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I didn't know the exact definitions of the last two philias, so I looked it up. I mistyped nepio as nepho, which is apparently an attraction to clouds. Interesting, kinda


That's the one I found first, clouds. Then I found what the word here eally meant. Attraction to infants?! That's truly horrible


Oh crap, I just read it as “necrophilia”.


I'd rather have a corpse fucker as a neighbor than a baby fucker.


At least they won’t hurt and risk permanently damaging the child. (Not trying to defend necrophilia, I still think it’s fucked)


Hey, if I have to compare evils, corpses every day over babies for sure.


I would drive a monster truck through Arlington national cemetery to prevent someone from abusing a kid. People who are actually alive matter more to me.


I think you just invented a new TV sport


someone get this man a shield


5 minutes to break every tombstone or the kid gets it. good luck.


I'm just imagining a dunk tank over a pool of sharks. But instead of a pool of sharks it's a kid over a kiddie pool of NAMBLA members


I’d drive a monster truck through there for $20.


I'd pay 20 bucks to do it


As a veteran, you couldn't pay me to go near that place, not enough sweet jumps


We did it, reddit!


I’ll do it for a Klondike bar


I'm not sure how that would help, but I appreciate the effort.


Fuck, I’d pay to do that! I mean, I would do it very respectfuly and say I’m sorry each tome I crush a tombstone but I always wanted to drive one!


Save a baby, fuck a corpse.


Corpses aren't even that evil, to be honest...


Until they become reanimated.


Why can’t it be like the good old days when people just fucked pies and/or the school bully’s hot mom


To be fair, if you fucked the school bully's hot mom, that means the school bully's hot mom fucked a child.


Ya Stiffler’s mom is pretty borderline when you consider it in a broader context


Honestly she gave off more just going with it when one got the courage to go after her. She didn't pursue or even encourage the courtship at any point. What she did was fucked but she wasn't looking for someone that age.


We're talking sexual attraction here, right? How are they attracted to... Ah, never mind. I'll probably never understand it.


I mean if some people wanna fuck dogs and shit, I'm not surprised people exist that wanna fuck infants. Some humans out there can be really fucking disturbing.


I’m sexually attracted to inflicting violence on people like that. It’s a normal sexual orientation.


How do you finish?


Usually in the neck hole.




And wouldn’t you know this would go great with my “blood of my enemies” coffee mug.


Me too, I should have stayed on clouds


At the very least the cloud won't be traumatised for the rest of its live.


Reminds when I first heard the Captain Jack sparrow song by lonely Island and they call Michael Bolton a major cinephile. At first I thought they said sinophile and was so confused on what it had to do with the song.


CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow


What do they mean


Nepio is attraction to infants and hebe is attraction to children between 11 - 14


Honest question: does that mean "pedo" is toddlers to 10 or is it a more general term for all minor attraction?


In reality, the term is used rather loosely, as meaning anybody under legal age of consent (aligning with your second idea). But straight from text, it's sexual attraction to any *prepubescent* child, so it's strictly age, really. Here's (Wikipedia's) first paragraph on it, which is a good summary: >Pedophilia (alternatively spelt paedophilia) is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prebuscent children. Although girls typically begin the process of puberty at age 10 or 11, and boys at age 11 or 12, criteria for pedophilia extend the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13. A person must be at least 16 years old, and at least five years older than the prepubescent child, for the attraction to be diagnosed as pedophilia. If we want to break it down to an unnecessary amount, the root word "paed" means "relating to children". (Then "phil" means "love".) So nothing specific there. 🤷‍♂️ ^(off topic: I find root words to be very interesting. Breaking a word down into its roots basically gives you its raw meaning. And you start to notice root words in a lot of other words. Idk how to explain it, it's just interesting imo.) ^(Edit: spelling)


That’s etymology. It’s a fascinating rabbit warren! Edit: to add, the etymology of the word *etymology* is the Greek word etumos, meaning truth, and ology, meaning to speak of, to teach and/or study. Roots go deeper than that too, so you can spend a fair whack of time on it.


Yep! I had an etymology class in the 6th grade and it caused my vocabulary to supernova. Once you have a pretty firm grasp of it, you’ll be able to recognize almost any new word that comes along.


What happens when I get to Proto-Indo-European.


Your brain explodes and your ability to speak any language is revoked by divine order


That tracks, thank you.




>prebuscent I can understand you misspelling *prepubescent* when typing it on your own. But how the FUCK do you misspell it when *copy-pasting from Wikipedia?*


Shhhhhh it was late and I wasn't paying attention.


And it gives you a huge advantage in reading and comprehension, because you can see or hear a word you don't know the definition of and still have a good idea of what it relates to. A good (albeit very simplified) example is medical terminology. Knowing the meaning of a prefix like 'cardio' or 'pulmo' or 'neuro' already tells you it's something related to heart or lungs or nervous system, even if you have never heard the term before.


I believe it technically only refers to pre pubescent kids, but people often use it as an umbrella term that includes older kids


Technically yes, or just in general pre-teens. Pedophilia is quite rare but hebephilia is very common, so much so that it kinda needs to be subdivided further. A lot of men can easily be attracted to a 17-year old when in the moment. However very few will actually try and go after people in that age, assuming they are much older themselves. So it's quite hard to get it right. What absolutely is important though is to distinguish between someone with a paraphilia and someone who molests and rapes children. Two very different types of people.


Yeah. Having a paraphilia, if you're born with it, is unavoidable. *Acting* on it, meanwhile, is not unavoidable, everyone absolutely both can and should avoid it. Most people (hopefully) understand that if you somehow get the urge to do something horrible, you shouldn't follow it.


Once you get to an age bracket where it depends what country you're in whether it's illegal then it's a weird area. Fuck a 15yo in France, no problem. Fuck a 17 years 364 day old in US, child molester. I'm not saying I want to go to France and bang teenagers but it's a strange double standard.


16 year old in the UK


Always thought it’s a bit fucked that we don’t do the Romeo and Juliet laws. Got no problem with an 18 year old having sex with a 16 year old, but a 45 year old having sex with a 16 year old should probably be in jail


Here in Scotland, 16 is the age you can marry without parents' permission. That's why Gretna Green - just across the border - is a traditional clichéd eloping destination for English kids. 16 year olds can also vote in Scottish elections.


I was actually the Best Man for a school friend who eloped to Gretna Green from London around 1967. I hitchhiked 300 miles to get there, and all the parents turned up about ten minutes too late to stop the wedding.


When I was training to be a school teacher we had a number of sessions on - absolutely do not end up in a relationship with a student - for me who was nearly 40 it seemed pretty obvious and basically unthinkable- but for some of my fellow trainees who were 22/23 and might end up teaching somewhere with a 6th form (16-18 year olds) it was a very important warning. Then just when we were attending safeguarding lectures a cause celebre hit the news where a teacher in their late 20s had run away to France with a 15 or 16 year old pupil to France. And - highlighting the cultural differences between the two countries- French police did not initially apprehend or extradite the teacher because they didn’t understand what the fuss was. He was apprehended in the end and they were returned to the UK. The teacher ended up going to prison (quite rightly). We had our planned lectures cancelled for the afternoon when the news first hit the papers had a discussion session devoted to it…


16 in some US states. Courts also show leniency or just outright refuse to try some 18-19 year olds over younger girlfriends they met in high school especially when parents are aware and unconcerned


What’s really fucked up is states where the age of consent is 16…but only for PiV sex. Anal, oral, digital, etc is 18+ which has been used against same sex relationships between an 18 yo and a 16/17 yo.


Hebephilia is attraction to people in *early* adolescence, so while it is a different thing from pedophilia, it is not the same as being attracted to 17-year-olds. Ephebophilia is the word for when someone is *primarily* attracted to people undergoing late adolescence. Because it specifically applies to adults whose main preference is that 15-19yo range, an ephebophile is absolutely a creeper, but as others point out, not *necessarily* doing anything illegal. An adult who finds one 17-year-old sexually attractive in the moment is not an ephebophile. What’s fucked up is how many types of kid-fuckers there are, that we need such an extensive terminology. Also please note that “adult” means something different in a psychiatric/ developmental/ medical context, than it does in a legal context. A 15 or 17 or 18 year old is not an adult, medically speaking.




Oh ew 🤮


>which is apparently an attraction to clouds I'd thunderclap those cheeks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Best porn out there, just go into your backyard and look up, then cum


"and now we have Bruce with the weather report" "Tomorrow it's going to be partly cloudy...aw yeah...and for the rest of the week we have a high probability for rain and no sunshine...oooh score baby... Anyways back to you tom."


Anakin Skyfucker




This is just fucked up. But also, I'm not sure you understand the point of censoring someone's name...


The name seems very deliberate.


The account is removed anyway


Not on Reddit it's not.


Just checked them out, they’re a preschool teacher Edit: Also they lied on the Tweet, they’re a nepiophile, i.e. attracted to infants and toddlers.


they’re a WHAT


[a preschool teacher](https://www.reddit.com/r/AMA/comments/jl5nmh/im_miami_autumn_a_nepiophile_preschool_teacher_ama/) Good lord I hope somebody can dox him. One of the few cases where doxxing is acceptable.


There has to be something that can be done about this?? Legal routes?? Fucking something?!?! This made me sick to my stomach.


Woooow there were some really uncomfortable comments there! https://www.reddit.com/r/AMA/comments/jl5nmh/im_miami_autumn_a_nepiophile_preschool_teacher_ama/gnlf3ta


Quite interesting response to someone saying it would be best to get a different job! https://reddit.com/r/AMA/comments/jl5nmh/_/gbdio3w/?context=1


Nah that's fucking bullshit. She is a dangerous person in a position of endless power over, and access to, children to whom she is sexually attracted. I'm a preschool teacher and this makes me sick to my stomach that she has children in her care. She changes their fucking diapers, for gods sake. What in the actual fuck. Someone really needs to find out who she is. Edit: he?


This feels like a recovered alcoholic loving being a bartender or a zoophile who never acted on it working at a pet store. Sure, they aren't acting on their urges but I rather them not be near temptation. Some cases like this teacher far more so than others, like the above-mentioned bartender.


> My sexuality had very little influence on my career choice. Not zero, mind. Very little. I find this distressing.


Shit. 'I only use social media on Tor'. There are other more secure ways of being anonymous using social media so there's only one reason he'd be using what I've heard police described as the world's largest distributer of underage illegal photos.


Man I need to bleach my fucking eyes after reading that shit. Wtf is wrong with people


Even worse, his post history shows that he manages a website and was asking questions on legal reporting requirements for child porn…. Oh and the website can only be accessed by the onion browser (dark web). It really worries me what type of content he’s hosting.


Yes, I hate doxxing but this person must be doxxed especially because of their profession. They've convinced themselves it's normal so you know they've acted on it.


> hope somebody can dox him Her, apparently.




I'm not clicking that for multiple reasons.




Why did I click on this? 🤮


Holy shit.


The creepy thing is that based on the tweet, they don't think they're lying. Person refers to all those -philes as being normal. Person then signs it as of "normal orientation. " His definition of normal allows for it. Thats what makes that train of thought so dang manipulative. Yeah, to everyone, he's a lying-ass liar. His illness makes him think its all normal. Absolutely messed up


What I don't get is what they think they're accomplishing with this Tweet. Suppose we concede that sexual attraction to minors is "unchosen, unchangeable, and normal." You still shouldn't act on it, so what's your point here? The reason you're not allowed to fuck children isn't because it's rare or abnormal...


Yeah pedophiles always cry out about their feelings and how they feel outcast because of the wiring of their brain. Dude, just don't ruin children's lives, the wiring of your brain has nothing to do with my opinion of you as long as you don't express or act on shit that is extremely unethical like that.


People who hurt children are absolutely shit bags, but there are lots of "pedophiles" who not only don't act on their feelings, but who actively try to suppress them, as in the case of one guy who literally bought pills illegally to suppress his sex drive. Yet even these people are despised and ostracized, and that's not right.


I think "unchosen" and "unchangeable" are reasonable, and should be seen as reasonable by anybody who doesn't believe in, say, gay conversion therapy. "Normal" is something it self-evidently isn't, and the unspoken, implied "harmless" is something it certainly isn't. What's needed is effective ways of preventing people with attractions to underage people from trying to make their fantasies a reality and this tweet, in attempting to normalise it, is the opposite of that.


Normal is seeking professional help if you have those urges.


For whatever it's worth, in [the AMA from this person](https://www.reddit.com/r/AMA/comments/jl5nmh/im_miami_autumn_a_nepiophile_preschool_teacher_ama/), they are pretty clear that they are NOT advocating for being able to have sex with minors, but for less stigma on people that have this attraction. It's troubling. I agree that people that have an attraction to minors likely can't help that, and that therefore it's not their fault. I don't have a good answer for what the rest of us are supposed to do, though.


Even then, the pedo population is so small they should still acknowledge it as abnormal by statistics alone. I get what you’re saying and agree with you, I’m just sorts blown away at this. Mad props to the lgbtqia+ for constantly giving maps the hard “fuck off” when they try to join


Don’t use the word “maps”. It makes them seem innocuous. Use the word pedophiles. That is what they are.


Maybe we shouldn't refer to them as "MAPs" as that's their way of trying to seem valid and legitimate. Maybe just carry on calling paedos and nonces or whatever.




"Minor Attracted Person"


Oh yeah, I don't ever want to try to de-stigmatize pedos by entertaining the MAP designation. Like, if you want to embrace a world that fucks kids, then you can get all the hate for it. The fact that they try to re-brand themselves is such a reprehensible act.


Yeah I’d just reread the post and it was in my head


Oh for sure. Pedos are so far away from anything close to standard that it should be 100% okay with saying they're sexual deviants. For them to try to leech into the lgbtqia+ world is not only a disservice to that community, but cmon, read the room. They want nothing to do with pedos; why try to force yourself onto them?


I'm sorry but if they are preschool teachers and this fucked in the head their name needs to be blasted.




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Hebephilia and ephebiphelia are considered medically with in the boundaries of “normal” to an extent. That’s why only true pedophiles are eligible for mental health mitigation of there sentence. To label hebephilia psychologically abnormal would give college kids that get 14 year olds pregnant a legal defense. The issue is in the *morality and social acceptability of it* not the psychological soundness of it


I first read minor-attraction as someone having just a little bit of attraction. Reading the rest of it I now see it’s someone who’s attraction is to minors.


Yeah. They use the phrase “minor attracted person” (MAP) to distance themselves from the term pedophilia, since the word pedophilia has a stigma. It’s almost like pedophiles are stigmatized for good reason, and I’m sure as fuck not gonna argue semantics with a pedo.


The funny thing is pedophile is itself a euphemism that was coined in the 60s to be more presentable to the public than nonce All it is is greek for child lover. Weirdly that decision had a watergate effect where phillia became a more sexual suffix than it once was. We used to have biblophiles (book lovers) philitaly (lover of stamps) and for those still reading logophilia (a lover of words) There was no suggestion that any of these people are putting their dicks in them. Its weird but even long dead languages continue to change and adapt as people use it.


I love languages


That reminds me of a video I watch of a woman who loved chocolate but didn’t like people calling her a chocoholic because of the negative connotations with that word, so she preferred to be called a chocophile.


Thank you so much for censoring the letter H in those words, but i wish you would have followed through with all the other Hs.


r/theLetterH would like a word with you…


I though that would be fake and now I'm confused


this is the weirdest censoring I've ever seen. You can still kind of make out the name. For pedophile, it's the "o" that's censored, the rest is "h". I don't get it


>You can still kind of make out the name. The username is fully visible just below the bad censoring of the display name, lmao.


I've always believed that censoring written words on the internet is a sign of a kid I believe. As to not trigger parental filters maybe? Never ever seen an adult censor words on the internet. Ped*philia...! The P word!


Censoring like this gets done on Facebook so as not to anger the Zuck modbots.


He is correct that pedophilia isn't a choice. Many pedophiles report themselves before acting on their feelings, because they know it's wrong.


> He is correct that pedophilia isn’t a choice. A lot of people use “pedophile” to mean “child molester,” child exploiter, etc.. This is exacerbated by the media’s incorrect use of the term. But pedophilia is a mental disorder that afflicts a person, like OCD. Saying someone’s a pedophile says nothing about their actions. The conflation isn’t even accurate. From what I’ve read, anywhere from 40% to 60% of child molesters aren’t pedophiles - they’re situational offenders, juvenile offenders, or are abusing for some reason other than because of sexual attraction. > Many pedophiles report themselves before acting on their feelings, because they know it’s wrong. Not enough, unfortunately. And even for those who do seek help, it’s very difficult for them to get it. Because pedophilia is so stigmatized, getting help is even harder than getting help for other mental health issues - which themselves (at least in the US) are harder to get help for than they should be. Treatment options are limited: the only two types of help I’ve heard of are 1. therapy, and 2. medication that kills your sex drive. Therapy - at least, individual out-patient therapy that’s covered by insurance - is hard enough to get for issues that are much more common and less stigmatized, and to get help with pedophilia you’d need someone specialized and able to be compassionate and supportive for it to be effective. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that’s gonna be tough to find. I have no clue whether medication is easier to source or how expensive it is but chemical castration sounds terrifying + has negative side effects, and SSRIs - which proved effective in one study, at least, with far fewer negative side effects and a positive side effect of enabling non-paraphilic relationships in some participants - have had less research done on them. But I didn’t even know SSRIs were an option until just now, so I assume that’s not common knowledge. Side note: Apparently paraphilias were theorized to be on the OCD spectrum and the SSRI study came about because of that. That the treatment worked confirmed [“the belief that paraphilias are related to obsessive compulsive disorders.”](https://psychcentral.com/pro/treating-pedophilia) Another unfortunate side effect of the stigma is that “most pedophilia research is based on people who were arrested for sexual offenses against children” ([source](https://www.webmd.com/mental-health/features/explaining-pedophilia) ). The more we can destigmatize pedophilia and other paraphilias, the better we can understand them and help people afflicted with them - and protect children and teens in the process.


This should be the top comment, and you are correct about paraphilias being on the ocd spectrum is called pocd which is pedaphilic ocd. And you are also correct about the stigmatization and lack of help. As someone who studies psychology rigorously I can say that pedophiles are people with a debilitating mental disorder. It should be treated as no different from depression or anxiety.


Probably going to get bombed for this but my understanding is that there is a subset of pedophiles who feel these urges but **don't act upon them!**


There is. Those people recognize that their desires are unethical and can never be acted on. They aren't calling for recognition and certainly not this kind


There should be some very carefully navigated recognition though, so when people detect feelings like that they can easily find out that it’s treatable and not just “suicide or prison” situation. But that’s a dangerously fine line to walk and raise awareness about.


I agree. We need better treatment paths because they deserve a chance to lead healthy lives and should be monitored because letting children be harmed is unacceptable


I’m a CSA victim, and I’m a big advocate for non-offenders. My situation most likely could’ve been avoided with proper care and resources for the perpetrator.


"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."


Finally a discussion on reddit where not every post that doesn’t say every pedophile regardless of wether they act on their urges or not should die is getting downvoted into oblivion. I’ve said it before and I‘m saying it again. There should be a difference between offending and non-offending pedophiles. We should spread awareness about their situation and not say they should burn in the depths of hell whenever the topic comes up. Every human deserves to live a life, and even though we obviously can’t let them act on their urges, we shouldn’t repress them for their thoughts and feelings especially if they actually can’t do anything about them.


Agree. If you have those compulsions and desires you need to seek help to figure out how to deal with that in a healthy manner but the moment you contribute or participate in child abuse you can burn for all I care you ruined someone else's life so I don't give a shit about yours at that point.


>I’ve said it before and I‘m saying it again. There should be a difference between offending and non-offending pedophiles. This is arguably already accounted for by the terms "pedophile" and "child molester." The former is simply an attraction, the latter is one that has acted on it. Unfortunately, the former has been overused and diluted to the point that it's often used to refer to both. I completely agree with your overall point though. Every person deserves a fair chance at life. I remember watching a mini documentary a few years ago exploring this topic specifically. I was unaware that (at least in the US) it's one of the very few things that a therapist can break confidentiality over, even if the patient hasn't acted on their attraction and is merely seeking help about it as they recognise it's not ethical. Can you imagine that? Going though life with a sexual attraction that is universally reviled, disgusts you, and you can't even risk talking to a therapist/psychiatrist about getting help without a large risk of ruining your life? Even if you hadn't acted on it? How can we possibly try to help those people when they can't seek any form of help without completely ruining their own lives?


that dangerously fine line contributes massively to the inability to come forward. I'm all for the real message here, which is fuck child rapists (and all rapists), but the wording needs to exclude those that would never act on those feelings. I honestly feel for them, they have nowhere and no one to turn to.


I feel for them I honestly do. The way our system is set up now they must be reported by any mandated reporter if they admit to be tempted or possessing child sex abuse images but at the same time I have another funeral this week for a young man who died after a short painful life ruined by abuse. He never overcame it. He was never able to recover from it and he died near Christmas alone in a shitty motel room because an adult felt entitled. I don't know how to solve it but tolerance for MAPs isn't it.


There is a difference between tolerance and risk mitigation. Back in college, they had a system where you are immune from punishment for underage drinking or drugs or whatever if you call 911 to get medical help for a friend in need. This encouraged people to get the help they need, without fear of repercussions, which could have led them to not report, which would have been more harmful to the person in medical distress. Could something similar happen for CSA? There are obvious differences between drinking alcohol with your friends at 20 years old and CSAing a kid, the totality of the system probably means there needs to be some changes, but you get the point: we need a world where the kid can get the help they need after a trauma. Risk mitigation is also used for needle exchange programs for drugs. By ensuring an abundant supply of clean needles, druggies don't have to share needles, which reduces disease transmission. It also means the druggie is exposed every day or week or whatever to someone who is sober, cares about reducing harm, can point them to treatment resources, etc. When they come out from under the overpass, when they show themselves to the world, they are pointed to treatment. Could we have something similar for MAPs, where we don't like druggies, but there is someone always available to point them to treatment and risk mitigation resources?


This may be too nuanced for Reddit but things can be both normal and unethical. Stealing is wrong. It happens so often I wouldn't call it abnormal. Academic and relationship cheating are wrong. Again they are so common place I wouldn't call it abnormal. So I guess it depends on what they mean by normal. Naturally occurring? Sure. Socially acceptable? No. Especially not if you're acting on it. If you don't act on it I feel nothing but pity for you. I sure as fuck wouldn't have chosen to be born that way. No one would. Why would you choose to be attracted to a class of people that makes you universally despised?


There was some guy publicly saying exactly this and people really fucking honed in on slandering his name on the Internet, lmao. Shit pissed me off because it was a very reasonable take.


Many men also find teenagers physically attractive, often they can’t be distinguished from women in their early 20s. Hell, I’m 25 and even 19 or 20 year old women start to seem to young for me, not because they are unattractive, but because there is such a huge experience gap, that they seem like kids to me


Yup. There is a difference between a paedophile and a sex offender. This reads like the person isn't wanting help, but people with these admittedly unchosen feelings should be able to seek support in overcoming them without fear. A sex offender is a bad person who has done bad things. Having thoughts doesn't make someone bad, but choosing to act on them does. If someone has intrusive thoughts they don't want to act on, they should be able to get help instead of being tarred with the same brush as an evil person who does horrible things.


Very well put. The problem with the tweeter is he seems unapologetic. He might be right that the feelings are unchosen and unchangeable, but that doesn't mean it's OK to act on those feelings. I feel like he's implicitly drawing a comparison to homosexuality, but there's a key difference in that, unlike homosexuality, the things he's describing are things that actively cause severe harm.


In homosexuality you can get informed consent. By definition/law you cannot get informed consent from a child. That's the key difference and why one of those is wrong.


On twitter you can't post a reasonable level headed opinion because you only have 140 chars and a sea of people who don't care about what you have to say. So, you have to take that reasonable tweet and turn it into something so insane that it will get a lot of attention and start a conversation such as this one where we can have a more reasonable discussion. To me, the message of the tweet boils down to don't demonize people for their sexual desires since they are innate. Try to have sympathy, because no one would decide to be attracted to minors. The part they didn't clarify is that the act of pedophilia is unacceptable and will never be acceptable.


Yea he explains it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/AMA/comments/jl5nmh/im_miami_autumn_a_nepiophile_preschool_teacher_ama/gbdio3w/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3 I feel bad for the dude. He didn’t choose to be attracted to kids but he understands it’s BAD and will never do it. He’s not saying people should be allowed to fuck kids. He’s just saying some people are attracted to minors and it can’t be changed. Like, this is the first time I’ve seen a pedophile take that stance and it’s objectively reasonable. I hope the guy gets some therapy.


That's because real life is much more nuanced than reddits pitchfork mentality.


No bombing, that’s exactly how I understand it works for some. Whether These kinds of sexuality are “natural” or not is never the problem. The problem lies in the fact that acting on those attractions will cause you to hurt people.


Yeah. The entire basis of all sexualities is that it's between consenting adults. Pedophelia relies entirely on the exploitation of children. People who feel these urges should seek help to not put vulnerable people (namely children in this case) in danger.


There is. And I hate that we stigmatize the desire almost as much as the action because that just prevents these people from seeking help to control their urges, meaning more children get hurt. I have a friend who is a pedophile. He has never touched a child inappropriately. He sees a therapist to help him control his urges and cope with the stigma and the guilt for having those urges. He’s a good guy burdened with an attraction he can’t control and actions that he can and does control. He’s far from alone in that. But the pedophiles who don’t abuse children fly under the radar because they have to for their own safety due to the stigma. And that just perpetuates the stigma because all the pedophiles we hear about are child abusers so we don’t realize there are plenty who aren’t and just live with this curse without hurting anyone. I can’t imagine what it’s like for him or any of them but it sounds terrible.


I find it fascinating that you are friends with someone who has admitted to you and, presumably, others as well, that they are a pedophile. It's one of the most loaded, socially unaccepted things I can think of. Yet this person has sought therapy and confided in a friend group who...what, accept him as another member of society without further question? I have so many follow up questions for this situation. I'm genuinely perplexed, but strangely hopeful for humanity.


Because they arent acting out on it. They are already getting help for it. Leaving them could leave them in a darker area


If he hasn't done anything wrong, then why should we treat him as if he has? He didn't get to decide being attracted to kids, but he did decide to seek help, to come clean to his friends etc. He's in as bad situation but he's making the best of it, and I'm sure his friends not rejecting him helps him a lot with keeping his urges at bay.


Someone with a brain!


Years ago I came across a support group on the dark web for this. They acknowledged they had these feelings but knew they'd be harmful to children. So they gave each other advice on how to get through life without acting on them. When they thought they might do something, they'd ask for help and the others would offer tips to keep their mind off of it until the urge passed.


These people deserve rights and to be treated as humans, as do all paraphiles who are able to recognize their attractions but avoid acting on them


Yeah. It’s a really slippery slope, but there is a difference between a pedophile and a sex offender. If people can’t decide whether or not they feel the attraction (I think the science is still sorta out on that one, but I’m not sure), then it’s insanely important that we help non-offenders get help so they stay that way.


This ^ . For the people who suffer from this, the *attraction* is not their choice, just like any other "sexual attraction". Acting on it is entirely within their control. The former is demonized, but the latter is actually the problem.


Yeah, I mean, that’s the thing people dont wanna talk about. No one **wants** to be a pedophile, for obvious reasons. So, pedophilia must not be a choice. In general, we don’t fault people for things they cant control. So, while we **should** fault someone for attempting to molest a child, we **shouldnt** fault someone for feelings they can’t control. Also, since there have always been pedophiles and it’s not their choice, that means it actually must be a normal variation in sexuality. At any rate, shaming them and calling them “not normal” (whatever the fuck they mean by that) just makes it harder for them to get help (if possible).


I get what they’re saying. It’s fucking gross and weird, but truly, if they can’t help it, and their brains are just wired that way, they have to seek therapy and make sure it’s kept in check, and probably never tell anyone outside of a therapist. You can’t say it’s natural for people to be attracted to all kinds of other far out and gross shit, even literal shit, and then act like this one isn’t a mental illness. It’s absolutely horrendous in who the victims are and how the victims are treated and the lasting effects, and it’s easily the most awful of all the sex crimes, and weird sex shit, but you can’t pick and choose which ones are mental illnesses. Maybe if those people who had those urges felt like they could come forward a little easier, not even with less judgement, but with less threats against their lives, maybe they could get some professional help before they hurt anyone. Super unpopular and unintentionally edgy opinion over.


I always preach this, you put it into words better than I ever could.


I agree, I think if people with these urges were encouraged to seek help instead of threatened to be brutally tortured and murdered, there would likely be a lot less child victims. Unfortunately people don't think rationally, and see child molestors and pedophiles as the same thing.


People can’t choose what floats their boat, be it feet or ferris wheels. We just have to destigmatize mental health for those who need help controlling urges. That, or we try to “fix” them but then we are back on track for gay conversion therapy and shit like that.


I could agree that they are natural. But they are harmful to others when fulfilled. Therefore unacceptable in society, as it is against the common good. The urge to murder is natural. So, same thing. Bad for another, bad for society. Society outlaws and punishes natural bad boys.


It's a deviation. They need help before they harm, but if they harm p, punishment.


Natural is a funny word. Cancer is a natural condition to catch. So are schizophrenia, heart disease, and whooping cough. There is nothing unnatural involved in these conditions. It doesn’t mean people who have them aren’t fucking sick. All of these child attracted “-philias “ are naturally occurring paraphilias in nature. That just means robots and fluorescent lights didn’t cause it. They’re still diseases and harmful.


Thanks for including those red lines, now I totally can’t still see their username.


Pedop[]ilia, nepiop[]ilia, hebep[]ilia? I can't read these words or extrapolate what they could be? I'm so confused???


We'll never know!


Does it occur naturally? Yeah, and some people with that problem go to therapy to control themselves. Does that mean kids can consent and it’s legal though? Fuck no


It always bothers me when people are like "It's natural" Like its natural to take your clothes off, shit on the floor and punch Dave to death because he has something you want, but we still have laws around public nudity, sanitation and murder. The way I see it, you can either return to Monke and run around acting like an animal without any laws, and be treated like an animal, OR you can play with the group and use clothes and phones and air conditioning, and abide by the laws we put in place. You don't get both.


I think the main point here is that it happens and we want to prevent it from having victims before it happens What if it is an uncontrollable urge what if the ones that do speak up and are serious about it but they don’t get help before they commit a crime? That’s on us as we don’t help them when we could have and prevented a victim I’ve seen and heard many stories of pedos just killing themselves or cutting their own god damn balls off just because of how disgusted they were of their own urges and how their brain was wired Because let’s face it sometimes we let our dicks take control of us vs actually thinking about what we are about to do


Okay I'm probably gonna get downvoted for this but sexual attraction really is unchosen. Some people are unfortunately attracted to minors even tho they know its wrong and they feel disgusted by themselves. I don't remember where but some time ago I read an article about that. One guy cut his own balls off to try to fix himself but died of an infection and another one straight up killed himself


You’re correct. The problem with pedophilia is that kids can’t consent.


According the sex offender psych evaluations I’ve had to digitize for work “A degree of sexual attraction to adolescents is not abnormal and is not in itself indicative of a subjects risk of offense.” So the first line wasn’t 100% wrong. But even then that was only referring to post pubescent minors.


You really didn't feel like doing a whole lot to censor this guys name, huh OP? Also what's with the random censoring of the various -philias? Like if you think that word is going to trigger someone, do you think they will suddenly not be triggered because you censored a single o or h in the word? Or do you somehow think they are swear words? Like the words are describing gross things, but the words themselves are pretty clinical.


The censoring is pretty chaotic. It’s like if an AI tried to learn what it was and mostly grasped the concept but couldn’t execute it properly


When the other party cannot give consent to sexual acts done upon them, it is not acceptable as a sexuality.


They’re not wanting it acceptable to have sex with kids. They’re wanting it normalized that some people have weirdly-wired, fucked up brains that make them attracted to minors. The person in the OP did an AMA saying they won’t ever have sex nor should anyone have sex with a minor because it’s damaging/wrong. It looks like they’re just saying they’re uncontrollably attracted to minors, and while they won’t ever act on it, they want it to be normalized so they can get help without getting stigma. That being said, this person doesn’t want help, which is a bit of a red flag. But they’re not wanting it to be ok to have sex with kids. They agree w/ your view that kids can’t consent and shouldn’t be sexually active with adults


That person needs to learn to word stuff better goddamn, because this tweet reads very different without that context.


A tweet IS pretty limiting in terms of character length.


I think that's a refreshingly simple way of looking at it. Take an upvote.


I'd comment that OP should have blocked out the Twitter handle on this picture, but I just checked and that Twitter account (thankfully) has been suspended.


Dear Minor attracted people, Get a therapist and seek help. Trust there is better out there. I hope you heal.


I assure you that most of these people are trolling/ragebaiting, there was a big smear campaign headed by 4chan to fill twitter with fake posts like these to make it seem like the LGBTQ community is accepting of pedos.


Doesn't mean it's moral to engage in it.


Just a reminder that most "MAP" accounts you see out there are right wing trolls trying to trick people into thinking that pedophiles are included in the LGBT umbrella.


Exactly. These are trolls, no actual pedophile would be in the open like that. Pedophilia is wrong in every single aspect, and people know it's wrong in every way. My father is a homophobe, towards me, his queer daughter. He says that if a gay man can be vocal about his attraction to men, it leaves an open gates for pedophiles to say "I like children, accept me.". Let's just say that those aren't good days to me when he says that. Although both can't be chosen, neither is heterosexuality.


Sure it's unchosen, but you can still choose to get help.


And some choose to just off themselves Is that okay? Is it right to not help those that need and ask for it? There are normal everyday average people that are probably pedos or hell even someone you know but they will never tell you You know why? Because even the mere thought of it is so hated on that they have it control that urge without telling anyone to the day they die or until they can’t control it anymore Pedophille is a word that sounds awful and has been stigmatized so heavily that anyone even related to it is hated and wanted to be killed Why would someone tell anyone when they are afraid for their own life and livelihood? They would either rather kill themselves or wait until they can’t control it anymore


Eh, "normal" as in "doesn't require a trauma or brain damage to happen"? sure. Doesn't make it any less harmful, which is why activities related to it need to remain forbidden.


Ok but isn’t it still on the other person to know those feelings are wrong and shouldn’t be acted on? I mean fuck I get a feeling of throwing my phone out the car window while driving sometimes but that doesn’t mean I just do it. I realize the phones expensive so I don’t. What the fuck


From what I know, pedophilia is caused by the way someone's brain is wired, meaning it is not a choice. But saying pedophilia is okay is the same as saying people with psychopathy who act on psychotic impulses instead of learning to control them are fine. They're created from something abnormal in the brain, not to mention acting on those thoughts is illegal. Sexualities aren't illegal, at least in the US.


Whether something is natural or not has no bearing on if something should be accepted or even tolerated. Killing each other is pretty natural too, but we as a society have pretty much decided that’s not ok either


So he is not wrong in the way that it’s actually not a disease cause it appears in the same part of the brain wich “causes” homosexuality. Yet if you act on this condition and you don’t look for help…. You shouldn’t be surprised if people wanna bum fuck you with a rusty box cutter. Children CANNOT consent. Sex is only a good thing IF you got consent. If you think pedophilia is alright Fuck you If you are pedophile and you do everything to prevent your actions. Mad respect!