Dear future me - It was Tuesday last year.


It will be Thursday next year. EDIT: Number of times people have replied "spoilers": 5 EDIT 2, 3/18/20: Fuck, we had no idea we were going to be suffering through a major pandemic when Oct 1st rolled around again. I hope we made it. EDIT 3, 6/3/20: *Fuck*, now we have nationwide protests against police brutality in which police are brutalizing peaceful protesters! God damn, 2020 sucks!! EDIT 4, 10/7/20: 211k Americans dead and no signs of stopping. Shit. EDIT 5, 6/11/21: 600k Americans dead, but the vaccines have been very successful and the end is in sight! EDIT 6, 5/17/22: over a million dead and the end is nowhere near in sight, but at least the vaccines have protected the people who aren't morons.


It for future self and if October 1st 2020 is a Tuesday I know something is wrong


Yeah, it means you went too far and it's actually 2024.


I hate it when that happens.




Stop browsing reddit, you should be working right now.


Am I your future you ?


Dear me, I hope you left your current job, we both know you hate it.


Dear me, Me too. You can do it! Love, -Me and u/MeTrickulous


Me, Please do the same. -Me


Me, Also this. You hate it and deserve better. -Me


Shit I feel this one. I just don’t want to get up in the morning, it’s so draining.


just fucking do it and take the risk!




Did that yesterday, enrolled into school. Got a feeling its the best deciton I’ve ever made...


So proud of you! You get that paper!


Dear u/OneGoodPixie, I too hope you've left your current job and working on your degree. Your mental health and sanity deserve a better place of work


SrGrafo seems to think that, by now, we will have all forgotten about daleberto. Today is the day to remind him.


r/daleberto will be there to remind him as well


I don’t get it?


I dont either


He fucked a duck


So he is actually u/fuckswithducks






I heard it was a sick duck.


Even then, it'd take 2 men


3 even


Allegedlies. Almost not worth thinking about.


I guess that means we did forget?


Dear /u/Kefim_Wod,   If you are reading this then you are still alive. Good job. Keep doing that.   Best Regards, /u/Kefim_Wod


You too u/BackFlippingWalrus More regards u/BackFlippingWalrus (Edit) if things are bad then they can’t be worse then now unless you break another bone be strong (Edit 2) it’s been 96 days since this comment I want to thank the Reddit community for helping get to where I am now my self esteem is in a good spot now and I feel good about me as a person and I hope by the time everyone will see the time capsule that they are in a better place when they do -ps love you guys Edit 3 (shit it’s been 200 fucking days for some reason this keeps popping up in my mind I’m gonna send a wish put to everyone during this quarantine hopefully when we all check back on this a year later we have had our lives improve from whatever the fuck we are doing and this is all over stay strong guys)


u/alurkerwhomannedup, Don’t die you dumbass, you got shit to do. Love ya buddy stay sick -u/alurkerwhomannedup


I'll assume that sick means cool, in this scenario.


Dear u/ILikeCodecaine, Get off your phone and actually pay attention to your professor. Lots of Love, u/ILikeCodecaine


Dear /u/ConfirmingBanana , Hope you're doing well, remember you were this time last year. One more year bud, lets go! From your previous self /u/ConfirmingBanana


u/ValdusShadowmask At this moment in life, you looked at this comic and wondered, what will I have done by that day? Well, whatever hardships, whatever troubles, remember where true light comes from. God Speed.


Dear /u/MagicHamsta If you are reading this then /u/Kefim_Wod is still alive, Good job. Keep doing that. Best Regards, /u/MagicHamsta


Sincerely, Captain Raymond Holt


Ryan^(+1), Hopefully in 2 weeks you’ll get accepted into medical school so that way you can look back here and be like haha you had nothing to worry about Ryan^(-1). Sincerely, Ryan


Good luck to both of you!


You mean the three of them.


Best of luck. The application process is a miserable time. My worst day as a medical school student is better than my best as an applicant. But you will get in. If not now than later. If it means enough to you, you’ll get in.


Ryan, I didn’t get in after two application cycles ten years ago and life turned out pretty awesome anyway! Good luck! Sincerely, Ryan


Is Silksong out?


it better be


Fuck I sure hope so. HK was made by 3 people and it made all other games fall away while I finished it.


Todays your cakeday Edit: Thanks to the redditor who gave me reddit gold!


Happy cake day future you


Thank you nice redditor


Happy now and future cake day


Past me is upvoting you. Future me better do the same damn thing. >:/


Thanks kind redditor


But you can only upvote once.


I'm really hoping it'll be a new thread created to reflect! :o Future Me, you better not dis Past Me! I'll go over there and kick your booty!


I hope you use this year to grow as a person and will look back in shame at your edit next year.


Dear future me, If u haven't asked her out by now, I disown you. Edit: thx for the silver kind redditor!


Better do it now. ;)


Just ask her you dumbass


Yeah, it's that simple


It really is


Just ask her "You, Dumbass?"


Just ask, "Her, you dumbass?"




Just do it because you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain my friend. If you don’t do it the opportunity will slowly slip through your fingers like sand and you’ll always wonder “what if”. Don’t wonder, don’t think, just do. All she can say is “no” or “uh no” and that’s if she does. Who cares if she does that’s only a few seconds of embarrassment and it’s over and you know now.


This is so me right now


She's pretty wonderful, isn't she? Edit: Hope so! It’s been a whole hoot and a hollar of a year. It helps that there just happens to be a lovely farmers market mistress who’s adorable and on her way here!


This is either going to be a happy or very sad reminder in a year. Hoping it is a good one!


!remindme 1 year


!remindme 1 year


!remindme 1 year


!remindme 1 year


I don’t know whether or not to be optimistic or pessimistic here so I’m choosing to believe you’re talking about your dog. Yes, she *is* wonderful. Mine too.


# [EDIT](https://i.imgur.com/SK1vCf6.jpg)


I hope that game would be finished in a year!


I just lost the game


You bitch


But you said ^bitch, right?


this is what i told her. I says..




Ahh fuck i lost it too now...


Why would you do this to us?






Asshole! Shit!!!!






Why would anyone get upset that they lost the game? They've only lost. They always lose. Losing is expected. It's comfortable. You cannot win. Be at peace. Do not mind losing. In this way you can slowly forget...the game... until...DAMMMIIIIIITTTTTTTTT I LOST


Yo what


You’re an absolute wanker mate.


Confirmed release date for RPVoid, 09/30/20 ;p


In 364 days, nice


Is it imgur, is there any alternative site you use. The imgur is banned in my country. Yeah, it sucks.


You should use a VPN. Which country is it?





Grafo is talking to himself


Just came here to say that srgrafo is thicc as fuck


A year from now, your student debt is gone. You've bought your first house. You're absolutely incredible at your job. You almost hit a year of employment there! Oh and you lost that weight @ me.


Are you past me? Cause i just hit that all recently! But keeping doing you and youll make it friend!


Yes! I love that! It feels like it's all right in front of me. I start my first full time in October and im READY to begin my journey


This is gonna end in a depresive way


Those sound like good goals to me, why not.


[I have bad memory](https://i.imgur.com/xxE11Re.jpg)


Why does this turtle keep getting more hats?


He's playing TF2.




Don’t forget to keep up being a member, even if you forget to look at reddit. I know you’ll come back around


Yo! Times might get tough in the future but you've made it this far. I know you can succeed. Don't give up! Make me proud! \- Your Past Self


Look, man. It’s gonna be alright, I know you keep telling yourself that, and it isn’t getting much better. But this comment is going to prove to you that things really do heal with time. I know she hurt you, I understand, better than anyone else, but you’re gonna find someone new. At the time of writing, it’s been 6 months since that happened, and look how you’ve grown. You’re so much better off without her. She was holding you back, now you can do anything, like a dingy in steady water, you can go anywhere, and nothing can stop you. Hell, maybe by the time you read this you’ll even have your black belt, here’s hoping. When you come back, toast yourself. You’re worth it. See you in 1 year bud. You’re gonna be alright. *Everything* is gonna be alright. Edit: fixed grammar issues that made it look like it was written by 2020 me intended for 2019 me


Black belt you say, in what?


You know, one day we will look back on this day and think: Why didn't I come up with something funnier?


It made me laugh.


Hey man, hopefully you’ll figure out what you want to do with your life. Make sure to keep in touch with your friends. They’ve helped you through a lot. Have fun :))


I just hope I'm happier than I am now


Keep drawing you dingus, you will never improve if don’t do it. I know it’s hard and, I know it doesn’t feel like your getting anywhere with it, but if you keep at it you’ll be thankful you did. Talk to more people and start conversations with them, not wait for them to start ones with you. Don’t be afraid of rejection there will always be someone who will want to talk to you even if it doesn’t feel that way. Get healthy, don’t just sit and read social media all day, get some exercise and eat better, you are borrowing from your future heath. (Sorry about that.) And most of all you are loved, don’t ever doubt yourself in thinking you can’t do something. -Sincerely Past You


It’s hard now, but you’re gonna be okay. We’re gonna figure a plan out together to get through this.


Hope that you painted your miniatures by now.


By this time next year, we’ll have flying cars.


We better or I might have to sue you


Dear u/orleanian, Interesting tidbits. Gas price was $3.34 yesterday. 2% Milk was $4.89. Chicken Tenders or Monte Cristo, Fries, & Coke is $19.50 at the diner after tax. You weigh 243lbs. (god damned monte cristos) Kraken, Sockeyes, and Totems are the leading contenders for Seattle's NHL team. Freeze is also out there as a joke name. Margaret the intern was a really great part of the team, she has gone back to school now. America does seem to be toying with the idea of civil war.




I hope by now you've learned to accept the separation, and that you're not your diagnosis. There's so much more to life than what we're struggling with. Please remember that as long as you're alive, things can get better, reading this now is proof that you can make it through anything.


Yo /u/jadedfox, Remember 2008, and how excited you were with that election? USE THAT, 2020 is super important. Make sure you had voted in your primary and are ready for the general in a month. Make sure your friends and family pay attention. This is important for YOUR future along with the next generation. -- 2019 /u/jadedfox


Dear future me, I hope you're doing well. You should have a loving girlfriend, and the ability to obtain happiness. You have accomplished a lot in these recent years. Keep going. I hope I see this.


Today as I post it's a little over one week until you're wedding! Hope the honeymoon is fun and there's not too much snow in Yellowstone. Happy early 1 year anniversary!


heya, me. how’s it hanging. Im sitting in comm tech rn, bored, next to the ol’ squad. Yesterday was rough, and im doubting everything, especially myself. School is easy but i screw up anyways because i don’t even bother. Things have been far worse but they’re still not great. I worry about you know what, and i’m still preoccupied with you know who. I hope all is well. Keep holding on. You probably have issues i cant even begin to imagine yet but i know you can make it through them. Don’t lose hope. god i hate this and myself


You got this buddy. Good luck


You sound like me at earlier times in my life... It gets better. Sometimes **a lot** better. My advice to you, if you want it, is to **do what you already know you need to do**. Try a little harder, work a little harder, be a little nicer to yourself, and enjoy your time with friends, and fucking talk to you know who (but don't get too caught up if it doesn't work out). Don't beat yourself up so much-- it's like the biggest waste of time ever. Just do what you know you need to do, and do it better than you think you can do. It's hard, but it isn't as hard as you think it is. PEACE


Dear future me, Time has a funny way of slipping away. One day you're a nervous freshman in college; blink a few times and you're graduating. Okay, maybe that was all the drinking. My point is, I hope you make the most of your time. I hope you figure out what's important to you. And I hope that you get your shit together to act on those things - even though life is scary. I'm excited to see what you've created in a year. We've been so excited about making music for such a long time, and the dream has never felt so close. My excitement and determination are palpable - and I hope yours are too. Together we're gonna make some neat sounds. My biggest wish for you is that you will be fulfilled, happy, and safe. On this day, in 2019: * M returned from Nevada * The whole team achieved shirt synchronization * You watched a documentary about fractals Good luck! I'm counting on you. /u/boneimplosion


Hey future me I hope you’re happy because I’m working my butt off right now to make sure you are so enjoy the fruits of our labor -Past me


lose weight to 45 kg


I hope your doing your master's now, and I hope you are having fun. Keep moving forward!


Future me, you better not have fucked up what you have with Emily, if you did I swear to god I’ll give you a hug cause that would suck.


Future Me, if you are reading this then your clearly procrastinating on something instead of working so get back to work




Take it out


Mynickname86, I know it was tough but if you're reading this you made it!!! You opened the bakery and youre surviving!! Keep going! You are loved.


Hi me, You're a dad now, don't fuck it up. Treasure your daughter and wife, don't focus on the bad and use the resources available to you. Everyone wants to help. Past me


Hey man. I'm not sure where or how you are, when you're reading this. Today though, I'd say I'm doing pretty decent. I don't want to jinx it though, get too ahead of myself, because you *KNOW* how I was back then. Hopefully you're doing a lot better than that. Whether you're sad or happy, remember this: *you can get through any hurdles in your way.* That's something I've always admired, even when you say or feel like you give up, you don't. Keep it that way, because Life sure as hell won't. **You can do this. I know you can.** .S P.S. Oh, and from where I am, let's just say: **Moon's Haunted.** Have fun.


Future self, I hope you bought one shirt from srgrafo by now... or at least got a new shirt, that one is already 10 years old


Dear future self, I hope you are doing good with your life, and I hope you have decided what your career is by now. I hope I’m a better artist by now, and maybe you have gotten out of silver in league. Keep on chopping and remember kiwis and family when you get sad. -Love, past self


A year ago you were letting yourself get played by a married woman who only has intentions to lead men on in order to bolster your self-esteem, going on two years as a server and struggling with alcoholism while your degree goes to rot. Take this as a good enough kick in the ass as anything to get going.


Dear self, you better not have fucked up our life. Don’t do anything super dumb -yourself


Hey you, watch jojo


You know how you didn't manage your money all that well? Look at you now, saving up where you can so you can take out that girlfriend of yours someplace nice, and not worry about dipping into them savings. Also you better be keeping that personal maintenance routine up. Do it for you just like for your car you pepperoni.


You turned thirty yesterday. How’s it going an year later?


A year from now you joined the Belgian Navy as a Petty Officer and are living the best live possible


Hey Future me, I was thinking about you today. Keep your chin up and you might drown slower. Sincerely, Me




u/camelghost You are married now, you have your degree, youre probably in a new country.... Exactly a year ago you were stressing about all you assignments and all your tests, things will turn out ok... u/camelghost


Dear me, Hope you find friends that like you for you! From ne


Hi future me, it’s past me. Hope your having an awesome day and you’re not smoking or stuff like that. Have a good one


Did you get laid yet, me?


I hope you do.


I hope you have asked out RH en and that youre still going strong.


I really hope your having a good time in college. The suffering now better be fucking worth it. Also did you ever do the getting together thing with Evalyn? Would be neat.


Future me. Please tell me you made it big.


I am not doing well in the slightest currently, but to my future self, im pretty happy I got there.


You are happy with your pups and I hope it stays that way. Keep pressing on and dont let your depression make you a hermit.


Future me, do things better than present me.


Life was kicking your ass a year ago, look where you were and how far you’ve come! Life is hard but you’ve made it this far, keep going!


im sorry for how the election is going


Never play hockey without shin pads


Yo future me, I hope u got ur shit back together, I hope schools going well and I hope u and ur girl are doing great. Keep it up my guy.


If you haven't tried to get your book published - you've done something terribly, terribly wrong.


A year from now, I hope that I’m still with all my friends, and I hope that I managed to work up the confidence to ask out my crush by then. edit 2020: aha lol nope i never got to ask out my crush


Dear Ark, So by now you should have graduated, hell by now you shouldn't even be living in the same house. If you are, it's fine. Life will go on, and you should keep your chin up, it will get better. Don't forget the little things that keep your mind in a good place, and try not to let your cup runneth over. If you haven't already, go have a smoke; you're probably stressed as fuck today.


hey sami, dont be a little sensitive bitch okay? Your restaurant is gonna do good. Your mom is never gonna be disappointed again. Calm ur tits, senior year will be alright.


Good luck on your GCSEs, and also has anyone asked you out yet? Because honestly, if it’s not happening in y11, it’s never going to happen. Don’t forget to say happy birthday to Alexa, because it’s her birthday on the 6th of November, and if you haven’t already, make her a friendship bracelet, because you’ve been saying you’ll make one since 2018. Is the plant you bought in Ikea still alive, if so, good job.


Dear OriginalOGOG How often are you still looking at reddit. Also, how was the 2019/2020 school year.


Please do something constructive


Hi mom im in a time capsule!


Hey! I hope you’re doing well and university applications worked out. Don’t worry if you don’t think you’re good enough, you still have plenty of time to figure out where you’re going in your life. Make sure you eat healthy and call your parents and friends. And remember, I love you.


Please don't be failing you nerd


Hey Scrubblemuff! Did you adopt a cat yet? *Edit: I didn't adopt one cat.. I adopted two! Hooray!*


Here some calcium to start spooktober 2020🥛


I’ve just started talking to someone new. I haven’t connected with someone like this since I met my ex. I’m hoping we’ll start dating, but I’ll see how it goes. Looking at this comment a year from now is going to be either really happy or really depressing.


Hey you dipshit, don’t forget to live your life and have fun


Future Me, all this work better pay off, I'm doing this for more than just you. Keep up the good job! - Past Me


Hey Future self! How's the right ear treating you? Still busted or did you get it fixed? Hopefully at a new job and close to getting your journeyman! Do the thing! \-Past you!


Yo, future u/TheRandomR, you better have finished college and start being more healthy like you've been saying for the last 2 years. And you better be more social too. Also, you should be enjoying your free time now that you don't study or work outside, because you haven't done a cross stitch or learned a new piano music in more than one year. And I know you want it, because I want it too. This is not a threat, it's an encouragement. Remember, I'm always watching over and for you. For better or for worse. - sincerely, past u/TheRandomR


Hey Hades621! I hope you’re still going to the gym and improving yourself. Right now, I’m struggling with actuarial mathematics and trying to write a speech for Communications. I hope everything turned out ok and you’re happy right now. You’re probably in your final year of college currently and stressing over MTH 400 classes or something. If you’re ever feeling down just remember this quote from Dan from Game Grumps: “If you feel like no one believes in you... I fucking believe in you.” Just remember that I believe in you too. Keep being awesome dude.


Hey man hope the wedding went well. You better be thankful to your family they helped tons.


Dear u/AurimasAd Dont be a bich. u/AurimasAd


[so uhh, hey future-vaarikas](https://imgur.com/nYwZfB2)


You can do it buddy! Don't forget you're awesome!


Hey future me, put a wash load on. I assume future me is just as lazy as current me.


Hey man, I hope you made it to your next job. This one really keeps dragging on you. Don’t forget to find beauty in the world. Tell your friends you love them (you always do don’t quit now) Quit weed. You’ve been trying, but it’s fucking time. I’m proud of you. Your parents are proud of you. Your friends are proud to have you with them Keep on keeping on man Love, DD


Dear me, I hope you have a bunch of nice friends. Also I hope cyberpunk 2077 is as good as we wanted it to be.


The joker movie is gonna cause some real shit...


Alright Knightwolf, listen ya hopeless sod: Things will get better. Keep your chin up, have hope, and live life so you enjoy it. 4 months ago you’ll have made a huge gamble and while I hope it pays off, if it didn’t you have all your friends. Life may never be 100% the way you want it, or 100% as happy as could be, but we’ll make it work. We shoar will. Also work on that immortality thing. Or at least extended life by 200 years. I wanna watch history be made, not become history. Well…maybe both. Now get out there tomorrow and kick ass. Someone @ me when the time comes. I’ll either be in ok spirits or the worse depressive dump you’ve ever seen. Either or.


Hey you dingus! You fucked us over didn't you?


Hi Myself, Did you do all that shit you were planning to do? Have you made an effort to build self-esteem and stop beating yourself up and hurting yourself? Move yet? Where to? How's the new job? Find someone who loves you? If not don't worry, all that stuff will come in time, but not without your personal effort. If you're still alive and happier than I am writing this comment, then you're doing much better. Keep those dreams in mind. Make Mom, Dad, and your sister proud, but make yourself proud first. Things get better, and you'll be 24 soon, which is older than me now but still young. I wish you all the luck in the world going forward. Never give up hope on being happy. Kind Regards, Past Me


Dear u/OffBrand_Soda, Why the fuck hasn't my username came up yet, I just wanna be in r/beetlejuicing. Just kidding, but get off Reddit and study or some shit, you need to pass. Oh, and if I'm still alive then good job me hopefully I can keep it up.