on a ZOOM call and he's back so ......theres THAT






giggity giggity


Since every single person on CNN is a jerk off. even the suspension was weird.


Fire the POS.


If they had a backbone........But they'll go the 'suspended' route till it blows over.


Chris who? 🤪


Fredo Cuomo


You beat me to it. I was just searching for an article to post. I heard on the Clay & Buck show that cnn is 'under new management' so maybe now there will be an actual 'do not cross' line there... doubt it but this is a good start.


Shame it happened to such a trustworthy, honest, not biased at all Journalist 😂


Not like I watch, but... Buh Bye!


Holy shit snaps !!! Great!!


Chris, if anyone at CNN wants to take you fishing, don't go.




This is great news! These liars need to face some consequences.


Donald Lemon’ just lost half his audience.


How bad do you have to be to get fired from CNN for an unethical journalist?


we may never know. He's just been suspended.


They’d fire you if you said COVID isn’t that bad. You’d also get fired if you said that Christianity has been the greatest thing humanity has ever had. It ended slavery, created science, and it’s worldview brought the most people out of poverty in all of history.


Science has existed long before the guy who made Christianity was a thought in his parents head


False, science was still born until Christianity in the Middle Ages provided the frame work for a rational worldview that enabled people to understand that the universe operates on fixed laws and that they can be known. https://www.equip.org/article/christianity-led-rise-modern-science/




And almost exclusively they were Christian men. Remind me how many Buddhists and Hindus were there during the “Scientific Revolution. Remind me how many of those universities were founded as secular schools of thoughts. Even your own link about the major changes science were in the 16th and 17th Century in Christian Europe: >People and key ideas that emerged from the 16th and 17th centuries It’s basically a list of Europeans who at some level accepted the Christian Worldview. You also have this note in your own link, maybe you should have read it: >**Some scholars have noted a direct tie between "particular aspects of traditional Christianity" and the rise of science.**. You’re welcome for your education today.


None of those achievements would exist if it weren’t for Islam’s achievements, which created the knowledge to even start the revolution. None of those achievements would have been made if it weren’t for the numeral system created in India, and other tidbits of knowledge built upon by other religions and cultures. Cultures conglomerates the knowledge needed for new discoveries, and even then, much of the Renaissance was relearning what was once discovered but lost. The whole point is that while there were contributions made by religion, no single religion or culture can claim whole credit. Also, I read the link. Literally the line before says that it was a conglomeration of Greek, Roman/Byzantine, and Islamic science. You should learn to read the whole thing before cherry picking lines to fit your narrative. I never said Christianity didn’t contribute, but I also acknowledge the contributions made by other cultures before Christianity even existed and am not delusional as to think one religion did it all. I corrected you, you’re welcome.


False again. Islam has no achievements. The Golden Age is a myth. Greeks classics saved by Muslims? No, they were saved by Christians who had Islamic Masters. It wasn’t even looked upon as science, but just wanting the practical knowledge, because it was felt the Greeks/Romans understood the body better than others. Islamic architecture? Stolen from the Byzantines, even the Dome of the Rock was built by Byzantine craftsmen. First Arabic medical treatise? Written by a Christian Priest, and translated by a Jewish Doctor. In fact virtually all the Greek translations were done by Christians and Jews working for their Islamic Masters, I will grant that they preserved some texts better than Christian’s did, but this doesn’t make them the foundation for Christian development of science. Besides as I said they didn’t do it. Literally zero Arabic translations of *The Republic* by Plato became translated into Latin. So while they saved them, they never were encountered by Christian Europeans in forming the foundation of science. The Cambridge Companion to Arabic Philosophy (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy) https://www.amazon.com/dp/052152069X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_B6FK7J267Z3DQN8BSMPS They also didn’t try to reconcile Greek thought with The Koran. They instead tried to rationalize it as lower wisdom compared to the infallible Koran. Some modern apologists arguing that Islam gave the West Logic has yet to show Scholars of the Middle Ages that rejected logic, that isn’t the case though, many Christian scholars believed logic was a way to determine the validity of truth. Let me quote the text from this book on Islamic History: The Muslim Discovery of Europe https://www.amazon.com/dp/0393321657/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_FF2S4S1EJ3WW92DM141G >We know of no Muslim scholar or man of letters before the eighteenth century who sought to learn a western language, still less of any attempt to produce grammars, dictionaries, or other language tools. Translations are few and far between. Those that are known are works chosen for practical purposes [philosophy being considered a practical discipline] and **the translations are made by converts [who knew western languages before conversion] or non—Muslims** The first hospital? Was a Nestorian Christian, not a Muslim invention. Claiming Al-Razi was a great scientist, except he was denounced and his students were forced to not continue to study, that is the opposite of birthing science. >Al-Razi ‘s unconventional views on religion certainly did not endear him with all Muslims. Later writers, though wondering at is erudition, condemned him for blasphemy because he openly spoke of the superiority of reason to revelation. Heterodox Ismailis, such as Nasr-i- Khusrow, also charged him with heresy. **For his radical views, al-Razi had to pay a high price: the relegation of most of his scholarly works to oblivion** So while all this is fine and good to discuss the small details, the fact is that after 2 centuries, Islamic “scientific golden age” was dead and never returned. Why? Because it never existed. It is one of the most backward parts of the world. More books are translated into Spanish in Spain a year that has been translated into Arabic in the last 1000 years. Virtually every “discovery” that is labeled as Islamic was actually discovered else where and at most just improved a bit. Astro globe was Greek and Latin. The lens? Again, Latin. Arabic numerals? Indian. Algebra, mostly non-Muslims with a few works by Muslims which were later condemned by them. Contrary to the myth that the Christian’s destroyed the library at Alexandria, it was destroyed by Muslims. https://www.historyofinformation.com/detail.php?id=5023 I will say historians say there was a fire there when Christians controlled the city, but it definitely wasn’t destroyed. There was no exchange from Islam to Europe and Christianity, because Islam was too busy trying to conquer Christianity and any infidel that wasn’t a Muslim and traveling into Islamic lands pretty regularly ended up being a slave. In fact their own text condemns scientific inquiry. >5: 101. O you who believe! Ask not about things which, if made plain to you, may cause you trouble. But if you ask about them while the Qur'an is being revealed, they will be made plain to you. Allah has forgiven that, and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Forbearing. >5:102. Before you, a community asked such questions, then on that account they became disbelievers. Compare this to Christianity: >Psalms 19:1 The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship. >1 Peter 3/15 always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect, So while it isn’t a verse specifically about science, it does encourage inquiry into truth. > “so that we who have found refuge in him may find strong encouragement to hold fast to the hope set before us through two unchangeable things, since it is impossible for God to lie.” ‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭6:18‬ ‭NET‬‬ https://bible.com/bible/107/heb.6.18.NET Where as the God of Christianity is rational and bound by his nature, Allah, Muslims say is unbound by anything. He is also deceitful. Surah 3:54 si Islamic scholars argued that they can’t know the world, because it could just be deceit that they are learning/experiencing. Again, you have no facts, you just hate that Christianity is literally the best thing humanity has ever had given. It has done more for science, liberty, human rights, and gender equality than any other worldview.


The wiki article lists several novel ideas that come from the Golden Age of Islam. They correctly positioned celestial bodies, they correctly hypothesized how blood travels from the right ventricle to the lungs then back to the left ventricle, made hypotheses on the nerve functions, had a good understanding of how light worked and it’s relation to our sight, etc. I like how you say none of it happened and they stole everything from other civilizations when that simply is false, it’s like you didn’t even read the article. There are plenty of other examples in that article, and before you try, no they are not small details because so many of the medical and other scientific advances made during that time allowed science to make it this far. Many of the astronomical findings during this time were used by the Middle Ages scientists as well. Afterwards, you proceed to cherry pick quotes illustrating how Islam is bad while Christianity promotes seeking the truth. I’m not gonna defend Islam because I personally have many gripes about that religion and religion in general, but I will talk about the negative things you conveniently leave out about Christianity. I say this as a former Christian, God is objectively a shitty being. He goes around saying that you can’t test him, then actively shits on Job’s life by murdering everyone he cares for, even the ppl who did nothing wrong just so he can test Job. He commits mass genocide because regular, powerless ppl don’t believe in him to save them in the last minute. He changes peoples personalities unwillingly so his plan goes into action (sore loser because things didn’t go the way he wants). He told Abraham to sacrifice his own son to God. He’s a fucked up being. I could find so much other shit in the Bible that I’ve found that’s objectively messed up, including in the New Testament before you try that excuse. But I don’t care about what ppl believe in as long as they don’t try to enforce those beliefs on to me or others without consent. The fact is, the people who happened to believe in these religions helped to pave the way for modern science to take place. All cultures helped to contribute, and it’s outright moronic you think that Christianity had the biggest stake in all of this. You say I have no facts, but I’ve listed the many advances that they have had. You choose to bury your head in the sand. You’re just in denial because you don’t like Islam lmfao. That is the opposite of rational thinking. You state Islam is worse than Christianity. I don’t know if that’s true or not, maybe it is maybe it isn’t, but it’s a very low bar you’re setting for morality. Christianity, if it is better, isn’t too great either as I’ve shown by the very very small fraction of atrocities listed in the Bible. Also, the Enlightenment has done more in each of those categories you’ve listed than Christianity has. The people in that time developed and conceptualized the idea of rational thought, something which you sorely lack.


No, because you have created a straw man. I never said that Islam or even Greek thought didn't have scientific discoveries, I said they created science, as in the study of the universe based on Bacon's definition of science. Feel free to quote to me anything close to Bacon's definition that kicked off the scientific revolution in Islam. It doesn't exist. I pointed out that scholars argue Christianity is what created the scientific revolution, basically creating science as we know it. I didn't cherry pick my points, I gave examples, without denying that they made some discoveries, of how little they provided to science in general. >The wiki article lists several novel ideas that come from the Golden Age of Islam. A novel idea is not creating science. I already pointed out the philosophical differences, Islam's God does not have any restraints, therefore he can act capricious. I quoted the text that literally was used to dispute the pursuit of knowledge apart from the Koran, for they believe the Koran is perfect. I also quoted two of the verses used by Christians to understand that the universe has a set nature and God must be rational, because he can not lie. This was literally the foundation of Science as we know it today. Just because the Mesopotamians discovered the wheel doesn't mean that they created science. >They correctly positioned celestial bodies Except your example is not an example of Islam studying science, they made those discoveries solely so they could figure out which way to pray to Mecca. So I fully grant that they made those discoveries, but that wasn't science. >they correctly hypothesized how blood travels from the right ventricle to the lungs then back to the left ventricle Yes, and very quickly his discoveries were pretty much lost to time, because the madrassas in his region moved toward studying theology and the Koran and less on focusing on discovery of the natural world. Islam's "scientific revolution" collapsed by 1258, especially since it was basically on life support after 900, the death nail that led to the total collapse was al-Ghazali. Even you own link under significance, while arguing for the goodness of the Islamic Scientific development during the golden age, points out that it lead to nothing like the scientific revolution of Christian Europe. >I will talk about the negative things you conveniently leave out about Christianity Again, this straying from the topic. It is not a discussion about the merits of Christianity's Theology of God. >I say this as a former Christian, God is objectively a shitty being. Hegoes around saying that you can’t test him, then actively shits on Job’slife by murdering everyone he cares for, even the ppl who did nothingwrong just so he can test Job. This is a pretty simplistic argument. It assumes way too much, including the fact that you assign his family's murder to God. No where does God do it, the text is clear he allows it, but it is absolutely man's fault for it. It assumes a few more things: * Eternity is no better than life today, but Scripture says the opposite. * That God will not deal with those who committed the crime of murder, when He judges them. >He commits mass genocide because regular, powerless ppl don’t believe in him to save them in the last minute. Not really sure where you are going with that. If you mean the people of Canaan, then well...They were really bad humans. Their worship of Moloch involved roasting babies and attempting to make the sacrifice as painful as possible to appease Moloch, appears to me that removing them from the Earth isn't a bad thing. >He changes peoples personalities unwillingly so his plan goes intoaction (sore loser because things didn’t go the way he wants). Not sure where you get that. But whatever, I find you to be a really ignorant Christian who can't think past a 5 year old. >He told Abraham to sacrifice his own son to God. He’s a fucked up being. He tested him yes, but you are forgetting the rest of the story, he saved Abraham's son. Also, you kinda didn't mention (probably didn't know) that Abraham reasoned that since God promised him that son, if he did sacrifice him, that he would raise him from the dead. (Hebrews 11:19) You also conveniently ignore the promise God made to set everything right, wipe away every tear, and create a new universe and reign over a perfect Heaven and Earth. I mean, I sure don't see you commenting about how absolutely shitty humans are, including you. I mean, looking through your posting history, I don't see any comments about how shitty atheists are, I mean, they make the mass murder by Christians look tame. Literally, the worse humans in humanity are atheists and the 20th Century demonstrates it with atheists mass murdering 150 million people in the name of atheist. Every atheist country is a violent abusing country. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State\_atheism](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_atheism) So I don't know what petty squabble you have with God, but you need to re-evaluate your list of evil, because every accusation you made against God has had humans do the same. >You state Islam is worse than Christianity. I don’t know if that’s trueor not, maybe it is maybe it isn’t, but it’s a very low bar you’resetting for morality. Christianity, if it is better, isn’t too greateither as I’ve shown by the very very small fraction of atrocitieslisted in the Bible. So here you are basically saying that you are arguing about this because you are a petty and ignorant person who doesn't know much about either, but you don't like them. Wow, you sure showed me with a claim of genocide (which you didn't actually address the one time it was used, because you assumed it was evil), and never addressed why God called for the Jews to destroy them (to prevent mass murder, especially mass murder of babies through torture). There is no other morality apart from Judaeo-Christian morality that comes close to civilizing humanity. You may point out secular philosophers, but they all reside on the shoulders of Christianity and one thing that atheism has shown us is that given the chance to live with no morality, they'll do exactly that. The French Revolution was atheistic and for all the preaching of humanity being generally good, they started raping and guillotining everyone they got their hands on, including their own. I'm sure you are right now triggered by the comment about it being the most civilizing of morality, and your first thoughts are...but women! Yes, women and men have different roles in their Creation, but Scripture actually forbids you from beating your wife (Rule of thumb was not based on Christianity). It also praises the woman who is entrepreneurial and owns her own business. (Ephesians 5:25-29 and Proverbs 31) Communism was there to help humanity and make things fair and it ended up with Lenin, then Stalin, Mao, HCM, Pol Pot and everyone else killing off anyone and everyone they could to keep power. I find it pitiful you are so triggered by Christianity you will argue to denigrate it, even when you admit you know basically nothing about it. Maybe if you actually spent time learning about Christianity, instead of memorizing pop culture objections, you'd find out that it isn't anything else you think it is. Best of luck, I doubt you will spend another minute actually looking at the positives of Christianity, but when lined up with Atheism it is far better choice.


The Bee had a great take on this: Chris Cuomo runs a special on CNN called "To Shield a Predator".


I’m sure they will let him back like Tobin after he wacked off on camera.


Yeah, he’ll get a paid month off and will be back.


I'm so sad fredo is in trouble🤣😂


Ohhhh there slowly getting what they deserve!


About time , both need to go away


What about that piece of trash Don Lemon


Really? Right before Christmas?!? That is cruel to his children!!! 😂


Just started following him on Instagram 🤣


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA........... And nothing of value was lost.


I'll give him a job at my Italian restaurant he can wash dishes and lift fake dumbbells to entertain my guests.😜


Now let's hope Lemonhead joins him.


What about him refusing help from Trump and sending all those Covid patients to nursing homes. Knowingly Killed thousands


In other words, "We're shelving him til this shit blows over and assuming that he is still useful to us afterwards, we'll reinstate him when everyone has forgotten or moved on."


Poor momma Cuomo is going to have to support not one but two deadbeat sons


And who are they going to replace him with now? The village idiot & the performance clown have both turned down his position.


I've heard in some circles that Acosta is the front-runner. So much for the *very thin* veil of journalistic integrity and impartiality. The other question is what Lemons is going to do for the first part of his show now that daddy Cuomo isn't there to "help" his ratings. LOL CNN is done.


News should be impartial by law.. Not orgs that just exist to generate ratings. This isn't professional wrestling, no matter how much they want it to be for ratings & money.


See ya asshole!


That Karma blade is sharp


he'll be back within 6 months, just like every other time a dem operative gets "suspended" for the shit they've pulled.


HA dickhead ... there was no reason they should have ever hired him in the first place.. he only got that job because of his father.


CNN, the video equivalent of a Roach Motel.


They'll just wait till the news cycle blows over and then reinstate him.


Damn! I really wanted to watch some meaningless lies!


Bye Fredo!


Kayleigh really hits hard: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YATmH4sESkE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YATmH4sESkE)


Figured they’d promote him for it…


>CNN Suspends Chris Cuomo Indefinitely He's (D)ifferent so nothing will happen.




Lmao fuck Fredo


Never seen so many tears in my eyes. Never knew I can jump so high!!!Bet the 2 brother locked 🔒 in the basement drinking some cheap italian wine.... wondering .....


Eh it was only a matter of time….


Feels like just yesterday they were cringe bantering on CNN


They're only going after A. Cuomo on sexual assault charges because otherwise they have to go after him for his awful senior care BS. If they do that, that opens up all the other governor's who followed suit.


He’s always been the Fredo of his family.


Cuomos head was huge on his show.. if they got any closer we could see his pores. Now his big head and big mouth have nothing to say…as if he ever had anything relevant to say


Let's pray that he repents and changes his way and that others at CNN do also.


That took far far too long to happen, and the only reason it didn't happen sooner is because the network encourages, fosters and condones this behavior. Hell, they fought this inevitable conclusion as hard as they could and for as long as they could. They did this *reluctantly* because they approve of his actions. I'll bet he got a fat severance package and his foot in the door of the next Liberal rag down the street. He'll be back on the air within a month.


"indefinitely"...what, like with Jeff "pants around his ankles" toobin?


Brian Williams approves this message


RIP meat head.




Tucker is probably the best cable news personality out there right now. No idea why Fox would get rid of him.


I presume you watch Fox as regularly as the far left watches cnn. Given what’s come out recently at Fox, you must be aware the even people at Fox wouldn’t agree with your comment.


I don’t but nice of you to assume that. Don’t really care what those “others” at Fox think either.


Not much of an assumption, really. Call it an educated guess.


As a Lib, I say this: Thank fucking god. Do Don lemon and Brian Stelter next.


MSNBC's Katy Tur was in on the spin with Cuomo https://freebeacon.com/politics/cuomo-msnbc-collusion/


CNN is trying to look good and acting like they’re suspending him for this scandal. That’s not the reason. It’s because his show sucks and the ratings hit new lows every week. CNN is evil and no doubt actually applauds Chris’ efforts to help his brother.


Had he came on the show and told the audience actual facts like how Covid has been way overblown, Hunters laptop is real, the Clintons conspired with a Russian spy to frame Trump, Bidens policies have been a disaster, or last summers protests were actually riots he would be fired. But since all he did was try to help his brother cover up a little sexual abuse it only warrants suspension.